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Panties Aside

She rushes through the room, setting bowls of chicken wings for the men, knowing another wave is coming soon. Adroitly, she avoids men’s groping hands and tripping legs and feet. Her face is intense, almost in tears from the tension and the anticipated agony.

Then the cramp strikes…

“UHhhhhhhhh!!” she doubles over as it hits her like a sledge hammer. “OHHHhhhhh…..OHHhhhhhhh…”

She grasps her gut, dropping to a knee, “OOHhhhhhhhhh…….”

The pressure against the plug is intense, feeling the pressure to shit her guts out.

“Hey baby, everything ok?”

She hears her master’s voice. She tries to nod.

“Come here babe……..Come! …Now!”

She grunts, knowing she must obey. She forces herself to her feet. Somehow, she stumbles to Master’s chair. She kneels, head down.

“What’s the matter babe……?” He asks, petting her head.

She struggles to answer, her lips tight, “Nnn-nuthing Master.”

Her body rigid, bowed, taut with tension and pain.

He smiles, “That beer enema bothering you a little babe?”

She nods.

“That plug keeping it in okay? We don’t want the whore shitting in the living room. Do we?”

She shakes her head dutifully, “No Master.”

“What a mess that would be for a whore to clean with her tongue.”

She stiffens further, nods, “Yes…Master.”

“The game is about over babe. The boys are going to be needing some … ‘entertainment’.”

Stiffly she nods, eyes still staring down at the floor. She tries to stifle a sniffing sob. But the sniffle breaks her composure, as she is unsure how much more use and humiliation she can handle.

His hand soothingly pets her smooth blonde coif.

“Is that okay babe?”

His hand caresses a sweep of her bangs and he gently xslot lifts her chin.

“You okay?”

Still stifling a sob, she nods…keeping her eyes down.

“Look at me,” he orders.

She glances up, her eyes wet. As her eyes meet His, she breaks down and sobs. Just then a cramp the size of an ocean liner hits her gut, and she doubles over.

“OKAY GUYS! New game! Our whore is the game! Whad’ya think guys?”

The men roar, clapping and cheering in approval. Bent over, crumpled in agony, she hears the roar.

“Okay, here it is… Whore here is the game…She is having trouble with cramps….” Laughter…. ” so ….first game… she is on all 4’s on the coffee table here…We put 6 beer bottles on the tray…..She has to balance the tray on her back for 2 minutes….. If she makes it without tipping the bottles…She wins.”

“If a bottle tips…..We win!!!” Roar. “And she has to suck piss from every man in the room!!” Roar…

Doubled over, forehead down on the floor, she groans…knowing she will never survive the next cramp and balance the bottles.

“Okay whore….up on the table…”

He grabs her by the hair and drags her to the coffee table, and forces her to crawl up on it. She looks around at the cheering crowd of black men. She shrivels in humiliation and terror, her body still shaking from the last wave of cramps.

A tray is placed on her back. She groans.

“Hold still whore…We are just placing the bottles on there now.”

She feels the clink of the bottles as they are placed on the tray. She closes her eyes, barely able to keep from screaming.

“Ooooookay…whore… Ready?”

She forces a nod.


The two-minutes start, her face a mask of furrowed concentration. She realizes xslot Giriş how narrow her back is… feeling the tray already tippy.


Her eyes tear with concentration as she struggles to control her balance. Her head begins swimming from the alcohol in her bloodstream. The men are cheering, shouting. Raised on the table, she feels like an animal. Her face a mask of agony, thinking of sucking piss from each of them…. then it hits……


A savage ripping agony tears thru her gut. The worst cramp yet floods her system. She lifts her face, mouth open in a tortured gasp.


“Only 30 seconds……!”

Somehow the bottles haven’t tipped. Her eyes are rolling back in her head in agony. Then, a wave within a wave of vicious cramps slices thru her gut, the pressure pushing against the plug blockading her bloated bowels.


She bucks in agony, the bottles tipping and falling around her. The men cheer madly, laughing and clapping their hands.

Already a line is forming in front of her, the men busy undoing their zippers. She is doubled over in agony; face down, ass up, groaning miserably. She feels her hair gripped and lifted… her face yanked up roughly…


“And what does the losing whore have to do? MMmmm?”

Master teasingly tugs her head from side to side by her hair.

“What does the losing whore have to do!?”

He slaps her face lightly from side to side.

“HMMMmmm? Tell me whore.”

“I…i…have to….to suck…cocks….Master…..”

“Yes, pet…but what do you have to suck from the cocks…..Mmm?”

She xslot Güncel Giriş feels his grip tighten on the hair at the back of her head. “Pee…..”

“Mmm-mm?” he nods, “and then…..?”

She sobs, “Swallow.”

“Very good pet…… Okay boys…..I think she is ready. Just a squirt from each,” he laughs.

She opens her eyes, just having barely recovered from the last wave to see a long black cock dangling against her nose, a hand supporting it there. She grunts, opens her mouth and takes the black cock in her mouth. Unexpectedly, a gush of urine shoots into her mouth filling it quickly.

She chokes as some drains down the wrong pipe.


“Swallow it you bitch.”


She closes her lips as the cock slides out, and choking, gags down the sour urine. The sour acidic fluid burns down her throat. Master shakes her by her blond mane to get her to open for the next man.

She opens her eyes, another black cock waiting to slip in. The black cock slides into her mouth. This time she braces for the flood of urine…but…nothing… She opens her eyes, relaxing her throat.

“Suck it whore!”

She feels hands tighten in her hair. Using her tongue, lips and cheeks, she tightens her mouth around the cock and sucks…. Just as she does so, she feels the jet of pee shoot into the back of her throat…again gagging her.

She groans… her stomach sick from the acid, her throat burning from the pee, and still the line is…how long? The next cock slides in her mouth….fills it…she swallows….the next…..she has to suck it… then the pee…then the swallow.

Then the next wave of cramps hits…. She is disabled…doubled over in agony. The men wait….for a moment. Her hair is pinched, yanked; her mouth pulled open…the next cock enters…fills….she swallows.

She crumples on the table….as they finish….laughing and talking about the fun they have had with the whore. The next wave hits…..and is so bad she screams…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32