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Laura opened her eyes slowly, allowing them to become accustomed to the bright spring sunshine streaming through the pale gold curtains of the bedroom. The bed, unknown until a few hours before was gently supportive and warm. The room was slightly too hot for her liking and the duvet had been pushed down so that it covered only her legs. She lay there for a few moments gathering her thoughts, taking in all that had happened to her the previous night.

She turned her head to one side to look at Angela snoring gently next to her. The duvet covered only her legs and Laura was for the first time able to take a good look at her. Angela did indeed have slim ankles and calves that formed into dimpled thighs. For her size they were disproportionately thin, but the distribution of weight was clearly made towards her bottom and tummy. Her stomach was large with several heavy rolls of fat that stretched down to touch the bed. She could not see her pubic region as it was buried in the folds and masked by the semi foetal position adopted by Angela. Her breasts were indeed huge. The skin was still tight and stretched and the one nipple she could see was wide with an areola large and pale pink complete with bumps and a few fine hairs.

Laura studied Angela’s face in close detail. She looked remarkably young with just a small web of fine lines around her eyes and several deeper vertical creases to mark the passing of the years. Angela’s mouth was pretty and sensual with lips slightly thin and matched by a nose straight and in proportion. Laura noted to that her hair was not dyed and carried the tell-tale streaks of a woman passing into the later years of her life.

Laura studied her for a few moments.

She thought to her self how she could not believe that this woman had eaten from her body so willingly. How had Angela known Laura’s needs? Laura’s mind went back to the events of the night before and how Angela had known how to speak to her in just the way she needed. Her mind drifted to the sensations of how it felt to relieve her self and the intense, almost head-aching sensations that went with knowing what she was doing was her deepest almost profound need, now sated.

Minutes past quickly as she reflecting on previous relationships — what few there had been and how she had shied away from anyone really touching her bottom. So much finally began to make sense; the reasons for not really getting too involved for fear that if once she started, she would not have been able to stop herself. Moreover none of her partners had felt right to go down that path with. I mean, how can you tell someone that your deepest fantasy is to want to defecate into their mouths and have the same thing done to you? How do you tell someone that “actually, it’s not a sex thing, it’s a mind thing and a profound ‘need thing’ “.

She wriggled slightly and her right hand moved down her belly folds to rest in the warm flesh between her legs, her finger tips just touching her pubic hair. She stroked her mons — an act of self comforting as her mind drifted to her darker needs, she had in effect been consuming her own body waste for over fifteen years now. The first time she had felt sick, both physically and mentally, but over time she had gotten used to the textures and the flavours and her mind had, for the most part found many ways to overcome her complex thoughts of revulsion.

It had always been a ‘heat of the moment act’ and one that for so many years had been coupled with the need to then hurt her self afterwards by gouging her body deeply in punishment. At times she had felt unbearable shame and the thoughts would not leave her for days. Yet other times in her life she had found her self following someone, imaging kneeling behind them, as in the street they let themselves go completely and utterly in to her mouth. She had imagined people walking past her, indifferent to actions of a woman with lowered jeans straining in to the mouth of another. They would casually pass close by as her mouth became a toilet and she sucked down the waste in mute silence.

In this, one of her favourite fantasies, she would be wearing a white plunging dress with the tiniest of quarter bras, her breasts would be on show and streaked and stained with mess by a mouth not able to contain the volumes offered up to her to consume. Those were the times when she had near run home sopping wet and an intense urge to prise her bottom open and eat every part of its offering.

Sometimes, her lust would completely overcame her and on the quiet parts of the walk home from town, when no one was around her, she would mess her self, squeezing the waste between hard clenched cheeks. Then having arrived home, she would strip to her panties, pull the gusset hard tight and drag it through the waste and panties still on, would lie on the bedroom floor and rip the front of her panties down and attack her clitoris. Sometimes she would position a standing mirror in front of her as then, lying on her back and lifting her legs, she would watch the sticking smeared gusset pull away from her bottom.

Laura closed her eyes tight as she recalled the first time rize escort she took off the filth smeared underwear and placed it in to her mouth. It lasted a fleeting moment, the material barely touching her tongue before it was taken out, thrown away in to a corner of the room in disgust and then Laura, in an attempted to wash away her revulsion, ran to the shower to cleanse the filth from her body and her mind whilst bloodying her bottom with deep nail impressions and torn skin.

It was many months before the impulse overruled her internal revulsion, but when Laura did the same again and put the panties in to her mouth she held them there for a time and tunneled her tongue through the material. This time, though the act was more prolonged and waste consumed, her shame was less profound than before. Laura’s need to shower and cleanse her self less insistent, but still the nails bit deep into her bottom and the hot water stung away her sense of revulsion.

In her reflective mood something else also occurred to Laura. The fantasies had without exception been with women. Never once had it involved men and they always followed the same kind of path; the women were always older, always full bodied with friendly faces and the acts had always been gentle acts of giving and acceptance. There was never anything about dominance or control or being forced to do anything. No, instead it had always been her willing and the other person initiating.

Even when she was the one purging, the person had asked and she had said yes and even in other person knew what she needed. The one exception to this was the dominance fantasy of the blond woman with long fair. Laura knew who that was all about; it was Eleanor, the girl in school who had bullied her for years. Eleanor had tormented Laura over many things, mostly trivial but always hurtful to the point of leaving the adult Laura with a deep resentment and anger for her.

In her Eleanor fantasy, Laura had turned her into her bottom slave and she was only ever allowed to eat her waste and nothing else. Laura knew it was her mind’s ‘revenge’, and not the same as the other fantasies she had. Over the years her angry thoughts towards Eleanor had diminished to the point where even with her it was one now less of anger and control and more of Eleanor pleading to be fed, Laura denying and then only when she was ready, Laura offering her the sustenance Eleanor begged and craved.

Laura shifted her self in the bed and at the movement Angela opened her eyes.

Angela looked at her for a moment or two then blinked in acknowledgement.

“How long have you been awake?”

Laura shuffled on her side closer to face Angela, her body positioning itself so that their breasts and elbows touched.

“Oh, not long really. I’ve been lying here thinking about things.”

Angela studied her for a moment and then, with a voice slightly uncertain asked,

“Am I going to see you again or is this all too much for you?”

Laura looked at her. The silence between them was palpable. Laura took a mental ‘deep breath’ and then spoke, choosing her words carefully.

“No, I’m here. I can’t quite believe what we did, but I’m here.”

She felt her head shaking slight in disbelief at the previous night’s activities but with growing confidence she continued.

“I feel a bit awkward really. You have no idea how much I’ve tormented my self over the years with this thing we did. It’s been horrible Angela, really crap.”

Angela giggled and her eyes shone.

“Yes it is, very lovely crap. Your very lovely crap Laura and it’s utterly wonderful.”

“ha ha, very funny, you know what I mean.”

“Yes Laura, I know what you mean.”

Angela sighed and then she asked.

“Are you going to take the day off? I need to spend some time with you. There is so much…”

Laura interrupted her.

“OK, let me phone work… you just want to eat me again Angela?”

Laura teased, and moved towards Angela to kiss her. Just her second day of kissing another woman but Laura knew that, given the choice she would never kiss another person again. Angela spoke softly.

“Come on then, make the call, I will to and then we can have the day to ourselves.”

Angela rose slowly from the bed on to all fours. Her pendulous breasts brushed across Laura’s face. Playfully she rubbed them against Laura’s cheek and then, for the first time since being a child, Laura opened her mouth and wetted a nipple. Laura felt it harden as she started to gently suck. She tracked her tongue in small circles around the nipple enjoying the sensations of fine bumps and indentations. She pressed her tongue hard against it, bending it and noted to her satisfaction that each firm movement of her tongue was met with an increasing resistance. Then, when she thought the nipple could harden no more and resisted her tongue’s presses, firmly she began to suck. Angela let out a small sigh and taking this as a cue for something more, Laura started to gently caress with her teeth and suck the hardened teat more firmly.

Then, shifting her weight slightly away from Laura, Angela pulled her breast away from Laura’s mouth leaving a nipple shiny wet and hard. In an authoritative voice she spoke,

“That’s enough of that young lady, we’ve got calls to make and I think we both need showers. I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry and I don’t smell that great. I can smell you oozing out of my pores”

“You can feel me in you?”

“Of course I can.”

Laura could barely believe what Angela said. The thought that she was oozing from Angela’s pores was to her an almost obscene eroticism, something beyond debauched and deeply twisted. She savoured the erotic moment and then rolling on her back she spoke with a most slutty voice,

“You sucked my dirty hole… and I sucked the shit from yours whilst you watched me… You watched me.”

She continued, the tone of her voice changed tone to one more serious.

“I’ve never eaten pussy before. Fuck… does that make me gay?’

She continued in a slow and deliberate voice,

“I’m gay… I must be a lesbian.’

‘No you’re not. Not really.”

Laura paused. She looked at Angela, her feelings mixed and uncertain.

‘I must be.”


“Because I had sex with you and I want to do it again and.. and…”

“Do you have to give your self a label Laura?”

Angela answered her in a voice that showed no discernable emotion. Laura paused a moment and then answered.

“I don’t know. Do I?”

She was not sure. Angela moved to sit on the side of the bed, her fat belly and breasts sagging as she sat round shouldered, head slightly down looking at Laura. Her left breast rested on Laura’s stomach.

“Be what you want to be Laura. Do you want to call yourself a Lesbian?”

Laura paused again and then, with some measured thought she continued,

“I don’t know. I don’t need to I suppose. But I’m with you and we… and I … fancy you and … fancy you…”

Laura’s felt her heart flutter again.

“I’m with you…I want to be with you.”

The last few words just seemed to say themselves.

Looking up in to the accepting face of Angela, a deeper part of her began to sense that something was definitely ‘there’ that was not ‘there’ before. It was a strange and disconcerting feeling. It was more than the fact they shared a need to consume and be consumed, it was Angela her self. It was Angela… not what Angela did that Laura was attracted to and it was an attraction that she had never in her life felt before. Laura felt a deep sense of intimacy, of being open and in a way ‘at peace’ with Angela — a feeling of knowing that she had found both something and someone rather special.

The moments of silence that followed Laura’s statement was broken by Angela.

“You know Laura, you really are quite quite lovely, sexy, cute, clever, funny…’

She paused for a moment, unsure of her self.


Angela paused, as if uncertain of how to complete her sentence..

“God you’re sexy Laura, I mean you’re really sexy and I want to spend every minute eating every part of you…”

There was that hesitancy again.

“What’s wrong Angela?”

Angela looked down at her, suddenly awkward.

“I’m not sure what to say… I’m…I’m shy of asking.”

Laura studied her for a moment and then with a slight giggle she spoke,

“Well, considering what we did all night, I can hardly think what you have to be nervous about”

A long pause followed.

“I have a confession Laura and I don’t know how to say it.”

“What Angela? What’s up?”

“There’s this thing I want to do.”

Laura looked at her, it was her turn to say nothing and just let Angela say it when she was ready. Angela looked really uncomfortable and for a few moments she turned her head to the ceiling and spoke again in words spaced with awkward paused.

“There’s this thing…I wan…”

She stopped and took a small sigh.

Laura gently touched her arm. Angela stared at her not saying a word. Finally, after a pause long enough to take five breaths in she continued.

‘The thing is… I’ve always wan… I’ve always wanted a partner I could feed.”

Angela looked at her.


“Yes, feed.”

‘Do you know what I mean?”

“Err, no, not really.”

“Well, it’s my fantasy to be with someone and feed them until they grow bigger.”

Laura lay on the bed uncertain of what to say. This was completely new territory to her. She repeated her self.


“Yes Laura, feed… as in make fatter and bigger. I’ve always wanted to be with someone who grows bigger. I’ve always wanted to have a girlfriend who I could make huge.”


“Yes, really. It’s my thing Laura. It’s the one thing I’ve never done. It’s not exactly easy to find someone and say to them ‘Oh yeah, by the way, can I feed you to the point beyond fullness every day for a year… so you are so huge that when you sit on my face I feel like I’m drowning in your body.”

Laura looked at her, more uncertain than ever of what to say and what to do.

“I’m not exactly skinny Angela.”.

Angela studied Laura for a moment and then, bending down to almost whisper in her ear she spoke,

“Yes I know and you’re gorgeous… but I want you fatter. I want you tits huge and pillowly and I want your arse as big as a mountain so when you empty on me I can spread it all over and suck it all off. I want to smear you all over with my crap and suck it from your tits and I want to fuck you senseless Laura, I…want…to…fuck…your…brains…out when you’re as big as a house. I want you at least a size 24… Let me feed you.”

Saying those words was the tipping point for Angela. She fell forwards on to Laura and grabbing her by the wrists pulled her hands above her head and kissed with forcefully. Their tongues met and Angela forced her tongue deep in to Laura’s mouth — almost as if she as trying to prove just how much she wanted Laura.

But Laura kissed back harder. The last of Angela’s sentences had turned on the taps between her legs and she felt her clitoris throb and her juices pour. She ached to be touched. Angela held Laura’s wrist firmly and as the kisses continued they became more sensual than forceful. She knew that Laura was aroused — she was so turned on her self and she knew that Laura was not horrified at her desire and request. The kisses softer further and with increasing intimacy Laura felt Angela relax her hold on her wrists and her tongue invite a response more than force an entrance. It was Laura who broke their mouth’s embrace.

“God Angela, what are you doing to me? You’re unbelievable.”

“Tell me you don’t like it and it’ll stop.”

“No, I do like it.”

“Well then, what you complaining for?”

Angela spoke with a firm voice, but her eyes were sparkling mischievously. She went on,

“I know you like dirty talk young lady, you said so yesterday. So, dirty talk is what you’ll get from me.”

Laura looked up at her from the bed.

“You seem to have the measure of me Angela, you really do.”

They shared a laugh and a kissing embrace. Then this time, when Angela pulled away she spoke,

“Come on Laura, make that call. Then we can do as we please. Here, take these clothes. I’ll turn the shower on.”

Angela slowly got off the bed. She handed Laura the clothes she had been reaching for the night before in the moments before Laura had started to kiss her rear and left the bedroom to turn the shower on. She debated for a moment if she should put the clothes on before she went downstairs and then, accepting she was more than grubby and ripe, decided to dress after showering. She got up, stretched her arms and then reaching down to her heavy breasts gently tweaked her still hard nipples. She reached between her legs to touch her aroused and tingling pussy and then, as she heard Angela from the bathroom turn the shower on, decided to leave self exploration until later and go make the phone call. She walked down stairs naked to the empty living room.

She gathered the incriminating evidence of her black panties, stained and smeared with her secretions and put them in to her handbag. She picked up her crumpled work blouse and laid it on the arm of the sofa. She called the office standing naked in Angela’s living room. Making her excuses she said she was feeling poorly and might not be in for a couple of days.

Angela called from the bathroom upstairs.

“Laura come on, the water’s nice and hot. Come, I’ll wash your back.”

Laura dropped the phone on the arm of the sofa and slowly walked up stairs. She was hungry but clearly from the evidence surrounding her and the now pungent smells emitting from various parts of her body, she really did need to clean up.

Slowly walking up the stairs, Angela poked her head out of the bathroom door, looked her up and down and asked,

“Were they OK about it?”

Yes, no problem Angela, how about you? Have you called in sick?”

“Yes I have. Claire was in and she’ll be able to manage by herself — she’ll be fine.”

“Come on, time to scrub up.”

She beamed at Laura and reaching out her hands, led her in to the bathroom.

Angela had a shower just big enough for them both to be in. She got in first then Laura joined her. Under the running water Angela moved to kiss Laura. Their kiss was sensual and more intimate than any shared so far. Laura felt her heart flutter and as she kissed she felt again that feeling of having found something profound. Their lips parted.

“Turn around Laura, I’ll wash you back.”

Laura turned and then methodically Angela washed her back and then reaching lower, Laura felt her hands soap her bottom. Angela drew soapy circles and then ever so gently started to move her hands into her vertical cleft.

“Open wide, we need to make sure you’re all clean back there.”

Laura rested her upper body on the shower wall squashing her breasts against the wet cold tiles and then pulled her cheeks open. Angela’s hands soaped deeper into her rear cleft drawing closer to her more intimate entrance. Laura felt fingers rub along her rosebud and then, for a fleeting moment felt a fingertip slip a fraction inside her. Instinctively she pushed her backside towards Angela tilting her pelvis to afford her easier access.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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