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My business meetings had run over and I had missed my flight out of Los Angels Back to Chicago and everything else was booked or made connections that wouldn’t get me back until early the next morning -Yuk! I booked a flight out first thing the next morning and called a cab. I checked into a room at the airport Marriott and went for a walk to the nearby “exotic” dance club and bookstore.

I paid the $5 cover and went in to watch the girls dance. I sat down next to the stage and ordered a beer. The first couple of dancers were cute and danced pretty well. I think it was hard for them to get into it because it was a Tuesday night and pretty slow. The next dancer that came out was a tall long legged blond. She had a nice figure and was kind of on the thin side. What really caught my attention was her outfit. She had on knee high black leather boots, a black leather mini skirt, a black leather bra and a studded black leather collar. She had a duffel bag with her and when the music started she pulled a leather whip out and started dancing.

I got a large portion of her attention while she danced because the place was almost empty and I kept handing over dollar bills. I have been to a few clubs and have long since gotten over being overtly aroused by the dancers but I found myself getting hard watching Brandi move around the stage snapping her whip and running her hands over her body.

Every time I offered her a dollar bill she made me feel like she was doing me a favor taking it from me. She would trail her whip over the back of my neck and pull my head up against one of her boots. Then she would run her long read painted fingernails through my hair and put her face next to mine. The smell of her perfume and the leather and sweat from her dancing mixed together into a sex charged aroma that had me uncomfortably hard. She slowly peeled her mini skirt off and then her bra followed. She looked magnificent dancing in her boots and a black leather g-string. I found myself fantasizing about her taking control of me and using me for her pleasure. I thought my cock would burst when she put her boot down between my legs and onto my chair. She grabbed my suspenders and pulled up slowly further constricting my manhood.

When her set was over I tried to get her to sit down and talk to me but she said she was meeting someone and walked over to the bar after putting her outfit back on. I went over to her and tried to buy her a drink but she just smiled at me and shook her head no. I thought about making a total fool of myself but decided I better back off and cool down. I know that she had seen the large bulge in the front of my pants when I had walked to the bar. This was just about as much frustration as I could take. It was only 6:00pm and I was ready to come unglued.

I left the bar area and walked outside. I figured a good walk would help soften me up so to speak. As I walked across the parking lot back toward my hotel I noticed the bookstore connected to the dance club. I made a quick detour and walked inside. I needed a little reading material to get me through the evening. When I walked into the store the rack of “female dominant” magazines immediately caught my eye and I began to browse. The guy behind the counter didn’t have the most patient look so I grabbed 3 of the most promising looking magazines, paid for them and left.

I headed straight for the hotel. I went up to my room and dropped the magazines onto the bed. I stripped naked, flopped down on the bed and picked up the first magazine. The first magazine was a local L.A. publication with a raven-haired xslot beauty in a tight leather body suite holding a dog leash with a man on the end of it on all fours.

As I opened the first pages I could feel my cock begin to respond. There were articles by Mistresses and their submissives and there were a lot of advertisements. I found myself looking at the ads because they had some very exceptional photos with them. Most had single dominants in wonderfully erotic (and scary) outfits and several had groups of women giving you a choice if you went to their dungeon. I began to stroke myself as I paged through.

One ad in particular caught my eye because one of the women looked a little like the dancer at the club. She was built the same only she wasn’t as thin, she seemed perfectly proportioned in her leather thigh length boots, mini skirt, bustier and elbow length gloves. Her name was Lady K. As I looked at her I browsed the full-page ad. L.A.’s most upscale Private Fantasy Retreat – The Net. Located near the L.A. Airport. 555-2128. We cater to the business traveler. I stopped stroking myself and stared at the phone number. My mouth got dry and my heart began to beat faster. I didn’t give myself time to think. I picked up the phone and dialed. I felt like I was in a thick haze as the phone rang. After the third ring I thought to myself, “if no one answers after 5 rings I’ll hang up and end my impulsive adventure before it goes too far.

At that moment a female voice answered, “Hello how may I help you?”

I didn’t know what to say. Maybe this was a wrong number she sounded too normal. She repeated herself, “Hello is anyone there?”

I blurted out, “Is this the Net?”

She answered, “Yes this is the Net who’s calling please?”

I told her my name. She responded with “Well Mr. M this is Paula how can I help you?”

I told her that I had seen their ad in a magazine and I wondered if I could set up an appointment. She asked me what day I would like to come in. I hesitated and told her that I was stuck overnight at the airport and hoped I could come in this evening. She seemed amused by this, telling me that the Mistresses liked to book well in advance.

I thought that would end it there but she continued on, “Who were you interested in seeing?”

I looked at the pictures of the 4 Mistresses in the ad and quickly said “Lady K.” It sounded like she was flipping through some pages. She hummed as the sound of pages being turned rustled in the background.

She spoke in her business like manner, “Lady K has nothing scheduled this evening so you might be in luck. Give me your number and I will check with her and call you back in 5 minutes.” I gave her the hotel number and my room and she hung up.

I sat there listening to the dial tone wondering if I had really called the number. I lay back down and closed my eyes. My erection was throbbing and so rock hard it almost hurt. My face felt flush. I got up and went to the sink for a drink of water. Here I was naked in a hotel room, fully aroused by the thought of having a woman use and humiliate me for her pleasure. I laughed a little about how bizarre it seemed. I looked at the clock by the bed. 6:26pm. I almost hoped the phone wouldn’t ring.

I sat back down on the bed and leafed through the magazine. I tried to imagine myself placed into the situations shown in the ads and illustrations. I looked at the tip of my cock. It was slowly pulsing up and down and several drops of pre-cum had leaked out. I began to read one of the articles and started xslot Giriş to stroke myself again. It wouldn’t take me long to relieve the pressure that had been building up since the dance club. As I read I put myself into the story. I could feel the waves of pleasure roll through my groin as my orgasm approached. The ringing of the phone almost made my heart jump through my chest.

I stopped the stroking and answered. A familiar voice said, “Hello is this Mr. M?”

I nodded then remembered my voice and said into the phone, “Yes.”

“Hello Mr. M. this is Paula from the Net. Lady K has agreed to meet with you this evening. We need to go over some things before your appointment. M’Lady has asked me to get some information from you. First have you ever been dominated before?”

“No, though I have spoken with Mistresses over the phone,” I replied.

“Em hm,” She replied. It sounded like she was taking notes. “Do you have any fetishes or fantasies you are looking to fulfill?” She asked in her calm business like voice.

” I er I guess not. I am not real sure about this whole thing,” Came my lame reply.

“That’s OK Mr. M. M’Lady is very understanding and imaginative. You don’t need to have anything particular in mind, she will coax it out of you.” Next, are you familiar with any of these terms Mr. M? Cock and ball torture, nipple clamps, equestrian training, bondage, smothering, humiliation, body worship, foot worship, suspension, spanking, whipping, piercing, caning, cross dressing (the list went on for a while)? The list is fairly long but I don’t hear you responding so I’ll assume that you are not closely familiar with most of these or the others on the list. “Am I correct Mr. M?” She prompted.

“Ah yes, I have heard of some of that but I am really not sure what exactly they are.”

“Don’t worry you will be intimately familiar with some of these by the time your appointment is over,” she laughed. “Now lets get on with this”. She asked for and got the following information.

Height – 6’1″

Weight – 200lbs

Waist – 36″

Chest – I wear a 46Long coat

Shoe – 12 D

Hair – Blond

Eyes – Blue

Age – 35

Education – BSEE

Length of erect penis – 7.5 inches (she made me measure it with a ruler from my planner)

Favorite color of lingerie – Black

Last orgasm – 2 days ago

How was orgasm achieved (sex or masturbation?) – Masturbation

Last time you had sex – 16 days ago

Position during this sex – doggie style

Ever had sex with a man – NO!

Ever been penetrated anally by anything – No. (good a virgin)

She inquired about the length of time I was interested in booking with Lady K. I asked about the costs and we settled on a 2-hour session to begin at 8:30pm. I asked about directions for the cab. Paula said that for an additional $30.00 they would send a car for me and take me back. She highly recommended this option so I agreed.

I couldn’t believe I was having this abnormal conversation with someone I didn’t even know. When she was done with the questions Paula told me to get a pen and paper. Lady K had some instructions for me. When we were finished talking I was to go across the street to the drugstore and purchase some items; 2 condoms, some red lipstick and a female douche – spring flower scented. I was to take these back to my room and prepare myself. First I was to take the douche and use it on myself (it wasn’t too difficult figuring out which part of my anatomy it would be used on). I was to hold xslot Güncel Giriş it in for exactly 10 minutes before expelling. Next I was to take a shower and thoroughly wash myself from head to toe – The shower was to be cold water only. Paula warned me not to cheat on this because Lady K would find out. Then I was to shave and dress. Before I put all my clothes on I was to take the red lipstick and carefully paint the head of my penis with it. I was to be careful to only paint the head and not to get any on the rest of me. I would be checked. The last thing I was to do was to draw a large K on each of my ass cheeks. I should then be very careful about my movements because Lady K would not like it if they were smudged when I arrived. The car would meet me in front of the hotel at precisely 8:00. I would recognize it.

“Any questions Mr. M?” Paula asked.

“No I think I have all the information I need,” I replied.

“Good, our driver will pick you up at 8:00 – don’t be late. Oh and Mr. M. DO NOT TOUCH YOURSELF, EXCEPT AS INSTRUCTED, BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!” She hung up.

Damn, Here I was totally hard and ready to come and now I had to wait. I considered bringing myself off quickly but decided against it. I wasn’t sure what I would be facing and I didn’t want to worry about that aspect. I threw my clothes back on ran over to the drugstore and picked up the required items. The young lady at the check out slowly examined each item as it passed across her scanner.

She looked at me and smiled as I handed over the money. In a jovial voice she said, “have a nice evening sir”. I scooped up the bag and made my way back to my room. It was now 7:25; I needed to pick up the pace.

The douche was a pretty straightforward device. I screwed on the tip, got down on my knees bent forward and tried to push it into my rectum. The plastic tip was pretty smooth but it didn’t seem to want to go in. I pushed a little harder and the tip slipped in – OUCH! I slowly worked it in. I think I should have bought some Vaseline at the drug store. Once I had it in I squeezed the bottle. I could feel the liquid running in. It was a little cold but otherwise not unpleasant. I squeezed the last of it in, pulled out the tip and stood up. My cock was semi-rigid again. I looked at my watch. 7:30. I needed to keep it in for 10 minutes. Already I felt like I needed to expel it. I decided to shave while I was waiting. It was somewhat uncomfortable shaving and holding everything in but I was extra careful and managed to get through it without cutting myself or losing control. By the time I finished it was time to release the douche. What a relief.

Now it was time for the shower. I considered cheating on the cold-water part but I figured I had done everything by the book so far so I might as well stick with it. I steeled myself for the cold water. I made record time washing and rinsing my entire body. The worst part was washing my hair. By the time I finished my pour cock was shrunken to very modest proportions. I jumped out of the shower dried myself off and looked at the clock. Ten minutes to go. I grabbed the lipstick and took hold of my limp cock. This would have been so much easier when I was hard. I tried to stay “within the lines” of the head. It looked pretty ridiculous when I was finished but it would have to do. Now for the twin K’s on my backside. I twisted around to my right and took a look. I seemed to have a pretty good angle on it so I drew the vertical line for the first K. I backed around toward the mirror and reviewed my progress. I looked good so I finished off the K and twisted around for the other side. That one went quickly. I grabbed my boxers and carefully pulled them up over my bottom, pulled my golf shirt over my head, grabbed my pants and eased them on. I slipped my shoes on without stockings and headed for the door – 3 minutes to spare.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32