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Lori — fighting some embarrassment herself — let her bathrobe slip to the floor. “Ooooh,” Minx called out delightedly. “Cute panties, girl! I love yellow!”

“Peter goes nuts for panties,” Lori explained, pouring more wine for her and Peter. She was beginning to get a good buzz on.

“Does he now?” Minx breathed. “Suppose I don’t need this, then,” she continued, dropping her bra to the floor. Her gorgeous breasts, tipped by the tiniest, pinkest nipples Lori had ever seen, bobbed happily, reveling in their freedom.

Peter’s cock jumped to attention. Tossing his bathrobe aside, he walked to Lori, took a sip from his wine and kissed her passionately, as if all there was left in the world was this kiss, or oblivion. The world receded away from her as she sank into a stupor of desire for his touch, his presence, his maleness. They kissed deeply for about five minutes, exploring each other’s hot, moist mouths while Minx slowly danced to some music in her head. The sensuality of the moment was making Lori dizzy.

Eventually Peter — his cock as rock-hard as Lori had ever seen it — turned to Minx and whispered something in her ear. “Really?” Minx wondered. “Then what?” Peter added something, causing her to raise her eyebrows. “If you say so, Peter.” She shrugged and braced herself on the bar counter, pushing her ass out toward him. Her legs were tightly closed.

Peter dropped to his knees, peeled down Minx’s black thong slightly. She watched, smiling gently.

Her brain clouded by a mist of alcohol and desire, Lori watched Peter pull Minx’s athletic ass cheeks apart, and begin to slide his wet tongue over her anus, over and over. Minx moaned in approval. “Oh yeah, big guy, there you go …”

As Peter began also licking Minx’s panties, Lori’s clit suddenly sent out a ripple of hot jabs. She realized she’d had a hand in her panties, playing with herself as if her life depended on it. Jagged bolts of sensation were shooting all through her groin.

Minx spread her legs as a faraway look came over her eyes. “Taste my pussy, Peter. Go ahead, now!”

Peter moved his head between Minx’s legs and licked her panties, from her clit to as far back as he could go in that position. Minx grunted delightedly. When he pulled her thong out of the way, exposing her smoothly shaved pussy, Minx added, “Come on now.” Her hair hid her eyes, but she left it alone, focused on other things.

Lori, overcome by the sight of her hubby’s head between this gorgeous blonde’s legs, collapsed onto a barstool with a moan. Her hand had stopped moving a while back, but incredibly, the very idea that she was eight feet from a beautiful blonde who was beginning to dig being eaten by Peter kept pushing her brain’s stimulation higher and higher. With a surprised grunt, Lori watched herself gush cum through her panties.

Minx looked back, approving. “Oh yeah, girl, go!”

Lori slid off the barstool, realized she was still cumming. With a shocked groan she lowered herself to the hardwood floor. “Omigod,” she breathed through clenched teeth. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Minx humping Peter’s face. “Oh no,” she groaned, as she could feel her insides get hot and hotter again. “How can I keep –?” Cum literally shot out of her with the force of a waterfall. Groaning she collapsed onto her back on the floor, casino siteleri her world contracting to the singular desire to experience this lust, over and over.

Minx looked down to her in astonishment. “My goodness, Peter,” she said. “Your wife has the biggest hard-on I’ve ever seen — she is seriously turned on.”

Peter came over, his long, frizzy dark hair thrown around his head wildly. His bright eyes smiling at her, he said, “I think it’s time we put you on something soft.” He kissed her, stuck his tongue into her mouth as far as it would go. Lori tasted him, but also Minx’s pussy, and a hint of Lavender. Hungrily she tried to absorb his tongue, tried to merge with the sensations of desire that overcame her. She’d always considered herself straight, with the idea of being close to a woman’s pussy a complete turn-off. For no reason she understood, very occasionally — when she and Peter gently injected the idea into their sexplay — it had the opposite effect, turning her orgasms into bone-jarring, screaming affairs driven by feelings of lust so pure she hardly recognized them.

This was rapidly turning into one of those moments.

Minx helped her up, and together they made their way to the king-size bed.

“Lay down on your back, Peter,” Minx suggested, sweeping hair out of her bangs. “Not too close to the wall.” He did as she suggested, propping his head up on a couple of pillows. His cock stood straight up, pre-cum oozing freely. Lori figured wrily that he must have overcome his embarrassment at some point. In fact, if she didn’t know any better she might have pointed out that it was possible Peter’s cock was the biggest she had ever seen. How interesting!

Lori pulled off her panties, climbed up onto the bed. “My initial idea was to have you sit on his face, with me riding his cock,” Lori told Minx. “But now I really need him to eat me. Do you mind sliding down onto him?”

Minx smiled, ripping open a packaged condom. “Not at all, honey; it’s part of the full-service agreement.”

“Throw me your panties too, please,” Lori said, grinning.

“Oh God … ” groaned Peter.

“You know what’s coming, don’t you?” said Lori, deftly catching Minx’s black thong. As Lori watched Minx roll the condom over Peter’s cock, her insides threatened to ignite again. Pushing these feelings down ruthlessly — just for the moment — she balled up their two panties and dangled them a few inches over Peter’s face.

“What have we here?” she wondered. “I came into these yellow ones, and Minx was wearing hers while you were eating her pussy.”

“Oh God … ” Peter groaned, his eyes glazing over.

“You want to smell them, don’t you?” Lori continued ruthlessly. “You want to lick these panties, these panties that have our pussies all over them … “

Peter’s head was rolling back, his whole body tensing. Lori shoved her face close to his. “Oh no, you don’t!” she demanded. “Come back here, you fucker …!” Turning to Minx, she added quietly, grinning broadly, “See how easy it is?”

“Come back here, Peter,” Lori urged him gently. “I haven’t sat down on your face yet; Minx is nowhere near your cock. You need to come back down so you can watch Minx slide down onto your cock.”

“Okay … ” Peter panted, straining to get control over himself. “Okay … “

Despite amerikan ruleti her obvious amusement at the plight she had put Peter in, Lori was intensely aroused by the sight of the incredibly fit Minx now slowly lowering herself down onto the length of Peter’s cock. “Oh yeah,” Minx added delightedly. “That’s better. Now we’re cooking with gas!” Her breasts jiggled gently as she slowly settled in around Peter’s cock. “Oh yeah.” Minx sounded extremely pleased.

Peter’s mouth was open, his head thrown back again. A continuous groan slowly crept from his lips.

“Hey, Peter,” Lori called to him. “Focus, please. How does she feel?”

It took Peter a moment to get control of himself, but he eventually replied, “She feels … tight. Wet, but still … tight.”

“I’ve been told that,” Minx added happily, sweeping hair off her bangs that fell back into place instantly. She began riding Peter’s cock with a slow but steady rhythm. “You feel good inside me, Peter, I have to say … “

Unable to keep her own lust in check any longer, Lori climbed up onto Peter’s face, whimpering softly to herself. Holy shit, Minx was a hottie!

Peter’s strong hands grasped her ass tightly and shoved her pussy onto his chin as far as it would go. Lori moaned contentedly as his tongue began washing through her labia, occasionally flicking her clit mischieviously. “Oh baby,” Peter’s voice came up to her, muffled. “Sweetie, you taste incredible.”

As Lori rode her husband’s face with abandon, she became aware that Minx was humping him faster and faster. Little grunts of enjoyment began coming from behind her, coinciding with the noises of Minx’s ass and pussy slapping down onto Peter with ever increasing speed and force. Could it be that Minx was enjoying herself? Was it possible?

Lori braced her arms against the wall, glanced back at Minx.

Her soft, blond hair thrown wildly about her head, Minx rode Peter’s cock as if it was the last time she would ever get to do it. She lifted herself all the way up, so that his head was just outside her sopping pussy entrance, and then slammed herself down onto his pelvis. She repeated this over and over, faster and faster. It seemed to Lori that she had forgotten all about them, that her world had contracted to simply riding Peter’s cock, over and over.

“Oh God,” Minx moaned. “Urmmnh … oh yeah ….” Her firm breasts would have flown off her chest if they hadn’t been attached. “Oh yeah … oh yeah …!” Minx cried huskily, completely abandoned to the moment.

Lori looked at Peter eating her pussy, her eyes glazing over. She could feel herself climbing toward orgasm, needed the wall for support. Her legs squeezed shut around Peter’s head; he drove his tongue up inside her hot, moist pussy hole and kept it there. “Duhh … ohh …!” She tried to catch her breath but something was preventing her from breathing.

In a delightful confusion of signals, Lori’s brain triggered a trembling orgasm that had her clawing the wall. Incredibly, her straining body responded by releasing a geyser of cum that gushed straight into Peter’s face. She screamed, every nerve in her body gasping for breath. Peter shoved himself up into her with an intensity of purpose that pushed her overloaded pleasure centers even higher.

“Omigod,” Minx avrupa ruleti called out. “Omigod, she’s turned on! Look at her fucking go!”

Lori bucked, screamed, threw herself into the wall for support. She was way beyond any point where she might have retained some control, to come back down a little, to not flay her hyper-stimulated nerves to the breaking point. Her imagination was inside Minx’s panties; inside her own panties; inside Peter’s tongue as he ate her gushing pussy. She screamed again, hammering the wall. Her body flowed a river of hot cum all over Peter’s face.

Minx suddenly stopped humping Peter, her mouth hanging open and her own muscles tensing. “Omigod, girl, what are you doing to me? What’re you –!” She slowly tightened up, her arms looking as though they might squeeze off her own tits. She slowly toppled off Peter’s cock, and collapsed onto the bed, her back and legs arching.

“Hmmm …!” she groaned, her own orgasm overtaking her. She lay shuddering on her side, her moans muffled by the bed spread.

Lori was only dimly aware of Minx collapsing in an orgasmic heap. Her awareness had fixed onto the continuously cycling thought of the scent of her and Minx’s panties. Through a haze of lust and emotion she realized their two panties were still laying next to Peter’s head, where she had dropped them.

Whimpering with urgent need, she groped for and found them. She shoved them under her nose — held them with her teeth — and her body re-ignited like a rocket. The scent of her own cum mixed with the lavender of Minx’s freshly showered pussy, drove her brain into a realm of overdriven lust that threatened to split her head open. Lori screeched in astonishment, pounded her fists against the wall, began screaming in earnest. Her eyes pinned wide open, and her body locked into an uncontrollable loop of orgasm, she toppled off Peter’s face.

She shuddered, screamed, came; shuddered, screamed, came. All the world was gone; she was pure, crystalline lust distilled onto the head of a single nerve.

After her screams faded to moans, and those to whimpers, she realized she was laying on her back, her legs straight up in the air. Peter was thrusting his granite cock into her, using her raised legs to steady himself. “I gotta cum in you, baby,” he breathed huskily. “I gotta cum in you …!” Minx was laying next to her, sliding her own fingers in and out of her sweet, tight pussy contentedly.

As Peter humped himself closer and closer to his own orgasm, Lori remembered why they were here. She smiled sweetly at her husband, and urged him, “Oh yeah, sweetie, come on …! Are you fucking me with the same cock that was inside Minx? You know how much that turns me on?”

Peter’s humping slowed as his eyes glazed over. His head slowly tipped back.

Suddenly Lori pushed him off of her. “What –! What are –?” Peter stammered, his eyes blinking rapidly. He collapsed forward onto the bed, groaning desperately.

Lori pulled her soaked panties on, tossed Minx’s underwear up to her. “We have just enough time for a quick drink in the lobby,” Lori suggested. “If we hurry.”

Minx laughed. “Always. Well, okay, not always … but this one time, for sure!” She hurried back into her clothes.

As Lori pulled on her clothes and shoes, Peter lay on the bed, his massive hard-on pointing straight up at the ceiling. “Are you insane?” he gibed them. “Come back here! The two of you are joking, right?”

As her and Minx walked out the door, Lori turned back to Peter. “We aren’t joking. What we are, is … even.” Grinning contentedly, she pulled the door shut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32