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There was only one person on the campus of Holland Patent High School who might have been more depressed than Mildred Fuller, the long divorced 55 year old woman whose job was to clean up the building after the students did their best to trash it every school day, and as the janitor pushed the broom down the hall after classes were over for the day – and for the school year – Mildred saw that very person.

Mildred empathized with the kid since he seemed to be the whipping boy for the entire student body, and the kid had just gotten done picking up all the papers and various things that had accumulated in his locker over the year.

Those belongings had gotten on the floor courtesy of one of the school bullies most likely, Mildred assumed, making sure that the skinny little guy with the acne scars that wouldn’t go away had one last memory of the place.

Dick Little was the kid’s name, and Mildred had heard that name bellowed countless times over the last few months. Why someone would name their child Richard when their last name was Little, she wondered? It was like asking for abuse, and for a kid who seemed to take everything to heart it only made it worse.

As Mildred approached, she tried to think whether she had ever seen the boy smile, because his frown seemed to be a part of his makeup. That was something she could appreciate since she rarely smiled herself, but she gave the lad one as she approached.

“Sorry. I’ll be out of your way in a second,” Dick Little said apologetically.

“No rush honey. Here, let me help you,” Mildred replied, and she set her broom against the wall of lockers to grab the last couple of things. “Here you are.”

“Thanks,” the lad said as he straightened up and pushed his glasses back up his nose.

“You might be the only one happier that school is over than I am,” Mildred suggested and he nodded in response.

“I hate this place,” Dick Little said without anger, the redness around his eyes saying more than words.

“I know the feeling,” Mildred opined. “At least you have the graduation ceremony tonight to look forward too.”

“Not going,” Dick Little informed her, and when she asked him why he waved his arm around the empty hall as if it were still full of sadistic classmates and added glumly, “Just for more of this?”

“Boy, you need a drink more than I do,” Mildred suggested. “Too bad you aren’t old enough.”

“I’m 18.”

“Oh,” Mildred countered. “Well, I get out in an hour so if you want to join me at Benny’s for a beer, I’ll buy.”

“Better not, but thank you.”

“I understand honey. Nobody wants to be seen in a bar with an old lady, especially the school janitor,” Mildred answered.

“No, it’s not that at all,” Dick quickly replied. “It’s just that…”

“If you want you could come over to my house and we could have a drink on my porch, sort of a celebration,” the middle-aged woman suggested, and that got the kid to smile a bit and accept that offer.

“I could help you finish work if you want,” the boy offered, and the janitor thanked him but declined.

“You can keep me company though if you wish. I could drive you to my place and then take you home afterwards,” Mildred said.

“Thank you Mrs. Fuller.”

“If we’re going to have a drink together you can called me Mildred,” she suggested and then added, “I know your name because I hear it yelled at all the time, not to mention seeing it on the bathroom walls. I suspect you would prefer being called Richard rather than Dick though?”

“Roger,” was Dick Little’s response, and when the janitor gave him a quizzical look he simply said, “It’s a long dumb story but Roger is my first name.”

“I’ve got plenty of those long dumb stories myself,” Mildred answered. “Roger it is then.”


The sun was setting as the two lonely people sat on the janitor’s porch, and to Mildred’s surprise the shy and reticent lad she knew from school really loosened up. Perhaps it was the couple of beers Roger had consumed, or maybe like Mildred he had a lot of stuff built up inside of him and no one to share it with.

“I bet you can hear that song they play at graduations from here,” Roger wondered aloud as he pointed towards the lights on the athletic field visible over the trees.

“Yeah, and when there’s football games when our school scores you can hear the cheers,” Mildred explained. “Of course our team is usually so bad they rarely score.”

“I know. Our school,” Roger said with a shake of his head.

“Force of habit. I’m not in love with the school either, but I have spent years there.”

“I know. Besides, it’s not the school that I loathe, it’s the kids in it, or at least most of them,” Roger explained.

“They can be cruel,” Mildred agreed. “They like to pick on people they think are weak, or will let the abuse hurt them.”

“Like me.”

“I suppose, but you have your diploma, or will have it when they mail it to you,” Mildred reminded the boy. “You stuck it out and now you will go on to bigger and better things.”

“Hope Escort Kartal so,” Roger replied and then said, “You know, they talk about you too Mrs. Fuller – I mean Mildred.”

“I know. I’ve cleaned my name off of toilet stalls almost as often as yours. It’s been going on for years and I suspect it always will. If I could find a job that pays half as well I would leave this town just like you are going to.”

“Is it true Mildred?” Roger asked tentatively. “I mean, I don’t care at all. I swear.”

“About me being a two-bagger?” Mildred asked. “I didn’t even know what that meant at first until I asked somebody down at Benny’s and they explained.”

“No, not that.”

“About me being a lesbian?” the janitor asked, and after Roger nodded she continued. “No, but there were times back when I was married when I – do you really want to hear this?”

“Yes, if you want to tell me. I won’t tell anybody.”

“Okay. Back when I was married I thought I was going to have a nice life here. I thought my husband loved me, but after a few years things changed. He started to hit me and would berate me for not being able to get pregnant,” Mildred explained. “Then he started screwing around on me because he said I wasn’t pretty enough for him.”

“You’re plenty cute,” Roger offered.

“Time to cut off your beer honey. Anyway, I begged him to stop and he said the only way he would stick around was if I got – what did he call it? More open minded.”

“What’s that mean?”

“You don’t want to know Roger. He had me doing stuff that I never even heard of. Some of it was alright – you know after all he was my husband – but some of the other stuff?” Mildred said with a shudder. “Then he decided he wanted to have other women join us in bed. He would watch and sometimes join in. I didn’t want to at first, mind you, but after a while I started to like it. It was a hell of a lot better than getting smacked around.”

“I know this sounds sick but I kind of like that idea. Two girls with one guy?” Roger offered. “Of course, they would have to like it rather than being forced into it.”

“You’re being honest. Anyway, after that he decided that it would be fun if it was another guy in bed with us, and that’s when I put my foot down and said enough.”

“He left, but not until he left me a souvenir to remember him by,” Mildred said as she rubbed the bump on the bridge of her nose. “Never did heal right.”

“I’m sorry,” Roger told Mildred as he put his hand on her knee and patted it.

“You didn’t do it,” Mildred said with a smile. “But when you get married, try to never get violent with your wife. Yelling is one thing but violence?”

“I could never do that to a girl,” Roger told the janitor. “Married though? I can’t even find a girlfriend. And there I was talking about being with 2 of them?”

“The girls will come,” Mildred assured Roger. “Once you get to college, they’ll be more mature and they won’t calling you names like they do here. Besides, what are you? 5’7″ or so?”

“I’m 5’6″.”

“Whatever. That’s not so little.”

“That’s not why they call me Little Dick Little,” Roger said.


“That started after the Prom. One of the top ten shitty nights of my life, if not the shittiest,” Roger spat out. “Sorry about my language.”

“No problem. After all we’re friends here, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, I guess we are,” Roger agreed. “I never told anybody about that night, although it’s all over school. You probably read it on the toilet walls.”

“No, I don’t think so, but you don’t have to tell me,” Mildred replied.

“I think I do kinda. I mean, you’re a girl and all so you would get this. I’ve got my Mom and all at home but – I could never tell her what happened.”

“Sounds bad, but you might be blowing it out of proportion,” Mildred suggested as she grabbed the last two beers out of the six pack and split them. “This third beer means that I can’t drive you home when you go, but I will walk with you.”

“It’s not that far,” Roger told the janitor before popping open the beer and taking a sip.

Well, before the Prom I was Roger Little, although I did get called Dick Little by some wise guys. I wasn’t popular but it was nothing like after the Prom,” Roger explained. “I actually got a girl to go with me. Don’t want to say her name.”

“That’s okay.”

“It was my first real date and while I was nervous it went well. I danced even though I can’t dance, and then afterwards when I walked her home she suggested we walk through the park because it was romantic.”

“Sounds wonderful so far.”

“It was. Then we sat at a picnic table way in the back near the creek and – I’ll call her Jane but that’s not her name – Jane starts kissing me. I’m trying to keep up but this was new to me. I had seen couples necking and I had tried to practice on my pillow, but this was different,” Roger related. “I think I really stunk at it especially since Jane really knew what she was doing.”

“None of us were good at that at first honey,” Mildred assured the lad.

“Even though I couldn’t kiss I was getting excited, and when she put my hand on her chest I was ready to faint,” Roger explained. “Then her hand was rubbing me. This was all happening so fast that before I knew it Jane had gotten my slacks down and was yanking my underwear down.”

“I mean, I knew from changing in the gym that the other guys were built better than me, but when Jane grabbed me it felt so good that I didn’t care at first. That lasted about two seconds.”

“What happened?”

“When she saw what she was holding – and even in the moonlight you could see really well – Jane erupted,” Roger sheepishly admitted. “She carried on like you wouldn’t believe and I lost my erection right away. Jane was in hysterics and when she was able to catch her breath enough to speak she blurts out, “Boy, you got a little dick Little”.

A couple that was passing through the park on the way home from the Prom came over to see what was so funny, and I was yanking my pants up as they got to the table,” Roger said. “Jane didn’t tell them anything and I walked her home in silence later, but she told plenty afterwards because in school after that it was all I heard.”

“Maybe she just told one friend and she told somebody and so on – I remember the way girls would gossip back in my day,” Mildred offered.

“Does it matter?” Roger asked cryptically. “It just won’t go away. Here comes Little Dick Little, they say, or how about when girls asked me How little is your little Dick Little?”

“It doesn’t matter you know Roger? I mean it matters to you and it might mean something to shallow and petty girls, but in the end what matters is that you’re smart and have a good heart,” Mildred offered. “Besides, I’m sure that you’re just fine in the equipment department.”

“Sorry I ruined the night,” Roger sniffed as he finished his beer.

“You didn’t ruin the night honey,” Mildred responded. “You needed to get that off your chest, but we are quite a pair aren’t we?”

“I guess,” Roger said. “I suppose I should go.”

“Okay, if you want, but I will walk you home.”

“You don’t have to do that Mildred.”

“I know. I want to. Besides, what’s inside waiting for me after you go?” the janitor explained. “If you’re worried, if by chance we see somebody on the way I’ll duck out of sight.”

“Why?” Roger said as he stood up to leave, and as the two walked up the gravely road Mildred put her arm over the lad’s shoulder and gave him a squeeze.

“This was the nicest evening I’ve had in ages Roger,” the older woman admitted.

“Me too,” Roger agreed, and after a few steps the music from the other side of the woods began. “There’s that song.”

“You can’t make out the names she’s reading with that crummy P.A. system they have,” Mildred noted. “I wonder if they will call your name?”

“I doubt it since I didn’t sign up for a cap and gown,” Roger said. “Still, I guess they might. They probably would call out, Dick Little!”

“Enough of that honey. That ended this afternoon,” Mildred said sharply. “You’re Roger Little and you are going to college and away from all this crap.”

“Going to try,” Roger said as he slowed and looked around the barren area. “First I gotta pee.”

“Don’t go in there honey. That’s marsh land. Just go here on the side of the road,” Mildred instructed, and as Roger tilted away from the janitor and unzipped she added. “Nobody but me and the crickets out here and I promise not to look.”

“Don’t matter. At least you probably wouldn’t laugh at me,” Roger said as he took himself out and peed into the brush, just a few feet from Mildred.

“Guess you really did have to go,” Mildred exclaimed when she saw the arching stream sailing into the darkness, and despite herself she took a couple of steps and looked at the source of the spray.

“I was always jealous of the way guys could just go,” Mildred opined as she looked over the lad’s shoulder at the source of his shame.

“Don’t look so small to me,” Mildred lied as she saw the tiny stem Roger held between his thumb and index finger.

“Really?” Roger said hopefully.

“Really, and I like at the end when you shake it,” Mildred added as her hand went down and over while the stream subsided, grabbing the lad’s manhood and wiggling it to shed the lingering drops of urine.

“Sorry,” Mildred said as she let go of what was becoming an erection. “Got carried away there.”

“It’s okay,” Roger told her as he put himself away.

“Can’t believe I just did that – any of it,” Mildred mumbled in embarrassment. “I’d like to blame the beer but…”

“It’s okay,” Roger repeated. “That song keeps going on. How long does it take to read 50 or 60 names?”

“At least we aren’t stuck siting in those godawful wooden folding chairs, ” Mildred noted as Roger stopped.

“I don’t want to go home,” he declared. “Can I stay at your place? I can sleep in that rocking chair on your porch – or maybe your couch. I wouldn’t get in the way and…”

“No Roger honey,” Mildred said, but as the boy’s face fell she put her arm around the lad’s shoulders, turning them both around and heading them back towards her home. “I have a place you can stay.”


“Don’t be nervous Roger,” Mildred reassured the boy as she led him into her bedroom, the faint night light that always burned in the corner illuminating the terror on the kid’s ashen face.

“I’m not,” Roger lied as she let the janitor unbutton his shirt, looking up slightly at the lady who was about an inch taller and many pounds heavier than he.

“We can just cuddle and hold each other,” Mildred explained. “Haven’t done that with a man in ages.”

“So nice and slim,” Mildred noted after his shirt came of and she cast it aside, running her palms over the smooth skin.

“Skinny,” Roger said in response.

“Wish I had that problem,” Mildred wryly answered.

“You look pretty to me.”

“That’s with the wrapper on,” Mildred said as the lad’s trembling fingers fought with the buttons of her uniform top, finally stroking the back of his hand and cooing, “You’re doing fine.”

“Wow,” Roger sighed as he looked at the janitor’s breasts encased in a utilitarian bra, the androgynous look that her drab uniform a short bowl haircut suggested disappearing when the top came off, and as he gingerly tried to reach around Mildred to unhook the harness he added, “Definitely don’t know how to do this.”

“Front hooks honey,” Mildred instructed. “Should have taken a shower. Wasn’t expecting this.”

“You smell nice,” Roger assured her as the hooks got undone until finally when the last hook came free and the bra lurched forward.

“Feels good to get this off,” Mildred told the lad as she shrugged it off her rounded shoulders while her bell shaped breasts eased to her thick waist.

“Oh man,” Roger said as he timidly put his hands on the doughy breasts and felt the fat nipples burn his palms. “Is this okay?”

“Very okay baby,” Mildred sighed as the little hands hefted the weighty globes. “They aren’t fragile.”

“That’s it honey,” the chunky woman purred as Roger started kneading them with more enthusiasm. “Feels so good.”

The boy smiled as he watched Mildred’s reactions to his squeezing her tits, first putting her hands over his to get him to squeeze them harder, and then contorting her back and running her hands through her Dorothy Hamill haircut while encouraging him.

“Oh. Sorry honey, I obviously wasn’t expecting company,” Mildred said as she saw Roger’s eyes drift over to her armpits exposed by her stretching, the fact that it had been quite a while since a razor visited the large caverns quite obvious. “Like I told you, it’s been a long long while since…”

“It’s okay,” Roger told the janitor as he let go of her breasts and lifted her arm back up so he could run his fingers through the dense dark brown tuft of hair for a second. “I think it’s sexy. Denise Blum at school? The girl who wears the jeans with peace symbol patches? She doesn’t shave under her arms either. She’s like the female equivalent of me as far as popularity goes, but I don’t think she lets it bother her.”

“All in the past,” Mildred said as she unclasped her work slacks that were digging into her belly a bit, and as she stepped out of the baggy pants she undid Roger’s jeans. “Are you having as much fun as I am?”

“Up until now,” Roger said as his own jeans came down.

“Ssh,” Mildred said as she first put her finger to his lips and then removed it and replaced it with her own lips, and while it was a rocky beginning by the time their lips parted it was coming along nicely.

“I thought you said you couldn’t kiss?” Mildred exclaimed afterwards. “That was great, and I bet this one will be even better.”

Mildred proved to be right, and when they broke it off Roger was red-faced and breathless as they stood facing each other clad only in underwear.

“You can take my panties off if you’d like honey,” Mildred offered, and when Roger bent over and took the elastic in his hands to pull them down the janitor said, “It won’t bite.”

“Sorry,” Roger said as he got closer and coaxed the baggy panties down, exposing a wide overgrown triangle of rich dark brown hair that completely hid the opening, and after he pulled them off Mildred’s chunky legs he straightened up.

“You’re doing really well Roger,” Mildred said as he put her hand on his chest over his heart, and as she felt the pounding she added, “I bet you would enjoy this more if I could just get you to relax. If it helps any, I’m nervous too.

Mildred leaned forward and kissed the boy again before easing him down onto the bed and kneeling at his hip, her pendulous breasts swaying down towards the lad as she put her hand on his thigh.

“Haven’t had a man in this bed in so long,” Mildred sighed as she inched her hand onto the white cotton briefs and towards the lump in the center. “And I think I like the one that’s in it now way more than that other guy.”

“Just relax honey,” Mildred said, trying to make her raspy voice as seductive as she could as her hand reached the bulge and began massaging it. “We’re going to take it nice and slow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32