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I wasn’t sure where he was taking me. We drive in the car to a secluded spot and park up.

We walk hand in hand along a dirt path until we reach a bench and a wall. He stops and pulls me towards the wall. I have an idea of what is about to happen. He tells me to lean over the wall facing away from him. Excitement starts to build inside me.

I lean onto my elbows and without warning I feel the sting on my bottom as he smacks me with his hand. He smacks me again and again, pushing me into the wall. I cry out in pleasure. He pulls on my hair so he can command me.

“Cum for me NOW!”

I cum so hard my arms collapse from under me.

“Good Slut.” He says stroking my back.

I turn and lean into him and kiss him as my thank you.

“Its time to get you home.” He says with a wicked glint in his eye.

The excitement I feel is immeasurable. As we walk back hand in hand, he applies pressure to my palm. The feeling goes straight to my pussy. He knows I react like I do when he does it, so he applies more pressure. My legs weaken with the throbbing between them.

We sit on the sofa at mine, I give him the new cane I bought, as he’d broken the other on me the last time. I shiver at the memory. He reaches into his bag and brings out the collar, I have longed to wear it again. He places it around my neck and fastens it. He immediately pulls on it to show his power over me. I look straight into his eyes to show him I understand.

Sir asks me to sit forward and pulls the straps of my negligee down my arms exposing my breasts. He puts his hands on me and squeezes them, pinching my nipples. He bends forward and bites each one. I writhe in pleasure. He places a clamp on my left nipple, tightens it and then another on my right and tightens it. The pain is exquisite.

“Sit back for me and open your legs!” He commands quietly.

I obey immediately and I feel the dampness pool between the top of my thighs.

I look him straight in the eye as I hear the swish of the cane before Starzbet it strikes my inner thigh. Oh my, that feels so good. He strikes the other thigh. He then strikes each clamped nipple. The pleasurable pain has my breathes coming fast and shallow.

“Not yet!” He says.

He continues to rain strikes of the cane, over my breasts, my thighs and my pussy . Oh fuck it feels like I’m about to fall, the feeling is immense.

“Cum for me slut!” He commands.

The orgasm floods me as I cry out.

“Oh fuck, yes. Thank you Sir!”

After releasing the clamps off ny nipples he asks me to stand, which he helps me with. My legs are shaky as I’m still coming down after my orgasm. My thighs and nipples are deliciously sore.

“Take off your panties!” He whispers in my ear.

I do as he says and slide them down my legs and kick them off.

“Sit back down and spread your legs for me!”

“Yes Sir.”

I sit and spread my legs wide apart. He grazes my skin on my thighs with the end of the cane and without warning strikes the inside of them. I throw my head back in pure pleasure. He strikes me over and over. The next strike isn’t the cane it’s a paddle, the pain intensifies. He smacks my wet and throbbing pussy with it, I convulse.

“Not yet!” He growls.

He stops suddenly and crouches between my legs. Leaning forward he kisses my mouth hard. He moves to my bare shoulders and bites me.

“Harder please!” I beg.

He does twice on both sides. Oh my god it feels so fucking good. He feels good. He moves away,

“Turn around and kneel for me!”

I obey immediately. My ass is ready for whatever he wishes to do. I’m panting with anticipation.

I hear the swish before I feel the sting. He leans over me,

” I want you to choose how many times I hit you and you will count them!”

“Yes Sir.”

“How many?”

“Ten please Sir.”

“Count down from ten.”

The first one hits me hard.


Strike…”Nine.” Starzbet Giriş

Strike… “Eight.”

Strike… “Seven.”

Each one harder than the one before, the pain only fuels my excitement.

Strike… “Six.”

Strike… “Five.”

Strike… “Four.”

The cane bites into my skin, it stings and warms me.

Strike… “Three.”

Strike… “Two.”

Strike… “One!” I scream as we reach the end.


I fall into my orgasm, my body shaking and my juices flow. He holds me tenderly as I come down from the high I just felt, stroking my soreness.

“Good slut.” He whispers.

“What I want you to do for me now is to show me how you pleasure yourself and make yourself cum. If you please me you can have my cock inside your mouth.”

I’m a little nervous as it’s something I have never done before. He sits before me on a chair, as I ready myself.

I slide my hand down between my legs and begin to rub my sensitive clit, slowly at first. I am already so close as I know he’s watching me. My other hand grabs at my breast, pulling and pinching the nipple. I moan in ecstasy. I slip fingers inside myself and fuck myself. I writhe on the sofa and suddenly out of nowhere I see flashes of light. I don’t question it.

“Please Sir I need to cum!” I say breathlessly.

“Cum for me NOW slut!!” He shouts.

I cum again and again, I don’t think I can take anymore, yet the feelings still keep coming.

“Oh my fucking god!” I scream in pleasure.

“Good girl. Now relax.” He says reassuringly.

I relax into the sofa to catch my breath and for my body to stop shuddering.

I look up to see him smiling at me.

“Come here.” He commands gently.

I walk over and kneel before him, placing my hands on his naked thighs. I look up into his eyes, “Thank you Sir. Did that please you?”

“Yes, very much. You can now choose what you would like to do to me!”

I choose to have his cock in Starzbet Güncel Giriş my mouth. I kiss his chest, down his stomach and over his thighs. I stroke his hardening cock through his briefs. His breath hitches. He’s enjoying it and this encourages me to carry on.

I slip hand into his briefs and take hold of his cock in my hand. I lick the end and then take him in my mouth. I enjoy having him in my mouth and I know he does too. As I am fucking him with my mouth, he asks if he can take a picture. That explains the flash of light earlier.

I stop for a minute and look up to him and nod my agreement.

“Look at me whilst you suck it.” He says.

I look through my lashes up at him as he takes a couple of pictures. I suck harder as the excitement of being captured in pictures surprises me.

He pulls out of my mouth and tells me to return to the sofa and kneel. I get up off my knees and walk over to the sofa. I kneel upon it facing away from him. I feel him behind me and hear him reach for something out if his bag.

His hand finds its way between my legs and I feel his thumb on my clit. Oh my god that feels so good. Then I feel something thrust inside my pussy, forcing me to hold on to the back of the sofa. I know its not him, but it feels fucking lovely, whatever it is, as he thrusts it deeper and deeper. On and on he continues as he pulls on my collar. I am so close, again and he knows this because he pulls out, what turns out to be a double ended dildo. I’ll feel empty, but not for long, as he replaces it with his hard cock. Thrusting into so hard, I’m forced up against the wall. He fucks me harder and harder, my orgasm building and building. I bite the sofa as I moan loudly. He feels so good. He pulls on my collar as he finds his release and I find mine all over his cock.

“Oh fuck!!” We say together.

He pulls out of me and we moan together. I turn to look at him and sit down, breathless and so very

sated. He sits besides me and puts his arm around me and pulls me onto his chest. He strokes my head, face and arm, whilst I stroke his chest and face.

“Well done slut. Are you sore?” He asks.

I look up into his eyes and answer “Yes Sir. I love to be sore from you, it lets me know I have pleased you!”

“Good Slut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32