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I’d met Roger at a photographic society meeting. Well, not met him exactly, in fact he’d approached me after one of the meetings and asked if I’d like to do some private shots. I’d been doing a bit of modelling at a few of these meetings to make some extra money for my trip round Europe, a study of the male form they apparently called it. I was a bit suspicious at first as I thought he may be getting a bit fresh, but he quickly assured me that it was nothing like that and that he wanted me to pose with his wife while he took some shots. I was a bit dubious and still didn’t trust him but when he offered me twice what I was getting for the usual modelling I just couldn’t turn it down and we agreed I’d visit the following Friday night. I meanwhile reassured myself that if he did try anything on I’d plant him and still take the money.

So anyway Friday night arrived and I made my way across town to his place, very nice it was too in a posh area of town, and knocked at the door. Roger answered it, a big grin spreading across his face when he saw me, “So glad you could make it,” he said, “Please come in, Stephanie’s dying to meet you.” I followed him through to the sitting room and there standing by the fireplace was Stephanie, she was nothing like I expected. Roger was in his early forties and was no oil painting and I was half expecting his wife to be of the same ilk. I thought I’d just get through it by thinking of the money but Stephanie however was nothing like her husband, fortunately for me.

She was probably late thirties, slim, with dark shoulder length hair, she was much better looking than I expected and it briefly crossed my mind as to what she was doing with Roger. She stepped across to meet me shook my hand, kissed my cheek and offered to get me a drink. I accepted, thinking it would help calm my nerves a bit. She brought it to me and then disappeared upstairs, “I’ll just go and get ready” she said as she left. What for, I wondered. While she was gone Roger explained that the thought of seeing his wife with another bloke had always turned him on and he thought that this was a good way of achieving his fantasies.

Takes all sorts, I pondered to myself. He explained he just wanted to do a couple of rolls of film to see how things went and we’d take it from there. Just as I finished my drink Stephanie called from the top of the stairs that she was ready and with a little excitement and some trepidation I made my way up the stairs. Roger said he’d be up in a few minutes, he’d let me get ready and get more acquainted with Stephanie first while he got his camera gear ready.

When I reached the top of the stairs I heard her call me into the main bedroom at the end of the landing and I entered nervously. She was sitting at her dressing table as I entered but rose to meet me. She had changed her clothes and now wore a white silk dressing gown, what was underneath I could not tell as yet. “Don’t be shy” she said taking me by the hand and leading me over to the side of the bed. “Here let me help you get out of these things so we can get started. I’m so pleased you came, you are as good looking as Roger said.” I blushed and she began to unbutton my shirt. Once removed she ran her hands across my chest and shoulders and sighed admirably, “This is going to be even better than I thought” she said.

She proceeded to unbuckle my belt and undid my pants and slid them over my hips so they fell to my feet. I kicked off my shoes and socks and pulled my pants free and threw them to one side. I stood in front of Stephanie now dressed in just my shorts and she looked me up and down and smiled, “My word, you look even better than you do in Roger’s photo’s” she commented. “You mean you’ve seen the photo’s?” I asked. “Oh yes, whose idea do you think it was to invite you?”

“Well I presumed it was Roger’s”

“Roger has always wanted to watch me with another man but I was never too keen. But when he showed me your photo’s I thought yes why not. I’ve got a secret thing about younger, athletic men but I’ve never told Roger and I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to fulfill my secret yearning. But the good thing is I’d be doing it with Roger’s full approval as well and he wouldn’t even realise.”

“Very clever.”

“Yes, I thought so too.” She stepped forward so she came in close proximity to me and I could feel her breath on my chest and she ran her hands down my sides until they reached my shorts. She looked up to me and Escort Pendik we both bent forward and began to kiss. It started off a little tentative but soon developed into quite a passionate embrace and I began to feel myself stiffen in my shorts. Stephanie giggled as it pushed into her side as we embraced, “Mmm, I can tell you’re going to look good in the photo’s” she teased. She broke off, stepped back and undid the tie on her dressing down. I let out low whistle as she slowly pulled it open and stood there before me clad underneath her wrap in white lace basque, briefs stockings and suspenders. “Jeez, you look fabulous” I said. “You’d better be careful, flattery will get you everywhere if you’re not careful.”

“I only hope it does” I replied. We heard Roger coming up the stairs and she covered herself up again for the time being. “Hope you two are getting on ok?” he asked as he came into the bedroom carrying his camera. “Oh I think we’re going to be just fine, don’t you Steve?” she responded. “Yes I think so” I replied. “Good, good,” said Roger “It makes it so much easier for me when your subjects get on well. So why don’t we get started then.”

“My sentiments exactly” said Stephanie, she pushed me onto the bed then stood in front of me and undid her gown again. However she removed it this time and I looked her up and down once more. I heard Roger’s camera click and suddenly became very self-conscious. “Well , what do you think of her?” asked Roger. “She.. she’s lovely” I answered, still a little overawed by the unusual situation I now found myself in. “Yes, I think so too.” Stephanie giggled and sat down next to me on the bed, “Alright then Roger tell us what you’d like us to do” she said. “Ok, if you could kiss first” he instructed. Stephanie leaned over and our lips met and we kissed, Roger began to click away again and her hands started to stroke their way over my body. “Yes that’s good, Stephanie. Now you do the same Steve.”

Hesitantly my hands began to find their way around her smooth lace clad body. “That’s it Steve, don’t be afraid, I’m not worried your with my wife so don’t you be either.” I took him by his word and more confidently began to stroke Stephanie’s lovely curves as she sighed appreciatively. This was completely different to the usual modelling, there I could just switch off and not think about the situation but this was so much more intimate. I was starting to enjoy it a bit now though. “That’s great” said Roger “Now Stephanie, if you could uncup your breasts and Steve if you could fondle them.” We both did as instructed and I started to fondle and lick her stiffening nipples. Stephanie threw back her head and moaned slightly, playing up to the camera.

“Wonderful” said Roger from the corner. “Now Steph, kneel up and let Steve remove your panties.” She knelt before me on the bed and I ran my hands over her smooth bottom before very slowly pulling down her panties to reveal her glistening pussy. I’d now decided that I was going to make as much of this opportunity as I could and was determined to give Stephanie as much pleasure as possible as well so that her fantasy was more than fulfilled too. Roger seemed to be getting more and more excited by the scene that was unfolding before his lens and he snapped away happily. I in the meantime was getting more excited myself and with my inhibitions starting to wane there was nothing I could do to prevent myself from becoming hard.

I pulled Steph’s briefs completely off and as she looked round to me and the camera I brushed her pussy lightly with my fingertips. She gasped in anticipation and Roger urged me on. “Go on Steve, put them in.” Slowly I slid first one finger, then two inside her velvet depths and Stephanie moaned out loud as I did so. I fingered her briefly while Roger got his shots in and Stephanie pushed her hips back onto my exploring fingers.

“Ok, Steph, turn over, and Steve you pretend to lick her out.” Whether Roger liked it or not there was no way I was going to pretend. Stephanie turned over and lay before me, her legs spread wide in readiness as she lay there smiling at me. We both knew what was going to happen, even if Roger didn’t realise. Roger came in close for a couple of shots while I looked like I was about to lick Stephanie, my tongue hovering tantalisingly close to her sweet smelling labia. Then as he pulled back for some wider shots behind me where he couldn’t see what was going on I stuck my tongue right in. Stephanie gasped out and pretended to play up to the camera as Roger became more and more excited at the quality of the shots he was getting. Licking quickly at her insides and deftly flicking her clitoris with my tongue Stephanie cried out and came almost immediately, obviously extremely turned on by the situation she found herself in.

“Ok Steve now it’s your turn. Steph, take off his shorts and grab hold of him.”

“This is what I’ve been waiting for” she whispered in my ear as I lay back on the bed. She slid her hands over my body and down to my shorts and then slowly pulled them off over my legs. Now fully exposed to Roger’s camera I again quickly became very self conscious but as Stehanie curled her fingers around my shaft I forgot all about it again. She began to wank me slowly and I lay back and really began to enjoy myself. With no further instruction from Roger, and obviously letting the situation take over Steph lowered her head and took me between her lips.

“That look’s great” said Roger from behind his viewfinder and he moved in close as she bobbed up and down on my member. I was loving this by now. “Right Steph, climb up onto him” urged her husband. She took me from her mouth grasped me tightly and straddled me. Holding my dick at her entrance teasingly Roger shot some more close ups from behind. Then as he moved round to the front to photograph her face she sank down onto me in one long smooth motion, groaning loudly as she did so. Slowly she began to grind onto me as I pushed back up to meet her strokes and both our faces filled with ecstasy as we closed our eyes and briefly forgot about her husband even being there. We were brought back to earth when his voice asked us to get into the doggy position and we looked at each other with startled expressions both realising we’d been completely lost in our own world.

We shifted round and I entered her again after briefly pausing to let Roger get his beloved shot in. Why he wouldn’t want to be where I was I just couldn’t understand. After a few strokes to let him get some more shots in we turned round again and this time I entered Stephanie in the military position and she clasped her legs around my back. I could feel myself building up quickly now and knew that Steph was close to her own climax by her shortened breathing.

“Get ready Roger,” I warned, “I’m about to come.” With final strokes I pulled out as Stehanie cried out in the throes of her climax and spilled my seed all over her pubic hair. “Fantastic” Roger cried as I did so, but his comments were currently not a concern as I continued to shoot my load over Stephanie’s gorgeous body.

We dressed afterwards and returned downstairs for some more drinks. “That was great. I’m extremely pleased and I’m sure the photo’s will turn out great.” said Roger. Stephanie smiled at me, I could see from the look on her face that she was more than pleased as well. “If you’re interested,” he continued “there’s something else I’d like to do as well.”

“What’s that?” I asked. I hoped it would involve Stephanie again, in which case I would be more than happy to oblige. “Well now the photo’s are in the bag I was wondering if you’d like to do a home video?” As the concept raced through my mind Stephanie looked at me encouragingly and smiled, obviously hoping that I would agree. How could I turn her down. “Yes Ok then,” I started, a big smile spread across his face, “but on one condition.”

“Name it” said Roger eagerly. “This time you don’t get to call the shot’s. It’s up to me and Steph what we do you’ll just be there to film it.”

“Fine by me” he responded. A big smile spread across Stephanie’s face this time.

I asked Steph to go upstairs and change again explaining that I wanted a full undressing scene to take place first. She eagerly agreed and went off to change. I poured myself another drink and Roger got the camcorder out of the cupboard and started loading his blank cassette. When it was ready I downed my drink and we went back upstairs. Stephanie was ready again and had changed into a black dress, she looked gorgeous. Roger followed me in, sat in a chair in the corner and switched on the video. I stepped over to Stephanie, “You look fabulous” I whispered in her ear.

“Thank you,” she replied “I can’t wait.” I kissed her passionately then turned her round and slowly unzipped her dress as Roger began to film us from his position in the corner. I slipped her dress down over her shoulders and it fell over her hips and came to rest at her feet. Underneath she had also changed into a black lace teddy and black hold up stockings with lace tops.

“Wow!” was all I could think to say. She helped me with the buttons on my shirt and then sat down as I removed my pants. As I stood up she grabbed hold of me by the hips and pulled me towards her. Her head was level with my navel and she pulled down my shorts and took my dick in her hand again. It quickly began to grow in size as she tossed me off and then came to full strength as those luscious lips of hers closed round it once more. She bobbed her head as I stood there, eyes closed, mouth open in ecstasy as Roger sat quietly in the corner filming the proceedings.

She stopped and I pushed her back on the bed. Kneeling between her legs I pulled them open and hooked them over my shoulders, her black stilettos lightly digging into my back. I stroked her pussy through the lace of her teddy and she gasped out loud as I did so. Then pulling it to one side I slipped my tongue into her depths again and began to drink her freely flowing juices. Moaning loudly she pulled me into her more tightly by using the grip she had on me with her legs and I forced a finger into her. My tongue worked its way upwards along the length of her groove and began to work away eagerly at her clitoris. She flinched as I started to encircle it and then began to buck her hips against my mouth and probing fingers. Increasing my speed she came soon after, her body shaking violently, crying out as she did so.

She eventually relaxed the grip of her legs and I stood up. Popping the fasteners on her teddy I knelt before her and pushed my erection deep into her, grunting lustfully as I entered. I remained kneeling as she lay prostrate and pulled her legs around me allowing myself access to push into her harder. She whimpered each time I pushed in and then looked across at her husband, “He’s fucking me Roger” she stated matter of factly through her moans, “He’s really fucking me.” She accentuated the word really as she spoke. Roger just snorted at her statement and carried on filming. They really were an odd couple. I released my grip on her this time, turned her over and entered her doggy style again, really pushing hard into her now.

“Don’t stop baby” she urged, “My God, where did you find this guy Roger?” she asked across the room. There was no reply. I looked across the room to see Roger was rubbing himself through his pants as he filmed us and seemed completely wrapped up in the situation and totally at ease with the fact that his wife was being screwed senseless by a complete stranger before his very eyes. I know for sure I couldn’t have done it.

I pulled out and lay beside her, she lay next to me facing away and I entered her again from the side. Roger must have been getting some great penetration shots from where he sat, but nothing like the penetration that Stephanie was now getting. She cried out again and shuddered against me as she climaxed once more and I could feel the familiar build up of my own returning once more. I pulled out and stood up on the bed. Stephanie knew exactly what my thought’s were and even Roger exclaimed his appreciation at what he was about to get on video.

Taking me into her mouth once more Stephanie’s sucking pushed me to my second orgasm of the evening and sensing it’s imminent arrival she pulled me from her mouth and began to wank me frantically. Shouting out as I felt it surge through my insides my come splattered Stephanie in wave after wave. It was in her hair, in her mouth and virtually obscured her features. It dripped from her mouth as she continued to suck me dry and my knees began to buckle with the ferocity of the climax I had just enjoyed. As it subsided we both looked across at Roger who now having just stooped filming was coming himself in his own pants at the spectacle he’d just witnessed.

We went downstairs and watched the video when we were finished. It was always weird seeing yourself on video anyway but seeing myself screwing Stephanie was stranger still. Admittedly, it was still very horny though and with none of the usual rubbish storylines you have to sit through in blue movies. Roger was delighted with our performance and even gave me an extra tip on top of the “modelling fee” we’d agreed on when Stephanie was out of the room. I still couldn’t believe I was getting paid for this. When Roger was out of the room I agreed to meet Stephanie again. Next time it would be just the two of us and it really would be a private showing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32