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The following is part 6 of the continuing saga of Jenny, our newly feminized sissy boy once my brother Jimmy, as he continues his trials and tribulations to learn to play with the big girls, as it were. I want to again thank all those who write and/or vote their continued support to me as I keep up with my attempts to produce this, hopefully, well-written fictional account of a hapless lad caught up in the unfortunate (fortunate?) desires of those around him who seem to know what’s really best for him. 🙂

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch.06

Come 8:00, after dragging our tired butts out of bed, all us girls were standing outside Jenny’s door peeking in, wondering how Jenny, who was still asleep, was going to react to her newly feminized look once she finally became aware of it.

Unable to keep from doing so, I continued thinking ahead to the dreaded, eventual trip back home with Jenny to see our Mother which was planned for the Forth of July weekend, nearly a month from now.

Suddenly, Cindy, who had grown too impatient to wait any longer for Jenny to awaken on her own, couldn’t stand by any more, and, after muttering a “fuck this!”, went to her bag of tricks and came back with the paddle she’d bought last night and marched into Jenny’s room. She’d been sleeping on her tummy and her nightie had slipped up to expose her naked ass, giving Cindi a beautiful target to aim for.

Grinning at us with that Cheshire cat grin of hers, she brought the paddle down with a vengeance, causing Jenny to leap up from the bed squealing in blistering pain. Strangely, at least to Jenny, her squeal had come out embarrassingly feminine, which caused her to blush shamefully.

Pretending not to notice her new timber, Cindi called out to the girly boy, “Come on, Jenny. Rise and shine!” During this time, Jenny continued to bounce around rubbing the pain from her sore, reddened tush.

“Get over to the vanity. It’s time to get you ready for the volleyball game today. But once you get here, sit with your back to the mirror. We want the finished result to be a surprise.”

“OK, OK,” she said, rushing to the afore mentioned vanity. “I’m up, I’m up. Please don’t hit me anymore.”

Once she was seated, I began to work on her blond locks. I’d noticed that Jenny had not yet sensed the physical changes made to her body and since the changes we’d made were meant to be kept secret for as long as possible, no one went out of their way to make it known to her just what it was we had done. Because of this, we also didn’t let her bathe or shower this morning, telling her that since she’d showered last night, another this soon was unnecessary.

To work on Jenny’s hair, I simply misted it until it was damp enough to style and then combed out her long, wet, gleaming locks of golden blond hair after turning on my hot roller set. While waiting for the curlers to warm up, I had Jenny rest her eyes and lean back in the chair.

“So, how do you feel today, Jenny,” I asked her. “All ready for the big game?”

“Uh, yeah sis,” She squeaked embarrassingly in her newly feminized voice, and looked up at me expecting me to make fun of it, but I made no sarcastic remarks. In fact, I made sure she saw only sisterly love in my eyes, and seeing this, Jenny once again closed her eyes and confidently spoke on.

“I really can’t wait for the game to begin, although I’m still a bit nervous about wearing the clothes of a girl while playing. But after last night, which, I must say, you were right about my doing – to get the practice in – I’m really a lot more confident to do so once again.

“I can’t tell you how nervous and against this idea of yours I was when you first suggested I dress up as a girl to play on your team.”

I could barely keep from laughing as Jenny just prattled on in that really high girlish voice that she seemed to get more and more comfortable with, since I acted as if it was the most normal tone of voice I’d ever heard before.

I Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort just kept thinking of that fable I’d read as a child, “The King’s New Clothes”, about a magnificent suit of clothes that, though was non-existent, was supposed to be visible to all except the foolish and stupid.

The King, though unable to see the suit, did not want to appear foolish or stupid, so quickly admitted to being able to see the suit, bought it and wore it in parade, walking naked down main street.

I felt that this was who my Jenny had finally become. Someone who would believe she saw everything she was told she should see, even if it wasn’t there, just because she didn’t want to appear a fool.

Jenny’s hair was shoulder-length and bleached from the sun, and really thick. Leaving it basically as it was, trimming only the split ends from it, I decided to curl it using a series of medium-sized rollers on top and four rows of a larger-sized roller down the back and sides.

When I was done I placed a pink scarf over the hair-do to hold the set until it was completely dry. During that time I decided to talk to Jenny about Helen.

“Jenny,” I started. “I want to ask you something.”

“Sure Lori,” Jenny said. “Anything you want. Go ahead.”

“Last night,” I began. “What you told me in the car on the way home. You know, about getting turned on to everything that happened to you earlier at the pizza parlor and then at the movie theater. Were you telling the truth about that? Did you really dig that scene, sis?”

“Well gee, Lori,” she answered, with a face as red as the setting sun. “I mean, duh! It’s not like I’m going to admit something like that just so I could lie to someone about such an event – do you think? I mean, if I’d hated it, I would not have said it turned me on, I’d have said I hated it!

So yes, it turned me on, but can we please, PLEASE! not bring that night up again? Cause as hot as it was, as hot as it made me, it was still the most embarrassing time of my life!”

“The reason I ask, Jenny,” I went on, ignoring her complaint. “Is because I’m thinking that there’s a better spot for you on our team than as a temporary replacement player for Lauri.

Because in that position, once Laurie returns, you’d have to give it up to let her back on the team once she was ready to play again. I’m thinking of a more permanent position for you. What do you say, sis?”

“Hey, that sounds great, sis,” Jenny said excitedly. “But what will you do about today’s game and the rest of the tournament match play coming up? I mean until Laurie gets back?”

“It’s funny that you should ask, Jenny,” I answered, as I began to unwrap her hair and take down her rollers. “Do you remember Helen Strunk from Alpha Omicron Pi?”

“Oh yes,” Jenny replied. “A very nice, very pretty girl. Great at the net, as well.”

“That’s her,” I said. “Anyway, last night after we got home I saw we had a phone call waiting and it was from her. She called to offer to play in Laurie’s place.

Not only that, but she is leaving Alpha Omicron Pi and will be spending her senior year pledged with us here at Lambda Lambda Psi. I called her back this morning and told her yes, we’d love to have her play for Laurie in our volleyball tourney.”

As I finished removing the rollers from her hair I began to brush and comb it to a gorgeously-styled crown that would please any woman – and turn the head of any man!

“Um, gee sis, that’s great,” Jenny stumbled. “I know she’ll do your team proud. But just what position were you thinking of putting me in that you were talking about when you were saying it might be permanent? There’s no other position available.”

“Before I go into that, Jenny,” I started. “Let’s finish up with you, my creation, here.”

The first thing I had her do, now that I was finished, was stand up.

“Now Jenny,” I said. “I want you to close your eyes, and keep them Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort closed, until I tell you to open them again, OK?”

“OK Lori,” she replied. “But please hurry. I can’t stand the suspense.”

The first thing I did was remove her teddy, exposing her newly feminized body. Then I took a bottle of Passion perfume from the vanity dresser and spritzed it all over Jenny’s upper body, behind her ears and down at her pussy. Then I turned her around to face the full-length mirror against my bedroom door.

“OK Jenny,” I said. “You can open your eyes now.”

Slowly she opened her alluring eyes and with an almost child-like awe, took in the whole vision of the butterfly she’d been changed into. That moment she saw her reflection, her knees buckled and she nearly collapsed to her feet in wonderment.

“Lori! Lori, that’s…that can’t be,” she squealed, seeing her entire body in one take for the first time that morning. “I, I, I really am a girl!”

“That you are, little Jenny,” I replied. “That you really are. And we’ve picked out the perfect swim suit for you to wear today for the tournament.”

So saying, I pulled from the drawer of my vanity a two-piece hot pink thong bikini swim suit and handed it to Jenny to put on.

Taking the top from me and holding it up against her new tits, Jenny looked at it and her reflection in the mirror.

“But Lori,” he squealed, in his new girlish voice. “I actually have tits! And I have a pussy! When did I get tits? When did I get a pussy? And such big tits! And such a pretty pussy, too!”

“They are nice, aren’t they? And it is a pretty little pussy, isn’t it Jenny,” I purred sweetly. “These were all a gift from Cindi. She wanted you to look especially pretty today for your coming out. Do you like it?”

“Oh Lori,” she gushed. “I love it. I really do.”

“Well, I’m very happy you do, sis,” I replied. “But really, we’re starting to run late now. Let’s finish getting you dressed in your new suit and see how you look in it.”

At that I helped Jenny put on her new two-piece hot pink thong suit, tying the top up in back for her and tying one side of the bottom in a bow while she tied the other side.

After we finished putting it on, I watched as she so femininely adjusted it over her hips to cover her now newly acquired pussy and slid the rear strip into the crack of her sexy bottom cheeks.

Once she was dressed I handed her a pair of three inch cork platform sandals to wear to the match which really exaggerated her walk and thrust her butt out really sexily. With a giggle, I knew the boys would have a hard time keeping their eyes and hands off her today.

“But Lori,” Jenny squealed. “You still haven’t told me what position you want me to play in the rest of your games, if I’m not going to be playing for Laurie anymore”

“That’s easy, Jenny,” I answered. “You’re going to be our team mascot – the Battling Bitches’ team slut!”

“Team slut?” Jenny squealed.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her. “You’ll fit right in. In fact, I’d go so far as to say this position was made with you in mind.”

“But Lori,” Jenny asked. “What does a team slut do?”

“That’s the fun part, Jenny,” I answered. “You get to take on all the guys and gals your teammates get too overwhelmed to handle. Yessirreee, you’re going to be a busy girl today, Jenny.”

“Oh shit,” Jenny moaned. “Not again.”

I just smiled, knowing that my little girl, once she got started in her new role, would relish the attention the boys would lavish on her.

Still, even through those positive notions, thoughts of Mother’s scowling countenance kept creeping to the fore.

I started imagining wild thoughts, thinking things like maybe if I called her first and emailed her some of the pictures we took to show her what dear Jimmy has been doing with his time over here in the Golden State. Yeah, that would cinch it.

Oh Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort God, I thought then, realizing what I was thinking of doing just to avoid taking blame for something I’d instigated. What have I become? I am surely going to Hell for this, I thought, as still, I eagerly led Jenny out so the others could see her as we got ready to head to the beach where we would meet up with Helen and our opposing team in our next match in the finals.

Whatever the results of today’s game, I was sure that this definitely promised to be a day that would indeed, live in infamy.

As I led our darling Jenny from the bedroom into the waiting eyes and arms of the girls who had assisted in her transformation from plain-jane sort of girl to a cheerleader-type of girl-next-door, their reactions, though predictable, were still almost overwhelming.

Poor Jenny, who almost seemed to have gotten used to the notion of having changed from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan, looked suddenly like she wished to be anywhere but there, under the unrelenting probing eyes and hands of my sisters, who had waited so patiently for this moment to arrive.

“Shit, Lori,” Denise said. “You rock, bitch! Jenny’s a real babe here, a real knock-out! I love it!”

“Ditto here, girl,” Cindi added. “God, Jenny! You are one hot, smokin’ bitch, honey! And stacked? Shit woman, you’ve got a nice rack there! The boys will be comin’ after you big time – you know that, don’t ya? That is, if I let them get anywhere near you. God, woman, you’re beautiful!”

“Oh Lori,” Julie said. “Cindi’s right. She’s absolutely precious. And that bathing suit. God, it’s just right for her. Its just perfect for her new position on the team perfectly. It brings out that ‘slut’ persona we’re looking for to a tee.”

“Slut persona? Please, can’t we talk about…” Jenny tried to question.

“Never mind her, Jenny,” Cindi interrupted. “She doesn’t mean anything. Say, that’s a sweet lookin’ pussy you got there. Your suit really shows it off to good advantage. Just remember now, honey, you’ve got to sit down when you pee from now on, now that you really are one of us.”

That comment brought about a good number of chuckles from the other girls and a deep, abiding blush of shame to Jenny’s cheeks as a sudden truth was so boldly and loudly proclaimed for all to hear.

Sensing a sudden tenseness in the air, I felt the need to break up this little hen party.

“OK, girls,” I said. “That’s enough, already. Any more of this and you’ll give our new girl here a complex or something. Besides, we’re starting to run late for the game as it is. Now, Helen said she’d meet us at the net for warm-ups before the match starts, so we’d best be on our way, OK?”

After a chorus of agreements, we all headed out to the car and scrambled inside. Once again, Julie drove and Denise sat up front with her while Cindi and I sat in back with Jenny sandwiched between us.

It was a short, uneventful twenty minute ride to the tournament site, and for the first time in the past two days all attention was taken off Jenny and focused entirely on the upcoming match.

The tension building in the car was untenable the entire drive there. We’d been waiting for this day to arrive for the past ten days, to see whether we were good enough to continue our climb upward in the championship round in our College’s volleyball tournament match.

We were one of two teams from state left in the semi-final rounds,and the winner of this match wold go on to play in the regional finals two weeks from now. That winner would go on to play in the state finals a month from then. After that, the season was over.

This was the first time in over five years that any team, men’s or women’s, had made it this far, and if we made it all the way, it would be the first time ever, so we knew that a lot was at stake here.

Thankfully, we also knew that, as much pressure as there was on us to win, that even if we did not, there would still be a lot of pride in us and our team simply in the fact that we’d been able to get even as far as we did. My girls and I would have nothing to be ashamed of.

“Look, there’s Helen,” Julie pointed out, as she pulled into the parking area near the visitor’s section of the beach, near the volleyball net used for the tournament.

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