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I wake up to the beating sun on my soft skin, the smell of sex and the smell of paradise. My black god next to as my pussy aches with pleasure. In the next room I hear the familiar grunt of Naomi and I can see her bent over the bar being ploughed by my husband stroke by stroke he makes her feel pleasure like no other, her knees weaken and I am proud to watch my husband destroy this young hot 21 year old. His strong frame taking her where he wants, adjusting her legs to dig that brute of a penis deeper into her nymph frame. My juices are craving and needing to feel someone fill me up, stuff my cunt deep and hard.

I look over at james monstrous beautiful tool and carries it gently stroking him to life, as he wakes up I roll over guide his member into my dripping cunt and he says this is going to be hard and fast, after 5 minutes of him forcing into me and two climaxes he is finally hitting my cervix and stretching me open. He brings up speed and I glance over to my hubby who is now carrying Naomi while she intensely grinds up and down. It really brings me to climax and I can feel him tighten as he spreads me wider and there it is every spurt of cum deep down inside me. We both smile and I grab the limp body of Naomi and we shower and get ready for the pool.

Taking an extra-long shower as we get very distracted by each other’s perfect voluptuous bodies, fingering each other against the walls from behind and as the men line up shots and cocaine. Watching with erected members stroking them and enjoying the shots as we put on a great performance. I see my husband grabbing the double 16 inch dildo doing, hands it to me and says get her ready for Jason.

I sit on her face and grind my sopping pussy into her face, forcing her to suck my throbbing clit, making her reach for breath as she starts to lick my bleached ass. Yum her tongue in my ass feels great and takes me to the next level. Her black caramel skin makes my pussy melt, her glow and erect fake tits, her hip bone around her taught stomach is enough to drive anyone wild.

It’s Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort time for work as I thread the double dong slowly and passionately deeper into her,it’s tough as her pussy has never had anything like this. I stretch her deeper and deeper as the 16inch dong is slowly disappearing.

She’s eating me furiously in ecstasy as I look over at the men jacking off. I drag her onto the bed, as I am walking I glance james huge member and realized it’s just as long as the double, laughing I hang it next to him and it’s only just bigger, he has to be 14 inches. I stick the double dong back and deep into her and sit myself onto the other end, rhythmically we grind into each other meeting half way. Feeling her pussy on the other end of the dong is unbearable her went cunt all over mine as we have swallowed the plastic dong deep into both of us, climax building as we grind over and over experience is finally hitting us as we hold each other tight and both hit our orgasm struggling not to black out.

Greg is now lodged firmly down my throat and Naomi is finally taking on james. James takes a break and we go get some shots, snort some lines.

James asks if we can go to the pool, I am eager to fuck him in front of everyone knowing the 4 of us will put on a great show we head that way, the girls dragging the boys by their impressive tools. Strutting through the adult hotel in the nude, two little ladies with devilish curves command this muscular hung studs.

Looks from everyone as we cruise the marble hallway. Intoxicated as we sit at the pool bar, the bartender is amazed by an employee being nude in the hotel and asks what is going on. Greg replies that james is now a guest of ours and no longer will have to work. His cock dangling low below the chair and large testicles wobble as we drink and entertain the gathering crowd.

Men with their wives ogle the beautiful Naomi and I as we hold hands caress each other, our studs with ladies all over them. Beautiful girls flock as Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort husband’s jealous try it on with us girls. The only check we perform is how big they are once we have got them hard. Most around the average 6 inches but not enough for us sluts. Although it was fun making so many guys hard inspecting them and then leaving them for the next.

Most of the men have skinny stumps that most women are used to. But luckily our eyes have opened To the world of big dick. we play in the pool as we splash each other our large breasts bouncing as I see james flaccid and 4 naturally beautiful women try to blow him to life. My husband with a woman lodged firmly on his face, one of his favorite things while a beautiful blonde bounces on his large cock.

I lift Naomi to the edge of the pool as we kiss I spread her toned legs diving my fist inside her tight pussy she squirms and tries moving away. I hold her in as I loosen her walls readying her for tonight with the largest member I think anyone has seen.

An afternoon of sun and fun as we move to the beach in search of the next monster, strolling the beach nude, our bodies bouncing and asses jiggle as men stare. We start to bathe in the sun. sand all over our sweaty bodies as we eye every man walking by, noticing a few nice large bulges coming our way my pussy moistened in anticipation of the black locals walking our way.

I greet them by squeezing man hoods to check they are worthy of our time. Fortunately they seem extremely well hung. A couple of black studs. I drop to me knees and untie the waist band. The shaft seems never ending, dark thick a strong. Truly a blessing As I get to the bulbous pink head. Perfect this stud can lie dodown, he must be packing 9 thick inches.

The next tall black man has the abs of a Greek god, he really excites me as I eagerly pull his cock out, having to reach deep into his shorts I need to hands. He swells as I pull him out. I almost faint as Naomi springs up and in extreme joy she pulls on his member Kadıköy İranlı Escort that puts his friends dick to shame. It’s the length of my lower leg. Just as impressive as james.

We jump up and start kissing each other me and Naomi putting on our show for these studs. Sand all over us as we kiss erotically, the boys harden and we decide to invite them back to the pool party.

My husband and james are sitting at the pool relaxing and drinking while they let girls line up to blow them and ride their impressive tools. I ask Greg how long this has been going on for as I am impressed and extremely excited to watch. He says they have probably had 10 or 15 girls each in the last few hours we have been gone.

I show him the two studs by my side Naomi and I yanking there flaccid monsters as he smiles and says tonight is going to be a hell of a nymph o mania party.

I am proud of the beautiful girls of all kinds that my hero of a husband is letting him ride to climax. He says he has told a few of them to stop by later and is especially excited to fuck this girl who is about 5 ft 8 and has the best fat muscular butt he has ever watched ride up and down on him. He points at this latina who is beautiful curvy large breasts and she is waiting back in line for round 2.

The sun is staring to dry and the women are get used to hard, we are finding the few nymphs who can party hard enough for us tonight. Luckily my husband’s latina is now well and truly a cum hungry slut. We grab 2 more; one is a slightly larger white girl that james has been pounding all afafternoon, maybe 5ft 11 and 155. She is beautiful and has extremely large natural breasts, a fat round ass that is exciting to spank and watch bounce.

The other is a tatted brunette with one side of her hair shaved, about 5 ft 5 with large obviously fake breasts. A great round bubble butt that reminds me of Alexis Texas. I’m looking forward to some girl fun in front of these studs.

Max and Calvin have been enjoying the shots and girls all afternoon, my hubby kindly has the champagne, cocaine and Mary Jane free flowing. The sun finally sets and we lead the new girls, karma(latina), mikaela(brunette)and amber (tall blonde) back to the room. Bootys bouncing down the hallways as the staff ogle the studs and sluts who are ready to fuck and party all night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32