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The two observations that always strike me when I travel in South East Asia are the humidity and the masses of people. Wherever you go, it is hot, humid and hectic. Although this was the first time I had visited, Manila was no different, a sheen of sweat emerging on my forehead the moment I stepped out of the airport arrivals. It would not be the last time I would get a sweat on in the next fortnight, but for different reasons.

I was in the Philippines to help my company launch a number of retail stores, we’d been pretty successful with our model back home, so the next step was to take it to the world. The Philippines was a good place to start, our shareholders already ran call centres there and had good tie ins with local business. We’d struck a joint venture agreement with a local distributor, so we’d need to train their staff on our model. As Head of Operations, I was sent from Sydney for a fortnight to work on the store roll out, finalise staff hiring and run the rule over the local team. I flew into Manila early Sunday evening, excited by what lay ahead.

By late Monday afternoon, my head was spinning and I was wondering if we’d get everything done in time. Thankfully, I was impressed by the local team. The COO, Ken, was a died in the wool retailer from the US, who had lived in Manila for the past fifteen years. His Ops manager, Marygrace, was typical of the Filipino women I’d worked with before, hard-working, dedicated, composed. It didn’t hurt that she was pretty, quick to smile and laugh. By seven o’clock we’d had enough. It was just Ken and I left, Marygrace and the rest of the team had finished earlier.

“Hey, Matt, think I need to buy you a beer, mate,” said Ken in a pretty awful Australian accent.

“Sure, where’s the local hang out?”

“Come on, I’ll show you”, he said. With that we headed for the lift. The office was located at the edge of Makati, a booming part of the city full of office buildings and shopping malls. The call centres were close by as well. Although there were more Starbucks than bars here, Ken told me there were a few good places to have a drink and a bite to eat, I was in good hands.

Ken and I walked into the bar and headed for the counter. There were a couple of spare stools, so I grabbed them as he ordered two beers. It was hot and humid, I was thankful for the large fan above the bar that blew air over me. Those cold beers were going to taste great.

“Cheers,” Ken said as we clinked glasses. “Here’s to a busy but productive visit.”

“Thanks,” I said. We drank, sighing in unison as we put the glasses back down. Looking at each other we laughed, it had been a long day but worth it, now we could relax. I turned to one side to look at the room, my eyes fell on the woman next to me. She had her back turned and was leaning forward, saying something to her companion. What interested me was the purple g-string that was revealed when she had bent over, peeking above the waistline of her dark denim jeans. Her round bottom filled her jeans very nicely, I was always a sucker for a full, round arse. Long, straight raven hair cascaded down her back, covering her white blouse. Nice, I thought, very nice.

The next moment her companion slid off her bar stool and stood up. I was startled – it was Marygrace from the office. She looked at me, it took a moment or two for her to recognise me, but then she gave a little smile. Damn, I’d been sprung looking at her friend, what a great way to start with the local team.

Marygrace gave a little wave and said over her friend’s shoulder “Hi, Matt, looks like Ken is showing you the sights already!” I smiled back.

“Yeah, he wanted to show me the local drinking hole, so here I am.” Marygrace nodded. She pointed to her friend.

“Matt, please say hello to my sister, Kate.”

I gulped. Not friend, sister. Oh boy. Marygrace’s sister swivelled on her stool till she faced me. She looked at me in the eyes, which would have been okay if I hadn’t looked down again at her gorgeous arse. I quickly looked up when I realised she had moved, but too late. Kate pulled her blouse down over her waist and gave me an apprehensive smile.

“Hello Matt, I’m Kate.”

I nodded dumbly. After an embarrassing pause I stammered “nice to meet you, Kate.”

I looked at Kate. She looked a few years older than her sister but was recognisably related. Her long, straight raven black hair fell slightly over one eye, which she flicked back over her shoulder, revealing a pair of dark brown almond shaped eyes, a round face and full, luscious lips. She was a bigger woman than her sister, but she held herself very well, her shoulders back, head steady as she watched me. I felt a surge of desire rush through my body, I wanted her.

“What are your first impressions of Manila, do you see anything you like?” she asked, smiling at me, baring stunningly white teeth.

I nearly came on the spot, she was gorgeous. Her smile lit up her face, her eyes twinkled as she let the innuendo sink in. If I didn’t know travesti porno any better, I’d swear this beautiful woman was flirting with me. And I loved it.

“Ah, well, it’s only my first day here, but, ah, well from where I’m sitting things are looking up” I managed to say, as coolly as I could. This seemed to amuse Kate very much, and she laughed. Again, those beautiful white teeth shone, her eyes glistened.

Her sister stood up and joined her by her side. I had a sudden thought.

“Kate, have you ever worked as a customer service rep? We could do with someone with your…bubbly personality.” Both sisters were amused by my question, with a sidelong glance to each other and a smile.

“Kate already has a job,” said Marygrace, putting a hand on her sister’s shoulder. Kate nodded.

“I’m a shift worker, on nights. Better pay than daytime work so I think I’ll stay where I am. Thanks for asking, though,” said Kate.

I nodded. It was true, there was a lot of night-time shift work here, especially in call centres where most clients were in the US time zone. This meant a late start for the workers, but when the money is comparatively good, most people did not argue. The Australian time zone did help us somewhat, but it was proving difficult to staff up as quickly as we wanted.

“Fair enough. Thought I’d ask.” I looked back at the two sisters.

“And that’s why we’re going now, Kate’s working later tonight and I’ve got another busy day tomorrow. Have a good night, see you in the morning,” said Marygrace.

The two women walked out of the bar, my gaze never leaving Kate’s wonderful arse. As the automatic doors opened, she turned to look at me and caught me again. I must have turned bright red, as Kate shook her head and laughed once more at me. She turned back towards her sister as the doors closed.

Oh boy, she was a livewire, I thought to myself. I knew I wasn’t here to flirt with the sister of my Operations manager, but I was struck by Kate’s presence. I could be in trouble here, I thought. I turned back to Ken, who had been studying his emails on his phone.

“All right mate? Fancy a feed?” he asked.

“Sure,” I answered. We left the bar and made outside.

Dinner was a quick affair, both Ken and I knew we needed to stay focused on the programme, so I was back at the hotel by 9 p.m. The long day at work had tired me out, so it wasn’t long before I was in bed.

A few hours later and I woke up, mind whirring. Try as I might, I couldn’t get back to sleep, even a two- hour time difference was enough to disrupt me. After a fruitless half hour tossing and turning in the crisp cotton sheets, I decided what was required was my fool proof remedy for sleep – I need to cum. I invariably found that sleep came a lot easier to me once I had orgasmed, a fact pointed out to me by a number of peeved girlfriends and sexual partners.

I grabbed my laptop and fired up the internet browser. At home from time to time I would visit a webcam site, watch one of the pretty young things cavort around, dancing for the crowd, playing with her toys, while I stroked my cock. It normally didn’t take too long for me to cum, watching women masturbate and talk dirty was a quick release trigger for me.

Tonight I settled myself in the bed, pulling my boxers down over my bottom. My cock flopped forth as I looked at the roster. A smorgasbord of femininity looked back at me, enticing me. I was about the press the room of a rather beautiful blonde when I suddenly thought, when in Rome…so switched over to the Asian section, then Filipino models. There were less to choose from, but they all looked amazing. As I scoured the list, one model caught my eye. Kate’s Room read the heading and the model looked a little familiar. I clicked into the room and spent the next two minutes staring at the screen in disbelief. There before me, propped up on a mountain of fluffy blue pillows, was Kate.

“Hello Guest”, read the text at the bottom of the screen. Above the text, Kate lay back with her legs spread wide open. She was dressed in a red babydoll, one round breast loose, the thick, brown nipple jutting out. Her long hair spread out over the pillows like a halo, her right hand clutching a clit vibrator which she slowly swept back and forth over her pussy. I could hear Kate moan as the tips from other voyeurs rained in, stimulating the egg vibrator that nestled inside her vagina. Its tail poked out of her shaved pussy lips, winking at me. This was an incredible sight. If I had thought Kate was beautiful in the bar, now she was transformed into a sensual, sexual being.

My cock started to engorge with blood as I watched Kate moan, her head moving slowly side to side on the pillow as the pleasure washed through her.

I began to stroke my cock, slowly at first, still amazed at the turn of events. I began to keep a steady pace, fisting my cock as Kate’s moans began to get louder and louder. She must be close, I thought. The tinkling of tokens güzel porno increased as the orgasm inside her hit.

Kate arched her back as she kept the clit vibrator glued to her love button, a long, high moan escaping her lips. As she rode through her orgasm, I could feel my balls contract and suddenly I too was cumming, two or three ropes of cum splattering my tummy. It felt unreal, as I imagined what it would be like shooting that cum deep inside Kate’s pussy. My breathing soon returned to normal, and I looked back at the screen. Kate had posted a BRB sign, which I took as my cue to disconnect and try to sleep. The magic cure did its trick, and a few minutes later I was fast asleep.

I woke refreshed and looking forward to the day. Tuesday was like Monday, busy, lots of meetings and conversations. By evening I felt all talked out, so returned to the hotel for dinner and then bed. Once in my room, curiosity got the better of me and I logged on to see if Kate was in her room. To my delight and increasing desire, she was.

Tonight, she was dressed in a black basque, her fully shaped boobs straining the material. Once again, she was reclining on pillows, legs splayed, rubbing her pussy slowly and gently. There were a few online customers, but the tips seemed to be small and infrequent as I watched. After a few more minutes, there hadn’t been much action, even a written request from Kate for “more tips, guys, please!” hadn’t resulted in many more tips and Kate was starting to look a little bored. I didn’t want her to go offline, so made a snap decision, quickly reactivating my account with a credit card payment. Now I was cashed up and ready to play.

I logged in under my online name and typed in “Hi”, to be polite. Kate replied immediately, wanting to know who I was, so began a little online conversation. I told her I was from Australia, visiting the Philippines and that I thought she was very attractive. My reward was another one of Kate’s beautiful smiles and a number of emojis, some fun but some downright lewd.

I really wanted to see her breasts, according to her tip menu I had to tip 20 tokens, which I did. When Kate saw the request, she smiled again, looked at her web camera and said, “thank you.” Reaching up, she lowered the straps of her basque over her shoulders, and slowly released her glorious breasts. Her nipples were erect, Kate took her left nipple between her fingers and pulled and squeezed it, moaning as she did so. That caused my cock to stiffen, soon I was stroking myself in a steady rhythm as Kate rubbed her clit. Responding to some other tokens, she spread her pussy lips apart and I could see her dark pink vulva, framed by dark brown pussy lips. She was very aroused by now, her fingers could pick up strands of pussy juice which she showed to the camera, soliciting another round of donations.

I continued to marvel at the sight of this sensual woman as she approached orgasm. I was getting close too, when suddenly a ping in my inbox alerted me to a private message. Kate had messaged me, wanting me to “help, please, I’m so close…” This was code to tip more, so her egg vibrator would continue to buzz her as she reached her climax. How could I refuse such an offer? I continued to tip as I pulled my cock, pre-cum now foaming at the tip as I knew a big orgasm was close.

Kate threw her head back on her pillows, stretching her nipple and rubbing her clit as her orgasm hit. Her guttural, orgasmic moans came through my headphones, triggering a huge explosion of cum, a long jet spattering my chest, close to my nipples. I stared, transfixed at Kate as my orgasm subsided. Soon, too soon, it was all over, my cock limp and lifeless in my hand.

Kate lay still for a few moments, gathering her composure. Finally, she reopened her eyes and smiled at the camera. “Thanks Guys!” she messaged all of the watching audience. Then, surprisingly, I received another private message.

“Ty for ur help, I needed that.”

“Yw, loved seeing you get off,” I replied.

“Ty. Have you cum today?” she asked.

“Yes, just now, watching you.”

“Oh, shame, we could have played a bit more.”

“Well, maybe next time.”

“Yes, cum again soon, thanks again.”

While digesting that double entendre I decided to call it a night and logged off.

Wednesday and Thursday flew by, many more meetings but to my immense relief, the Operations plan had been signed off. I was still concerned about the store staff recruitment, however, there had been a very high rejection rate of applicants which meant we were at least forty staff short of where we needed to be. I decided I needed to catch up with Nicole, the head of Human Resources. I walked down the hallway, past the reception towards her office when the lift doors opened. I turned my head and found myself staring straight into Kate’s beautiful brown eyes.

“Hi, Matt,” she said cheerily.

“Hi…hi…Kate, um, surprised to see you here,” I mumbled my way.

Kate laughed anal porno at my discomfort.

“Well, my sister does work here. She left her lunch at home, so I thought I’d bring it to her,” she replied.

“Oh, that’s nice of you. But this can’t be near home?”

“No,” Kate shook her head, “but there’s a big shopping mall next door and I like to shop. My sister and I can spend her lunch time helping me buy some clothes.”

I thought for a moment. “Looking for anything in particular? Something for going out?”

Kate shook her head. “No, nothing really, just to have a look.”

I looked at her again. Kate was wearing a purple t-shirt that was a gorgeous colour next to her caramel skin and black hair.

“Well, whatever you buy, you look great in strong colours like that,” I said, pointing to her shirt.

“Oh, thank you,” she said, surprised.

I went further. “I think you’d look great in black too. And definitely, definitely in red. Do you have much clothing in red?” I asked inquisitively.

Kate stared at me for a few moments, not sure how to respond. “I don’t have much of anything. But…some red clothes, yes.”

I realised I’d been insensitive towards her and apologised. Then doubled down.

“But if you did want more money to shop with, you could always come and work for us.”

Kate looked at me and shook her head. “You don’t give up easily, do you?” she said.

I nodded. “Nope. Still think you’d be great in store.”

‘Matt, I said no before, I say no again. I can’t have people thinking I get a job just because of my sister.”

“But you wouldn’t be. Marygrace doesn’t make the final decision no more than I do.”

“Maybe. But that’s my decision. I make good money with my job, it’s okay.”

“But is shift work what you want to do forever?”

Kate looked back at me, a determined look on her face. “No, I am saving money to go back to college, then who knows, I want to travel. UK, Australia, they have jobs, maybe one for me.”

I had to admire her spirit and strength, although that only made me want her to work with us more. Or, to be brutally honest, to be with me more. I gave it one last shot. Proffering my business card, I asked her to reconsider and call me if she wanted to talk. She nodded, said goodbye, then walked off to meet her sister. My eyes followed her, glued to her beautiful backside. And of course, she seemed to sense my eyes on her, turning to look at me and catching me staring at her. Once more she laughed, shook her head and resumed walking away.

Thursday night, one more working day to go in a whirlwind week. It had been hard, but I was loving it, the team were fantastic, the business opportunity great. I was beginning to wonder if there could be more to this than a whistle-stop visit. After a quick meal with Ken at a local food court, I was relieved to be back in my room, a comfy bed, soft pillows and silence. I really liked the city, there was a constant buzz, an energy about it, with that came plenty of noise and movement. So it was a relief to wind down the day and take a few moments to relax. Which brought me back to Kate. Should I, or shouldn’t I? The devil on one shoulder said yes, the angel on my other shoulder said not on your life. But it was late, I was alone and horny. Sorry, angel, I thought, as I reached for my laptop.

Tonight Kate was back in her red babydoll, which excited me. Becoming accustomed to her routine, I could see she was already turned on as she laid back on her pillows with her eyes closed, slowly circling her clit with her index finger. Tips were offered sporadically as she seemed content in building her own pleasure.

I decided to change that and began to tip her, causing her egg vibrator to buzz non-stop for the next two minutes. All I could hear was Kate’s low, constant moan as the vibrations hit the insides of her pussy. Her eyes were clenched shut, her left hand pawed her breast, pinching her nipple. Blindly, she groped for her clit vibrator on the bed. Finding it, she made a bee line for her clit and began to trace a line up and down her pussy lips with her toy. As the tokens ran down I went again, giving her another two minutes of vibration. Once more, Kate’s moans filled my ears, causing my cock to throb painfully. Then she came. Her right hand flew across her mouth as her head thrashed from side to side. Her moans gave way to what sounded like sobbing, large intakes of breath as she struggled to regain composure. Watching her primal reaction to her climax it was all I could do to stop from cumming, such was the force of what I saw. This was a woman with deep, erotic feelings, totally in tune with her body and mind. I knew what I had to do.

Online cams offer a few services, all aimed at extracting your money as quickly as possible. There was the basic voyeur level, next level up was to donate your own money on the chance the model may deign to contact you (the level I was currently pursuing). Then there were the one-on-one levels, where you and only you would interact with the model. The ultimate level was to have a one-on-one camera exchange, where the thrill of both seeing each other was intended to increase the customers’ excitement and at the same time, lighten his wallet. But I wanted to do this. And I wanted Kate to see me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32