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It had been a long day at the Law Offices of Gillenhall, Durden and Hill and I just looked forward to going home to nice a quiet dinner with Eric. In the month since our tryst with the “break-down lady”, he had come to enjoy bondage and domination. The night before, he had presented me with a contract in which I had pledged to become his slave whenever I was not at work or around either of our families. I signed it eagerly and he made me his slave during a wonderful candlelight ceremony, which is another story entirely. However, as much as he was enjoying the rougher side of our relationship he still retained the loving side that had made me want to move-in with him. Tonight I was hoping for that side, during his daily call to make sure I was at work (something he had started, saying I was now on his leash) I told him how my boss, Mr. Durden was being an ass. Eric commanded me to spend the rest of the day with a smile on my face and accept his bad mood. He then said it would all be better tonight.

Tired I made my way up the stairs to the apartment, I was holding my shoes since my feet hurt and Eric enjoyed keeping me barefoot as much as possible. My head was down out of exhaustion and submission as I turned the key and opened the door to the apartment. It was dark inside; my Master was not yet home. I made it about five feet inside when I felt his arms wrap around my body. “Oh Master, there you are.” I purred and started to turn around so that I could kneel before him in greeting as he had trained me to. (Eric had spent considerable time on the Internet learning how to properly train his pet.) It was when I moved that I felt his hand over my nose and mouth, and the sting of ether as my world faded to black…

* * *

I awoke sometime later to the sound of Master’s voice laughing with a different yet familiar voice. As I shook off the effects of the ether I tried to move, only to find that I could not. Then I felt the pain, and I knew that Master had fixed his favorite toy to my body; a set of nipple clamps that were attached to each other by a golden chain about six inches long that fought my 36C’s natural tendencies to part to my sides when flat on my back (this became quiet tiresome after about fifteen minutes). This was not the only part of his toy, another chain led down from the breasts to my cunt where it tightly clamped onto my clit. I xslot tried to moan only to discover that duct tape had been put over my mouth. I then became aware that I was naked except for thigh highs and some very uncomfortable shoes which by the way the held my feet at an extreme angle where very high heels. Finally, I could not see anything but constellations of pinprick light filtering through a heavy black hood.

I suddenly became aware of what was going on, Master was whoring me out! They were negotiating and I realized that it was Mr. Durden that my Master was selling sexual privileges to me to. “The little slut is awake.” I heard Mr. Durden say, as the sounds of their voices started to get closer. I then felt hands coarser and much less gentle than my Master’s pull the hood off my head, pulling a handful of hair with it.

I blinked in the sudden brightness. When I could better see I saw that I was lying flat on a gynecologist’s exam bed, my ass at the edge, my feet in the stirrups, and a large strap held me in place (my hands pinned to my sides) just above the waist. I took in the room; it was not the apartment where I lived with my Master. It had the look of a basement. In the corner was a cute redhead I recognized as a secretary that worked in an office down the hall. She was naked save for high heels, she had beautiful tits a little smaller than mine and she was shaved clean. Her wrists were bound to the wall halfway up allowing her to crouch or stand. Between her ankles someone had secured a three-foot spacer bar to the buckles on her shoes. Her outer labia had been pierced and attached to the gold hoops she wore in her pussy lips where two very heavy weights which pulled her lips down to the floor. The weights were barely resting on the concrete floor. Tears fell from her eyes, smearing what had been perfect make-up earlier when I saw her at work. A ball gag muffled any sounds she might have been making.

Mr. Durden’s free exploration of my naked body snapped me back to my predicament. “I do believe, Master Eric, that this going to be a grand well spent.” Mr. Durden said as he roughly fondled my right breast, wreaking havoc on both my nipple and my clit as the chain tugged at those sensitive areas. “I trust you’re going to stay for the show? Use my slut Renee’s cock-holster over there, it will make the finale all the better.”

“I xslot Giriş thank you for your generosity, Master Durden.” I saw my Master grin, tuck a wad of money into his wallet and walk over to Renee. I felt a pain of jealously shoot through my body as I heard him unzip his pants.

“She’s a jealous little slit isn’t she, Master Eric?” Mr. Durden shouted at Master as he noted my emotions.

“That she is.” I thought I heard sobs as my Master removed the cunt’s gag; they were soon muffled as he shoved his cock deep into her mouth.

Mr. Durden moved between my wide-open legs, and moved a tray over with steaming hot water and a razor. He pulled up a stool; he was going to shave the cunt hair I had taken so much care to trim just the way Master liked. I tried to move, but could not. I heard Mr. Durden laugh as the razor took the first swath of my pubic hair. Helpless I began to cry. Within minutes it was over and I was smooth and bare, and I suddenly felt even more naked and exposed. “Now I can fuck you.”

There was no build-up, just sudden violent thrusting in and out of my pussy. It hurt so much; my body simply did not have the time to stretch any to accept his cock. As he penetrated and violated my pussy he pulled on the taut chain causing more pain. He laughed as I struggled against my bonds, and the tears streaming from my eyes. He spat a large glob of mucous onto my face. “I heard you today, cunt. Telling another slut that I liked spitting on my employees.” I was glad he misheard what I had said; I had negotiated with my Master that golden showers were okay but brown ones were not.

As he kept up his deep penetration of my cunt he leaned forward and ripped the chain from my right nipple causing searing pain. Then he leaned forward even more as if to kiss it, only to start nibbling and biting at it. His hand reached between our bodies and being a little gentler removed the clamp from my swollen clit. He started rubbing it while masterfully fucking my wet cunt. I turned my head to watch my Master fuck the little cunt’s face. I was just in time to see his thrusts cease, and his body tense and then relax as he shot his load into her mouth. Anger mixed with jealousy. These emotions suddenly exploded into a mind-numbing orgasm in which all my senses turned white and my mind and body ceased for a quick eternity xslot Güncel Giriş as pain and pleasure cancelled each other out and nullified existence.

When my senses returned I realized Mr. Durden had stopped fucking me and was cumming in the little cunt’s mouth as well. I was denied the seed of both my Master and Tormentor, and I began to feel jealous anger. I watched as her Master undid her wrist restraints and spacer bar. I hoped that he would make her stand, gravity pulling full force on those wonderful weights; stretching her aching pussy lips to their limit. In this to I was denied as I watched him remove these as well. He caused her to stand and walk over to me. He and my Master followed her. “Now remember, do not spill a drop.” He reminded her.

As she got closer to me I saw that she had taken both men’s seed expertly, only a slight shine on the right of her mouth betrayed her mouth’s precious cargo. When she got to me she reached for my face and ripped the tape off my lips. I did not notice the pain. “I’m going to kick your fucking ass, cunt!” I told her as I felt her soft hands take my chin and nose, tightly pinching my nose as she held my chin open. Then she leaned forward and kissed me, open-mouthed. The seed of the two Masters mixed, flowed from her mouth down my tongue and into my throat.

She greedily kept half of it for herself and swallowed it as she grabbed my hair, pulling my head off the examination table a little ways allowing me to swallow my half. Then still holding my head up by the hair spit in my left eye. “Bring it bitch, you fucked my Master.” Then she slapped me across the cheek.

I watched as Mr. Durden came over and wrestled my hair from her grasp, and man-handled her into a large dog cage in another corner of the room. He then came over to me and released me back to my Master who bound my wrists behind my back and attached a collar and leash to my neck. He shook Mr. Durden’s hand and placed his overcoat over my body. “Let’s do this again sometime.” He said.

“Of course.” Mr. Durden replied.

My Master then led me thus to our car parked outside on Mr. Durden’s upscale street.

* * *

That night Eric took me shopping for an expensive dress and then to an exclusive restaurant he had made reservations at. Then as he loving applied oil and lotion to my used and battered body as we lay in bed he asked me if things where now all better as he had promised.

As I looked into his eyes my heart and soul wanted him, even though my body was not capable. “Yes, it is as you promised…Master.”

He smiled as he let me drift to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32