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“Get on the bed,” Sam ordered.

Lauren hesitated, staring at the handcuffs he held and biting at her bottom lip in uncertainty. Her blond hair brushed the shoulders of her ladies’ football jersey. Beneath the top her proud tits freely rose and fell with her breathing. Lower on her body her hips were snugly encased in a pair of lacy, black boy-shorts.

“Remember our agreement,” Sam’s voice took on an unfamiliar gruffness. He wore only a pair of jeans, his bare, fit torso shimmering in the room’s low lighting.

Dropping her gaze Lauren nodded slightly in deference. Nervously she climbed onto the bed, her mind recalling how she’d come to be in this situation.

A few days earlier Sam had asked her if she was willing to try something new in the bedroom. She was in her early twenties and had only been intimate with a few men. And somehow her inexperience had been bothering her lately. Sam would be thirty this year and it had become evident that there was an inequality in their two pasts. She blamed this fact for her insecure feelings. She told herself she was being silly, that her lack of experience wasn’t a bad thing. But she could not shake it.

Then he’d brought up the idea of experimenting and it had only gotten worse.

“I won’t tell you what I have in mind, but I believe you’ll enjoy it. And I do promise, you won’t be hurt,” Sam had assured her. “Plus, you can use a safe word if it does go somewhere you’re not comfortable.”

With little more encouragement Lauren had agreed.

And that was how she found herself climbing onto her bed while he stood by, handcuffs at the ready.

Sam had arranged some pillows near the foot of the bed and he indicated that she was to lay on her belly atop them, with her head at the bed’s edge. Once she was there he pulled her arms behind her and cuffed her wrists. He stepped back to stand towering over her. She strained her neck back to look up at him, trying unsuccessfully to guess his intentions. He was staring down at her, grinning mischievously. Her neck started to hurt so she relaxed it. Laying her head on the pillow and turning it sideways she looked up at him again through the sides of her eyes. Her view of his face was slightly distorted this way, but she was able to identify the lust in his expression. He liked seeing her like this; restrained and on display. Her firm ass wrapped tightly in her underwear and raised by her slanted position. Her arms pinned behind her back, wrists restrained by the handcuffs’ cold metal. Her top slipping forward, exposing her lower back. Her loose hair falling around her face as she struggled to peer up at him.

That was when it struck her; she was at his mercy . . . completely and utterly at his mercy. Powerless. Powerless against him . . . against his wants and desires. He could do anything to her. Anything he wanted. And she could not stop him. Even the concept of the safe word was frail, its protection only good if he chose to honor it. She trusted him to do so, but . . . there was always the chance he wouldn’t.

As all of this raced through her mind she was surprised by its effect on her. She was excited. Her vulnerability aroused her.

This was something she had not anticipated.

Her gaze slid down from his face, over his chest and abs to his denim covered crotch where a bulge was clearly evident. She easily recognized that bulge, having fondled it many times in the last months. Staring at it, seeing it throb hungrily beneath his jeans, Lauren’s blood began to simmer as heat surged through her body.

“Now I can do whatever I want. Use you anyway I want,” he confirmed her thoughts. “You are at my mercy. At my disposal. Helpless.”

His tone’s menacing edge sent a shiver of panic through her, causing her to nearly blurt out her safe word out of sheer reflex. But as he talked he was undoing his pants and she was spellbound watching his fingers draw the zipper down, her body anxiously waiting for him to reveal his cock. Her breath caught as he pushed his pants off his hips and his semi-erect member came into view. The sight of it stirred her desire, made her embers begin to smolder within her loins.

Mesmerized she watched him grab the shaft and give it a couple of tugs. Her heart raced as it grew fully rigid before her eyes. He stepped forward bringing the shaft to hover inches from her face. Her gaze was transfixed by its taunt flesh and bulging veins.

Sam pulled her hair up away from her face and held it with his free hand while he guided his cock toward her mouth. Placing the tip firmly against her lips he slid it back and forth along them and electrifying the nerve-endings. Hot sparks shot from her lips through her entire body.

Like most intimate acts, Lauren was not very experienced at sucking cock. While she didn’t mind it, she didn’t exactly enjoy it either. But she’d found that men expected it, or at least some attempt at it, and so she’d done her best over the years. And Sam’s actions left little doubt that he expected it xslot tonight. Yet, for the first time she felt her body simmering with the thought of wrapping her lips around his cock. Her embers began to glow in anticipation of tasting him. She didn’t know why, but something was different this time, something about it was arousing her. She realized that she wanted to do it. That she wouldn’t be doing it to please just him tonight. Maybe it was the evening’s uniqueness; her lack of freedom and his control over her provided by the cuffs. Maybe it was his strong grip on her hair, pulling at her scalp as he held her head in place.

Whatever the reason, she was growing excited.

Her enthusiasm climbed as he set the tip of his cock at the center of her mouth. In the second before he pushed his hips forward she heard herself quietly whimper in anxious anticipation. Then her lips were being parted and he was penetrating past them.

“Mine to do with as I please,” he sighed as the cockhead disappeared into her mouth.

His reminder of her submissive position fanned her embers, causing them to glow hotter. She locked her lips around his shaft and sucked on it needily. The first inches slid past her lips, rigidly caressing her nerves and sending more electricity crackling through her body.

His forward thrust didn’t stop until her nose was buried in his crotch and his cock in her throat. The obstruction meant she couldn’t breathe. Instinctively she tried to wiggle backwards. Whimpering in panic and thinking about how useless her safe word was at the moment, she looked up at him through the tops of her eyes.

“Relax,” Sam groaned, his hold in her hair tightening, pulling at her scalp.

A moment later he pulled his hips back. As his cock vacated her throat she whimpered in relief.

When only his cockhead remained in her mouth’s wet embrace he stopped, then pushed forward a little, slipping a couple inches back in. For the next couple minutes he rocked his hips back and forth, sliding only centimeters of his shaft across her lips.

Lauren’s fear moments earlier had dampened her body’s heat, but his limited actions were once more stoking her embers into glowing coals of passion.

“Damn you’re hot,” he hissed above her.

After a couple moments he shoved his hips forward again, his cock easily re-entering her throat. After the first experience, she was ready this time and remained relaxed. When her nose was crammed into his crotch she remembered something she’d heard somewhere. She pretended to swallow, causing her throat muscles to constrict around his shaft. His pleased groan filled her ears. The times she had used her mouth on men she’d always enjoyed hearing their moans of pleasure, but this time she was thrilled by it. She felt her embers being fanned, felt her body growing hot with desire.

Soon he was again pulling back, withdrawing most of his cock before once more sliding only centimeters in and out of her mouth.

Lauren sucked on him. She swiped her tongue along his pole.

Gradually his pace increased, as did the amount of his rigid shaft sliding along her lips. He pumped his cock in and out, fucking her mouth. Every few forward thrusts resulted in his cockhead being stuffed into her throat then quickly withdrawn.

“Oh god yes,” he groaned when she’d cause her muscles to constrict in that brief moment.

Lauren half-knelt, half-laid there, being used for his pleasure. Her neck was bent back, her hands cuffed behind her. Her ass was raised, encased within her snug, black undershorts. Her tits were mashed down against the pillow beneath her.

“Hell yea. Take it,” he groaned, holding her head still with his handful of her hair.

She tasted precum as his cock continued to piston in and out, the head entering her throat every few thrusts.

“Yes. Hell yes.”

His thrusting actions caused Lauren’s body to shift with him and her nipples rubbed at her top. The sensitive nerve endings were electrified, sending more sparks crackling out through her body. Her arousal grew. Her flesh and blood simmered hotly.

“Oh god yea. Suck it. Suck it you dirty little whore.”

As Sam’s pace continued to increase his rocking motion turned awkwardly spastic. His stiff cock grew even more rigid while seeming to pulse within her mouth.

“Yes. Yes. Suck it.”

Lauren suddenly realized he was near to cumming.

She had been so wrapped up in everything else that was happening, she’d failed to register his building excitement and what it meant. But now she did. And it alarmed her. She had never brought a man to climax with her mouth before, yet her present position meant she had no choice this time. Sam was going to make her finish him. The idea that he might use this opportunity to do so had never occurred to her. She wondered if he intended to make her swallow his semen, or if he would pull out and spray her face with it like in porn movies. She raised her gaze to look at him, thinking xslot Giriş maybe she’d see some indication of his intensions. But there was none. He simply stood towering over her, grinning as he watched his cock piston past her lips.

Seconds later his muscles began to clench. His rocking hips jerked spastically. His head rolled back, a deep, guttural groan rising from his open mouth. Then his hips froze.

And Lauren had her answer.

Inside her mouth his cock jumped, spraying semen. Reflexively she swallowed; gulping at the warm, salty liquid. His cock jumped again and she swallowed that shot too.

“Swallow it. Swallow it you slut,” Sam groaned out happily.

As shot after shot of his seed sprayed from his twitching cock she gulped it down, surprised to find that neither the semen itself, nor the act of swallowing it, was anything like she’d imagined.

“Oh yes,” he moaned moments later when he had finished cumming.

He remained standing there his softening cock still clasped within Lauren’s suckling mouth, her tongue licking at his last drops of seed.

Then he pulled his hips back with a contented sigh, his cock slipping from her mouth’s wet embrace. Releasing her hair he undid the handcuffs. Freed, Lauren’s arms dropped to her sides. She shifted around and gazed up at him questioningly.

“Go freshen up,” he told her. “Then come back so we can continue.”

She walked from the room on weak, rubbery legs. Her top’s movements caused it to brush across her swollen nipples sending electricity crackling through the sensitized nerves. She knew she was aroused. She was aware that she was damp. Curious, she touched herself. A thick, moist heat radiated out through her panties. With a shock she realized she was actually wet. Not just damp, but wet. Her body was simmering with desire.

Somehow Sam’s brazen use of her had really stoked her lust. She’d never been restrained before, or been treated so roughly. Nor had she ever fantasized about such things. Yet it had affected her. It had affected her quite a bit.

Now she couldn’t stop wondering what was next.

And she hurriedly freshened up so she could get back to the bedroom.

Ted had rearranged the pillows. They were still piled up for her to lie across on her belly, but now they were closer to the middle of the bed. There were also what looked like black, nylon straps laying on the mattress and running down under the bedsides. Suspecting their purpose she instinctively hesitated, a combination of fear and excitement coursing through her. Her gaze shifted to Sam, who stood on the far side of the bed waiting. She licked her lips as her eyes glided over his flaccid cock.

“Get up there,” he ordered.

Pulling her eyes away from his manhood she did as told. Climbing onto the bed she laid across the pillows once more, this time facing the opposite end. That was when she saw the third strap, this one disappearing down between the mattress and the headboard.

“Hands up here this time,” Sam told her, guiding the one nearest him to above her head.

Lauren brought her other hand up as well and he soon had her wrists tied together. Giving the strap a quizzical tug she found that it was attached to something at the other end so that her arms were held, stretched out above her head. With no more than that she was essentially his prisoner once again. Her heart jumped with the thought.

Manipulating one of her legs into a bent position he attached the strap on that side to her thigh, just above her knee. Moving around to the other side he did the same with that leg as well. She was now in the doggy-style position and the trio of straps worked with the piled-up pillows beneath her to keep her in place, unable to move more than an inch or so in any direction.

Ted climbed onto the bed and knelt behind her.

“That’s a beautiful sight,” he sighed as he gazed down on her raised asscheeks still snuggled within her panties.

He cupped her outer thighs. His palms sizzled against her flesh. His hands slid up a few inches then back down.

“Did you like the way I used your mouth?” He whispered as he caressed her thighs a few more times. “I bet you did. I bet you liked having your mouth fucked.” His hands slipped around to the backs of her legs. As he then caressed these, his thumbs reached along her inner thighs. “Yea, I bet you got all hot and wet from it.” His thumbs were centimeters from her crotch, brushing back and forth over a few millimeters of her flesh. “I bet you liked it and now you can’t wait for me to stick my cock in your hot little pussy.”

Within her loins, Lauren’s embers smoldered into steaming, red-hot coals. Her entire body simmered as it swayed slightly in response to her growing arousal.

His hands slipped out and around to pet the fronts of her legs, his fingers dancing over her skin and raising small goose bumps. Then they moved back to her outer thighs once again.

“So wet and hot, like a dirty xslot Güncel Giriş little slut.”

His hands returned to the backs of her legs, his thumbs once more stretching along her inner thighs and teasing her with their nearness to her sex.

Instinctively her back arched and her hips pushed down, unsuccessfully trying to force contact there.

“Oh yes. You are hot,” he sighed happily, watching her reaction.

A moment later his hands slid upward to cup her asscheeks. He gave the taunt orbs a gentle squeeze, his fingers lightly scratching at her flesh.

Lauren grew wetter. The building hunger of her body made her pussy lips swell and press into her panties, which were tighter than normal due to her imposed position and the constricted contact added to the electricity lighting up the nerves down there.

“I can tell you’re wet,” Sam whispered as his hands left her body.

A second later a sharp metallic click came from behind her. Lauren tried turning around to see what it was, but her trussed-up position kept her from seeing anything other than Sam’s towering torso. Then cold metal touched her asscheek . . . pressed into it. Her mind worked to figure out what it was as it drew a hard line up across her flesh. As it reached the bottom edge of her panties she was struck by the realization that it was a knife. Her heart leapt. Fear rocketed through her and she struggled to utter her safe word. The first sound was just reaching her lips when the blade slid smoothly up through her panties. Starting at the bottom hem the blade easily sliced through the lacy material to the waistband. Then it sliced through that too and a portion of her panties fell away. Her heart still pounding, she managed to stop herself from blurting out the safe word and waited. The knife then pressed into her other asscheek before cleanly slicing upwards and her panties completely fell away. After another metallic click Sam’s hands returned to her ass, squeezing and scratching at the now fully exposed orbs.

“You have such a beautiful ass, Baby,” he told her, a sentiment he repeated again while continuing to play with her rear for a moment.

Then one of his hands slid upward and under her top, his fingers tracing heated lines up her back. As it climbed it slipped down around her side, tracking across her ribs. Lauren’s heart raced in needy anticipation of its destination, her breasts aching to be to be touched. Seconds later his palm closed over one fleshy mound, giving it a hungry squeeze. The act had the effect of both quenching and stoking her ache. She sighed with the mixture of need and pleasure. Covering her tit, Sam’s palm flattened her swollen nipple, his rough skin scratching at her sensitized nerves.

Lauren’s embers burst into flames and she quietly whimpered.

“That’s it, Baby. Let me know you’re liking this.”

His other hand slid off her ass. These fingertips left a heated trail down across her thigh to her crotch where they easily slipped in between her flowering lips, brushing against her swollen clit.

Lauren’s hips reflexively jumped as she gasped.

“Damn. You are wet,” he chuckled.

For the next several minutes his fingers played with her pussy. They slid back and forth along her wet slit, brushing against her clit and teasing her opening. A few times he massaged the edges of her hole, delicately pressing at its center. His other hand continued squeezing and manipulating her tit, molding the pliant mound and rubbing her nipple.

The duel attentions fanned her flames higher and higher. Electricity crackled along her nerves. Her hips rolled and shifted, pushing her sex at his hand. Between small gasps and needy whimpers her breathing grew labored. Her top had been worked up into a pile near her shoulders and a light sheen of sweat shimmered over her exposed lower back.

“I can’t wait to feel this tight little pussy around my cock,” Sam groaned, a finger teasing her opening by barely dipping inside and massaging its very edge. “So hot and wet. Such a beautiful little slut.”

Lauren’s hips ratcheted downward as her body unsuccessfully tried to force more of his finger to enter her.

“Yes, you are hot, aren’t you,” he chuckled.

His hand at her chest shifted to her other breast, his fingers squeezing and plying that aching mound. Her back arched, pressing herself into his hand as she sighed and gasped. He then took her nipple between two fingers and tugged on it while twisting it slightly. She panted out heavily as more electricity jolted along her already jangling nerves.

“You liked me using your mouth and soon you’re gonna enjoy me using your pussy,” he told her, his hands toying with her body. “You’re gonna like me fucking you while you kneel there helpless. Unable to stop me. Unable to do anything about how I use you.”

Lauren’s body squirmed as his words added fuel to the fires his hands were stoking. She was helpless. Her body’s excited movements confirmed this as the three straps held her in the trussed-up position. Somehow this fact provided more fuel for her growing arousal. She felt her juices flowing more freely and her sex opening in hunger with each passing moment.

“You’re such a hot little slut,” he rasped and his finger slowly penetrated her sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32