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The next morning after Daphne and Nikki had sex in Daphne’s studio, Nikki texted her and told her should was going out of town for two weeks. The entire situation was confusing enough dealing with her fledgling feelings for Nikki and how to deal with her confusion with Alex, now Nikki disappears for 2 weeks with not any sort of explanation. Now she was worried and even more confused the before. She spent long days at her studio drawing, painting, and she even invested in a pottery wheel and began throwing pots and the like. Alex had done a little traveling for his work, so she had spent a few lonely nights at home alone. Mostly masturbating while thinking about Nikki.

As she sketched out a handful of ideas for her next batch of paintings, she heard the chime she installed on the front door and hopped up. She straightened herself up and headed to the show floor. She expected it to be Alex, but secretly hopped it would be Nikki. Much to her dismay, it was neither. At the door stood a very well-dressed woman in her 40s wearing all white with a long white coat. Jewels shined from her fingers and her neck. Her naturally red hair was neatly kept in a bun on the crown of her head, and her makeup was harsh and dark countered by her sky blue eyes.

Daphne stepped forward and smiled, “H-Hello?”

The woman surveyed her and gave her a disappointed glance, as she looked at the artwork on the wall to her right she began to speak, “Are you the…artist?”

Daphne caught off guard by her demeanor, but stayed as professional as she could. “Yes, I am.’ She replied proudly.

The woman glanced at her again, “I see.”

“Was there something I can help you with?” Daphne asked, almost afraid of the woman’s response.

“Possibly.” She replied as she continued to slowly walk the floor, surveying the various paintings Daphne had on display. Daphne kept her distance, but was curious what this was all about. The woman suddenly stopped on a painting tucked in the back corner, that seemed to be placed there in hopes most people would bypass it without a thought. “Is this…” She looked back at Daphne again and raised her eyebrow, “You?”

Daphne became flushed and stammered, “Y-yes, it is.”

“Interesting.” She said flatly, and continued on.

The painting Daphne had done of herself was a nude. A completely “honest” self portrait. The woman made her way toward the back left of the studio where the door to her work area was. She began to wander through the door, and Daphne rushed to her side. “Ma’am, I’m sorry, there’s no art for sale back here, this is just my w-“

The woman held her hand up, cutting off Daphne’s protests. She continued to the work area followed closely by Daphne. She wanted to scream and tell her to get out, but for some reason, she couldn’t. This woman was obviously “powerful” in some way, and Daphne couldn’t stop her. She sorted through the sketches on Daphne’s drafting table, as well as the work in progress on her easel and the pottery she had stored on shelves in the corner. Finally, after long moments, the woman span and held out her hand. Daphne tentatively took it and shook it.

“My name is Charlotte Ravenswood.”

Not recognizing her name, Daphne nodded politely, “Very nice to meet you.”

The woman laughed, “Oh sweetheart, you don’t know who I am, do you?”

“Um, no. I’m sorry, I haven’t lived here for very long, should I know you?”

Charlotte perched delicately on one of the stools and smiled. “Miss, I am the owner and proprietor of Ravenswood galleries. Surely you’ve heard of us.” She explained, obviously annoyed.

“Oh!” Daphne flushed, “Yeah, of course I have. I apologize.” Daphne sat on the other stool, “What brings you to my studio?”

“Well, I would like to buy this space, and I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep you as such.”

Daphne swallowed hard, “And?”

“Let me ask you this. Do you some here everyday to work?”

“Yeah..I mean yes.” Daphne tried hard to maintain an air of professionalism.

“Do you love it?”

“Of course!” Daphne responded.

“How would feel about having a sponsor?”

“I’m not sure exactly what you mean.”

“I would buy this spot, pay to keep the lights on and the door open.”


“And give you a stipend to continue your work. You would regularly put together art shows in order to sell you work. I would assign you an agent that would handle the book keeping, help with marketing, and handle sales of any and all works you produce.”

“Okay, what’s the catch?”

“Ah, you are a smart girl.”

Daphne grimaced at the woman’s thinly veiled insult.

“The agent would get 15% and I would get 15% of each sale as a fee. You would keep 70% of the income from each work for yourself.”

“Hrm…” Daphne did the math in her head. “70%?”

“Yea dear, it’s the standard.” She stood and moved to her drafting table and picked up a piece of paper. “Oh, and if I see something on your drawing table I like, you will drop everything and move forward with the piece first.”


“Darling, Bostancı Esmer Escort I’ve been doing this for many years, and I know what people want. I will not, if this is a concern, control what you produce, I will just assist in the queue of work you will produce in order to move it and make all of us a lot of money.” She explained.

“Can I think about it?” she asked.

“You have til I walk out the door.” She stated flatly, “I apologize darling, but I am a very busy woman.”

“I’ll be out in the front, you have 5 minutes.” She declared as she exited the work area. Daphne sat on her stool again, and began to chew her lip.

‘What am I going to do? This deal, on the surface sounds great! I mean a steady income from the stipend, and someone to handle the logistics of doing shows and sales. It’s really a dream come true, but there has to be a bit of a hook.’

Daphne turned toward her desk and shifted through some sketches. She came across a series she had done of Nikki and sighed. ‘I wish she were here to help me figure this out. I guess I have Alex, but…’

“Darling, time is running out.” Charlotte called from the front.

Daphne hopped up and rushed to the show area.

“Well?” The older woman asked impatiently.

“I uh…”

“It’s really not that hard of a decision, I am handing you a future.” She reassured her.

‘A future? I think I need to make a decision on MY future… with who and what I want in it.’

“I’m in!” Daphne stated excitedly.

“Good girl.” Charlotte nodded. Daphne grinned and reached out with her hand to shake on the agreement. Charlotte shook her head, she approached Daphne and held open her arms for a hug, “No darling, I am a hugger when it comes to my wards.”

“Oh! I am definitely a hugger.” Daphne smiled and slid her arms around the woman. Charlotte embraced the young artist.

“I am glad you decided to join us.” she said.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity.” Daphne said as she released Charlotte. But Charlotte did not completely release Daphne. Charlotte looked at Daphne and smirked. Daphne was confused until she realize Charlotte leaned toward her. ‘oh my god oh my god!’ Charlotte’s lips met Daphne’s for a few moments.

“I’ll be in touch soon darling.”

“I-uh… okay.” Daphne was stunned by the series of events. “Thank you again.”

Charlotte nodded and exited the studio.

“What the fuck was that?!” Daphne yelled at no one.

Elsewhere, Nikki sat quietly in front of a well-lit mirror with a large make up case. Behind her was a rack of very shiny, VERY skimpy clothes. Her mind wandered to Daphne, and what was going to become of the two of them. She then thought about Alex, who was a dear friend of hers and technically, Daphne’s boyfriend. Then another girl entered the area. “Hey girl! You better get your ass in gear, you’re up in a bit.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah thanks.”

“You alright Nik? You seem completely preoccupied tonight.” The girl, known as Ember (according to an amplified voice announced as she emerged into the dressing area). A light almost cocoa-colored, sweat glistening skinned woman perched her round buttocks on the counter next to Nikki.

“Oh, well… I guess I am.”

“Well? Dish! Tell me what’s going on. I hadn’t seen you around here, or any other of the local clubs in ages, then suddenly you show up and it seems your heart isn’t in it anymore.” She remarked as she tossed her top to a pile of similar clothing next to the wracks, and began to towel off.

“Sigh… I met someone really special to me.”

“Oh sweet! So, what the problem?”

“She has a boyfriend.”

“OH! Yeah, I suppose that CAN be an issue.”

“Yeah, I mean we have been together twice, and we both have feelings for one another…but.”


“It’s complicated.” Nikki paused, and gathered her thoughts. She stood and began to tie a tiny bikini top across her large, augmented chest. “It’s hard to explain, but I guess my biggest issue is, she came here to be with this guy she met online, and to have her GRS.”

“Oh, she’s trans like you?”

“Yeah, so we share that connection, on top of amazing sex.”

“Nice! So is she struggling with dealing with him?”

“I think so, but you see, he’s a dear friend of mine, and I hate the thought of hurting him, but I hate the thought of not being with her.” She declared as she pulled on a tight leather vest.

“Ah, yeah… that IS tough.” The girl replied as she watched Nikki finish getting “dressed”. White leather chaps, vest and a cowgirl hat.

“I just don’t know how to handle all of this.” She replied as she tied off the last of the laces holding her leather chaps in place.

“Is that why you came back to dancing? To get away and think?”

“In part, yeah. I want to take her on a special vacation, and I just wanted some quick money to pay for it. I want to spoil her so much!” Nikki almost got teary-eyes.

“That’s very sweet, you obviously care a great deal about her.”

“I do, very much.” She smiled into Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort the mirror as she set a black leather cowboy hat atop her purple hair.

Then, the girls paused as the pulsing music stopped…

“That was Sassy! Next up The tattooed temptress… Lexi!”

“That’s me.”

“Have fun, and hey… just let go for five minutes.”

Nikki nodded and exited the dressing area as another girl entered, completely naked, holding a wad of cash, and panting. The music started as she stepped up on to the stage. Heavy metal guitars blared from the sound system as Nikki (Lexi) stomped in her cowboy boots to the center of the stage to the pole. The crowd went crazy with cheers and applause. Nikki was rather “infamous” at this club and for years was their featured dancer. She thrashed about spinning on the pole so fast she almost made her self dizzy! She crawled up to several of the patrons licked her lips and flipped to her back. She tugged off her vest and twirled it in the air. Her breasts bounced as she jumped to her feet and began to climb the pole. Somehow her bottoms vanished midst a spin and decent from the top of the pole. Totally naked minus her chaps and boots, she stood and danced around the the golden rod.

She flung herself around the pole and took herself off her feet. Legs spread wide giving her fans a very adult view of her. This drew louder cheers and money being thrown on stage. She smiled to herself, and kept dancing around the stage. The song seamlessly merged with the next song, from the same band. She always did double dances, and the owners of the club were more than happy to let her. She was the cornerstone of the club at one time, and when she came back, it was a major draw. Her mind wandered off the here and now to a very special person.

Oh Daphne, you sexy bitch. What is becoming of us? Where is this going to go?

As the second song came to a crescendo the stage was absolutely covered in cash! Cheers and applause overwhelmed Nikki and she gathered the cash and her clothes. She blew grateful kisses to the audience and gave the a bow… but with her back to them. Her signature bend over and wave between her legs while showing off her amazing ass.

She stepped off the stage to the dressing area to applause from the other dancers! One girl gave her a quick hug and hurried onto the stage. Another high-fived her. One of the owners, Gregory approached with a towel and smile and nod.

“How was that boss?” Using boss sarcastically, as she always did, even when this was her only job.

“You haven’t lost a step Nikki! Hey, when you have a few minutes, can you come to my office, I wanna talk to you about something.”

“Uh, sure. Gimme a few.” She replied slightly confused, but she trusted him, as he was like an older brother to her for years while she learned the ropes years prior.

“Very nice indeed!” A familiar voice called from the back of the room. Nikki spun to see an old friend of hers who she came up with in the “biz”.

“Sara!” Nikki raced to her oldest friend and threw her arms around her. “How are you girly!”

“I am great, and you…” She stepped back and looked at her friend, “Look amazing! And…” she cocked her head, “Different.”


“Yeah, it’s just something about you. You are…glowing, and not from the sweat.” Sara replied.

Nikki, uncharacteristically blushed and turned away.

“Oh my god!”

“What?!” Nikki spun back toward her friend.

“You’re in love!”

Nikki rushed to the make up table and dropped into a chair. She covered her face for a moment, then looked into the mirror back to Sara. “Yeah.” she replied meekly.

Sara sat in the next chair and looked at her friend excitedly, “Tell me everything, start from the beginning!”

Nikki laughed. “I have to go see Gregory, but I will catch you up later okay?”

Sara, “Oh… okay.”

A little while later in the office. Nikki sat on the couch and Gregory poured himself a drink. He leaned against the front of his desk and took a sip.

“So, what’s up?” Nikki asked.

“We’ve missed you around here Nik. The kind of business ‘Lexi’ brings in is just mind boggling. Not that you’re not great at your job, but you have such a rep in this business that people come from all over to see you. I mean, when you called, I had Mikey print up a bunch of flier and spread them all over the city to-“

“ALL over the city?!” Nikki swallowed nervously.

“Of course, why?”

“Oh, it’s just… nothing, it’s fine.” Nikki lied.

“Okay, good.” He took another sip and continued, “Listen, I have a proposal for you.”

“Let me stop you right there. Gregory, this is only a temporary thing. You said I could come dance for a few days whenever I like, I am not coming back full-“

Gregory raised his hand, “Now let me stop you.” He chuckled to himself. “Nik… I am not asking you to come back, what I AM asking you to do, because I know you tattoo full time, and that is your first love and career, I don’t want to ask Bostancı Evi Olan Escort you to give that up.”

“Okay, what ARE you asking me?”

“I am asking you to be my general manager.”

“Uhh what?”

Gregory laughed and returned to his seat behind his desk. “Nik, we are expanding to three more locations this year, and I need someone who will travel between locations to make sure everything is running smoothly. I want you to be that person. I want you to assist me in hiring managers and staff for each new club. And…”

“Here it comes.”

“Occasionally,” he stressed that word very carefully, “Headline.”

“Oh Gregory, I don’t know. That sounds like a lot of work, I mean, that it will require a lot of my attention.”

“I know, but really, once we’re up and running, it’s more like a monthly visit to each club to make sure everything is going smoothly and you know…”



“Can I think it over?”

“Of course! I will fill in in the meantime as we are still building the first two clubs, one to be opened in a month or so. I need to be there for the finalization anyway. Please, seriously consider this and take you time. Here…” He slid a folder across the desk toward her.

“What’s this?” she asked him as she picked it up.

“A contract.”

She opened it, and near the top of the first page it had her yearly salary, and she nearly fell off the couch. “Gregory, is this number correct?”

“Of course it is. Is it not enough?”

“No, no… it’s…” her eyes widened, “plenty.”

“Good.” He leaned back and took another drink.

It had been a week since Nikki disappeared on her “trip” and Daphne had been working hard, but thinking about her situation more and more. What to do with Alex? What to do with Nikki? What to do with Ms Ravenswood?

She left her studio late in the evening, the night air was cool and comforting. Daphne wasn’t exactly dressed for cooler weather as the breeze swirled under her skirt and around her naked thighs. Her nipples quickly became erect as the air cut right through her tank top. She threw her messenger bag strap over her shoulder and began to walk home. She walked by Nikki’s tattoo shop, only one person in there, and it wasn’t her. She knew she wouldn’t be there, but she always held out hope. Being away from her, even for this short time had been really difficult for Daphne. She was wrestling with her feelings for Nikki who just HAD to go out of town?!

Daphne decided to take a different route home and walked down a street lined with bars and restaurants. More touristy, but more active. She stopped suddenly when she saw a familiar face. There, plastered on a post were several flyers for a strip club not far away, and front and center was Nikki’s face, only the text read. “For a limited two week run, the infamous Luscious Lexi!”

“Luscious Lexi?! She’s stripping?! And here in town?” She ripped the flier down and stomped down the street. Soon, she arrived at the club on the flier. She took a deep breath and opened the door, only to be met by a mountain of a man. At least 6’5″ 270ish pounds. She bumped right into him, “Oops!”

“Slow down there.” He smiled down at her.

“Sorry, she replied meekly.”

“It’s alright darlin. Just let me see your ID and you can go right in.”

“No cover charge?” She asked as she dug out her ID.

He laughed, “no, not for women.”

“Oh.” She smiled to herself..she IS a woman. She always knew it in her heart, and she loved being a woman and was almost complete.

He pulled out a flashlight and examined the card for a moment. He smiled and handed it back to her, “Go right in, have fun.” He stepped aside to allow her entry.

She cautiously stepped passed him, “Th- Thanks.” She replied as she got hit again, this time by the cacophony of music and cheers. As her body, eyes and ears began to grow accustom to the new environment, she began to scan the club for Nikki. She stepped in a few more paces when a beautiful busty brunette approached her. “Hey darlin, can I get you a drink and a table?”

“Huh? OH! Sure. Tequila sunrise, please.”

“Sure sweetie, here.” The waitress took Daphne’s hand and led her to small table toward the back, “I’ll be right back with your drink.” She said as she turned to walk away. Daphne couldn’t help but watch as the waitress’ ass swished back and forth. She shook her head and turned her attention back to the club and the girls working the floor, and the girl on the stage. It was Ember.

The waitress returned with Daphne’s drink and set it on her table, “Here ya go darlin’.”

“Thank you, how much?”

“First one is on the house for new ladies.”

“How do you know I have never been here before?” Daphne asked as she sipped her drink.

The waitress laughed, “Oh honey, it’s all over your face.”

Daphne blushed as the waitress continued to laughed as she attended to other patrons. She scanned the club once again, no sign of Nikki. What am I even doing here?! She’s not my girlfriend, is this…stalking? What was I even thinking? I should finish my drink and get out of-“

“Ladies and gentlemen!” The announcer’s voice surprised her, “Here she is again, get your asses to the tip rail, this is her final stage appearance for the evening. The girl we all want and none of us deserve… it’s the Luscious Lexiiiii!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32