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I woke again to a tugging on my collar. “Slave, go fix me coffee.”

I almost for got, but caught myself. “Yes, Mistress.” And I started to get up, only to be caught short by the chain attached to my collar. “Sorry, Mistress, but can you unlock me?”

“Oh, shit. Just a sec. You shit, can’t say please!” Then came the slap across the top of my head. Oh man, she had a hell of a hang over and I was just getting the idea that I would get the worst of it.

“Sorry, Mistress” got me another slap.

“Not so loud stupid!”

There was some fumbling on the night stand on the far side of the bed, and then my chain was yanked roughly. My collar twisted around and with a click the chain and lock fell away. “Get going! And find me some aspirin!”

I went for what I thought was the bathroom door, but turned out to be a huge walking closet. I closed the door and moved to the one on the left. “Hurry up stupid!” And the keys to my lock sailed past my head and hit the wall. Man, she was a real bitch this morning.

Looking through the medicine cabinet came across a huge selection of condoms before I found the aspirin. I grabbed a glass of water and headed back to Mistress. I approached the edge of her bed, knelt down, and whispered “Here is you aspirin, Mistress”.

She rolled over, “About time.” And reached out for the pills. She popped them in her mouth and reached for the water. “Get the coffee!” She barked and took a big gulp of water to wash the aspirin down.

I left her with the water glass and made my way to the kitchen. The sun was streaming in the hall windows. Joanna was standing on the kitchen, wearing a satin robe.

“Morning!” See called, “Coffee is almost ready.” Followed by a big smile as she stared at my cock. Once again I was suddenly aware of my nakedness.

The clock on the wall showed it was ready nine o’clock.

“Thanks for fixing the coffee, she wants a cup.” I said as I poured.

“Ya, she always does. She is not a morning person, so you had better get back in there.” She moved closer and rubbed my ass. “I think I am going to miss your fuzzy ass, and your curls here too” as she reached around and fondled my cock and balls. She stopped. “Get going, we are going to be busy if you are going to be ready for the party.”

With a fresh hard on I headed down the hall to Mistress’ room. She was still in bed. Since kneeling worked with the aspirin, I decided to try it again.

“Mistress, I have your coffee.” I whispered.

“Put it on the night stand. Go get me some orange juice!”

“Yes, Mistress.” And I was off to the kitchen again.

I met Joanna in the hall. “Is she up yet?”

“No, but she wants O.J.”

“Get something to eat real quick and then bring the juice. I’ll try to get her going.”

“OK, thanks.” And I continued to the kitchen. I filled a class with O.J., just to be ready to go and then turned for something to eat. I found cereal and scarfed down a bowl and headed back with the juice.

Mistress was sitting up and just finishing the cup of coffee. “About time with that juice. Get me another coffee.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I quickly exchanged full glass of juice for the empty coffee cup and headed back to the kitchen. On returning I found Mistress stepping into her bathroom and I followed her in.

“Mistress, I have your coffee.”

“Put it on the counter and start my shower. Nice and hot.” She commanded as she sat down to pee. I sent the coffee down near her and moved to the shower. The shower was huge and enclosed by clear glass. “Remove your collar and cuffs! I don’t want you ruining them by getting them wet.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I stopped and removed the items on a counter just outside the shower. I stepped in, started the water, and stepped out. She was draining the second coffee.

“Is that shower ready yet?” I stepped back in and touched the water.

“Sorry Mistress, it is only just getting warm.”

“Get me another coffee.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Back to doing laps to the kitchen. When I returned she was in the shower. She was looking good, and my cock was starting to salute. “Mistress, I have your coffee.”

“Put it on the counter and get in here.” I thought things were looking up as I entered the shower. “Soap up my back, and make sure to do a good job on my ass.” I pumped some liquid soap from the dispenser on the wall and began rubbing around her back and ass. “Get down on your knees so you can see if you are getting my butt really clean!” I complied. It was hard to see with all the water washing down on us, but I kept rubbing her cheeks. “In the crack too, I just took a dump and hate having a dirty crack!” I hesitated, not really wanting to get shit on my hand. It cost me a knee to the chest as a slammed back against the glass wall. “Get up and finish!” I crawled back to her ass and ran my hand back and forth in her crack, check quickly for shit on my hand. Thankfully there was none. “Come on, get in there and do it right!” She grabbed my, folded all but my index finger down and rammed it up her anus. “That’s Starzbet better!” She sighed as she started sliding my finger in and out. As disgusting as it was I started taking over the motion myself. Her hand dropped away. “Another finger.” I complied and she started to moan a bit.

We continued for a while, until Joanna called in “It is nine forty five, the party starts at noon. If we are going to be ready we need to start getting ready.”

“OK.” Mistress shot back. “We’ll be out in a minute.” Looking under her arm at me she said “You are learning. Next time don’t take so long. I don’t have time to waste.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She shut off the water. “Get me a towel.” I reached for the towel hanging just outside the shower door and moved to dry her off. “Did I tell you to do that!?!” She turned and slapped my face. All I remember was how nice her tits looked as she turned.

“Sorry Mistress.” I stopped.

She grabbed the towel and dried herself. “Get out of my way” and she pushed past me to exit the shower. How could someone with such a hot body be so bitchy? She tossed the damp towel at me and said “dry yourself off and then the shower floor with the towel. Wait there until I come back.”

“Yes, Mistress”. I quickly completed my task, hung the towel back up and waited.

It was fifteen minutes later when Mistress and Joanna came into the bathroom. Mistress moved to the wall opposite the counter and mirror and pulled up a camcorder. She flipped out the small screen, pointed the lens at her reflection in the mirror and started recording. “This morning Slave will loose all his hair, except that on his head.” And she panned over to me in the shower. “We will start the operation with Nair. Joanna can you get him started?”

On cue, Joanna approached me. “Hold out your hand.” And she squeezed the pink cream from the ping bottle. “Rub it all over your chest, and make it sexy for the camera.” She stepped back a bit as Mistress moved in. I tried to be sexy, but they just giggled. “That’s good. Here is some more for your arms.” The stuff smelled tropical, with a nasty background odor of chemicals. “OK, now your legs and ass.” As she squeezed some into my hand and some directly on my legs. “Turn around.” I complied and was rewarded with blobs of Nair on each cheek.

“Rub it in good, and don’t miss that fuzzy crack of yours.” Mistress called out. They giggled some more. The chemical doer was starting to get to me. “OK, almost done, now for you bush, balls, and cock.” Mistress moved in close for this as Joanna filled my hand with more Nair. I began to rub it in to my bushy pubic hair. “OK, now down to your balls, rub them some more. That’s it, like you are enjoying it. Smile!” Mistress brought the camera up to my face and then back down to my crotch again. “OK, now rub your cock. Like you are masturbating. Faster, that’s better. Again like you are really enjoy it!” I was getting hard and close to blasting my load. Yes, I had masturbated. What else do you do when you don’t get a woman in bed? “Stop! Joanna, get the areas that he missed on his back. It is almost time to see any of it is ready to come off.” I turned for her and she started rubbing the stuff on my back, except she was wearing a glove.

She noticed me looking at the glove, “I hate the smell it leaves on my hands. Uh, any burning sensations?”

“No. Should there be?”

“No, just checking. Here.” Joanna handed me a wash cloth. “Rub that on your chest and see if any hair comes off.” I did and all the hair in the area I rubbed came off on the wash cloth. “Good, keep doing that and follow the same pattern as when we applied. If all the hair doesn’t come off, just let it sit a minute and try again.” With all the rubbing and wiping the wash cloth was covered in hair. Even though it was mine, it was getting gross.

“Looking good.” It was Mistress again.” Show me that bald ass of yours!” I turned and presented for the camera. “Oh, that is much better! OK, let’s see the front.” I turned again and she zoomed in. “Not too bad, but there is still some hair there. Joanna, give him a little bit more, then wipe his back.”

Joanna once again filled my hand with Nair, and once again Mistress zoomed in as I spread it around on my genitals, directing my every move and recording it. As I was rubbing my cock, Joanna slipped round me and started wiping down my back with a fresh wash cloth. I was about to blow my load when she was slipping back you and Mistress said “Stop that! I don’t want cum all over my shower!” Given what I had been through in the past twelve hours and close to cuming I was not at all shy about getting off in front of them. I actually wanted to. “Stop it now!” I finally stopped. “You had better not test the limits with me again, Slave!” The camera was still rolling. We were there a few minutes with Mistress recording me in different poses.

Joanna broke in, “I think we should remove the rest of the Nair.”

“OK, hand him that other cloth.” Joanna tossed it at me and I caught it. As I started wiping my cock Starzbet Giriş and balls again, Mistress was right there with the camera. “Keep going. That’s much better. Now that is what I call hairless. I love it!” Once I had finished I looked up. “Start the shower and wash your self off. Rinse out those was cloths too. I don’t want to see your filthy hair on them or my shower when you are done!” She was still taping as Joanna disappeared from the room.

I pumped the liquid soap from the dispenser and began washing. I felt a bit of a burning sensation on my balls and quickly soaped them up and rinsed. There was some relief. I soaped and rinsed some more. “Burning a bit?” Mistress shouted over the shower.

“Yes, Mistress.” I replied.

“Don’t worry it will pass. After a couple of times you will get used to it.”

A couple of times! What did she mean by that? This was only for the weekend. In thirty six hours I would be done with this bizarre experience.

I kept washing and rinsing those dang wash cloths, but it seemed I could never get all the hair off.

“One more minute and your shower is done!” It was Mistress again. I quickly checked around the shower for more hair. Well, at least that looked OK. “Turn the water off!”

I shut it off and replied, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Get dried off really well. If you don’t the latex will not stick properly.” She clicked off the camcorder and left the room. A few minutes latter she reappeared with Joanna. They were both wearing bikini tops and shorts. This time the camcorder was on a tripod, which she set up near the door.

Joanna was busy unloading bottles of paint and brushes from a bag to on the counter. On closer inspection some of the labels said “Liquid Latex”.

“Get over to the sink and save your face, Slave. I don’t want to feel any stubble. There are razors and cream under the sink.”

I started moving, “Yes, Mistress”, as she followed me the camcorder.

Joanna reached out and rubbed my ass as I passed her. “Oooo, nice and smooth!”

“Don’t distract him, we don’t want to run out of time and be late for my mom’s party.”

I retrieved a razor and can of shave cream from under the sink and started to lather up.

“Hold still, I am going to get started with the first layers of latex on your backside.” It as Joanna.

“Start with the red, like we discussed last night.” Mistress directed. “I want that thong looking real, at least from behind.” She added with a chuckle. In the mirror I could see her leaving the bathroom.

“Hold still.” Joanna directed and she parted my cheeks. I felt the cool liquid from the brush run up my crack and I shuddered. It tickled too, which was distracting from my shave. I had been using an electric razor for several years, and didn’t want to nick myself. She made a couple more strokes and then blew on the latex to help I dry. “Hand me the blow drier.”

I reached over and handed her the blow drier. She flicked it on and the warm air shot up and down my crack. “That’s better!” Off went the drier and back came the brush. This time after adding a coat to my crack she started around my waist.

“Hey, I want to get more free stuff from Cupid’s tonight. You willing to do a little modeling?” It was Mistress standing in the door way, and I knew she wasn’t talking to me.


“How much are you willing to show?”

“I’ll go down to a thong and covered nipples. I don’t want to give it all away.”

“Cool, that should be good. I’ll call over there and see what we can put together.”

“Don’t for get the pledge meeting at the house tonight. I think it is at midnight. We might want to use your boy here to entertain the pledges or do a little hazing.”

“Oh, ya I forgot about that. Good thinking. We don’t always get opportunities like this!” And with that Mistress ducked out of the room as the hair drier started again.

I finished my shave, and was a little proud of myself for no nicks or cuts, being out of practice and with the activities down below. I stood still as Joanna continued adding layers and drying them.

“Turn around. We need to get started on the front. Move out here away from the counter.” Was my next set of instructions. She continued my “thong’s” waistline around and down toward a point just above my cock. She repeated the layering process. Sitting on the floor, her face was near my crotch. Every once and a while she would blow on my cock, giving it a bit of a raise. This made her giggle. I just smiled each time. Then when my dick was raising to salute from the attention, she engulfed it in her mouth! I felt so good! I couldn’t believe it.

“Hey, he’s mine! I’ll decide when and if he gets any pleasure or rewards.”

With that, Joanna spit me out. “I couldn’t resist, it looked so good, and it was right there!”

“I see that. The back looks good. What do you have left on the front?”

“Just his balls and delicious cock. What colors should I use there?”

“Let’s go patriotic. Balls white with red stripes, and Starzbet Güncel Giriş the prick blue. If you move over a bit, I’ll get started on his face.” With that Joanna scooted over to on side. Mistress stepped up, grabbed my chin and turned my head back and forth. Looking me over, deciding what to do.

“Squat down a little, I don’t want to get this stuff on your legs.” Came from Joanna as she patted the inside of my thighs. I got down a bit. “That’s good,” and she folded my cock backup toward my stomach. Then came the brush strokes across my balls. That triggered another hard on, but it soon passed.

Mistress started painting by face and neck blue. Then came the white stars around the eyes, like a clown. She admired her work in the mirror. “You done with the red latex down there?”

“Ya, just finished.”

“Let me have it.” And Joanna handed here the red latex bottle and brush. Mistress started painting lines from the edge of the blue on my neck down my side, front and back, to my “thong” at my hips. They were kind of like suspenders holding my “thong” ups and my mask down. They traded the hair drier back and forth as they worked. My legs and back were starting to ache from the odd squatting position, but I didn’t dare say anything. It wasn’t that bad yet.

Joanna was now holding my cock by the head and layering on the blue. She was getting down to the very tip when she stopped. “Should we let him pee before I finish? I don’t want to ruin it before or during the party.”

“OK, Slave. You have your last chance to pee until later this afternoon. Get to it.” I moved the couple of steps to the toilet, pointed my cock, and nothing. I was thankful to get out of the squatting position, but what a time for stage fright! “Awe, isn’t that kind of cute? He is shy about peeing in front of us. You had better get over it, or you will have to hold it for a long time!” That didn’t help me much. Then after what felt like forever, probably only fifteen or twenty seconds there was little trickle. “Good boy! Keep going!” With that I forced out a couple of squirts and that was it. “Shake it good, but don’t drip outside the bowl or you will have to lick it up! OK, pat it dry with some TP.” I complied in silence and returned to my original position.

Joanna started with the final layers of blue to cover the tip of my cock and Mistress started painting some patterns on my cheeks and back. In a few minutes, both stepped back to admire their work.

“Looks decent enough.” Was the judgment from Joanna.

“It will work. Something still doesn’t see right though, but I can’t figure out what it is. Anyway we are out of time for him. Get your collar on and go stand in your corner. Take your cuffs with too. Don’t sit down or rub any of your painted areas on the wall. I don’t want you ruining all we have done. “

“Yes, Mistress.” And gathered my stuff and I walked off to where my spot was next to the bed.”

“And put your leash on.” She added.

I reached my corner and dropped the cuffs to the floor. Put my collar on and attached the leash, as instructed. I could hear them whispering as they put the paints and latex away. A few minutes later they emerged from the bathroom.

“What are you looking at?! Turn and face the corner!” It was the pissed off voice Mistress had used when she first woke up. I turned immediately to the corner and stared at the wall. I could hear foot steps coming up behind me. In the same angry voice she continued, “what’s the matter done you know how to take care of the nice things I gave to you?! Hang up those cuffs and fold that blanket!” That was followed by a bare hand swat to my ass. As I reached down to pick up the cuffs she grabbed my leash. She used it like a whip, striking me hard on the ass with the leather handle. I jerked up out of reflex to avoid the next hit and dropped one of the cuffs. “Bend over you disobedient shit! Stay down there until I am done with you! And pick up that cuff!” She screamed. My ass was stinging from the first few blows as I grabbed up the cuff. “Damit this is too short!” She reached over, unclipped my leash from my collar, and stepped back. SMACK! I don’t know what startled me more, how loud it was or how much more it hurt. I let out a yelp and dropped another of the cuffs. “Shut up!” SMACK! “Pick that dang thing up!” SMACK! “Hurry up!” SMACK! My legs were shaking and I was biting my lip to keep from uttering another peep. SMACK! I gathered up the fallen cuffs. SMACK! “Damit, I had high hopes for you!” SMACK! “I hope this teaches you a lesson!” SMACK! It didn’t sting as much now, my ass was getting numb.

Joanna broke in “Mel, you had better ease up. Welts are forming and if you do much more we might not be able to fix the paint and latex before your mom’s part.”

I received a couple more shots before, “OK. I just get so pissed off when they don’t obey! I try to be gentle but firm as they are learning, but sometime you just have to let them have it! Stand up Slave! Finish hanging those cuffs!”

“Yes, Mistress.” I managed to blurt out as turned slightly and hung the cuffs. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her standing there with legs slightly spread, holding the clip of my leash in her right hand, chain hanging down to a small pile on top of the leather handle on the floor. Here arm was cocked back as if ready to swing again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32