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Alex got up early, made breakfast for himself and Bubbles, got her situated in her crate, and then sped off to his office. As quickly as possible he took care of the last few things that needed to be taken care of, attended what seemed like the longest client meeting in the history of the world, verified with his boss that his vacation started Monday, and was finally able to sneak out a little after lunch.

Alex stopped at the grocery store before he got home and picked up a cooked whole chicken. He hadn’t left Bubbles any lunch today, and so she should probably be pretty hungry by now.

Once he walked in the door Bubbles wagged her tail and looked up at him like his homecoming was the most exciting thing in the universe, the same look she gave him every day.

“Hey Bubbles!” he said in baby-talk. “I’m finally starting my vacation. For the next two weeks you have my undivided attention. Are you excited?”


Bubbles began to spin around in her crate.

Alex put the chicken on the counter and let her out. She ran around the kitchen in a circle three times before she stopped long enough for him to unzip her so she could go outside.

When she got back Bubbles ran straight for her food dish and started to bang it on the table leg.

“I know, you want your lunch don’t you?” said Alex.

Bubbles barked around the bowl in her mouth.

“Well I have something special planned for that today. You have been a very disobedient doggy lately and I think you need some training. So we’re going to practice some tricks and commands. When you do what you’re told like a good girl you’ll get a little piece of chicken. So you’re going to have to earn your lunch today.”

Bubbles barked her assent and really wiggled her butt so her tail would wag hard.

Alex opened the plastic lid on the precooked chicken and peeled off a little piece. He could see Bubbles swallow as she eyed it up.

“Okay let’s start with an easy one,” he said, “sit!”

Bubbles dropped down onto her butt, in a dog’s sitting position, instantly.

“Good girl,” said Alex, who tossed the piece of chicken to her. She caught it in her mouth and chewed on it, looking quite proud.

“Now lay down!”

Bubbles lay flat on her belly, with her arms in front like dog’s legs. She looked up at Alex expectantly.

“Good girl,” he said, tossing her another piece of chicken. This one fell on the floor in front of her but she jump up and Starzbet snatched it up in her mouth.

“Stay down Bubbles,” said Alex in a stern but warm tone. She quickly got back into the ‘lay down’ position.

“Roll over,” said Alex.

She did so, and this earned her yet another piece of chicken.

Alex ran her through the first three commands twice more each, before throwing a new one into the mix.

“Okay good girl Bubbles,” he said, “now crate.”

She cocked her head to the side.

“Go on. Go find your crate.”

Bubbles tentatively crawled over to her dog crate and got in. Alex shut the door and fed her a piece of chicken through the bars.

“Good girl,” he said, opening the door again. Bubbles bounded out, happy she wasn’t going to be made to stay inside.

“Okay crate Bubbles,” said Alex.

She got inside again, and was rewarded with more chicken through the bars. Alex had her repeat the process twice more.

“Good girl,” said Alex. “You’re going to be a good doggy and remember all these commands right Bubbles?”


She wagged her tail. She had been bouncing and smiley through the entire training process. This was clearly the kind of thing she was looking for.

Had she made a pest of herself on purpose to force him to do this? Who was really training who here?

Alex looked over at the chicken. He had fed Bubbles a decent amount, but certainly not enough to qualify as a ‘meal’. He needed some more tricks.

“Shake,” he said, offering his hand.

Bubbles put her useless mitted fist in his hand and they shook.

“Good girl,” said Alex, and he threw her a slightly larger piece of chicken.

“What else?” Alex mused aloud.

He looked down at Bubbles, happily chewing on her latest reward, her heart-shaped ass sticking up in the air, hidden only by skin-tight white latex.

Alex got a little glint in his eye.

“Okay Bubbles,” said Alex. “Suck!”

Bubbles did not need to be told twice. She was on Alex so fast she nearly knocked him over, grabbing at his fly with her teeth. Alex wasn’t going to wait for her to mouth it open so he undid it for her and pulled down his underwear. His cock finished hardening as he did so, springing out and bobbing for a moment before sticking straight out.

Bubbles slurped it halfway into her mouth at once and started working her tongue. Once she was satisfied it was finished hardening she Starzbet Giriş relaxed her throat and allowed it to slide down, holding for a moment before her gag reflex forced her to expel it again. Before it was fully out of her mouth she was going back for more.

Alex was beside himself with pleasure. He had only just enough blood left in his brain to think to say:

“Bubbles, present!”

Bubbles slid Alex’s cock out of her mouth and spun around, presenting her ass high in the air and wiggling it slightly, causing her tail to signal her excitement.

Alex knelt down and undid the zip on her crotch. Bubbles wiggled and bounced more excitedly, her pussy dripping with the arousal that suffused every aspect of her life now.

Alex started to guide himself inside her and Bubbles quickly met him halfway. She was so worked up she didn’t wait for Alex, she just started fucking herself on his dick as soon as it was inside her. Alex found himself trying to keep up, matching her movements the way she usually matched him.

Bubbles was whining so loud it almost sounded like she was in pain. She continued to grind her ass against Alex while she worked herself over with his cock.

It was all almost too much. Alex was worried he might cum at any moment and ruin this for her. His entire focus became on holding out and letting her finish. She obviously had no plans of helping him with this task.

Her whimpers began to be broken up by ragged breaths. Her humping of Alex’s cock grew faster. She was clearly getting close. Alex tried to take back control, allow her to focus on her orgasm while he continued the pattern of increasingly rapid thrusts she established.

Bubbles let out a noise that was not quite a dog whining, not quite a human keening. Her entire body spasmed as she came.

Once again her internal muscles tightened and pulsed as she orgasmed, effectively milking Alex’s cock. With no reason to hold back any longer he came almost at the same time as her.

Bubbles collapsed onto the ground and then rolled over onto her back, breathing heavily. What little of her face could be seen through her puppysuit was flushed red.

“Good girl,” said Alex, and he gave her a piece of chicken.

They spent the rest of the afternoon going over more dog commands, although Alex didn’t give Bubbles any more chicken, just lots of praise for doing well. Alex was pretty sure he had her under control Starzbet Güncel Giriş now. There shouldn’t be any problem getting her to do things in the future.

Just when Alex was starting to think about making dinner the doorbell rang. Bubbles ran right to the door and started barking.

“No, Bubbles, go in the bedroom,” said Alex.

She ignored him and continued to bark.

“Bubbles crate!” said Alex.

She ignored him and continued to bark.

“I hear you in there Bubbles,” came a familiar voice.

It was that same courier again. Well there was no point in picking this hill to die on. So much for obedience training. Alex opened the door and Bubbles nearly tackled the courier.

“Oof,” she said, putting down the numerous packages she had with her just in time.

“Hello Bubbles. You’re a good girl aren’t you?”

The courier started petting Bubbles again to her obvious delight.

“You sure get a lot of packages nowadays,” she added, looking up at Alex.

“Bubbles is ordering them,” said Alex. It was only sort of a joke but the courier laughed.

“Sign here,” said the courier, and she gave Bubbles some more love while Alex signed for the packages.

Alex stacked the packages one by one then picked the whole bundle up in his arms. The courier watched him, still petting Bubbles.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking,” said the courier, “if it’s too personal or whatever, but uh…” she trailed off.

“What’s the deal with the puppygirl?” Alex finished for her.

“Yeah,” said the courier. “You know, if you’re comfortable answering.”

“I’m really not sure,” said Alex. “Believe it or not it’s probably not any less weird to me than it is to you.”

“Well, like how did you get started?”

“She followed me home.”

“Haha, no really.”


“Where’d you get the puppysuit?”

“The internet I think. Either Bubbles ordered it or something even weirder than a girl in a latex dog suit is going on.”

“How did she even bring up the idea?”

“Barking mostly. She just kind of showed up and decided she was a dog. The next day you came with a latex dog suit and the rest is history. Baffling, baffling history.”

“So people can just show up at your house and decide to be a petgirl and you just sort of let them?”

“I guess,” said Alex, with a shrug.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying that you’re an odd duck, Mr. Master.”

“That’s not actually my name,” said Alex. “Just what this one was putting on the packages. Please, call me Alex.”

“Sarah,” said the courier.

They shook hands.

“I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you around,” said Sarah.

“Well,” replied Alex, “I do order a lot of packages.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32