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Cock Massage

My thoughts raced a mile a minute as i drove down the roadway. Unable to believe i was finally going to meet my Master tonight. The One who had occupied my on-line life.

Heading to the hotel where i would finally meet You, i remember what You had told me: “When you arrive at the hotel go to the check-in desk… tell them you are my guest and they will give you a key to My room. “

A smile flickers across my face as i pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, at last i was her, my stomach fluttered nervously as i got out of the car reaching in the back for my small bag.

I stopped just outside the doors to the hotel, my mind suddenly flooded with doubt. Should i be here… is this what i want… would You be pleased with me and if not would You send me away? Mentally, i shake myself, reminding me that this is what i wanted, Your reassuring words drifted through my mind as i had expressed these doubts to You the last time W/we chatted “Don’t worry little one, you have already pleased me, meeting you, having you in real life… is the only thing that could please me more than you already have. ” Your words calmed me. As they do now.

Taking a deep breath i reach for the door pulling it open, striding inside i make my way to the desk.

“May I help you?” the clerk asks.

“Yes, you have a guest here… surname Buck, i am His guest” i reply.

“Ah yes,” he says, “handing me the key. The room is down the hall and to your left. ” he says as he smiles and returns to his work.

Taking the key i nervously slide it through my fingers, as i walk towards the room. Standing just outside the door i pause, a shuddering breath passing through me. i quickly slide the key in the lock, my hand trembles as i turn the knob pushing the door open i step inside.

Noticing the time, i realize You will be here soon. Thinking back to the last time W/we talked i remember how i am supposed to greet You. Shrugging my coat off, i hear the soft jingle of the bracelet You sent to me. my fingers gently run over it, the tiny silver bells making a light melodious tune, i trace the flat engraved area looking down at Your name inscribed there: Master Buck.

Moving quickly i put my bag away, hang my coat up. Blushing, i begin to disrobe, lifting my top up over my head, i fold it placing it aside. Slipping my shoes off, placing them out of the way, i hook my thumbs in the waist of my pants pushing them over my hips, legs, till they pool at my feet. i reach down and pick them up folding them, laying them on my top. Clad now only in my bra and thigh high stockings. Reaching behind me, my back arching breasts thrusting forward, i unhook my bra, rolling my shoulders forward the straps slide down my arms joining the growing pile of clothing. Bending over i roll one stocking down my leg slipping it off my foot, i do the same to the other tossing them on the pile. Completely naked except fo the bracelet, i position myself on my knees i rest my buttocks against the heels of my feet, holding my back erect hands resting on my splayed thighs palm side up, eyes lowered.

My ears perk up as i hear the door open. Trembling, i hear You enter the room my eyes flickering slightly wanting to look up and see Your for the first time. i feel You move around me, Your eyes grazing over my body. Your hand reaches down slowly it comes into view, lower it moves brushing over my breasts, my nipples.

“Look at me, littletone,” You tell me.

Slowly my eyes raise, moving upwards over Your body. Finally, i see Your face the one that has haunted my dreams being so near yet so far at the same time. A smile curves my full lush lips.

“Hello, Master. ” the words quiver from my lips.

Chuckling, You respond, ” hello, littletone, I am pleased to see you have followed my instructions very well. “

my face lights up at the praise You give me. Holding Your hand out to me i place mine into it. Your pull me up to my feet. One finger tipping my chin upwards, looking straight into my eyes. Your finger trails down my neck, over my collar bone, between my breasts, a shiver runs through me. Your hands splayed out over my stomach moves lower to my mound fingers lightly running through the hair. A small whimper escapes me, Your fingers teasing me.

Gently You grasp my chin looking deeper in my eyes, “you know tonight this will go, don’t you. “

The tone in Your voice not a questioning one… but one of conviction as W/we both know it will happen. You lead me to the bed, pushing me down onto it, positioning me in a way that my buttocks are at the edge. Your hands rest on my knees spreading them wide. Totally open to You i feel a warmth rise over me. Suddenly, You run one finger up my wet slit brushing my clit. Moaning my hips thrust up, begging for Your touch. You watch my body respond to the quick touch, chuckling, You pat my pussy and walk away.

I can hear You rummaging through a bag, raising up to watch Starzbet You, You turn seeing me straining to see You.

“No, littletone,” You say, “you knew what is coming next, now lay back. “

Sighing softly, i reply “yes Master. “

I lay back looking at the ceiling, just listening, as You move around, setting things here and there. As You move into the next room, i hear water running. Your footsteps tell me You have returned.

“Now you will see how sensual it feels to have your pussy bare,” Your words bring the image to my mind.

my body tenses slightly at Your words. You dip a cloth into the bowl of steaming hot water, wringing it out before placing it over my pussy. my hips press down into the bed, trying to move away from the heat. Your hands caress my thighs gradually relaxing me. Removing the cloth, i hear You moving things around, chuckling to Yourself. Spreading the cool shaving cream over my mound, i gasp and squirm at the sudden coolness.

“No, what did I tell you?” You ask, not giving me the chance to reply You continue, “in order to do this you must remain completely still. “

“Yes Master,” i reply “i will not move again. “

“Ah, but littletone I cannot take that chance. “

Your movements quick and precise, You lean over grabbing one ankle restraining it to the leg of the bed, doing the same to the other. my legs now pulled wider than they were before. You move around the bed bringing a strap up over the edge of the bed, slipping it under one thigh, buckling it tight. Further up You move reaching for one wrist pulling it upwards across the bed til it is stretched taut, cuffing it there. Walking to the other side You do the same restraining my thigh and wrist.

“There that should keep you still, littletone. ” You say with a devilish laugh.

Walking to the foot of the bed You kneel between my legs. i feel one hand slide up my thigh to the junction pulling the skin there taut. Slowly, carefully You scrape the razor across the tender skin. Your hand tugging and pulling my skin as You guide the razor over it, removing every strand of hair. Taking the damp cloth wiping my pussy clean. You slip one finger between my wet lips. Your thumb glides over the smoothness of the outer lips. i lay gasping my head rolling back and forth, the freshly shaved area sensitive increasing the sensation ten times over.

Chuckling softly, You slide Your hand up over my stomach rising as You do so , muscles flinching as higher You move taunting me, teasing me. Cupping one breast Your finger and thumb grab a nipple pinching it, rolling it. my nipple hardening under Your ministrations. Your head lowers taking the nipple gently into Your mouth, flicking it with Your tongue. my body arching up under Your mouth twisting and straining against the bonds. Reaching over You grab, pinch, and twist the other nipple.

“Ooohhhh plleeaaasssee,” i moan.

Pulling back from my breast, “please what?” You ask smiling. Your hand still manipulating one breast, my lips tremble trying to form a response, “M-m-maaster i neeed… “the words tumble from my mouth, unable to complete the thought.

“littletone, i know what you need, now relax,” You tell me, a gleam of wickedness in Your eyes.

Abruptly, You leave me, striding across the room. Pulling out a bag i had not noticed before. Reaching into it You pull out a group of long chains the ends lightly clinking together.

Turning back to face me You hold the chains dangling from Your fingers, my eyes sweep shut as i see what You hold: silver chains with clamps at the ends. Quickly, You move to the bed, laying the chains on my stomach, the muscles twitching as the cold metal is laid down. Picking one chain up by the clamp You grab and pinch my nipple, making it strain further out, as You pull upwards on it til my breast is upright supported by my nipple in Your fingers, sliding the clamp on it quickly. Sucking in a deep breath, i look down at the clamp piercing my flesh. my attention temporarily diverted, You grasp the other nipple, clamping it as well. Straightening Yourself, admiring the work, You tug the chain.

“Ooooohhhhh, Master” i moan, as the clamps bite further into my skin at the slight tug.

A small wicked grin on Your face, as You pick up another chain, letting it glide over my stomach, my muscles fluttering, trailing it lower it moves over my freshly shaven pussy. Pushing one finger in between the moist lips grasping one lip, attaching the clamp, wrapping the chain around my thigh securing it. Grabbing the last chain, You pinch the other lip affixing the clamp to it wrapping the chain around my other thigh clasping it tightly. i shiver, as the cool air brushes over my damp, widespread pussy.

Your hands glide over my body tugging the chain that connects my nipples, watching as i arch up off the bed moaning, You trail Your fingers down over my stomach, lower over the newly Starzbet Giriş shaved skin. Halting Your movements fingers mere centimeters away from my clit. Our gazes connect, my breathing harsh, You suddenly stretch Your fingers out brushing over my throbbing clit, drawing a deep throaty moan from me. A slow smile plays over Your lips as You slap my clit before moving away. Leaving me there to writhe and twist against my bonds. Seemingly from a distance, i hear You rummage through the bag, not knowing what You have until You turn showing what has been picked out, a large butt plug almost 3″ around at the base. Moving towards the bed once again, i see it glisten under the soft lights, covered with lube. One hand holding the plug, Your other hand reaches out, stroking Your fingers up and down the length of my wet slit, sliding the plug into my ass. Laying there as it slides into me, it opening me further than i ever have been before, my eyes sweep shut as i take a deep breath enduring the small pain as it slips fully into me, my hips wiggling slightly. my eyes shooting wide open as the pain gives way to pleasure. my gaze locking onto Your now naked form, groaning at the sight of You. Lifting my head up off the bed to look at You, seeing You for the first time, taking in the sight of your hard throbbing cock. Grasping it firmly at the base You trace the tip around my clit. my head drops back against the bed as sparks of pleasure shoot through me. Slowly you continue to tease me taking me higher and higher. The swollen tip of your cock brushing against my wetness. my inner muscles clenching and unclenching yearning to be filled by You. Slowly, so slowly You push Your hard cock into me, stretching, filling me. Sobbing in frustration i beg for You to bring me to orgasm. You continue to thrust in and out of me at a leisurely pace, my body jerking helplessly against Yours wanting a faster harder rhythm as i feel Your cock glide in and out of me rubbing against the plug embedded deep in my ass. Clamps tugging at my nipples with every thrust, sweeping every coherent thought from my mind. Whimpering, Your name over and over again, straining against the bonds that hold me to the bed unable to touch you… feel you. Your hands slide under my ass lifting it, You move faster, harder against me, grasping my ass Your fingers pushing against the plug.

my body tenses arching up off the bed, sobbing yes, yes, yes over and over again, my pussy clamping down around Your hard cock, as You continue to thrust hard and deep, pushing me over the edge as i cry out. i fall limply to the bed as You continue to stroke in and out of me, my body covered in sweat, Your strokes become shorter, faster as You near the edge, tightly gripping my ass You pound in and out of my pussy, my eyes widening as i feel You swell inside of me, hearing You groan as a shudder racks Your body. Your cum coating the inside of my pussy drives me over the edge once more. Reluctantly i feel You pull away from me.

“littleone, you did very well for O/our first time,” you say in a quiet tone.

“Thank You Master,” i say my voice shaking.

Your hands slide from my ass around to the clamps on my lips gently removing them, a small gasp escaping me as i feel them removed. Tossing them on to the bed, You remove the straps just above my knees, moving down to my ankles releasing them. Upwards You move quickly but tenderly removing the clamps from my nipples, moaning as they are taken off small shivers running through me as my nipples throb the blood flow returning. Working Your way to my wrists undoing the binds there. i move to get up off the bed, You chuckle pushing me back down.

“I am not done yet littleone,” You tell me.

i look up to You slightly confused, You just laugh moving to Your bag pulling out a remote-controlled vibrating egg. You lean over spreading my still swollen lips pushing the egg deep inside, turning the remote on low, satisfied when my body spasms from the vibrations deep within me. i growl deep in my throat as the egg vibrates against the plug sending waves of pleasure through me.

You reach into my bag pulling my nightie out, handing it to me. i look at you curiously as i don the gown, wondering what You are planning now. Watching as You go the little refrigerator pulling out a soda You look around the room, eyes lighting up slightly as You spot the ice bucket. You look back and forth from me to the ice bucket…

“littleone, it would seem W/we have no ice in the room,” You say to me.

“No, Master, W/we don’t i will get some for You,” i offer.

i stand moving to the bathroom grabbing one of the robes and sliding it on…

“littleone, what are you doing?” You inquire.

“Master, i am going to get the ice You want” i reply

“Yes, littleone, but why the robe?” You ask as an evil grin crosses Your face.

“ummmmm… well… i thought since i was leaving the room, Master, Starzbet Güncel Giriş that i should… ” You cut me off in mid-sentence. “If I wanted you to have the robe littleone I would have said so. “

“Yes, Master,” i say.

“Now, take the robe back off and go get the ice, the machine is not far littleone just down the hall a bit. ” You are still wearing the evilest of grins as You say this.

i look down at the short nightie i have on, and can feel the egg vibrating still, the plug’s base spreading the cheeks of my ass. Looking back up at You, You notice what i am concerned about. You reach over for the ice bucket handing it to me. i swallow hard, taking the bucket making my way to the door, You walking close behind me reaching out to pat my ass making sure Your hand taps the end of the plug causing a soft moan to escape me. You reach around me grabbing the handle and opening the door for me. i look at You pleadingly one last time as i step towards the opening, cautiously putting on foot out the door. You continue to smile at me watching as i head out the door, i look over my shoulder seeing you lean against the doorjamb watching as i walk down the hall clad only in my nightie that barely reaches the bottom of my buttocks.

my eyes widen as i see a guy walking down the hall towards me with an ice bucket in his hands also. my head turns back over my shoulder only to see You motioning on with Your hands for me to keep going, taking a deep breath i continue down the hallway quickly moving into the refreshment area. Figuring if i move fast enough i might not run into the other guy at all, hands fumbling as i bend slightly to put the bucket under the dispenser, it falls from my hands. Giving no thought to my attire i bend at the waist to pick it up, blushing a deep red as i hear a sharp intake of breath from behind me. He walks up behind me and runs His hands over my ass. i grab the bucket off the floor quickly and shove it under the dispenser, standing up straight not turning to face the stranger behind me. i push the button letting the ice slide down the chute into the bucket spine stiffening as i feel him move closer to me, his hot breath on my neck.

i grab the bucket firmly in my hands turning to leave almost running him right over, stumbling through an apology, he moves even closer forcing me to take a step back.

“Pplease, Sir let me pass… ” my voice no louder than a whisper.

He chuckles, “I’m not too sure I want to after that lovely view i just stumbled upon. “

“Pppplease, i need to get back to the room,” i plead with him.

“Not just yet, I want to ask you why you are roaming the hallways -dressed- as you are, and i use that word to cover all that you are wearing and that fun little toy i got a quick peek at. I will let you go then. ” He smiles, watching her face blanche.

“Well… ummmmm… iiiiii… hmmmmm,” she takes a deep breath, “it’s like this i am with my Master for the very first time and He asked me to go for some ice dressed as i was. ” she lets her breath out in a big whoosh as she finishes her short explanation.

“Wow, that was kind of a quick explanation but does answer the why. ” He smiles down at her.

Leaning forward he brushes his chest against hers setting the ice bucket down on the table behind her, he reaches down and slides one hand between her legs feeling how wet she is, the other hand sliding down over her ass fingertips pressing against the plug. she turns a light shade of pink as he finds how wet she is.

“Ppppplease, you said i could go if i told you why and i have, let me go please?” she whimpers softly, not sure if she is even convincing herself that she wants to leave.

He steps aside letting her pass, slowly she walks past him turning to look at him once more before taking off quickly down the hall handing the bucket to her Master as she steps safely inside the room. Just then the phone rings, He walks over answering it, laughing the whole time He is on the phone. Hanging the phone up He turns to her and offers her His real collar for her to wear when she is able to.

“littleone, it would make me so proud to have you wear my collar, fully making you Mine. you have completed the one task i thought you might not all to please me and for that this collar is your reward and justly so. ” He finishes with a gentle smile.

her eyes well up with tears, honored by His gesture she kneels before Him sweeping her hair up in one hand lifting it off her neck. her body trembling as He places the collar around her neck, she hears it snap together and let her hair down. Wrapping her arms tightly around Him hugging Him and kissing Him.

“Thank You, Master, i will cherish this moment forever. The moment i was given Your collar one of the brightest in my life. ” Tears stream down her face as she speaks.

He gathers her in His arms, takes her to the bed laying her down on it. He caresses up the insides of her thighs, reaching the juncture He removes the egg setting it on the nightstand next to the bed. He moves to lay next to her curling His body around hers as He pulls her close to Him settling T/them both in for a good night’s rest, T/their hearts, minds and souls one now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32