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Author’s note:

This chapter contains a very brief scene of violence. If that is bothersome to you, please begin reading at the next ### after the chapter starts.

Thank you once again for all your votes and comments, public and private. Enjoy!


I know I oughta leave

Him locked up and throw away the key

But his hand’s on the wheel and my foot’s on the pedal

Waking Up The Devil

– Waking Up The Devil, Hinder


Valentine’s Day


“You are a DIRTY girl,” I whispered to Jessie, in response to what she’d just told me.

“I’m YOUR dirty girl, daddy. And I’m looking forward to showing you how much I LOVE being your dirty girl.” She giggled and leaned on my arm as we walked into the brick and metal industrial-looking hotel lobby.

Already registered and bags taken upstairs, so I just waved at the night clerk and we headed for the elevator.

This late at night, there was no one moving about the hotel, and as soon as the metal doors closed behind us, I pinned Jessie to the elevator wall with a growl, one hand slipping down the front of her leather pants. My fingers felt damp fabric and I looked up to find her darkly-made-up eyes blazing with lust. “You’re wet, little girl.”

Instantly she lowered her eyes. Her voice was soft, her breath hot on my face. “Is that bad?”

“Not at all. That’s what I fuckin’ wanted.” I leaned in and kissed her, so ferociously it was almost more like a bite.

Dammit, I was hungry for this woman. So hungry I could barely think straight. I was looking forward to a weekend of hotel living in downtown Milwaukee, am expensive room, restaurant food, and Jessie wearing something besides a leather collar and restraints only when we ventured outside.

Her tongue dueled with mine, finally surrendered, and she whimpered, let me kiss her the way I wanted. I could feel my erection hardening even further in my jeans, could feel my heart hammering blood through my circulatory system in the thunder pounding in my ears.

The door dinged and opened and I dragged myself away from Jessie, grabbed her hand and practically dragged her behind me down the hall. The walls were stone, the floor rough wood, the doors metal, and the light fixtures ancient-looking lanterns. They were really playing up the industrial look.

Jessie sprinted silently ahead, opened her long wool coat to show me her barely-clad torso underneath, giggled, then ran for the door to our room.

I unlocked it and let us in, the click of the door shutting behind us only heightening my sexual excitement. Alone with my woman, finally.

The loft hotel room had tall wood ceilings, exposed pipes and rough brick walls further playing to the industrial vibe. The furniture was all worn-looking metal, all very sparse and spartan. Behind a wide panel of privacy glass set into the wall a few feet away from the bed, the bathroom was all bright chrome and white tile, looking more like an engineer’s cleanroom than anything else.

Jessie darted around checking the room out, then tipped over to flop on the bed. “This room is beautiful!”

“I thought so.” I walked over and closed the heavy, red curtains. Six stories up the only view was of the cold February night, no one looking in, but it made the room more intimate. Moving to stand in front of Jessie, I looked down at my beautiful woman. Fuck, she was hot. Sprawled on the bed, she returned my gaze knowingly, patiently. Lustfully.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, rockstar.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, daddy.”

I reached out a hand, pulled the elfin-thin woman up. I could feel her practically vibrating, cooped energy waiting impatiently to get out. I held her eyes as I undid the zipper on my pants, reached down and freed my erection. The air around it felt cold.

“Why don’t you get on your knees for daddy?”

“Happily.” Jessie let the will coat slide off her arms to reveal the top she’d been wearing all evening. Black boots led up to black leather pants, and a sheer red bodysuit disappeared into the waistband. Over that, she wore an untucked black button-up, unbuttoned all the way down to her navel. The outfit was intended to provide a lot of tantalizing glimpses of her lean, pale body behind the polyester mesh, and I was pretty sure every guy watching her sing tonight had gotten at least half a chub.

Slowly, she knelt and then laid her head against my leg, looking up at me adoringly. “You make me so happy.”

I reached down to stroke her hair and she closed her eyes and smiled. Her eyes opened and she shifted sensuously against me. “Now let’s see if I can make you very happy too.” She straightened, took my erection gently in her hands, kissing lightly down the sides, lower to flutter against my scrotum. “I’ve been thinking about this all day long. It was so hard to sing tonight, my mind was elsewhere. Thinking about you… Taking me… Fucking me… Using me…”

Her lips slipped over the head of my cock, and we both moaned and the same time. Her mouth was so soft and wet, it felt exquisite. Slowly xslot she slid down, then sucked all the way up, and she popped off with a cute little gasp. “I’ve been thinking about this dick inside me,” Jessie said, low and dark. “Gagging me. Choking me. Stretching me, ramming deep up inside my asshole. Shooting all your hot, sticky load inside my tight…unprotected…cunt. Making me scream over and over again. Making feel like your own personal whore…”

All I could do was watch as she took me in again, tongue sliding against the sensitive underside of my shaft as her lips slowly moved down to the root. The whites of her eyes as she looked up at me were bewitchingly, beautifully contrasted with the black of her makeup and hair, and her cheeks quirked upwards in a slight smile as she began licking me, even as her throat convulsed. I could tell she was fighting not to choke, and she mastered the impulse, breathing slowly through her nose as she opened her mouth even farther, extending her tongue to flick against my balls.

“Fuuuck…” I groaned.

My cellphone rang.

Jessie jerked, backing up, hacking and coughing as my penis exited her mouth, giving me a goofy grin. I fished in my pants pocket, looked at the display.


I debated taking it. This was MY weekend, with MY woman. Sienna had the house all to herself, was inviting some guy she knew from the store over for dinner tonight, was going to enjoy an independent weekend just as much as I was.

I looked down at Jessie, reclining against the edge of the bed, fondling her own slight breasts, pinching the nipples through the sheer red polyester. Ok, probably not as much as I was.


I hit the glowing green answer icon, raised the phone to my ear. “Gary.”

“Gary, I… I’m sorry to bother you, but, could you… Could you please come back? Its Trey, he’s drunk and he’s getting rough and I’m afraid he’s gonna hurt me or Jane and I’m… Please come and get me.” Sienna ‘s words came out in a pained, panicked rush, stress and tears just behind her voice.

“Where are you?” Jessie sensed the change in my voice and straightened, pulling her shirt together.

“We’re locked in the first-floor bathroom.” In the background, Jane was crying and I could hear a thud as someone knocked on the door, a muffled voice.

I almost told her to call the police. Almost. Then I remembered the gentleness with which Jane had touched the stitched-together cut on my scalp with her little fingers. I could feel my teeth grinding.

“Every door in that house can withstand a hurricane. Ain’t no way Trey is knocking one down. I’ll be there soon. Stay where you are.”


I hung up on her. Talking was a waste of time. I shoved my deflating prick back in my boxers and zipped up. “I gotta run back to the house. Sienna’s date is getting a little difficult.”

Jessie’s face tightened, and an intense…something…gathered in her artificially-darkened eyes. “I’m coming with you. No arguments.”


We strode out of the room, boots rapping against the wood floor. We didn’t say a word as we stood together in the elevator. The mood was completely different than the last time we rode this metal box. My eyes bored into the wall and I tried to control my breathing.

We were silent as the Suburban ate up the snow-covered streets turned orange by street lamps. The truck was stinging cold, and I registered it but didn’t pay it any attention. Road after road, turn after turn, out of the commercial district, among houses, the wheels eating up the snow-packed pavement as fast as I dared to drive. Didn’t want to get held up by a ticket.

My mind kept flashing to Jane opening her Christmas presents, playing on the slide this fall. The way Sienna had watched over her, so protectively, so lovingly.

We pulled into the driveway, and Jessie put her hand on my arm. “I got this. On me.” Her voice was tight.

I felt shock, accepted it, rolled with it. “Gotcha.”

We exited the truck, and snow crunched wetly as we walked hurriedly into the house.

Trey was rather handsome, I thought. A boxer’s build, angular face, short, artificially blonde hair gelled up, the tips of the spikes dyed red. He was sitting morosely at the table drinking Wild Turkey out of the bottle, and I lamented the loss of good liquor. He looked up at us as we entered. “Who the fuck are you two?”

“The homeowners. Where’s Sienna?” Jessie’s voice was artificially sweet.

He gestured away. “Bitch locked herself in the bathroom.”

“Why’d she do that?”

A shrug. “It’s Valentine’s Day. Fuck me for thinking a chick invites me over its an invitation to get wild and fuck.”

“I think you should go. I’m pretty sure sex isn’t in the cards for you this evening.” I had to think the sweetness in Jessie’s voice was a cover a sham to disarm him. Make him think she was harmless. My hand actually itched for the fill of my Sig Three Twenty’s grip.

He rose, and he suddenly didn’t seem drunk. He seemed purposeful. I slid my hand under my coat, behind my xslot Giriş hip, under my shirt.

“I ain’t taking shit from two bitches tonight.”

“That wasn’t shit, that was an order. Get the fuck out of my house.” The saccharine dropped from Jessie’s voice, and her posture changed, feet moving slightly.

Trey punched her in the face.

Jessie’s head was not there to intercept it.

He’d telegraphed the punch and she wasn’t anywhere near his closed hand. The extendable baton in her fist hammered the inside of his forearm, and then it schlicked into full extension and then it was behind his neck. She gripped both ends, choking him with her forearms and turning him as she dragged him to the ground at her feet.

The whole well-practiced action had taken less than three blinks.

I sighed, satisfied the itching in my palm with the polymer grip of my Sig, let it hang at my side as I walked over. Trey was moaning at the pain in his arm, trying to fight free of the choke with his good hand.

“You have absolute shit for self-preservation skills, Trey. You just attacked the homeowner, in her home. Wisconsin is just as bad a place to do that as Texas. We could shoot you and I doubt we’d see the inside of a holding cell tonight.”

He frantically patted Jessie’s arms where they were locking his neck against the metal shaft, tried to gasp in air.

“Oh look, honey,” I said. “He thinks this is a competition. He’s trying to tap out.”

“Fortunately for you, dickhead,” my gothic love whispered in his ear, low and menacing. “Neither of us want to clean your blood out of the fucking grout.” She let go of the thin end of the baton, letting him fall to the tile, and then slammed the point into his groin underhand. “Get out.”

He howled at the pain, and I winced appreciatively as he hobbled to his feet. “Trey,” I said.

He didn’t look at me.

“Trey, look at me when I’m fucking talking to you.”

He looked up fearfully, and his eyes widened when he saw the gun in my hand was pointed at him. “If you ever go near Sienna again, you will be my problem, and I will solve you permanently. Say you understand.”

“I understand.” His voice was fearful.

“Good. Git.”

He hurried out the door as fast as he could with his hands cupping his aching balls, and I waited until I could hear the whine of his car down the street before reholstering my Sig. “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.”

Jessie giggled and looked for something to bounce the tip of her baton off to retract it. Off this expensive, gray, wood-themed tile, it’d probably shatter the whole floor. Finally, she sighed and headed outside.

I knocked on the bathroom door, sighed myself. I’d been hoping for a nice, carnal weekend, hell, EVENING with Jessie. “See, it’s Gary. You can come out now.”

The heavy lock in the door thunked as it retracted, and then the door slid back into its pocket. Sienna had tried to make herself look nice for that loser – a long, flowing purple shirt and ice-denim jeans. She’d cut her hair last month, and I still marveled at the change. The red was sheared off, leaving another grown-out pixie cut, back to her natural blonde. She was starting to look like the Sienna I remembered.

Except for the look of exhausted fear on her face.

I forced myself to smile at her. “You’ve got shit taste in men.”


“Yes, I’ll let you know if he shows up at the store or bar again.”

We sat in Sienna’s hotel room, sipping on bottled soda from the bar downstairs. Jessie had insisted that the blonde get out of the house tonight, so she and Jane had packed a few things and we’d headed back to the hotel and gotten mother and daughter set up a few floors below us. Now we decompressed.

Jane played with her dolls on the floor, Jessie looked out the window, Sienna sat on the bed staring disconsolately at her bottle and picking at the label, and I had slouched in one of the cast-iron chairs next to the in-room entertainment center. These were actually more comfortable than they looked.

“Good. How’d you even get set up with that guy anyway? He really looked like a dee-bag.”

She shrugged, sniffed. “He seemed nice when he was at the store. He came in every morning to buy those little five-hour energy drinks. Bought me one when I told him it was early and I’d already had a long day.”

I chuckled. “Cute.”

Jessie stepped over and put a hand on Sienna’s shoulder. “You gonna be alright?”

The blonde heaved a sigh and looked over at her daughter for a long time. “Yeah, I just…” Get voice trailed off and her eyes flashed back to me, guiltily. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a good Valentine’s Day.”

I knew what she was talking about. Our first and only Vee Day had been a disappointment for her. I’d gone out for drinks with a cop named Deirdre who was trying to worm her way into my life while Sienna sat at home in fancy lingerie waiting for me.

None of us had been in a good place that spring.

“Well, you two are welcome to stay in this hotel this weekend. Just chill out. xslot Güncel Giriş I’ve got the bill.”

“You don’t need to do that…”

My gothic lover shrugged. “But I want to.”

Sienna hung her head, rotating the bottle in her hands. “Thank you.” When she looked up, her eyes were wet. “Thank you for everything you guys do for me. I wish I…”

Jessie cut her off with a hug. “Play with Jane. Get some sleep. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

That seemed like our cue to leave. I rose and took Jessie’s hand. “C’mon, darling. Let’s get to bed. It’s past late.” I leaned down and gave Siena an awkward one-arm squeeze of the shoulders, and then Jessie and I headed out.

“How you doing?” I asked quietly as we strode the wood and stone corridors.

She shrugged, adding another swirl to the wool coat already swirling around her. “I’m doing great.”

“Just checking.”

“I’ve got no problems, physical, mental, or moral, about hitting that asshole.” She leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek. “But I’m glad you’re concerned about me.”

“Wanted to make sure. Last time you used that baton was last summer, that riot in Denver. That…wasn’t a good day.”

“Really what bothers me is the lost sexytime with my daddy tonight.” She stuck out her lower lip in a pouty face. Got all dolled up for it and everything.”

I dipped the keycard in the lock and the door clicked open. I shut it quietly once Jessie was inside with me. “Gonna take a shower. You’re welcome to join me.”

“I’d like that a lot.”

The bathroom was bright white, and every surface was so hard that the room echoed even as I unbuckled my belt. I let the water run and hiss until steam appeared and then I stepped into the burning torrent. Dammit, that felt good. The pounding massaged my back and shoulders, working on easing out the knots and stress that had tied themselves into my muscles ever since I’d picked up Sienna’s phone call. Two, three in the morning and I was dead tired and wired awake on the edge at the same time.

I turned and let the spray hammer my chest and face, stiff-armed the wall and let myself sag slightly.

Arms wrapped around my sides, and I felt smooth skin press against my back. Lips moved against my neck in a gentle kiss. Arms slid around my torso, wrapped me in a hug. “Hey, you.”

I turned in Jessie’s embrace, gathered her in my arms, kissed her forehead. We stood there for a long time, just holding each other.

“I’m tired,” I told her finally.

“I know that feeling.” She separated from me and started soaping up a washcloth. “And you didn’t have to spend an hour and a half singing tonight.”

“Very true.”

Her washing was quick and economical, but I still felt my pulse quicken watching her. She smirked at me. “Or maybe you’re not that tired…”

“Yeah, I am.”

Jessie bit her lower lip, looked at her feet. “Spank me before bed though? Please?”

I stepped over, raised her chin with a finger. “You’ve done nothing wrong.”

That earned me an eye roll. “Yeah, cuz you ONLY ever spank me for being naughty.”

I tilted my head, waited for her to further explain herself.

“It just makes me feel safe and loved, shows me that you’re in control. I love going to bed with your marks on me.”

I cupped he jaw, tilted her face to mine. I grinned. “I know.”

“Ok, Han.”

Our lips met and it wasn’t rough, wasn’t intended to get the blood boiling, wasn’t a communication of lust and control. It was gentle, an expression of love. I held her wet, lean body in my arms, my mouth moving against hers. Dammit, I loved this woman.

We brushed our teeth and I waited for Jessie on the bed, sitting on the edge and looking around the dim, sparsely appointed room. I should decorate the second floor like this.

The light clicked off in the bathroom and Jessie walked out, her pale body practically glowing in the gloom. She stood in front of me, hands clasped behind her back, a smile fighting to overtake her face. “I’m ready for my spanking, daddy.”

I reached up and dragged a finger down her arm, causing her to shudder, then gently took one wrist and guided her to lay across my lap. Her weight felt inconsequential on my knees, and I took a moment to trace the fine lines of soft muscle down her legs, up her back. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, arched her back cat-like when my fingernail slid across some particularly sensitive spot. My hand and fingers finished their tour of her nude body, coming to rest on the curve of her bottom.

Jessie practically purred when I began kneading the firm muscle, massaging her buttocks and inner thighs, and a smile danced across her face as she controlled a laugh, biting down on a finger. “You’re silly.”

“What? I like my girl’s butt.” I pulled my hand back, and it came down with a hard clap on Jessie’s right cheek. She gasped and bucked and looked back at me with a whirlwind of emotions in her eyes – amazement, fear, lust, surrender – all competing for space.

“I like kissing it.” Slap. “I like licking it.” Slap. “I like looking at it.” Slap. “I like massaging it.” Slap. “I like fucking it.” Slap. “I like spanking it.” Slap. I leaned over to whisper in her ear. “I like gripping it when I’m balls deep in my girl’s cunt, making her cum so hard she forgets her name.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32