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I pull my phone out of my pocket as it chirps the annoying bird noise I can’t figure out how to change – “Hey baby, I miss you.” Another text from you. I put my phone down, waiting to respond until I finish my essay. It buzzes again – “Come over? ;)” I sigh, half grateful that you’re pulling me away from saving my English grade. “I’m on my way, Emily.” I stand up. I grab my keys. I drive to you.

“Eeeemmmmm,” I yell as I open the door to your apartment, pocketing my key. You come running down the stairs and throw your arms around me, smiling broadly. “You came.” It takes a second for me to realize that all you’re wearing is a set of grey Calvin Klein bra and panties and one of the dress shirts I’ve accidentally left here, unbuttoned over your slim figure. “Come on Joe, I wanna have some fun tonight” you say as you pull me into your living room and sit me down on the couch. You reach behind my heads to turn on the lights, intentionally moving your face so close to mine that I can feel your breath on my lips, your chest directly in my line of sight.

“Just a friendly reminder that if this teasing continues, you’ll regret it later, babe.”

“Well, maybe I enjoy being punished.”

Smirking, you turn around and sit down on my lap, leaning against me so the sweet smell of your shampoo fills my nose. My hands instinctively move to your waist, making you flinch against the cold they acquired on the walk from my car. You start to lightly grind against me, making me let out a long sigh of pleasure. When you notice I’m enjoying it you stop and glance back at me, your face one of pure innocence.

“Do you want something, Daddy?”

I lift you off of me and start to back you across the room, my eyes locked on yours, my voice coming out low and quiet. I whisper, “I said no teasing.” You start to apologize when your back hits Starzbet the wall behind you and the air is pushed out of you. I grab your wrists and pin them above your head, leaning in to kiss you. Usually when we kiss it starts slow, and gradually progresses from there, but I have no patience tonight. As our making out continues, I can feel your body growing warmer. I pull away for a second and look into your eyes. The piercing blue makes it impossible for me to look away. My right hand releases your wrists and slowly moves down your body, grazing it with my fingertips until it reaches your ass. Grabbing it hard, I whisper one word, “move.”

Obediently you pull away and walk up the stairs to your bedroom. I follow a few steps behind and cant resist slapping your ass as you reach the top of the staircase. You hop onto the edge of the bed and look up at me.

“Can I touch you, Daddy?”

“Not until you learn not to tease me.”

I sit on the bed next to you and throw you over my lap, pulling down your panties. Before you can respond you feel my hand hit your ass and the sting that follows. “When will you learn that teasing me just means you get spanked, Emily?” You turn to look at me. “Can I tell you a secret? I love spankings.” in response I just hit you harder, determined to make it hurt enough that you actually learn a lesson.

After a particularly hard slap I pause. “Who do you belong to?” You moan something softly, your face buried in the mattress. I spank you again. “Speak up.” You raise your head and manage to say “I’m yours.”

“Good girl. And what do I get to do with you?” You take in a breath as my hand hits your ass again when you don’t respond fast enough. “…Anything you want.”

I throw you down on the bed and remove your bra, exposing you fully in front of me. “Are you ready to be good Starzbet Giriş now?” You nod but you’ve been teasing me too much over the past few days for me to accept that. “Use your words or I’ll take you back over my knee.”

“Yes Daddy, I’ll be good for you.”

Even though you’re pouting I can see by the moisture between your legs that you’re enjoying this.

“Now you may touch me”

Eagerly you jump to the floor and start to undo my jeans, pulling out my already hard cock.

“So eager,” I smirk. “You’re being good now?”

In response, you wrap your lips around the tip, swirling your tongue as you push deeper. You’re aiming to please, and you’re succeeding. I hold your hair tightly in one fist, using it to move your head up and down. You let out a small, muffled moan, and the sound makes me even harder, which you can no doubt fee. The only thing I can do is moan as you take the remainder of my cock- the part you can’t get to with your mouth- in your hand and move your wrist up and down with your head.

I can feel myself starting to hit the back of your throat, and as you come up for air, I run my fingers through your hair and lean in close to your face. “You’re taking so much- such a good girl.” you look up at me and smile, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand, “Can you touch me now please?”

I laugh and pull you onto the bed beside me, taking off the rest of my clothes. “How about I just do this?” I say as I grab your left wrist. I reach into the nightstand next to your bed and pull out five black bandannas. You glare at me, knowing what happens next. I move along the bed securing both wrists and both ankles to the posts of your bed. I move beside you and look into those eyes again, captivated for a second.

“Open it.” You shake your head. “Now.” Reluctantly you open your Starzbet Güncel Giriş mouth an inch, making me pull it the rest of the way open for you. Folding the bandanna, I gag you and move lower.

“You’re lucky I’m doing this at all.”

I move down between your legs and get my first feel of how wet you really are. And you are practically dripping. I start by rubbing your clit in small circles with the tips of my middle and index finger. I can tell you want more, and I’m happy to oblige. I slide my middle finger inside of you, still amazed at how tight you are. Soon I’m speeding up, moving my lips down to suck on your clit. “You taste so fucking good baby girl.” I add a second finger and push deeper and deeper into you. I stop once to pull down the gag, abandoning the punishment in favour of hearing your moans. Curling my fingers I hit your G-Spot making your whole body tense. I can’t take any more of the waiting and give up on the punishments all together. I untie you from the bed and you immediately move to where you know I want you without my even asking, doggy position. Your round ass pointed towards me, still red from your spanking, is one of the greatest views I have ever seen. Without a moment’s break I enter you from behind, burying my dick fully into you.

You shout as it hurts, you’re still not used to how big it is. I wrap my hands around your waist I get better angle and move in and out of your tight pussy. As I move faster incoherent “Fuck”s, “yes, please”s, and “Daddy”s pour from your mouth, interspersed with moans.

“Get on top.”

I lay back as you get on top of me, reverse cowgirl, and eagerly bounce up and down on my throbbing dick.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, Daddy, I want to taste you.”

Unable to hold it in anymore I pull out and put you on your knees, your lips wrapping around my head again as you jerk me off fast with both hands.

I let out a long moan as I finish in your mouth and fall back against the bed, panting. You look into my eyes and swallow.

“See, Daddy? I can be a good girl when I want to be.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32