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TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2007.

It was late by the time we’d finished the Polish lorry and the driver, in halting English, asked if he could park up overnight. Well I certainly didn’t want to leave him on the premises and eventually managed to convey to the guy that he needed to drive out onto the Industrial Estate where overnight parking is common place. It was as he climbed up into his cab that Marie came out to see if I was ready to leave, the rest of the staff having gone by this time. Usually my wife and I travel into work separately but as her car was being serviced we were both in mine.

“Pity I didn’t come out earlier, he was rather dishy,” she teased.

“He’s parking up on the estate overnight so perhaps you’re not too late after all,” I commented, not that I ought to encourage her.

Well, to cut out unnecessary verbiage, some fifteen minutes later saw us walking along the side of the white trailer and on reaching the grey cab found the door open and the young driver, late twenties or early thirties, doing his paperwork.

I introduced him to Marie, learning in return that his name was Mateusz.

With his limited grasp of English it was difficult to make him understand and embarrassingly I had to repeat myself several times before Mateusz realised I was offering him a sex session with my wife. Once he got the picture however, the driver jumped done to shake me by the hand.

Marie’s excitement was plain to see as pulling the tightish skirt high up her thighs, she climbed into the cab, ably assisted by Mateusz hands on her bottom.

He followed her up and muttering something that sounded a bit like, “No room for you,” pulled the door shut and drew the curtains in the cab.

The window however remained open and I spent forty very embarrassing minutes standing beside the lorry listening to the sounds of their lovemaking within. My wife’s strident cries were a clear indication that she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

At least the lorry was parked on a reasonably quiet stretch of road, not that there are ever many people walking in the Industrial Estate, situated as it is on the edge of town.

Eventually the cab door swung open and a half naked Mateusz grinned to see me standing there patiently waiting. He helped Marie down while she descended with a large amount of thigh on display, and as we walked away shouted something after us. I turned and caught my wife’s knickers as the laughing Pole threw them at me.

“I couldn’t be bothered to put them back on in the confined space,” Marie explained, before giving me a quick kiss during which I’m certain I could taste Mateusz penis on my wife’s lips.

I slipped her knickers into my pocket and back home went to hand them to her but Marie smiled and said, “Perhaps you need to make use of them. Go to your room and do it while I take a shower.”

Well I knew what she meant by that and in my bedroom swiftly shed trousers and underpants. Then I removed the naked photos of my wife that Doug had left me and with her knickers wrapped around my penis masturbated, well aware of the ignominy of the proceeding. However, due to frustration I’d masturbated twice by the time Marie finished her shower and came in to show me the small love bite Mateusz had left on her upper thigh.

* * *

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2007.

The washing machine having broken down Marie took the afternoon off to wait for the service engineer. When I arrived home from work I was surprised to find the service van still parked outside. Either he’d been late getting to us or the repair was proving to be a long job I thought, letting myself in. Of course I ought to know better by now but am still a bit naïve I suppose.

Anyway the clothing scattered about the lounge coupled with Marie’s ecstatic cries from upstairs, quickly disabused me of my first supposition.

There seemed an inordinate amount of male clothing mixed up with my wife’s but that was quickly explained when I found two guys on the bed with her!

“She said you wouldn’t mind,” the elder of the two, both of who were black, said diffidently.

“Yea, said you like to watch her getting fucked,” the younger and brasher one added with a grin.

Marie, seeming oblivious of my entry to the bedroom, continued her ministrations to the younger guy’s penis, licking and kissing it lovingly.

The elder slipped from the bed and introduced himself as Logan, explaining that the other, Osman is a trainee learning the ropes, thus explaining why there were two of them.

“We’d both fucked your wife and would have been out of here but she wanted more,” he explained, gaining in confidence when he saw the avid way I was watching Marie sucking Osman’s balls.

“Get your cock out and play with it if you want,” Osman called, having noticed the furtive rub I gave the front of my trousers.

The contrasting skin colours were a real turn on and despite, or perhaps because of, the humiliation I knew I’d be exposed to if they saw the size of my penis, I unzipped and released it. I wasn’t xslot wrong; Osman’s contempt when I released my erect penis and began masturbating was obvious to us all.

“Not surprised your wife wants more now she’s got the chance of real cock,” he jeered, directing Logan’s attention to the smallness of my penis.

The older guy also laughed, half turning to show me that his flaccid penis was considerably bigger than my erect one.

I was revelling in the situation though and not content to masturbate in front of the laughing Logan and jeering Osman, heard myself asking if I could take photos. Logan agreed, with the proviso that faces were concealed, but Osman demanded payment for their services. In my desire for photos I would have agreed to anything I think and told them I’d write a cheque for the one hundred pounds Osman demanded, to be shared between them.

“No, cash only,” Osman said, rolling my wife onto her back to thrust a hand roughly between her legs.

Explaining that I didn’t keep that sort of money in the house, I was watching his black fingers drilling in and out of Marie pink vagina lips, fingers which were suddenly withdrawn when he said, “In that case then no more action.”

Marie’s wail of disappointment prompted me to ask the guys if they could come back tomorrow, when I would have had a chance to visit a cash machine. Logan replied in the affirmative but Osman, perhaps sensing that they were on a good thing, said, “Yea but it will cost you double if we give up our Saturday.”

I hesitated but fearing Marie’s disappointment, her transparent frustration that the session seemed to be over was clear to us all, eventually agreed to Osman’s terms.

“Great. One hundred quid each and you can take as many pictures as you like while we fuck this little lady into the ground,” Osman said bending to kiss her vagina, the back of his black head contrasting erotically with the pasty white flesh of Marie’s thighs.

Seeing them out I asked Logan to use the company van tomorrow and be sure to carry their tool kits into the house in case neighbours saw them. I could always explain that the washing machine needed parts they hadn’t got with them today.


It was afternoon before the guys arrived, Marie’s emotions changing from excited anticipation, to impatience and finally downright fear and frustration that they wouldn’t turn up. Towards lunchtime I even phoned the service company at her insistence, only to get the answer phone.

Anyway, just before two pm they arrived and I was pleased to see them carrying their tools into the house. Marie greeted them both with a kiss while I closed, locked and bolted the door. One of our neighbours has a habit of ringing the door bell and walking straight in.

His arm round my wife’s waist, Osman asked, “Have you got the money feller?”

I silently handed them each an envelope containing one hundred pounds but then had to watch in embarrassment while Osman counted his. Logan just pocketed the envelope and seeming surer of him today than he had yesterday, pulled Marie to him for another kiss, this time kneading and squeezing her bottom.

Marie wore a very short figure hugging red dress with nothing underneath, although I was ignorant of that until Logan communicated the fact to Osman. The younger guy having finished counting the money stowed it in his pocket before shedding his clothes. I suggested we all go up to the bedroom as that’s where I’d set the camera up on a tripod. I also intended using Marie’s camera as a hand held. Whooping excitedly Marie led the charge upstairs chased by a laughing Osman, Logan and I following more sedately.

She was already naked and happily sucking on Osman’s penis by the time we joined them in the bedroom. Logan undressed leisurely while watching my wife at work on Osman’s penis and balls with her tongue, and I began taking photos. When the second guy joined in I managed to get a couple of really good pictures of Marie licking the tips of both cocks simultaneously.

Next, Logan stretched out on the bed and Marie knelt over his face. While she took his penis into her mouth Logan gripped Marie’s buttocks to pull her vagina down onto his questing tongue. Then, and to my astonishment, Osman began running his tongue along the crevice between her buttocks. I could hardly believe what I was seeing but when she raised her lips from Logan penis to squeal delightedly I knew the guy was licking my wife’s anus.

It wasn’t possible to get very clear photos of what was going on but whenever I look at them in the future I’ll know that the guys are tonguing my wife’s vagina and anus simultaneously. I’ll also remember the two wild orgasms she experienced in quick succession while it was happening!

I wasn’t all that surprised when Osman wanted anal intercourse with my wife, nor her enthusiastic agreement. In two minds whether to take pictures of something I still regard as rather sordid I hesitated, until a wild cry from Marie as Osman’s penis drove into xslot Giriş her anus prompted me to pick up the camera.

“I’ll take the pics, looks to me like you need a wank,” a smiling Logan commented, nodding at the erect penis protruding from my open fly and taking the camera from my hand.

I hadn’t even been aware of releasing it! However I thanked him and began masturbating, my eyes fixed on the big black penis drilling in and out of my wife’s anus. Despite Osman’s contemptuous expression I quickly came in my hand, certainly much quicker than he did inside Marie’s anus, my wife shouting excitedly as he spurted into her.

When Osman said he was going to wash his genitals in the bathroom before continuing, Marie said “My husband will gladly wash them for you, won’t you dear.”

I nodded, actually pleased that she’d inflicted this humiliation on me although seeing Logan mounting my wife I almost regretted agreeing.

Anyway, in the bathroom I soaped the guy’s penis and balls, more aware of Marie’s joyful cries as Logan fucked her than Osman’s sneers and jeers about me being a pathetic wimp. I dried him off and he said, “I hope you’ve done a good job wimp because you’re now going to take my cock in your mouth, the cock that’s just been buried to the hilt up your wife’s arsehole.”

I automatically sucked his penis into my mouth, Osman’s sneering laughter merging with Marie’s ecstatic shouts.

“That’s it feller, keep sucking my cock while my mate fucks your missus,” he jeered.

By the time we returned to the bedroom they were lying side by side, looking hot from their copulation. Inevitably Osman added to my humiliation by telling them what had taken place in the bathroom, Marie laughing louder than Logan.

“It’s your fault I’m hard again,” Osman informed me. “So I’ll relieve it inside your wife’s cunt.”

He leapt onto the bed and seizing Marie’s ankles doubled her legs back. Logan quickly knelt over her face and also held her legs thus pinning my wife down while Osman’s penis drove into her. Marie’s excited yell was cut short by Logan slipping his penis into her mouth.

I circled the bed repeatedly in my quest for the best photos, highly excited by the sight of the black buttocks pounding up and down between my wife’s lily white thighs. It was an incredible spectacle to see Marie’s slight form pinned down by the two well built guys, sucking almost desperately at Logan’s penis while Osman fucked her roughly.

It was Marie, who perhaps more aware of my predilections than I am myself, suggested taking a belt to my backside, even tossing my own belt to Osman for the purpose. I made a token protest for appearances sake but of course it did no good and the men forced me face down over the end of the bed. Then, with Logan holding me Osman yanked my trousers and underpants down to my knees.

With Osman lashing my buttocks I soon howled in pain. It was a pain alleviated somewhat when raising my head I found myself staring between Marie’s thighs. She was sitting up against the headboard, legs wide apart, her gaping and semen speckled vagina fully exposed to my gaze. Inevitably I rose from the beating fully erect again, much to Osman’s amused contempt.

Afterwards my only regret was that no pictures had been taken of me licking and sucking Osman’s penis or subsequent punishment, they would have served as a constant reminder of my humiliation. Incidentally, the pictures Logan took were of much better quality than mine, due I suppose to my over excited state.

It was only later that I thought about the dangers inherent in this afternoons indiscretion, the risk of gossip chief among them, and remonstrated with Marie about her initial seduction of the service engineers. She admitted being incautious and agreed to try and restrain herself in future, when it comes to callers at the house anyway. My wife also reminded me in no uncertain terms that it was I who had invited them to call again today.

SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2007.

Waking up this morning my sore buttocks served as an instant reminder of yesterday’s indiscretions and I grew hot and cold at the memory. What on earth was I thinking of to actually pay the guys two hundred pounds to fuck my wife in our own home, while totally humiliating me in the process!

* * *

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2007.

When Marie suggested visiting The B******** I was a bit dubious. It was obvious she wanted to pick up a guy for sex, the large pub situated between Industrial Estate and Town frequented by lorry drivers parked up overnight. I know Marie thoroughly enjoyed her experiences with the Polish driver in his cab a couple of weeks ago and is keen to repeat it but I feel The B******** is a bit too close for comfort. Suppressing my unease however, I agreed.

The guy was huge! Muscular, with heavily tattooed arms bulging from his T-shirt, the shaven headed Ian was a Scotsman. I approached the guy at the bar during a bit of a lull in custom but due perhaps to his powerful physique found it particularly unnerving xslot Güncel Giriş to proposition him about having sex with Marie. Fortunately the proposal didn’t meet with the laughter and ridicule I’d been afraid of. In fact he had eyes only for Marie sitting at our table across the room from him, legs crossed and skirt hem high up her thighs. She smiled back at him.

“If that’s the little lady you’re offering mate I’m game. In fact my dick’s already itching to get between those shapely legs.”

I looked about nervously, hoping no one could hear but Ian was already striding across the room. I hurried after the guy and he plonked himself down beside her.

“So, the old man fails to satisfy you and you’re in need of a good shag,” Ian said none too quietly, squeezing my wife’s thigh.

Marie looked at me quizzically not knowing I’d told the guy I’m impotent.

“You could say that,” she smiled, uncrossing her legs.

“Fancy a bit of rough in a truck cab do you then girlie?” he asked, his hand delving under my wife’s skirt.

I moved around the table a bit so as to shield them from the rest of the room, while Marie answered in the affirmative.

Her legs parted in response to Ian’s questing fingers and he exclaimed, “Why, you haven’t even got any knickers on, you naughty girl!”

I looked at Marie in astonishment. It was the first I knew she was out without underwear.

“Your wife’s cunt is absolutely sopping, she’s hot for it so let’s go,” Ian said to me and I was glad to escape the pub and possible prying eyes.

Ian’s lorry was parked in L****** Road, which being a fair distance from the pub we went to in my car. I pulled up behind the red trailer he indicated and we walked along the side of it to his cab. As with Mateusz it was necessary for Marie to hike her skirt high to climb into his cab, but unlike the Polish guy Ian contented himself with looking at my wife’s legs rather than groping her bottom.

“You’d be better off waiting in the car while I do the business with your wife,” Ian told me, before following her up into the cab.

Indeed, despite a weak sun there was a strong cold wind blowing and with the door now closed, as were the windows, I could hear nothing so it seemed good advice.

It was a bit of an anticlimax though, just sitting in the car while Ian had sex with my wife a short distance away. Boring to as I had nothing to occupy myself with and no idea how long they’d be.

It was over an hour and I must have dozed of when a rap on the window brought me upright. It was Ian. I wound the window down and he told me Marie would be along in a minute.

“Why man, but you’ve got a sexy little wife there. I’ve fucked her twice and the things she did to my dick and balls between the two were out of this world.”

“Glad you enjoyed it,” I replied hoarsely.

“God yes, I’ve never had my dick and balls sucked the way your wife’s just done. She doesn’t mind a finger or two up her bum hole either. Here comes the tasty little thing now, I think you’ll find her well satisfied.”

Back home I attained my own relief when Marie consented to lay back on the bed with legs spread wide. Staring at the vagina which Ian had enjoyed I masturbated furiously and soon came.

“That didn’t take long and it certainly wouldn’t have done me much good. Even the first time he fucked me Ian lasted a lot longer than that,” Marie teased before heading for the shower.

* * *


Back from a rather fruitless business trip this evening I found the house deserted but a note from Marie informed me she’d driven to the Industrial Estate. Pausing only long enough to freshen up I headed there myself, concerned about what might happen to her alone.

Went to the pub first but not finding her there, decided to cruise around the Industrial Estate. Spotted Marie’s car parked next to a lorry on the same stretch of dead end road where Ian’s had been parked a couple of days ago. I parked behind it and walked along beside the blue, curtain sided trailer, to cautiously approach the blue and white cab. There were a number of other trucks parked nearby so I couldn’t be absolutely certain it was the right one. However, a series of piercing cries, clearly Marie’s, emanating from the open cab window told me it was. The cries also told me that my wife was being very vigorously fucked! Naturally I stood beside the cab listening until the sounds from within died away.

Only then did I cast my eyes on the truck and realised it was Romanian. Hopefully the drivers English was better than Mateusz had been.

The silence was broken surprisingly quickly by another ecstatic yell from my wife and her rhythmic cries continuing to ring out indicated that she was being fucked again. Good god, he must be highly charged I thought.

There was a much simpler explanation though for when a flushed and dishevelled Marie eventually climbed down from the cab it turned out there were two drivers on board!

Marie introduced me to them, calling me her cuckold husband, and both Lucian who spoke good English, Eugene less so, seemed to think it hilarious. I don’t know if they understood the term, but they certainly found it amusing that I’m the compliant husband of the woman they’d both fucked.

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