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RECAP: The land of ‘Tash Falaran’ is under siege! The village huntress; Sharn has been taken captive by the mysterious army of Amazon Fel women sweeping down from the mountainous northern wastes. These women fight in steel armour that only descends to their waistline where below, their nudity is on proud display. This is partly due to the effect it has on their male adversaries but mainly it forms a crucial part of Fel discipline. The Fel strongly believe in the act of subjugating their foes by pissing all over them! The very act of urinating in another’s mouth is the ultimate means of claiming another’s soul as bondage. Unfortunately for the Fel, this act is often somewhat lost on their captives.

In the city of Delait, a rouge thief has, in an incredible encounter, taken captive his very own Fel warrior. Elsewhere, in the capital city of ‘Elish Eract’ the wise council of leaders has decided that it desperately needs to know about the foe marching upon them from the north. To this end, they have dispatched several groups of their finest warriors in an attempt to learn more about the Fel and their plans.


A Warning from the gods

The black rain was back again. The heavens were invisible, hidden as they were by the rolling dark clouds which had swept downwards from the mountains in the north. The rain was getting everywhere! Talon could not recall a time when he had felt more miserable than now. The clothing that lay under his heavy armour was already completely sodden his skin damp and cold with its touch. Droplets of water dripped constantly from the rim of his steel helmet and this was rapidly becoming a constant distraction. ‘How was a soldier to function under such conditions?’ he wondered.

The view of the mud track ahead vanished into the driving, sheeting rain. Talon was only dimly aware of the rest of his team flanked out on each side. On his right, lost in the dark gloom of this accursed day, was Fathom; a brute of a man and an unstoppable berserker in the heat of a fight. Talon new his mood would be foul and had no desire to reel him. To his left, he was just conscious of the fleeting shadow hiding in the murk of the rain. This was ‘Slider’, the teams’ resident assassin. The woman was gorgeous; there was little doubt about the matter. Midnight black hair flowed down over her perfect shoulders, her eyes like black orbs in her pretty angular face. Her full lips rarely smiled but when they did it was a terrible sight. The enjoyment the woman took from a kill was almost obscene. Talon had witnessed the woman in action and the look of almost sexual excitement upon her face as she had slid her blade across a man’s neck had been a horror to behold. Shuddering once again but this time for a different reason Talon took a fleeting glance behind him. Nothing but the lancing rain met his gaze. Returning his focus to the path ahead, Talon marched on. He had little doubt that the forth and final member of his team was out there somewhere.

He had known ‘Null’ for many moons now and yet had to formulate a sound opinion about the man. Quite, dark and deadly; these were all useful terms to describe the killer who was now their backup, somewhere lost in the gloom. Talon shook his head sending droplets of water flying in all directions as he did so. ‘What had he done to deserve this assortment of misfits in his team?’ he wondered, his mood already fouled by the weather. Suddenly something in the driving rain ahead caught his attention. Large and towering the artefact slid into view as he advanced. A form appeared to his side and his sword was already moving from its scabbard. The blade was half way clear when he realised that the body belonged to his female assassin.

“What is it?” she shouted above the hammering sound of the rain upon the ground around them.

“How should I know?” he shouted back in annoyance. Two more figures arrived appearing like wraiths out of the sheeting rain. Fathom and Null; their shapes were unmistakable even in these conditions.

Holding up one had to hold his team back, Talon advance on the black shape that now towered over them. Removing his right glove Talon reached up to touch what looked like black rock.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” suddenly said a strong male voice.

Talon snatched his hand back as if he had been bitten and whirled around. Nothing but the three forms of his team looked at him expectantly.

“Who said that?” Talon snarled.

“Said what?” Fathom’s booming voice enquired, reached out across the distance between them.

“Said that.” repeated Talon stupidly.

“Said what?” Fathom asked again, annoyance quite clear in his voice.

This time Talon didn’t reply. Instead he unsheathed his sword and took a step away from the black artefact which he could now see was clearly half buried in the ground.

“There is somebody else here.” Talon said, his eyes searching through the gloom. The effect on his team was immediate. Without another word weapons appeared in the Gaziantep Sarıgüllük Escort hands of his three companions. Back to back they took a defensive formation enveloping Talon into their fold and becoming a four pointed star formation. Slowly the warriors from ‘Elish Eract’ circled around presenting each member the opportunity to study the same point of void as the others. The heavy curtain of rain continued to fall around them blanketing off the view of the world beyond.

“Oh come now Talon,” said the voice once again. It was clear and refined and spoke of good breeding. However, the point of its origin was mysterious in its location, seeming to float out of the misting void from all sides.

“You know my name?” challenged Talon. “Why don’t you show yourself then?”

“I know all your names of course, and more.” The voice came again, clearly cutting through the patter of the rain on the rocky ground around them. “I know you, Fathom, Slider and.” The voice paused for a second. “Null? Is that we are going by now, is it? Fair enough!”

“ENOUGH!” yelled Talon his short patience already exhausted. “Who are you?”

A shimmering in the air before him announced the arrival of the individual. At the same moment the rain around them vanished as if an invisible canopy had been erected overhead.

“NO! I don’t believe it!” Talon’s voice dropped to a whisper as he recognised the young male form in front of him. Talon dropped to both knees as if the wind had been driven from his lungs. It was not everyday he got to meet a god.

The remaining three fighters hung back nervously playing with their weapons unsure of what to do next. The man who had arrived was dressed in fine robes, a mixture of fine reds and dark greens, twisting patterns that ran over the radiant fabric. His hair was a golden blond, short and perfectly cut. Bright blue eyes that radiated intelligence studied them momentarily before dismissing them like a farmer with familiar cattle.

“Talon, our time is short, so listen well. The pantheon of gods who watch over your fate is in disarray. The enemy you now face is not of this world. This, thing,” the god paused casting a glance in the direction of the hulking mass in the rain. “It is an abomination and comes from outside our realm. You have erred greatly in approaching it and I fear there is little I can do now to save you.”

“Save us from what?” snarled Fathom from behind the kneeled form of his leader. The brute had never been one for church.

“From those that already encircle you,” The young god cast his hands around him.

This had the desired effect. With a hunted look Fathom swept his head back and forth scanning the driving rain that now thundered down outside their protective shield.

“As I was saying,” the young god Anatatus continued, “I have little time. Know this mortal souls, what is about to befall you is something you must bare.” The god stopped, looked at Slider and gave a knowing smile. “Some of you may even enjoy the experience. Now, all of you close your eyes and except my blessing for this is what may ultimately save your souls from damnation at the hands of the Fel.”

“I’m not closing my eyes for no one,” stated Fathom his large arms bunching as his muscles tensed.

“I SAID CLOSE YOUR EYES” The god screamed his voice whipping like a crescendo of sound around them. Fathom, Slider and Null were thrown to the ground their hands raised as if to protect themselves. A blinding flash of light crashed down from the heavens encompassing all. The ground boiled around the shapes of the three men and the one woman, the god now departed.

The constant patter of the rain was the only companion to them now. Dazed they picked themselves up from the sodden earth. It was then that they became aware of the shapes appearing out of the thick mist. Tall, regal and all incredible beautiful, the Fel were truly a sight to behold. Each woman, and they were many, was dressed in splendidly polished armour. The rounded shapes of guarded breasts were tipped with steel encased nipples. The driving rain ran enticingly over their armour making it look a second skin, giving it false life. The party of encircled warriors could do little now but stare lower and take in the sight of the assortment of uncovered crotches on display. Each Fel woman was naked from the waist downwards. Flawless skin in an assortment of colours, ranged from a light pale complexion to heavy brown ebony. Between each woman’s thighs her pussy hair lined her lower lips forming a perfect triangle nestled around her crotch. Talon could feel his erection building as he stared in amazement and wonder at the sight around him. He had never seen such beauty let alone such a public display of nudity before. He would happily bed each one of them if it were not for their dark looks of contempt being levelled at him and his companions.

Their meeting with the god Anatatus was forgotten now. Tightening his sword in his grasp Talon readied himself for a fight. It was not easy with such an array of beautiful pussies on display and Talon realised that this was probably the reason the Fel dressed this way. Just then, two Amazons rushed him, one from each side. His reflexes saved him, his sword swinging up in time to parry the first blade. Diving to one side he desperately fought to dodge the second sword swinging his way. Talon had always been fast but these Fel women were impossible faster. As he landed and rolled he came up only to find two blades coming at him again. Desperately he blocked one steel blade only to have the second launch towards his unprotected neck were armour and helm met. In an attempt to dodge he lost his footing on the damp floor underneath and he fell crashing down to earth. As he collapsed to the ground he was aware of the fighting going on around him. Two Fel women apiece had attacked his companions, each partnership resulting in equal success.

The Fel women were upon him immediately and with little mercy. His sword was knocked from his flailing fist as a strong foot found his groin. Reeling in agony he was in little position to resist the rough hands that seized him and began to tie ropes around his frame. Gagging he fought for air. Around him he could make out a similar fate had befallen his team, each one now pinned to the floor with the luscious forms of many Fel around them. Even through the red pain reeling up from his groin, Talon couldn’t help but stare at the assortment of bare female buttocks now on display. These women were simply perfect!

It didn’t take long for the Fel to sort out their captives. Talon was separated from his bedraggled companions who were now bound to a tall tree. The rain had ceased almost at the same instance his team had fallen to the Amazons. It was almost as if the two had been connected. Swearing at his captors had only earned him a strong clip around the back of his head. In silent protest he had decided he would letch at their nudity on display instead. A shapely figure had stepped out from the crowd of Amazons and was now approaching him. His own bonds had been tied tight, his feet locked behind him as he knelt upon his knees. As the woman approached Talon simply could help but stare at the perfect shape of the triangular mass of curly brown pubic hairs that lined the woman’s lower lips. It was these very lips that were brought to within inches of his face allowing him to see every detail of her womanhood. He could feel the feel the heat of her flesh radiating across the short distance between them. The sight of her little clit almost hidden at the top of her pussy lips was enough to drive Talon’s hormones into raging overdrive. For a second he thought that she was offering herself to him, allowing him to sample the tastes of her love hole. He was just on the verge of sampling her delights with a probing tongue when intuition suddenly screamed a warning. Desperately he tried to twist away but it was too late. With an initial strong and hot squirt, the Fel warrior woman started to piss over him.

Talon’s muscles bunched underneath his armour as the Amazon woman subjected him to her golden spray. Hot squirting piss landed on his face as the woman deliberately traced her urine stream in the direction of his mouth. His lips were tight shut. He would be damned if he would taste this woman’s effluent upon his tongue. Suddenly a sharp whack to the back of his head left him reeling, the impact sending forward, sagging in his bonds. He gasped for air and was immediately rewarded by a hot salty stream of piss landing in his mouth as the Amazon in front of him saw her opportunity. Gagging, he spat trying to rid his tongue of the taste of the woman’s pee. However the woman’s squirting piss shower showed no sign of diminishing and continued to rain down upon his face.

The rest of his team watched on, powerless to assist as their leader was subjected to the Amazon woman’s pussy shower. Tied as they were to the tree behind the woman, their view was some what restricted. However there was no mistaking the sight of the golden pee stream squirting out of the woman’s pussy, and raining outwards towards the helpless Talon. The sight of the woman’s relief was framed by her perfectly formed bum cheeks, naked as they were beneath her upper armour. Fathom was rock hard inside his soiled black pants. The woman’s nudity and her disgusting act of pissing over his commanding officer was possibly the most arousing thing he had ever scene. Beside him, Slider obviously felt otherwise as she thrashed in her bonds. As an assassin she had on many occasions had the need to relive herself in unorthodox and interesting locations. When waiting for the prey to arrive it was often the case that one had to improvise in a good manner of things. At the very back of her mind was playing one particular memory. The scene of the pissing Amazon warrior in front of her was causing the imagery of the time to come flooding back.

Slider’s mission had been the culling of the head of a particular Noble family who had been making too much of a nuisance of themselves in the affairs of the capital city of ‘Elsh Eract’. She had waited until nightfall before breaching the defences of the Noble’s household. It not taken long and she had found herself in the upper master bedroom. Behind her the latch on the window betrayed her point of entry, lit as it was now, by the bright moonlight shining in from outside. The waiting had been long and Slider had soon started to feel the need to pee burning in her bladder. She had not dared leave the room for fear of her mission failing. The Noble was sure to return to his bed at some stage during the night and she would be ready for his return.

Her sense of duty had done nothing to distil the growing discomfort in her bladder. Knowing full well that she could not perform at full efficiency with such a distraction she set about answering the call of nature. Her tight leather pants were soon on the floor and hidden under the bed. Between her long muscular legs, the dark shape of her black hared pussy could just be made out in the shadows playing on her skin as she squatted down in one corner. A sharp hiss and patter immediately started to fill the large room as from her pussy lips shot a strong flowing shower of hot golden pee. Her pussy spray landed on the wooden floor boards immediately spreading outwards in a growing puddle.

Her heart leapt at the sound her impromptu toilet was making. Surely the noise of her piss spraying over the floor would alert the guards. Desperately she tried to stop. After a second or so her golden torrent of squirting piss diminished in strength and then vanished as Slider forced close her pee hole. Standing up she searched the room for anything that could be used quietly for a pee. Inspiration struck her as she spied the golden goblet on the table by the bed. Grabbing it she quickly held it up to her waiting muff lips before immediately resuming her piss.

That was much better, she told herself as she stood there peeing into the goblet whilst moonlight covered her semi naked body. Her wide and perfectly formed bum cheeks were covered in moonlit silver as she stood by the window having her pee. Between her legs her hot pussy spray was squirting strongly into the goblet currently held up to her hairy pussy. The sense of urgency was diminishing now as her bladder slowly empted whilst her pussy allowed her hot relief to jet from her pee hole. Slider was now aware of a new sensation replacing that of the desperate need to pee. This feeling was something more interesting, naughty even! It was then she realised she was getting a buzz from having her piss in the Noble’s bedroom. As he was soon going to die there seemed little point in holding back on her fun so it was then that Slider decided she would experiment a little further.

Between her legs and in her delicious pussy, Slider’s pee hole closed shut sealing off her current pee. By no means done, she decided that the bed would be the next location for her new toilet. Leaping like an agile cat she landed on the firm bed. Moving to the very centre of the luxurious and extremely expensive bed sheets, Slider gazed downwards at her uncovered pussy just a fraction distant from the covers. Slider’s pee arrived in a moment. One second and her piss flaps were shut tight, the next and she was busily squirting her hot piss all over the place. This was fantastic fun! Slider had smiled then, the special smile that few living got to remember. The sensation of naughty pissing had been intense coupled with the incredible feeling of release as her bladder emptied. Leaning back on her hands Slider stared between her parted legs at the fast flowing stream of urine squirting out of her cunt hole. Concentrating she focused on squeezing harder and harder with her pussy muscles watching as the fountain of pee leaving her crotch increased in size. The bed sheets by now had received a good soaking from Slider’s urine shower and the damp stain growing on them was becoming more noticeable by the second.

Fearing that the sight of the damp piss stained sheets may compromise her mission Slider had decide she best finish her pee elsewhere. There wasn’t much left inside her now and she really wanted to enjoy the last few seconds of her relief. Tip toeing across to the thick curtains that lay bunched to either side of the large window, Slider moved into position. Grabbing a piece of the heavy fabric she moved it up to her waiting pussy. Seconds later and a wet stream of female piss sprayed over the curtain as Slider finished off her toilet. Letting the urine stained material drop back into place against the wall by the window, the beautiful assassin quickly dressed again. Once her leggings were once more snugly around her shapely bum cheeks and her hairy pussy hidden from view, Slider resumed her wait in the long shadows by the one wall. That same night, once her mission had been fulfilled and the slain noble man tucked into his piss stained bed sheets, Slider had fled to her abode. The masturbatory sessions that followed had continued until day break, her soft moans of orgasmic pleasure dying with the cock calls that heralded the sunrise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32