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So I just found out that Cheryl planned to launch a new line of Doll House clothing and I was to be the model for a new buyer considering the line. I was excited and trepidatious at the same time. It wouldn’t be the first time I would be outed in public since I had just gone grocery shopping with Alishia that day. In fact, Mr. Green the store owner didn’t even seem concerned when I sucked his cock for delivery and special services. It was the unknown that was the cause of my uncertainty.

The “gig” as we say in the biz, would be in a couple of months. Apparently, the reason for the long delay was since this was a new venture and I was to be the model, they needed time for refits and such. In the meantime, I would continue my daily tasks and learn from my mentor, Alishia. And I learned more than I expected.

It happened one day as per the regular morning routine. We had just finished eating breakfast and as per norm, I had swallowed my pink “vitamin” pill as Alishia took her baby blue one. It was not my place to ask why hers was different from mine.

Cheryl and Tanya left for the day to work at the office. I was busy clearing off the dishes from the large table that we ate breakfast at. Seemed that I was too lazy to go around the table and tried to reach across the span for a spoon. It was then I felt a hand press me down onto the table top. I looked back to see it was Alishia.

“Stay.” She said more of a request than an order. “Cheryl said it was time.”

I remained in place as Alishia took hold of my hem and pulled it up over my hips. She gently took hold of my panties and pulled them down around my ankles. Now on her knees, she used her hands to part my bum cheeks and exposed my hole. A wet tongue gently touched it. I moaned. She slowly increased the hardness and lapping as my moaning became louder and louder. A hand was palming at my aching groin, yet my penis remained flaccid.

Alishia’s pointed tongue pierced through and wriggled about. I had never felt this sensation before and pushed back into my mentor’s face. But what happened next was something I had never thought of. Alishia stopped and rose to her feet. As I turned back to beg her to continue, I watched as she lifted her own skirt up and pulled down her panties. My mouth was agape when I saw Alishia’s beautiful eight-inch, uncut erection.

I wanted it. I needed it. I bit my lips and gave Alishia a teeny, begging nod “yes.”

Alishia rubbed her knob up and down along my crack to lubricate it with her spit. As it ran passed my hole, I whimpered in anticipation. She placed it directly on my back door and paused. I spread my legs as much as I was able to and pushed back against it. Slowly it started to slide in.

“Oh gawd, Alishia! Oh!” I groaned loudly. The head popped through. “Oh yeah! Please give it to me. Put it all the way inside me. Fuck me!”

Slowly, gently but steadily, Alishia pushed herself in until I felt her bump my bum with her hips. I thought to myself “Oh gawd! I can feel it in my belly!”

Alishia withdrew maybe halfway and then pushed herself back in. When I started meeting her back, she increased her rhythm and force until she was slamming it into me. Every time I thought I would cum, Alishia backed off until I was pleading for Bostancı Türbanlı Escort her to make me cum… for her to cum inside me. And she did. And a lot.

This too became part of our regular routine. Maybe not always on the table, but some place in the manor. I’m pretty sure we used every nook and cranny there was.

The time passed quickly. Cheryl had me visit the office for fitting and ensuring the designs met with their criteria before the show.

The morning before the day of, I awoke as normal. Well almost normal. My tummy was all topsy-turvy. With fumbling fingers, I managed to hook on my bra. It felt a little tight, not around my chest but in the cups. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I completely filled out the AAA’s. After putting on my stockings and garters, I pulled up my panties. They easily contain my unerect penis. It was only about a half-inch and mostly foreskin. I dressed in my house uniform and went to wake up Cheryl. I knocked on and opened the bedroom door. Cheryl was already up. She was on her knees behind Tanya who was on her elbows and knees. Cheryl was wearing a nice sized strap-on and was ramming it in and out of Tanya’s gushing cunt.

I waited until they were finished before announcing that breakfast would be ready soon. I then went to help Alishia in the kitchen.

“Ali…” I stopped in mid-stream as I entered.

Alishia was bent over bracing her arms against the counter. Behind her was Mr. Green ramming her ass. Mr. Green apparently made an early morning delivery and I guess Alishia was paying him a tip since I was busy. While Mr. Green’s pants were around his ankles, Alishia had pulled the hem of her dress over her bum to allow him access. A pair of her white cotton panties laid shredded on the floor.

As we all sat for breakfast, Cheryl smiled at me as I was taking my pink pill. “So Andi. Are you all set for today? We have some special things planned for you before you arrive at the office.”

Alishia told me she wold take care of all the dishes and to go change as I was to leave with Cheryl and Tanya today. On my bed was a pretty yellow sundress.

Cheryl had left before us, so I drove together with Tanya. The route she took was unfamiliar based on the previous times I went to the office with them. We stopped in front of a lavish looking shop. The sign said, “The Pamper Spa”.

“A gift from Cheryl.” Tanya told me. “Go in. They’re expecting you.”

I got out from the car, but Tanya remained inside. “Are you not coming in?”

“No, I have things to get ready for later.” Tanya said. “I’ve arranged transport for you when you are done.”

Nervously, I walk through the big welcoming doors. Immediately I was greeted by Nicole, a dark haired receptionist who led me to a private change room. Before she left, she instructed me to disrobe completely and put on the silk kimono wrap.

“Tap! Tap!” Went the change room door a number of minutes later. The voice on the other side called out. “May I come in?”

“Yes!” I just finished tying the obi around my waist.

“Hello, Andi. I am Amber.” The tall, shapely, dark brown haired girl introduced herself to me. “I’ll be your spa companion for today. If you are ready, please come with me.”

I Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort followed her to a different room. It was warm and light with slightly scented candles. Amber untied my obi and helped me slip off the robe. She helped me up onto a massage bed. Face down, Amber covered me with some warmed sheets and blanket before she left. “Toni will give you a relaxing massage.”

Toni was a cute auburn haired RMT with very noticeable large breasts under her tight white tee shirt. She wore no bra. When she was done with my back side, she told me to roll over onto my back. She pulled the sheet down to my belly.

“Oh my!” She gasped slightly. “I apologise for my surprise but your breasts are so cute.”

I watched her lock the door. She removed the rest of the sheet. I laid there naked, not knowing what to do or say. Toni pulled off her tee and shorts. She hopped up on to the table and mounted me. I could feel her hot, wet cunt gnash against my tiny dick. She spread some warmed lotion over my chest and belly. She held my hands above my head and lowered her mouth onto my nipples. Her sucking sent shock waves to my cock and seemed to transmit it into her pussy. She laid her body on mine and used her firm tits to massage the lotion into me.

“Oh my!” She moaned and continued to hump me. “I can feel your tiny cock press against my clit! Yes! Right there! Oh fuck! You’re going to make me C… U… U… Uuuh… Mmmm…!”

Her body spasmed wildly as she orgasmed violently.

After that, Amber led me to a huge, private shower area. I was completely surprised went Amber also stripped down and joined me. She carefully soaped and washed me down paying particular attention to my crotch area. She pulled back the foreskin and cleansed my little knob. A sudsy hand caressed my backside crack. When her finger pressed against my hole, I pushed back. It easily penetrated inside.

Amber pressed and massaged my prostate. I came immediately and my knees buckled. Amber rinsed me off before we entered a huge hot bath tub. She carefully rubbed the silky, fragrant oiled water over me.

I was totally relaxed. There was a knock on the door. Nicole entered. “Ms. Andi. We are ready for you now. Amber will escort you over to the next station.”

In the salon area, the stylist gave me wavy extensions on my hair which had grown long enough. At the same time, the manicurists gave me a mani-pedi. My nail extensions were shaped and painted a vibrant, sparkly red. Make-up was understated but provided me with a very feminine appearance. But the red lipstick really made my lips pop. The sealer really made them shiny and sensual. It would also prevent any smearing. They joke that “… you could suck a horse cock and not ruin your lips!

Since I would be changing clothes at the office, I was given a different kimono robe to cover myself for the trip. I exited the Pamper Spa and found a stretch lime. The driver held the door open, I looked inside to see someone familiar. It was Gretel the office receptionist sent to accompany me. Conversation was polite during the drive. Champaign was poured.

“Did you enjoy yourself at the spa?”

“You look so calm. Aren’t you nervous about today? I would be if I were Bostancı Ucuz Escort you!”

“You look so pretty!”

What she did next kind of surprised me but I thought it was part of Cheryl’s instructions. Gretel reached over and pulled my obi apart. She opened my kimono front and exposed me. Kneeling on the spacious floor of the limo she settled between my thighs. She leaned forward and took my tiny penis into her mouth. “My gawd! She has amazing talent.”

Amazingly, she was able to get me hard although it was only an inch and a half long. I wanted the trip to last forever but I knew it would be about a forty-five minute trip even with traffic. Anyways I only lasted about twenty minutes. I squirted a millilitre of cum out maybe five or six times which she swallowed.

Swallowing the last of my sperm, she licked her shiny lips and told me. “Cheryl instructed me to make sure you didn’t accidentally get excited during the presentation. Also she wanted you to take your pink pill again.”

I washed it down with bubbly.

Suddenly we arrived at the office. I didn’t even notice we had stopped until the driver opened my door. Tanya was there with a knowing smile. I covered myself up quickly and stepped out. “She’s very good at that isn’t she?” Tanya quipped to a James bond video we all watched the other day. “A very cunning linguist!”

We met up with Cheryl in the change room. She smiled at the results from the Spa. When asked, Gretel confirmed that she had taken care of me.

There were a number of outfits for me as well as a staff to help me get dressed. As I observed the rack of clothes, I noticed that some were not my size; others that I know I wasn’t fitted for. I looked quizzically at Cheryl just as three other girls entered.

“Oh! Well we had to get a couple of other (air quotes) girls to help model.” Cheryl told me. “But Andi, you are the star!”

It was decided that I would wear three different outfits while the other three “girls” would wear two each. The first girl, Deana was about five foot ten with long black hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. She would wear some casual clothes and sporty shorts and tops. Gerri was an Asian girl, also with black hair but cut in a short bob. She was only five six. She would wear some bikini wear. Finally Sam or Samantha was a tall, buxom blond who would model some sleepwear.

With my triple A’s, I felt a little intimidated by their sizeable breasts under hidden their robes, but then they stripped off their kimonos. I was very gladdened by the fact that my breasts were natural and that they both had augmentation done.

Dangling between their thighs was a cock. Deana’s would be easily controlled and hidden by her clothes but Gerri’s seven inch erection would not be in her teeny bikini panties nor would Sam’s woody under her flimsy nighties. Gretel got straight to work. We all watched as she dropped to her knees and successfully ensured both Gerri and Sam would remain soft for the show.

My robe was removed so I could dress in my first outfit. The show was to start soon. The staff helped Gerri, Deana, Sam and me get ready. Then the show started.

We really couldn’t hear anything coming from the stage area other than rocking loud music. I was the first to go on. Cheryl introduced me to the unrecognizable audience. “Our first model is Andi.”

As I walked on the short ramp into the bright lights, I could barely see where I was stepping. Even with the loud music I could hear my heels click as I walked. Or maybe it was just the sound of my pounding heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32