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Lewis has stood there for over fifteen minutes, staring at the white female soccer team, while they showered. This was something he did quite often. Lewis closed his eyes and rapidly started pumping his 10″ black cock. It was easily the size of a small baseball bat, thick and veiny. His balls were gigantic compared to most men. Abby was alone now and like all the other girls, was unaware of Lewis’ presence. The sensation of the water running over her naked body caused her body to awaken. She looked around, to ensure she was alone.

Once she was confident that she was, she slowly guided her hand over her engorged tits. Her nipples were rock hard because of the constant flow of water from the shower head. Lewis watched intently as her left hand found its way to her swollen pussy. “Yeah baby. Finger that white pussy. Make yourself cum”, he moaned silently. Abby had spread her legs widely, and placed her left hand against the shower wall for support. Little that she know, she had just given Lewis a birds eye view of her firm ass and her fingers manipulating her clit. Her asscheeks tightened rapidly and in rhythm to her own stroking.

Lewis sensed that she was about to cum, and stroked his monster black cock quickly; matching her pace. Abby braced herself, spread her thighs wider and shuddered as the orgasm rocked her body. “Ahhhhhh, oohhhhh….I’m cumming!!!” she screamed. Lewis rocked his hips back and forth in a fucking motion, imagining his big black cock, deep inside her little white pussy. Her orgasm was too much for him, “ummmmmmmmm……fuck! damn!!!” He released a load of cum, large enough to fill a small cup. Panting for breathe, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and tucked his cock inside his pants. A small stream of cum was still connected to his cock and slide over his trousers, leaving a damp spot at his crotch. “I guess I better get back to my janitorial duties and clean this cum up,” he chuckled. Mrs. Johnson, the English Teacher, stared in awe from what she had just witnessed.

Maybe it was the fact that she watched him masturbate without him knowing had caused her pussy to get wet. Or maybe it was the sight of the biggest cock she had seen in her life. Either way, she could not deny the fact that she had become terribly excited. She stood blocked behind the door that concealed her Maltepe escort bayan from his view and began wondrously comparing her husband’s cock to the one she had just seen. Her breathing became rapid as she realized his cock was nearly three times as big as her husband. Mrs. Johnson snapped back to reality and eased the door shut.

On the way back to her classroom, the vivid picture of his cock stayed in her mind. “Mrs. Johnson? are you o.k.?” asked one of her students. “You seem to be off into a daze,” the student continued.

“I’m fine, just didn’t sleep good last night.” She knew she had wondered off and her pussy was tingling. She couldn’t wait until the class was over, since this was her last period. But she still didn’t know what to do about Lewis. The bell for dismissal final rang after what seemed like an eternity to her. She headed for the Teacher’s Lounge. It was a comfortable room with a table, coffee, T.V. and also a sleep sofa. Mrs. Johnson nervously pressed the button on the intercom system. She almost backed out, but her curiosity took control.

“Mr. Lewis Smith, if you are in the building, please report to the Teacher’s Lounge immediately”. She repeated her announcement. She was a nervous wreck after making the announcement and gathered her purse to leave. Lewis, who valued his job very much had already heard the announcement and was curiously heading toward the lounge. He had never been in trouble and wondered about the call. Mrs. Johnson was nearly out the door when Lewis appeared.

“Mame, I’m.mmm….Lewis Smith..Someone just called me here…” She quickly gained confidence, seeing that he was more nervous than she was. She thought to herself, this might be a lot easier than I thought. “Yes, Mr. Smith. I called for you. Come on in.” Lewis walked passed her cautiously and nervous. She ushered him in and watched his ass, as he walked in front of her.

Again the vision of his 10″ monster plowed through her brain. Lewis stood with his hands covering his crotch area, looking scared. Clearing her throat, “have a seat Mr. Williams. There is something I want to talk to you about. I was near the girls locker today…..” Lewis’ eyes got big as half dollar! And I saw what you were doing, she continued. Lewis interrupted from fear of reprisal..”Mame..I’m Escort Maltepe sorry! I know that I shouldn’t have been there…..But I need my job!” He began to sob…”Calm down Mr. Williams. I’m not going to get you fired. How long have you been watching the girls?”

“For about a month now Mame.” Do you think its right to invade their privacy like that?”

“No Mame, …I’m so sorry. I won’t do it again. I promise!” She handed him a box of tissues from the table. “Just calm down Lewis, you don’t mind if I call you Lewis do you?”

“No…..”, he replied. “Why don’t you tell me how all this got started…You know, why you started watching the girls….”

“Well, it just started one day. I was cleaning and saw one of them showering. I got hard and just stayed there. One of them started playing with her, ah…pussy.’ “You can say it Lewis. We’re both adults here.” Here panties were now moist from listening to him, and she desperately wanted to reach down and touch her hard clit. “Go on…, she instructed. “Well then, I just pulled my cock out and started whippin’ it.” Mrs. Johnson had eased back into the sofa chair and her legs opened, showing a little of her panty. Lewis reactions were mixed.

He stared for a moment and turned away. As he continued, she noticed his cock was getting hard, which caused her pussy to drip also. ..I…I…used to bring Vaseline in my pocket to use. But I stopped. When Lewis looked back over, Mrs. Johnson had her legs spread, her panties off, and her pusssy and asscheeks were exposed.”Mrs. Johnson, what are you doing??” he asked puzzled. “Take your cock out Lewis. Show it to me. I’m gonnna let you see me masterbate a real woman’s pussy…But now I want to see what you masturbate”. Lewis had dropped his trousers and was still standing when she gasped. “My god..How big is that thing…?”

“About 10″…that’s all.” His attention was drawn to the slurping sounds her fingers were making on her pussy. She had closed her eyes slightly, staring at his monster cock. It was larger than she expected, being closer to it. Her pussy was gushing and making all kinds of sounds! “Jack your cock Lewis. Stroke it now..I’m getting close to cumming and I want to see you squirt..oohhhhh…” With that Lewis joined her on the couch. He began a slow stroke on his fat cock Maltepe Rus Escort and sucked on Mrs. Johnson’s hard nipple. “Oh that feels so fucking good. I’m gonna make my pussy cum for you! ummmmm..” He touched her pussy and placed her other hand around the base of his cock. She stroked wildly and humped her ass off the couch.

Her pussy was leaking so mus fluid, it gathered around her asshole and settled on the couch. Lewis removed his fingers and mounted her quickly. He aim his big purple cockhead at her oozing slit and rammed all ten inches in hard! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Jezzuz!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!! I’m cumming!! I’m cummming!!!” Cried Mrs. Johnson. Lewis paid no attention to that and began to stroke her cum covered pussy rapidly..Withdrawing the entire lenghth and slamming her pussy harder with each stroke. She was besides herself and had never felt anything like it. All she knew was that she didn’t want him to take his cock out. Her cream had completely covered his dick…Lewis grabbed both asscheeks and squeezed as he grind hard..”Oh good some good tight pussy…this pussy is mine now!!”

“Yeah!!!fuck the pussy!! fuck the pussy with that black snake! Make me squirt again!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…ouhhweee ouhweee…..Your cock is making me cum again!!! I’m cummming!!””” Her ass began to shudder and she stroked her clit harder and faster..””My turn now!!!, hollered Lewis. “Yeesss…cum in my pussy!!! The room got quiet..Then all of a sudden..They both roared as the orgasms swept thru both their bodies. “Ahhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!”

He shot such a big load, it overflowed from her pussy. That mixed with her own female juices, coated the couch and Lewis’ thick cock. Mrs Johnson was like a dog in heat. She kept herself impaled on his cock, grabbed his ass, forcing his to fuck her hard. Her orgasms were so many she lost count. Lewis’ cock had responded from the sucking action of her pussy and instantly became hard as a rock. He was about to blow another load when Mrs. Johnson came hard.

He thrust deep inside her and flooded her once again. This time she actually passed out from the pleasure. A look of complete satisfaction was on her face. Lewis looked at her and smiled. Then he shook his big fat dick. Her pussy was gapping open and cum oozing out. Lewis spread her legs and sucked her clit. He lapped at the juices and at her pussy lips. Mrs. Johnson began to respond by grinding her ass weakly and moaning. He kissed her on her mouth, put her panties back on, and placed her on the couch in a sleeping position. He and she knew this was the start of a new relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32