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Synopsis: Damien is looking forward to a relaxing weekend free from his abusive father, but things quickly take a downward turn when he’s kidnapped and wakes up in a confusingly elegant room and learns that his life is about to change forever.

After a confusing few hours of fear and pleasure he collapsed, and now wakes up to find himself met with new challenges and new people that aren’t as bad as they first seem.

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. This story contains themes forced feminization, transsexuals and soft non-consentual acts. This story is a work of fantasy.


Part 2: Sophia

I snapped my eyes open in a panic as the events of the previous day crashed into my mind like an out-of-control train. I expected to be back on that awful couch with Lain staring at me but to my surprise I found myself looking into the adorable eyes of a soft-toy kitten, its chubby body resting on a pillow. After blinking a few times I sat up to find that, to my immense relief, I was completely alone in a huge bedroom, snuggled in the silky purple blankets of a black four-poster bed that was far too large for me. Dark pink sheets were loosely wrapped around its poles and along the top frames, making me wonder wonder whose bed this was. It was beautiful, the kind of bed you’d see in a princess’s bedroom, and I felt completely out of place. Was this Lain’s bed?


I shuddered as I clutched at my head, a confusing mix of emotions coursing through me. Lain was terrifying but she hadn’t hurt me, and the feel of her hands and mouth against my body were still etched in my mind. Not to mention the blowjob Tegan had given me. Holy shit…I’d never experienced anything so good in my life. Just thinking about it made my body burn with desire and I swallowed, pushing my legs together under the covers. I really wanted her to do that again, or even just hug me. The sensation of her body pressed against mine while she kissed me, her hands grabbing my body…they’d been almost as good as the blowjob.

I squeaked and rolled around in the bed, clutching a pillow to my chest. Augh! I needed to stop thinking about how good last night had felt. I’d been kidnapped, remember? This wasn’t a good situation! I didn’t want to be a girl or a prostitute, and while I had no idea what the training they kept mentioning would entail I couldn’t imagine it’d be pleasant. I needed to get the hell out of here as soon as possible.

How though? I still had the shock collar on and apparently I was underground, beneath a mansion? There’d definitely be security but I had no idea what form it’d take. I needed to learn as much as I could and now seemed like the best time to start. Nobody else was around and if this really was Lain’s bedroom then there’d have to be something useful in here, even if it was just something that’d give me more information about the kind of person she was. Any bit of knowledge was helpful.

I sat up and focused on the room. It was just as elegant as the bed, with a fluffy pink carpet and creamy white walls adorned with paintings of beautiful women in stunning dresses similar to what Lain had worn the other night. There were two doors, one on the wall opposite the bed and one to the right, next to a large vanity. A huge walk-in wardrobe took up the entire left wall and its sliding doors were mirrored, allowing me to glimpse my reflection. I blinked as I realized I was wearing the pink dress from last night and got up to get a better look.

It was actually a silk nightie, one that hugged the curves of my body and ended mid-way down my thighs. It felt amazing, warm and silky against my skin, and when I moved it brushed against my thighs and butt in a way that reminded me of Lain’s gloved fingers. I blushed and lifted up the front to find I was wearing white panties tight enough to keep my genitals mostly squished from sight. My blush deepened and I quickly brushed the nightie back down, feeling like I’d accidentally seen up a girls skirt. But I hadn’t, this was my body…

I looked like a shy, cute little girl who’d just woken up, her blonde hair brushed to the side while her huge blue eyes narrowed slightly, still bleary from sleep. The slim body and slight curves that my clothes always hid were on full display and emphasized by the snugness of the nightie. I didn’t look like a boy wearing a girls nightdress, I just looked like a girl. Completely different to the weird-looking boy in oversized clothes that I normally looked like.

My heart skipped a beat as I tugged at the sides of the nightie. I didn’t…dislike this. I looked good! My body wasn’t overly feminine but my face was and combined with the nightie nobody would ever think I was a boy. Looking like this, nobody would rudely question my sex and then potentially get violent when I answered them. They’d just see a cute girl, not…me.

No, that’s not right. That cute girl was me, just not how I usually looked like. For some reason my chest squeezed at that thought and a weirdly comforting Bostancı Öğrenci Escort feeling washed over me.

And then it died as I remembered something dad had said to me years ago, shortly after mum’s passing.

“There’s nothing more shameful than a man looking and acting like a woman.”

I winced as a thick wave of self-disgusted ran through me. My knees trembled as I clutched at my head again, a small ache starting to form at my temples. Jesus…what the hell was wrong with me? I shouldn’t be happy about looking like this. I was a man! I needed to get a grip. Dad would probably kill me if he saw me dressed like this.

A sharp knock came from the door opposite the bed and I spun around to see Tegan enter, dressed in the maids outfit from last night but with her blonde hair hanging loosely around her slim shoulders. I blushed and took a step back as memories of her kneeling down in front of me invaded my mind, her smile as she touched my penis and then put it in my mouth. It’d been so…warm…

‘Oh, you’re up!’ She gave me a warm smile came over, the door closing shut behind her. ‘Perfect. How are you feeling?’

‘I’m fine,’ I muttered, shivering as her peachy perfume permeated the room, ‘w-where am I? Is this Lain’s bedroom?’

‘What?’ She let out a soft laugh, ‘No, silly. This is your room.’

I looked at her in surprise. ‘This is mine? You’re going to keep me in here?’

‘It’s nice isn’t it?’ She looked around the room before beaming at me. ‘You look adorable in that nightie, by the way. It really suits you. For a girl-‘

Her words sparked that self-disgust I was feeling and anger consumed me. ‘Stop calling me a girl! I’m a boy and my name’s Damien. Not Lily!’

Tegan frowned and took a step closer, ‘Please don’t raise your voice at me.’

‘Then stop calling me a girl,’ I growled, feeling far more confident without Lain’s terrifying presence looming over me.

Tegan grimaced, ‘Lily-‘



‘Damien!’ I snarled, crossing my arms and glaring at her.

She narrowed her eyes for a moment before sighing and walking past me to the bed, where she sat down and neatened up the sheets I’d disturbed before. When she was done she patted the spot next to her and looked at me with a softer expression.

‘Why don’t we talk for a moment?’ She picked up the kitten and smiled at it. ‘We didn’t have the best of introductions last night, did we? I made th-‘

‘I don’t want to talk to you,’ I snapped as I walked over to the door she’d come in from, but to my annoyance it was locked, ‘I want to get out of this horrible place.’

‘Please don’t fight with me,’ she said, ‘I’m here to help you.’

‘H-help me?’ I choked, spinning around to stare incredulously at her. ‘You and Lain kidnapped me! How could you possibly help me? Are you going set me free?’

‘Of course not. That would be the opposite of helping,’ she muttered and I gritted my teeth, focusing on her collar.

‘What are you, anyway? Are you a slave like me?’

‘I’m not a slave, and neither are you,’ she held up a hand as I began to angrily reply, ‘but, yes. A few years ago I was in the same situation you are now, so believe me when I say that I understand what you’re going through.’

I hadn’t expected that and was silent for a moment. ‘Are you a…uh…transgirl?’

‘No, I was born a girl,’ she raised an eyebrow and lifted the edge of her dress a bit, showing more of her white stocking-clad thighs, ‘would you like to see?’

‘N-no!’ I squeaked as my heart skipped a beat, memories of her body pushing against me clouding my mind. I shook my head clear and focused on her eyes. ‘Why are you helping Lain then if she’s keeping you here?’

‘She’s not keeping me here,’ Tegan said and I gasped as she undid her collar and held it up to me, ‘it’s not a shock collar or anything, it’s just proof that I belong to her. I find it…comforting…to wear.’

‘W-huh?’ I stared at her bare neck with wide eyes as my brain tried to process what she’d just said. ‘You’re free? Then why are you still here? Why haven’t you gone to the police and told them about this place?’

‘Because this is my home, and I love Lain,’ she said in a soft voice, her eyes becoming distant. ‘I’d never do anything to hurt her, or this place.’

I blinked at her and scratched my head. ‘That’s…you’re…crazy.’

‘I might be,’ she gave me a sad smile and shrugged, ‘but, I’m happy here, more so than I’ve ever been in my life. This is the first place that I’ve ever felt at home and I can’t imagine I’ll feel the same outside.’

‘You feel at home here?’ My curiosity got the better of me and I moved closer to her, brimming with questions. ‘What about your actual home? You were kidnapped, right? Don’t you miss it?’

‘Miss my home?’ her voice abruptly lost all emotion and she swallowed. ‘When I was fifteen my family kicked me out for getting pregnant and I spent the next few years on the streets, with the last words Bostancı Çıtır Escort from my mother being that she hoped she never saw me again. So no, I don’t miss my home.’ Her voice trembled for a moment and she bowed her head, holding the kitten tight to her chest. ‘I…do miss the child I lost though, but I…I can’t do anything about that…’

‘O-oh,’ at a loss for words, ‘I’m…sorry.’

‘It’s okay. That was nearly a decade ago now,’ she shook herself and turned her eyes back to me, ‘so yes, Lain did “kidnap” me but I much prefer being here than homeless, or with my family.’

‘What about the brothel though?’ I asked. ‘Do you work there? Don’t you hate that?’

Her eyes darkened and a snarl played on her lips, ‘No. The men I see now are far less…violent…than the men I saw while homeless.’

I swallowed, my mind recoiling from the implications of what she’d just said, but they were impossible to ignore and after a moment I found my voice.

‘I-If you’ve been through so much bad stuff then why are you helping Lain? You know what she’s going to do to me, and there are other girls here, right?’ I swallowed and clutched at the sides of the nightie. ‘Isn’t that the same as like…what happened to you while homeless?’

‘No,’ she raised an eyebrow and her voice became stern, ‘I won’t pretend that what we’re going to do to you isn’t wrong, but there’s a world of difference between this and what I went through while homeless. You’ll find that out soon enough.’

I just stared at her. What was there to say to that? A swell of pity rose inside me looked away. I couldn’t even imagine how horrible her life must have been. How old was she? She looked early twenties, so she’d been here for like six years maybe? And never once tried to run away or contact the police?

A knock at the door startled me out of my thoughts and Tegan got off the bed, her usual smile back on.

‘That’ll be Sophia with your food,’she said as she went to the door and pulled a black smartphone out of her dress.

My heart skipped a beat and I backed away as Tegan reached the door. A stranger was coming here? What the hell! They were going to see me in the nightie! I climbed onto the bed and hugged a pillow to my chest to try to hide my body, then focused on Tegan as she unlocked the door. She used the smart phone to do so, tapping on it a few times to cause the door to swing open with a small click. I grimaced at that, knowing that it was going to make getting out of here on my own extremely difficult.

‘Hey Sophia,’ Tegan said and stepped back to let in a girl just slightly shorter than her, ‘you’re early.’

‘I know, I’m sorry,’ Sophia said as she entered, holding a black tray with a steaming bowl balanced on it, ‘but the kitchen gave me the food early and I didn’t want it to get cold.’

She turned to look curiously at me and I returned her gaze. She was of Asian descent with glossy black hair that reached her shoulders and a neat fringe that finished just above her eyelashes. Her milky complexion was like mine but much smoother, seeming to almost shine along with her emerald eyes, and her face was beautiful just like everyone else in this mansion. A small nose, plump lips and large almond eyes brimming with confidence.

‘Just put it over there,’ Tegan said, gesturing to a desk along the same wall as the door then turning to smile at me, ‘why don’t you two say hi?’

Sophia nodded, putting the tray down and then turning to smile at me. She was wearing some kind of school uniform, a pink plaid skirt with a fitted white shirt that had the first few buttons undone to show a small amount of cleavage nestled in a lacy black bra. It looked great on her lithe body and her knee-high socks showed off long, shapely legs. There was a collar on her neck exactly like mine though and I wondered if she was in the same position I was.

‘Hello,’ she curtsied, ‘it’s great to meet you, Lily.’

‘H-hi,’ I said as I studied her, not sure how to react.

Her smile widened as I started at her in silence and she came over to the bed. ‘You’re so cute. This is your first day, right?’

‘Yeah,’ I swallowed and focused on her collar, ‘are you…like me?’

Her eyes flicked to the side for a moment before she nodded. ‘Yes. I was taken here against my will and…corrected.’

My stomach ran cold, ‘Corrected? Are you a boy?’

‘No,’ her eyes shone with a smile, ‘but I was.’

‘She was quite troublesome during her first month,’ Tegan said as she put her hands around Sophia’s neck, making the smaller girl moan and nuzzle against her shoulder, ‘but she’s come so far since then. Why don’t you show her proof of who you are, sweetie?’

‘Huh?’ I blinked as Lily nodded and grabbed the front of her skirt, ‘wait, I don’t-

My voice died as Lily lifted up her skirt to reveal a pair of black satin panties, showing off her milky, curved thighs and wide hips. They also revealed a bulge that started to grow as I stared at it. My Bostancı Elit Escort stomach squirmed with desire and I felt the hot flush of arousal swirl around my body. Oh my god…she was beautiful, even with a penis. Maybe even more-so because of it. Why did I find that attractive?

‘She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?’ Tegan breathed, running her hands along Sophia’s arms before grabbing the insides of her thighs and making her gasp. ‘You’ll be like her one day.’

‘Tegan…’ Sophia moaned and leaned back into the maid, ‘are we going to have sex? Here?’

‘No, we need to get Lily dressed and fed,’ Tegan said in a reluctant voice, removing her hands, ‘but maybe when we’re done you could have some fun with her. Lain won’t be expecting her for another twenty minutes.’

‘Ooh!’ Tegan’s face lit up and she grabbed Tegan’s hands. ‘Can I really?’

‘We’ll see how things go,’ Tegan smiled and patted Sophia on the head, ‘could you grab her uniform from the wardrobe? It should be on the middle shelf. Get her a some matching panties and bra too, okay?’

‘Okay,’ Sophia bounced over to the wardrobe and I frowned at Tegan.

‘A bra? I don’t need-‘

She spoke over me, ‘Come on, lets go get you cleaned up. You were bathed last night so you won’t need to shower but I’ll go over your intimate areas with a washer just in case.’

I watched as she went to the door next to the bed and pushed it open to reveal a black-marble bathroom. It was almost as large as the bedroom and my breath caught at the sight of it. My bathroom at home was tiny, just a toilet and cramped shower that barely had any hot water, so I’d always longed for a larger one. I jumped off the bed and padded in after Tegan so I could see it better.

There was a neat white sink next to a rack holding several pink fluffy towels, but my attention was absorbed by a gigantic bathtub across from it. It was twice as long as I was and came up to the bottom of my chest, while wide enough to comfortably fit four of me inside it. There was an open space at the back of the room where a shower was but I barely glanced at it. Who cared about a shower when you could have a bath?

‘Wow…’ I ran my fingers along the cool porcelain before looking up at Tegan, momentarily getting lost in my love of baths, ‘you said this room is mine? Is this mine too?’

‘It is,’ she said with a smile that reached her eyes, ‘do you like baths?’

‘I do, but I haven’t had one since I was a kid. Mum had one at our old house and I’d use it all the time,’ I bounced on the balls of my feet as a sliver of excitement ran through me, ‘but this one’s so much bigger! Bathing in it would be like being in my own little pool. Can I use it now?’

‘We don’t have enough time, but tonight we should,’ Tegan said as she grabbed a washcloth next to the sink, ‘anyway, get undressed and I’ll quickly go over you.’

I blinked. ‘What?’

She wet the cloth and came back over, smiling. ‘I’m going to wash you.’

‘Uh, I can do that myself.’

‘I’m sure you can, but I’m going to do it.’

‘Uhm…’ The thought of Tegan once again touching my naked body made my penis twitch.

‘Look…I’ve already seen you naked,’ she said with a sympathetic smile, ‘and you’re going to be naked a lot in the future so it’s best if you get used to it now. I know it’s difficult but you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.’

I swallowed and stared down at the nightie. Being naked was better than wearing this, right? I really wanted to be out of it, and Sophia was getting me new clothes so I wouldn’t be naked for long.

‘…Okay.’ I breathed after a moment.

‘Good girl,’ Tegan beamed, ‘here, I’ll help. Hold up your arms.’

I did so and she slipped the nightie off me in one smooth motion, then knelt down and gently removed my panties. I felt my face warm and shook slightly as the cool bathroom air brushed over my naked body.

‘There we go,’ Tegan said as she got back up, her eyes shining, ‘there’s that sexy little body I got to know so well last night.’

I went to cover my genitals but stopped by reflex, recalling Lain’s threat from the other night. Tegan nodded and then proceeded to quickly wash my body, focusing mainly on my armpits, hands and uh…lower region. I squeaked and gasped more than a few times as she scrubbed and caressed my intimates, then had a giggling fit when she washed my armpits.

‘There we go,’ Tegan nodded once she was done, and placed a stool that was next to the sink in front of it, ‘now sit here and I’ll fix your face.’

‘What? Fix my face?’ I asked as she gestured to a stool.

‘I’m going to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin.’

‘I don’t know what that means.’ I muttered as I sat on the stool, which was so tall that my feet dangled above the ground.

‘That’s okay. You’ll figure it out quickly enough,’ she said and wet the cloth again, ‘now pay attention. I’ll be expecting you to do this on your own in a few days.’

I tried to focus as she washed my face and rubbed various nice-smelling creams on it, but it was hard. Her fingers rubbing my face made me think of last night and my body started tingling. I wanted her to kiss me again, and grab my waist…

‘There we go,’ she said when she’d finished and took a step back, ‘you look much better. What do you think?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32