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Beau stood on the football field watching the cheerleaders practice as the coach was working with the second string guys. His mind wasn’t on football as he watched them. Their tight hot bodies glistening with sweat as they tossed each other in the air, their hands in places Beau wished he could get to.

He made his way across the field to get a better look. He watched in anticipation for their next move. Yes, it was the one thing that boiled his blood and sent hot sweaty chills up and down his back. He let out a long deep breath as they caught the limber burnet in their arms and flipped her forward. He felt his member rise as a quick heated glimpse of her briefs skipped through his view. His favorite girls on the team were the O’Brien twins, Katie and Kelly. He often stroked himself to the thought of doing them at the same time.

They waved to him and he felt the blood flow to his cup-encased member. He had to walk away or he’d be in pain if he took a hit in practice. Besides, the coach was calling for him.

Practice was over and everyone was standing outside the gym doors hanging out and deciding who was getting a ride with whom back to the dorms. Beau had his truck and knew the twins didn’t have a car, so he offered them a ride back. The pair of adorable brunettes followed him to the pickup and slid across the front seat.

The stick shift came up between Kelly’s legs and he had to touch her bare thigh to shift. Her skin was soft and warm against his bare arm. He took the corner a little too fast and Kelly fell şişli escort against him and she grabbed his shoulder to steady herself back into the seat. He laughed and asked her if she wanted to sit in his lap.

Katie, the more adventurous twin, laughed and said, “I wouldn’t mind if that bulge in your jeans is all you.” Beau looked at her and smiled.

“Yes ma’am it is all me. Would you like a tumble?” he smiled at her and she shook her head yes.

“We never do anything apart Beau. You’ll have to show us both what’s in those tight jeans.” Said Kelly.

Beau wasn’t going to argue with a lady. He drove out to a small motel on the outskirts of town that most of the guys on the team took their dates on weekends. The owner was a former team alumni and he usually had a room available for the boys use.

They got the key and went to the room. It wasn’t a fancy theme room like most of the ones in the place. It had a king sized bed and an entertainment system. Kelly went to check out the movies sitting next to the TV while her sister was lap-dancing Beau. She found an old copy of a cheerleader porn tape and put it in the machine.

Soon big-breasted cheerleaders were bouncing on big football players’ dicks and Kelly wanted to do what they were doing. She helped Beau out of his shirt as her twin wiggled her as over his hard on. She stripped out of her t-shirt and shorts and enveloped his head with her big melon- like tits.

Katie turned around and started unzipping Beau’s jeans. He had to help her a istanbul escort little but soon he was wearing nothing but his jeans and boxers around his Justin’s. He sprung to attention as Katie’s hand wrapped around his hard on and she began to lick him. His dick had a mind of it’s own and began to get even harder. Beau felt the pressure build up in his balls as she took him into her mouth. Her warm, wet mouth felt like heaven to him.

“Wait”, he said. “Let’s get on the bed and do this right. Poor Kelly is being left out.” Katie stopped what she was doing to him and Kelly stopped kissing him long enough to move to the bed.

Beau laid across the bed and motioned to Kelly to straddle his face. Katie went back to sucking him hungrily like a starving man. He fucked her mouth as he sucked on her sister’s clit.

Kelly rode his face like he was a bucking rodeo bull. His tongue slid in out of her hole, causing her moaning to get louder. She pressed herself down against his face as she came for him. Her juices flowed down his face as she released.

Katie sucked him off until he was ready to cum for her. His balls were tight and he needed to cover her in cum.

“I’m gonna blow darling. Here it comes. Oh God. Oh God. Ahhh. Ahhhh. Suck me harder baby. Yes! Harder! Oh God YES!” He grunted as he came in deep in the back of her throat. She swallowed everything he had without losing a drop. His tool convulsed as she licked it clean. It was as if it had a mind of it’s own.

He was somewhat limp in her hand beşiktaş escort when he told her to switch places with Kelly so he could pay her back for making him cum like that.

Kelly moved to her sister’s former position and started working to get Beau hard again. She stroked him as if he was her project cow from FFA and he was appreciating the blue ribbon she won in the milking competition.

Katie did an elevated split across his face and he sucked on her clit as she raised and lowered herself over his tongue. His suction combined with her trying to pull away was driving her nuts and she knew she wasn’t going to last long with him.

Kelly was busy putting his hard on to good use. He was long and she had a hard time taking him at first. He was hung like his horse. She had never taken anything as wide as that before and it hurt to force herself down on him but she was determined to ride him hard like a good cowgirl.

Beau slid a finger in Katie’s unsuspecting ass. She bucked and cried out but she didn’t pull away. His thumb worked on her clit while he had two fingers working on her hole. Katie pressed against his hands as she began to tighten up around Beau’s hand and moan louder. He moved his hands faster and faster as she came closer to cumming for him. Kelly was riding him like a mad woman and he pumped her amazingly tight cunt hard and fast so she could cum with her twin.

The twins started crying out his name as they released and he was grunting out his own load deep inside Kelly’s sweet pussy. Katie collapsed on the bed next to Beau and Kelly laid across the bottom of the bed panting like a dog. Beau pulled Katie into his arms and kissed her. She looked at him and asked if they could do this again after next practice. Beau laughed and said “Yes M’am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32