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Chapter 9. Babes at the Barbecue

Meanwhile, the girls inside were discussing what “sentence” they should give Jake. Maddy half-seriously suggested having him do a striptease for them, which got quite a bit of support, as all of them were extremely eager to see exactly what produced that rise in Jake’s trunks.

Although the voyeur part of her was excited by the suggestion, Kari thought of a major issue, “Ummm … that might be a bit awkward for Rick don’t you think, not to mention Nicky.”

“Well, I dunno, maybe … he could strip too!”

That received a quick response for the group, a chorus of “No way” and “Oh come on, get real.”

Kari continued, “Look, all that “juicy stuff” about Jake couldn’t be further from the actual truth – the reality is that he was on a scientific expedition in the field with an all-male crew for the last three years. And in case you don’t know, the traditional Arab women in the part of the country are covered from head to toe, you know, the veil and all, at all times in public, and kept away from Western men, in any case. Fact is, Jake is probably seeing more female skin today than he has in the last 3 years put together. So, let’s not be cruel to him.”

“Oh shit!”, Maddy said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think …”

“No, it’s OK so far. He’s a good sport, and he seemed fine playing along. But let’s give him a sentence that’s actually kind of nice for him.” She thought of Jake’s first experience watching his sister and friend. “Speaking of female skin, I just had an idea – I need to put on some sunscreen anyway before I burn out there. What if his sentence is to do some “community service” by putting lotion on all of us. I can’t imagine he’ll object, and you’ll get your lotion done.”

This suggestion was greeted with great enthusiasm – all were quite happy with the idea of having Jake’s hands sliding over their bodies. Kari argued that she should be first, explaining over their initial objections that Jake was almost certainly going to get more and more adventuresome with his hands as this proceeded, and she still felt like he was her cousin. Plus, she really was afraid of burning – she had been out for awhile already. A lottery drawing to determine the remaining order was quickly accomplished, with the order being Maddy, Beth, Becca, and then Amber. Kari had also argued Maria should go last, because her skin was dark enough that it probably didn’t need protection anyway.

And so it was decided, and they all went out, except Kari who explained she needed her bag from the car with her lotion. It also had her videocamera, and she quickly considered how she could secretly capture this on video. After a few moments thought, she realized that the bag was old enough that she could sacrifice it and open a seam on one end. Now, she could set up the camera to shoot through the hole, after casually positioning the bag to be in a good spot to catch the action. When she came back out, Maddy gathered the group back together and announced the sentence.

Jake stood up, and in a very solemn voice, “I just want to say that I’m sorry for my crimes and I will serve my sentence willingly. And if there’s anything else I can plead guilty to, just let me know!” and then he gave his best shit-eating grin as the girls giggled. Kari arranged a reclining deck chair away from where the rest were congregated. A table and chairs and a large potted plant mostly blocked the view, and Kari explained that she thought a little privacy might be a good thing. All the girls instantly understood what she was thinking, and, of course, had no objections.

Jake was glad Kari was first, as this gave him a chance to get her advice while he applied lotion. First, while she was laying on her belly, Kari gave him the scoop on where she thought he stood with the girls, “Maria is ready and willing, anytime, anyway you want, but that’s not a big surprise. I imagine Amber as well, although she doesn’t seem as, well, obvious about it as I would have expected. I’m pretty sure Becca is really hot for you as well – I think she basically forgot that her football player ever existed after she ran her hands over your shoulders and chest. I also think you scored big with Maddy, not just because she likes the way you look, but she got to have a lot of fun with that bit. Most guys just don’t have the self-confidence to go along with her … ummm … improvisations, but you were the perfect straight man. Hmmm … who’s left? Oh, right – Beth. She kept stealing looks at your trunks the whole time, and she looked just as aroused as the rest of them. I bet she’s hot to trot too – or in her case,” Kari chuckled, “maybe it’s quick to lick.”

Jake finished her back and her legs, and Kari turned over. She slightly bent and spread her legs, and then smiled, saying “Do a good job on my thighs, OK Jake?”

Neither of them spoke while he slowly spread the lotion over her legs in a circular motion, slowly working his way up her thighs. Despite her intent Avrupalı porno to stay focused on advising Jake and not giving anything away to the other girls about her real relationship with Jake, his hands felt extremely good on her skin and she was getting very turned on. She was trembling under his touch as his fingers grazed the edge of the fabric at the crotch of her suit, and his cock was responding to the tease as well. Reluctantly, he finished her legs and moved to her arms and shoulders.

“Jeezus Jake.” Kari whispered, “That just about took me over the edge. If the others are as horny as I think they are, they’re gonna lose their minds when you do that to them. Also, I need to tell you: when you’re finished with me, I’m going to call for Maddy, as she’s next, and then, when everyone turns to look, I’m going to give you a quick kiss on the lips as a thank you. I’m almost certain that the others will use that as, like, permission to give you a thank you kiss too. I want you to deep kiss them when they do that – I’ll bet money they will be totally into it. By the way, how are you doing with all this?”

Jake hesitated for a moment before responding, “I don’t really know – I feel like I’ve been transported to another world. It’s pretty much blowing my mind, but I’m just going along for the ride to see where I end up.”

Kari giggled quietly and said, “I’d also bet it will be more than your mind that’s blown before the day is out. I’m really curious, how long do you think you could last? I mean, how many girls could you … ummm … be with and still get hard?”

“Jeez … don’t really know, but I’ve never had a problem. I mean, I guess most men just go soft after ejaculating, no matter what, but that doesn’t happen with me – I stay hard until we finish. I remember a marathon session with Joelle, climaxing 4 times and staying hard for hours and hours. She was the one who finally stopped.”

“Omigod, that is too good to be true. Y’know …maybe I can work that angle to get most if not all these girls to be willing to do it today. We’ve just got to get them aroused out of their minds first, and challenge them to outlast you. Shit, I’m getting so wet just thinking about watching that happen. Oh that reminds me, I’m going to set up my videocamera to record you doing the lotion. It is inside my bag on that table, so try not to block the view too much from that direction, OK? Now, take a deep breath, ’cause I think you’re done with me. Remember, we’ll stand up and then I’ll kiss you. OK, let’s go.”

Kari rose from the chair, feeling a little squishy between her legs, and walked with Jake few steps towards the others. “Hey Maddy, it’s your turn.” she called out, and then in a quieter but still audible voice said, “Thanks Jake – that was great!” and gave him a solid but brief kiss on his lips.

As Kari had predicted, everyone had turned and seen the kiss. Kari walked to her bag on the table, ostensibly to put the lotion inside, but actually to hit the record button and make sure the lens was pointing through the hole in the bag. While she was doing this, Maddy scampered over to Jake, handed him her own bottle of sunscreen, and said with a big smile, “Now, it’s my turn! Let’s do my back first, OK?” and she laid belly down on the chair.

As Jake began to work his way from her feet up her slender but muscular legs, Maddy began talking, “I’m truly sorry if I offended you with what I said – I just have a big mouth sometimes. The others are so used to me that I didn’t stop to think …”

Jake interrupted her, “No need to apologize at all. I admit you caught me off-guard a few times, but I thought it was brilliant what you did. Afterwards, when you all were inside, I was telling Nicky that I thought you should join a Comedy Improv group – I think you have the talent, not to mention the looks, to be a star. You know, like Saturday Night Live someday!”

Maddy found herself self-consciously blushing, which felt decidedly strange on top of the arousal she felt as Jake’s hands began to work their way up her thighs. “Mmmm … you’re too kind. And that sure feels good, what you’re doing.” She deliberately opened her legs a bit wider. “Make sure you don’t miss any spots,” she added with a bit of a teasing tone.

Jake was finding it difficult to maintain control of what his hands were doing – he was looking right between Maddy’s legs at her barely covered pussy mound, with a thin strip of cloth running up her very fine ass. His hands were rubbing lotion over the back of her thighs just a few inches from her pussy, when she made the comment about not missing any spots. He took a deep breath, and slid his hands outward and upward, onto her hips. He worked his way back towards the center, his hands sliding over her firm ass cheeks. Maddy had stopped talking, and was breathing harder and faster now. He slowly massaged the lotion towards her thong strap, and Maddy ever so slightly lifted her hips off the chair, to Video porno open her ass to his touch. He slid his oily right hand under her thong where the vertical strap met the waist band, then very slowly slid it along downwards under her strap, following the crease of her ass. Meanwhile his left hand continued to slide across her ass cheeks. Maddy stopped breathing altogether as his hand slowly slid towards the puckered hole, and he could feel her quiver but she did not pull away.

He stopped when he was no more than an inch away, and then, exercising great will power, moved his hand back up and away. Maddy let out her breath with a loud sigh. While she tried to recover enough of her wits to speak again, Jake’s big hands had spread the lotion across her small back. His hands were now running up and down her sides, going a little bit higher each time until they under her arms, sliding along the outside of her small but sensitive breasts. Her tiny nipples were rock hard, and all she could think about was how much she wanted his hot hands all over her tits, squeezing and rubbing.

“OK stop … I’ll turn over …time to … do my front …” Maddy stammered out, barely under control.

“Hmmm … I need to make double sure I didn’t miss any spots first” Jake replied.

He slid his hands down her sides past her hips, and across the backs of her thighs till his hands were deep between her thighs, fingers pointing downward and almost under her. He heard Maddy breath in sharply and hold her breath. As he slowly slid both hands toward her crotch, she lifted her hips up even more than before, opening herself to him. He could smell her musk, and the thin strip of material covering her pussy had darkened with her wetness. He brought his hands right up against her mound, the outside edge of his right pinky finger lightly pressing against the fabric.

Maddy moaned softly, very near an orgasm. She tried to move back into Jake’s hands, trying to get some pressure against her clit that she so desperately needed to go over the top. Jake kept the pressure light, however, and then, pressing his fingertips into her soft flesh slightly, pulled his hands across her skin and away from her aching cunt so that, under her thong, her pussy lips were pulled apart and her clit was dragged ever so slightly across the inner lining of the suit.

“Ohhhh shiiiit!” Maddy groaned loudly in frustration, as intense sensations radiated out from her pussy but failed to deliver the orgasmic relief she craved.

Jake did not respond to Maddy’s outburst but lifted his hands off her ass where they had stopped, and simply said, “OK, now you can turn over.”

Maddy did not respond immediately, as she was lying limply now, breathing deeply and trying to regain her senses. After a half minute or so, she abruptly flipped over and said, “Fine. Go ahead and torture me some more – I guess I deserve it after what I did.”

Jake looked at her innocently, “Did I hurt you somehow? I didn’t mean to – I’ll be more careful now if you tell me what it was I did.”

Maddy rolled her eyes and laughed, “Are you really that innocent? I swear to God, Jake, if we weren’t in public … no, to be precise, if Rick wasn’t right over there, I’d be ripping those trunks off you and …” She stopped in mid-sentence as she looked down at the trunks she was referring to and fully took in the size of the bulge in Jake’s trunks, as she had not been as observant as the others during the trial earlier. “Oh … My … God!” another pause, while she stared. “Is that … are you … no way!”

Jake didn’t know what to say, so he stood there uncomfortably as the seconds slowly ticked by.

Finally, Maddy said in a low, strained voice, “Jake, can you please come around the other side, and kneel right there beside me?”

He came around and knelt on her left side, realizing that his back was now to all the others who were grouped around the bar area. He was also blocking their view of Maddy’s mid-section. Maddy had raised the back of the chaise a few notches, so that she was partially sitting up. She reached out and ran her left hand over his muscular upper arm, down his forearm to his right hand.

“I want …oh God, I need … you to touch me,” she said in a whisper, pulling his hand towards her lower belly. Her belly quivered as his fingers touched her, and then she pushed his hand lower, underneath her suit. He felt the downy softness of her trimmed bush and then his fingers grazed her swollen nub, making her whole body spasm. She pushed his hand lower, and his fingers dipped into her hot, wet honeypot.

“Ohhh God yes! Oh fuck I’m gonna cum,” she moaned. She let go of his hand and reached out to feel Jake’s cock through his suit. She slid her hand over it once to get the position of it, and then closed her fingers, grasping his thick shaft through the fabric.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide “I can’t believe how big you are … oh damn it, rub me, do it! I gotta cum!”

Jake pulled his fingers from her slit, and smeared her juices over her clit, rubbing rapidly back and forth. This was all Maddy needed, and her body clenched as the climax overcame her. Her grip on his cock also tightened to the point of discomfort, then suddenly she relaxed and let go. Jake gently withdrew his hand and looked at Maddy’s face. The light flush of arousal that had been there now deepened to a bright red of embarrassment.

“It’s OK” Jake said, “I’m sure no one saw anything.”

Behind her shades, Maddy closed her eyes. “It’s not just that. I can’t believe I was so out of control, I mean, you must think I’m …”

Jake interrupted, “No, wait – let me tell you: I think we both wanted this, and it was very … well, exciting and wonderful. I don’t know … maybe we both got a little carried away, but somehow, this party has gotten very … ummm … sexual.

Maddy snorted at that, “There’s no mystery about that. Jeesh, what else do you think is going to happen when a hot guy like you is with a bunch of horny women? I know I was teasing you with the interrogation stuff, but that bit about the harem at the end … I think that was pretty much the truth. It was for me, and even more so now.” She paused for a bit and then continued, “I’ll tell you a little secret – my favorite, y’know, fantasy is to share a guy with another woman, and I can’t imagine anything hotter than you being that guy. I mean, you’re a little scary to me, I’m kinda small, you know, and you’re so big, but if you were, you know, doing it with another woman and I was there too … omigod, that’s so hot. Oh shit, they’re looking over at us now, we need to finish. Quick, do my front so at least it’s not too obvious.”

Jake complied, and as he finished the job he consciously focused on his breathing, and felt the tension in his body dissipate. He gave her a hand to stand up, and she stood facing him a moment, looking up at his face.

“Wow Jake – that was really something. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome … but don’t I get a ‘Thank You’ kiss?”

“Oh, of course you do!” and she stepped forward to kiss him deeply, her tongue hungry for his. After about a minute, they heard a female voice – was it Amber? – call out, “Hey break it up you two. We’re all waiting.”

Maddy face was just a little red as she said, “I hope we can … ummm, well, see you a little later”. She walked away quickly as Beth walked up, and, after putting the chair back down flat, laid on her belly.

Jake decided to start on her arms first this time, reminding himself that he couldn’t just pick up with Beth where he had left off with Maddy. As he finished her arms and moved to her back, she untied her bra string, so that he didn’t have anything in the way as he rubbed the lotion in.

“I gotta hand it to you, Jake, you handled that play-acting stuff with Maddy really well. I don’t know many guys would be able go with the flow like that.”

“Well, it helped that Kari warned me a bit about Maddy, although I certainly didn’t expect to be the target. I guess I sorta got used to it on the ship – not that it was the same exactly, but we were always ragging on each other to pass the time. I have to admit, it got pretty hard for me there when it got explicit, there with all you beautiful sexy ladies around me.”

Beth giggled, “Yeah, I think everyone of us noticed exactly how hard ‘it’ got for you.”

“Oh Christ, that’s so embarrassing.” Jake replied with chagrin.

“No, no … please don’t feel that way. I mean, really, we were all getting turned on, you were just more … visible about it. And I’m pretty sure all the rest of us … well, probably not Rick … ummm, the rest of us … hell, it’s difficult to know how to say this. The thing is, seeing your … uh … arousal just got all of us that much more excited. I mean, it was really hot there for a while!”

“OK, I’m finished with your back, can you turn over now?”

Beth flipped over without tying her bra, but held it in place with her hands. She said nothing for a while but just watched Jake as he worked his way up her legs doing both front and back. As he started working above her knees, he looked up and noticed that she was biting her lip, with a funny look on her face.

“Are you OK?” he asked solicitously.

“Ummm … yeah, I’m …OK. I shouldn’t have … uh… talked about that …”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, it helps me to understand,” he answered quickly.

“No, that’s not what I mean. See, thinking about earlier, everyone getting so … turned on … well, it got me going again. And your hands right there are not helping.”

Jake pulled his hands off quickly, “I’m sorry …” he started.

Beth laughed at his expression, “Jake, you’re so sweet but you’re pretty clueless! What I’m saying is that I’m getting so hot again I can hardly stand it, and that I want you to touch me all over till I scream. I mean, we’re out here where everyone can see … and you can bet they’re trying to see what is going on here.” She took a deep breath, let it out, and gave him a brilliant white smile. “OK, I can handle it. You’re almost done there, right?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32