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Read the the first 2 parts first!

I called Barbara during the week after meeting her to make arrangements to take her out … our first “date”. She seemed very pleased that I had called … almost as if she had expected me not to. We spoke about all the ordinary things of our lives for a few minutes. Then we spoke about going out somewhere. I asked if she wanted to go for a meal … or perhaps go back to the Jazz Club. She hesitated, but I think I knew that she wanted to go to the Jazz Club again … and we both liked the music and atmosphere anyway.

I told her I would arrive early at her house … a little training before we went out was what I had in mind. I told her that she was to be ready at 7. I told her what to wear … a simple, black dress, black stockings with a suspender belt, high heels … and nothing else … no panties and no thong. I also told her that I would be checking on all that before we went out and that I would expect her to serve me too … both before and after our visit to the Jazz Club. She would soon learn what sort of things I expected when we went out, although it wouldn’t always xslot be the same.

I arrived at her house in plenty of time … there were several things that I wanted to do before we left. She would need quite a lot of training before she met all my needs … and the next part of it would be tonight. As she opened the door, she appeared to be dressed as I had instructed. We kissed briefly and went inside. She closed the door and took a couple of paces into the main room … and then just turned to face me … her arms at her sides, as instructed … waiting for me to check on her clothes … she had all the right instincts for a true sub.

I felt her tits first … just groping them through her dress … she was bra-less, as instructed. I could feel that her nipples were already hard … no doubt stimulated by her dress as she moved around, as I had intended. Then I just pulled her dress up to see what was underneath … lace-topped black stockings, a nice suspender belt … and nothing else. She had pleased me so far. I told her to kneel in front of me for her “reward”. She knew what was wanted … she undid xslot Giriş my belt and unzipped my trousers before carefully pulling my pants down. Then she started licking my bulging cock. I told her to work slowly … we had plenty of time.

She kept licking and sucking for a few minutes before she looked up … I was holding her head and stroking her hair … I just told her to keep going. She went back to sucking and licking … working her tongue around the rim of the head of my cock … teasing the opening at the tip … licking the length of my shaft … and then taking it fully into her mouth again. She just kept working patiently whilst I groped her tits by reaching into the top of her dress. I held her head more tightly as my pleasure mounted … I knew that I would cum very soon … but she just kept going … her head bobbing up and down slightly as she kissed and sucked and licked my hard cock.

I knew that I must be producing a lot of pre-cum by now … but she just kept licking the tip clean. It felt good … very good. It was obvious that she was enjoying her submissive xslot Güncel Giriş role. And then I knew that I was starting to cum … my balls went tight … my cock was bulging even more. I told her that I wanted to cum in her mouth … she just glanced up as she kept working … licking around the head one more time … as my orgasm started.

She felt the first pulse in my shaft … and then the cum splashing all around inside her mouth … she stopped moving then … as my cock was jerking uncontrollably and deep in her mouth … my hot cum spurting … she was gagging … then swallowing … another spurt … another swallow … not so much now … as I started to relax … another small spurt … and she swallowed again. My cock felt very sensitive … I told her to lick very gently … she did … she was very good. I held her head tightly as my cock kept spurting. She kept licking it … my hard cock buried deep in her mouth … her tongue seeking the last drops of cum as they formed at the tip … licking them away as soon as they formed.

She knelt there patiently for several more minutes … licking me completely clean. And then she slowly stood and asked me if I she had “served me”, as I had wanted. I just nodded. And was I ready to go out now? I nodded again … already thinking of what I would do with her after the Jazz Club.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32