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So, Shoeblossom…

I think I wrote a complicated letter to you once about my unfortunate hubby, “Connie the Tranny” when we were living in Bridgeport, Connecticut, but since we’ve moved to the redneck capital of the world, more interesting stuff has happened. I decided to tape a recent conversation we had when I was giving Conrad his weekly tease…

Inessa K.

“Oh, Conrad, why are you crying?”

“I just-Inessa, I spent the day working in the yard, and then I re-grouted the bath-tub, and it’s my only day off, and I did it for you.”

“Yes, that’s right. I love it that you did that for me, and you took me to a lovely dinner, that foe de gras. I really enjoyed having the day to sit by the pool.”

“Right, and I gave you a nice backrub when we got home.”

“The massage class you took was wonderful, Conrad. You’ve learned a lot.”

“And I think I took my punishments well tonight.”

“Well, Conrad,you cried like a little bitch when I applied the fiberglass cane, but I guess I can understand that. I wish I could mete out punishments during the week, as things happen, but the kids are with their father only on the weekend, so I have to, you know–“

“N-no I understand that.”

“Right. You’re a lovely man, but you forget to pick up dry cleaning, and don’t change the linen, and you lost your car keys and had to use mine.”

“Those things happen,honey.”

“Not as much when I give you forty with the fiberglass, and it always makes me laugh when you Starzbet dance. Not as much as when Anwar was shooting at you this afternoon with my son’s air rifle.”

“Well, those BBs hurt, and I was naked, mowing the grass.”

“Yes. That was something else. But you were a gracious host, and made us Mojitos and were very good about letting Anwar come with us for dinner, even though it’s date night.”

“Of course. But now–“

“What’s wrong, honey? I secured you and gave you a nice little tease, and now I’m just locking you back up again, so I can go meet Anwar at the Craven Haven at midnight.”


“You have to go to bed early, Conrad. You’re junior warden at church tomorrow, and a deacon besides.”

“Yes, but I’m upset because–couldn’t you let me cum?”

“Conrad, do we have to go through that again?”

“But–I did everything you wanted. I even kissed Anwar’s feet and let him tap his cigarette ash in my mouth when we dropped him off at the bar on the way home.”

“Yes. You’re a good little submissive, Conrad. But remember, you’re not doing that for a reward. You are supposed to view your slavery as a reward in and of itself.”

“That’s just–“

“Oh, are you going to cry again, like a little bitch? Do I have to get the fiberglass cane and turn you over before I unlock you and leave some welts on your butt?”

“No, please, not that.”

“Or maybe I could just whip your penis before I lock you back up , that might calm you down Starzbet Giriş a bit.”

“No, no, I understand (sob) I’d like to be locked up now, please.”

“That’s a good boy. It’s only been 53 days.”

“It’s been almost three months since I got to jerk it.”

“Do I really have to get the fiber–“

“No, of course not, Inessa. Please lock me back up now.”

“Oh, baby. Your lower lip is trembling in such an unmanly way. How’s that feel?”

“Ohhh, God that feels good. You are so good at rubbing the underside of my penis–“

“It’s called the frenulum, Conrad. As a urologist, you really should know that by now.”

“Y-yes, I know, but I get kind of jelly-minded when you stroke me…more lube?”

“See, that’s why you stay locked up for long periods of time. Because your moods seem contingent, and your judgment–on when you cum, and how you behave after you cum.”

“What-what do you mean?”

“You have a terrible, macho attitude.”

“You think I have a macho attitude after I cum, Inessa?”

“Yes, even Anwar notices it.”

“Inessa, Anwar is far more macho and kind of an asshole, much worse than–why did you stop rubbing?”

“I’m not going to give you treats when you talk that way about your nurse. He’s one of the kindest, nicest men, and you always said men from the Middle East were–“

“No, I just mean, I think I’m much more sensitive than Anwar is. Please touch me again.”

“I will rub the tip of your dick with Starzbet Güncel Giriş my forefinger, but I really don’t want to.”

“Oh…that’s better…

“And it’s hard to find competent medical workers in West Virginia, Anwar is a damned good nurse, Con.”

“Why are you laughing, Inessa?”

“Well, first because it’s so funny when you arch your back and try to push your dick into my hand, and secondly because you think that being wimpy is the same thing as being sensitive.”

“I-what do you mean?”

“Just because you get off on being humiliated and wearing pink tu-tus, and taking discipline from me is not the same thing as being a gentle, sensitive man. You are lucky that Anwar is moving in with us.”

“I am not–He’s MOVING IN?”

“Yes. I have decided that you need more guidance, and I’m going to have you live in the garage, and move Anwar into our bedroom. The kids will have questions, but I’ll just explain that you are athsmatic,and you need open air or something.”

“That is really–I don’t want Anwar here.”

“Yes you do. You know you need supervision, and Anwar has agreed that since you can’t be disciplined at home, he’s going to give you little punishments at the hospital when you are through with rounds.”

“That-that can’t happen.”

“Oh, yes it can. I am going to give him the Spencer paddle to keep at work. He thinks the holes are so interesting. And you can blow him every day, to reward him for taking the trouble.”

“I insist–“

“Look, I can lock you up now, or I can rub you for another ten minutes. You still won’t cum, but it’s some pleasure, and of course when Anwar is living with us, there won’t be time for all this teasing.”

“I-Inessa, whatever you want, as always.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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