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With all my senses occupied, I had no idea how long I was tied to the bed. Jen’s recorded orgasm could have been anywhere from five minutes to half an hour long, for all I knew.

I didn’t hear Lydia come in; I’d briefly worried that Jen might have forgotten the keys, and that I’d be trapped here until my roommate got back on Sunday, but sure enough, the music on the iPod stopped abruptly. The earphones were removed next, followed by the shorts. I could now make out Lydia’s hair as she worked. The shoe was removed from my face, and for the first time in ages, I breathed fresh air. She slid the pantyhose off my head next, dragging them ever so slowly, the soft nylon caressing my face as she did so.

When she’d finally removed the hose, I could see her grinning at me. Lydia’s blonde hair hung in a ponytail, and she wore dark plum lipstick that was sexy as hell on her lips. She was wearing a white blouse that showed off her curves, too.

She grinned. “I’m glad to see you’re enjoying yourself,” reaching down to lightly brush my stiff cock with her fingertips. I was so horny, I nearly came as soon as she did that, and Lydia must have caught that in my eyes, as she pulled her hand back quickly.

“Oh, poor sweetie. I guess I should be careful. Don’t want to set you off too soon.” She untied my hands from the bed, then quickly tied them together and attached them to my collar. She then untied my legs and had me stand. The horrible shoes were still on my feet, and between those and not being able to use my hands for balance, I nearly fell a few times.

Once I was standing, Lydia brought over my heavy briefcase, and had me sit down on it, straddling the top of the case. The pressure against the skin in front of my anus was a little annoying, but not terrible.

“Since you’ve been tied up all day,” Lydia said with a knowing grin, “you probably missed this email.” She pulled out her iPhone and called up an all-campus note from the university president, informing us that a fire in the registrar’s office would cause classes to be delayed until Tuesday.

“In other words, Spring Break just got extended. So I’ve decided that we need to take a little trip. But before that,” as she paused, she reached down to my crotch. I hadn’t even noticed, but my cock had gone totally soft, and even as I marveled, she placed me back in the chastity belt.

“That part of your body is called the perineum, and pressure on it reduces hard-ons.” Lydia was a bio major, but I suspected she’d learned that fact elsewhere.

“Now, before we travel, you need to clean yourself up.” As she talked, she got out my shower caddy. She tossed in the cold cream and cotton balls to remove my makeup, and finally untied the stocking and removed the gag from my mouth. She then removed my boots and untied my hands.

“You should shower now.”

“Um, Lydia. I mean Goddess — ” I’d caught myself, but not before she noticed.

“Goddess? Is that what Jen had you call her?” Her purple lips smiled. “No, I want my own title. And I’m not a goddess. I’m a human being who just happens to control you. That makes me your Mistress, but that word has too many ugly connotations. It makes me sound like I’m the other woman or something. So instead, call me ‘Maitresse.’ Words are so much sexier in French, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Maitresse.

“Good boy.” I felt a stirring in my groin as she said that. Much as I hated to admit it, praise from her really did make me happy. “Now, what were you going to ask me?”

“Um.” The discussion about what to call her, as well as the fact that I was calling her the French word for Mistress, had thrown me. “Maitresse, if anyone sees me in the hallway, it’ll be kind of hard to explain what’s going on.”

Lydia pursed her lips in thought. “Good point. Stand up.” She had me put on my bathrobe — which covered my collar, barely — and my slippers. I normally would wear flip-flops to the shower, but these at least covered the toenails. She handed me the towel and the caddy. “I’ll check the hallway for you. On your way back, you can carry the towel over your hands to hide your nails.”

I couldn’t argue with that plan (much as I wanted to), so with her assistance, I was able to make it to the showers unseen. It took me a good while to get everything off, but I managed to do so. Getting the makeup off took a while, and my face felt amazingly clean when I was done. When I finally finished, I took Lydia’s advice and draped the towel over my hands as I left the bathroom. It was a smart move, as I passed a couple of folks I recognized in the hallway.

When I got to my room, I was not surprised to see that it was locked. Fortunately, no one was too nearby. As I knocked, I asked, “Maitresse, may I please come in?”

The door opened, and Lydia smiled at me as I entered.

“Now,” she said, as she closed the door, “I’ve packed clothes for the weekend, and it’s time to get you dressed.” She quickly tied my hands together with the robe’s belt. “Seem familiar, sweetie? Lydia grinned, remember how Starzbet she first tied me, just over a week ago. As she talked, she guided me to the bed, laying me down and securing my hands to the headboard.

“Yes, Maitresse,” I said.

Lydia frowned. “I actually meant that as a rhetorical question. But we should come up with a name for you, so you know when I actually want you to answer. What did Jen call you.”

I started to answer, then caught myself. I wasn’t sure if speaking or not speaking was the right thing to do.

She smiled, clearly catching my predicament. “It’s okay. Tell me what she called you so I can see if it’s suitable.”

“She called me ‘Anna,’ Maitresse.”

“Hmm. Not a bad name for when you’re wearing female clothing, but I want something I can call you all the time. Of course,” she grinned, sitting on the bed and whispering in my ear, “what’s to say you won’t be wearing female clothing all the time?”

Even as I simultaneously shuddered and shivered at the thought, she went on as if nothing had happened.

“No, I want one that I can call you in public without getting too many strange looks. But you’ll always know what it means. So how about ‘Pet?’ I know a few British folks who use it as a regular nickname, so it won’t be too strange. But we’ll both know that I own you. Do you like that, Pet?”

“Yes, Maitresse.” Saying anything else, I knew, would be a mistake.

“Good. And this weekend, I promise to make you earn that name.” Even as she grinned, she slid something over my face. It was clearly another pair of worn panties, with her smell settling right over my nose. She positioned them to block my eyes, of course.

“Now, Pet, I’m going to give you a choice. Since we’re going to be traveling, you can wear men’s underwear and a dress, or women’s underwear with jeans and a sweater. Which one do you prefer, Pet?”

I didn’t hesitate, of course. “Women’s underwear, Maitresse.”

“You answered quickly. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that wearing women’s underwear suits you.” I was smart enough not to answer.

I felt her slide something soft up my legs. Lydia paused. “Hmm, That belt kind of ruins the effect.” Much to my amazement, she removed the chastity device, and slid the panties over my crotch. The tightness of the cotton — as well as the touch of Lydia’s fingers — did cause me to start to harden, but not before she’d slid the panties all the way up.

She giggled. “Not that this bulge is any less obvious, but I kind of like knowing that you feel the panties around your cock.” I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me harder.

She followed this by sliding something soft over each leg. It became apparent pretty quickly that she’d put stockings on me, and by the fiddling she was doing, it was clear that the panties included a garter belt.

This was followed by something wrapped around my chest. Lydia slipped straps over my shoulders and around my back, and I realized it was a bra.

Lydia straddled my stomach and pulled the panties off my face. I could see that the bra was a basic grey sports bra. “Don’t be too disappointed, Pet. I’ll put you in something a little fancier when you’re not going out in public.”

As she stood up, I could see that I was wearing a pair of ruffled black boyshort-style panties with built-in garter straps. The bulge was hard to miss, and only the tight elastic at the edges prevented my cock from springing out. They were holding up black stockings.

“I know you liked the fishnets I wore the other day, but I figured I’d start with something a little more basic.” As she talked, Lydia reached up to untie my hands. As I sat up, she grabbed the bag she’d packed for me. “I’m going to go finish packing the car. Your clothes are on the chair. I’ll be gone for exactly one minute. When I get back, I expect to find you kneeling in the middle of the floor, wearing everything I laid out. Is that understood, Pet?”

“Yes, Maitresse.”

The door shut as I finished untying the rope from my hands.

A small part of me wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. She’d left me alone and without the chastity belt for the first time in ages! But I knew that, even in my excited state, there was no way I could masturbate in a minute and clean up the evidence. With the lengthened press-on nails Jen had applied to me, in fact, I could barely get into the sweatshirt and jeans before she came in, and was flummoxed by the idea of tying my sneakers when she walked back in.

“Seriously, Pet. I asked you to do one simply thing.”

“I’m sorry, Maitresse! I just cannot handle tying my shoes with these nails!” I knew I shouldn’t talk back, but I was frustrated.

She gave me a look that almost passed for pity.

“Fine, I’ll help you out this time. But there’s a price. Kneel next to the bed and hold out your hands.”

I did so, and she quickly wrapped some thin rope around my wrists, pulling my arms over the side of the bed and securing me to the dresser on the other side. Starzbet Giriş Even as I realized the embarrassing position I was in, with my butt sicking up facing anyone coming into the room, I also realized that the noose around my wrist had been pre-made; Lydia had planned to do this to me, too.

Since my feet were nearly off the ground, it was easy enough for Lydia to slip sneakers on and tie them. I then felt her fiddling with the jeans, and a draft made it clear that these pants had a removable flap over the ass! I wasn’t surprised to quickly learn that the panties also had this “feature.”

She walked around to the front of the bed. “Now, Pet, you’ve once again got a choice. I can administer corporal punishment with this hairbrush, or I can make your walk to the car uncomfortable. Which will it be?” She smacked the brush into her hand as she spoke, and I didn’t doubt it was a trick question. Of course, I was sure she’d be happy enough if I chose the spanking, but that brush looked nasty, so I chose the uncomfortable option.

She grinned and walked behind me again. I heard her rummaging, and then I felt a pressure against my anus. “This is a buttplug, Pet. It’s like the dildo I used on you yesterday, only it’s designed to stay in you for a while” She’d clearly lubed it well, as it practically slid right in, filling me up and putting pressure on my prostate.

Lydia closed the panties and the jeans and untied me, and sure enough, walking with the pressure against my prostate was very uncomfortable. I had a visible bulge in my jeans from both my arousal and the pressure, and she’d clearly noticed.

“Yeah, I thought you’d enjoy this one.” I didn’t bother countering her. “Fortunately, it’s chilly enough outside for you to wear this.” She tossed me my light trenchcoat, which thankfully covered my bulge, as well as my collar. She then had me pick up the laundry basket sitting in the closet. It looked like it was filled with towels, but it was heavier, and the towels clearly covered something else. By putting my fingers through the slats, I could cover up the state of my nails.

With that, Lydia opened the door, and we stepped out.


The dorm hallway was mostly empty, and there was certainly nothing strange about someone carrying a laundry basket. I’d almost gotten my hopes up as we neared the side door of the dorm, when I heard someone call my name.

“Adam, Lydia, wait up!”

We turned around, and sure enough, it was Leigh, Lydia’s roommate. I hadn’t seen her in two weeks, and the events with Lydia and Jen had nearly made me forget my crush on her, but seeing her reminded me of how cute she was. She wasn’t a heavy makeup kind of girl, but she had a pretty face, gorgeous green eyes, and long brown hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. Her casual cloths — jeans and a sweater — didn’t hide her height and long legs.

She hugged Lydia, then turned to me. If she hugged me, there was no way that she wouldn’t feel my bulged. Hell, I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t explode from it. Fortunately, I had an excuse.

Leigh looked at the basket in my hands. “You doing laundry?”

Lydia looked expectantly at me. I hoped she wouldn’t contradict anything I was about to say.

“Um, yeah. I was on the way to the laundromat, and then we were going to grab a bite to eat.”

Lydia played along, thankfully. “Yeah. Wanna come with?”

I don’t know if I visibly blanched, but I did my best to smile and pretend that Leigh was welcome. On any other day, she would be.

Fortunately, Leigh said, “nah — thanks, but I’m wiped out. I’m just going to rest and catch up on TV.”


When we got to Lydia’s SUV, she had me load the laundry basket in the back and then climb in. She then shut the back hatch and came around the side.

Lyda had set the middle and rear seats down, and I wasn’t shocked when she had me lie down. Nor was I really surprised when she tied my arms and legs down. She leaned over me and gave me a long, deep kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth and leaving me breathless. She hadn’t kissed me that hard since the first night, before she’d put me in the chastity belt, and I’d forgotten how amazing a kisser she was.

As she pulled away, she said, “more of that later. For now, let’s keep our promise to Leigh.”

I must have looked baffled.

“Oh, what you told her, silly!” She grinned, even as she pulled a pair of blue panties out of the basket and tied a stocking through it, as Jen had done earlier. “First, you can do laundry and clean these.”

As she leaned over me and tied the hose behind my head, she told me, “like Jen did, I grabbed some old panties from my laundry pile. But there’s a twist.” As she shoved them in my mouth, I could tell what it was. Lydia had clearly pissed in these and allowed them to dry!

“Now, get those nice and clean, lover, while I take us to dinner.”

Lydia blindfolded me, then covered me with a light blanket, including my head, but it wasn’t enough to interfere with my Starzbet Güncel Giriş breathing. More importantly, it shielded me from the prying eyes from anyone driving by. I knew Lydia had tinted windows, but I didn’t trust them to be dark enough to hide me.

I heard the engine turn on, and Lydia drove for a few minutes. During the ride, the buttplug reflected every bounce, putting pressure on my prostate.

I heard her get out, and when the door didn’t open for a bit, I got nervous. Soon enough, though, the back door opened, and when the blanket was pulled away, the unmistakable smell of McDonald’s. She removed my gag, untied my hands, and had me sit up. I dug into the Big Mac and fries as soon as she told me to. I’d eaten way too little that day, and was starving.

When I was done, Lydia smiled. “I do want you keeping your strength up.

She then tied me down again and removed my blindfold. From what little I could see, we appeared to be in a garage, not in a parking lot. I didn’t think now was the time to ask about it, though. Especailly since she took that moment to slide up her skirt. She was wearing black spandex leggings under it, and she turned around and got on all fours, looking over her shoulders at me. Her ass looked glorious straining against the material.

“Like what you see, Pet?”

“Yes, Maitresse.” She smiled at my use of the proper name.

She started to pull down the spandex, then paused. “Oh, shoot.”

Even from my position, I had no problem telling that the pout was as fake as the words she uttered, but I played along.

“What’s wrong, Maitresse?”

“Oh, well, Jen and I were talking, and we agreed that you needed some work on your oral skills. Don’t get me wrong; you can still make us come. But I think you’re getting distracted.”

“By what?”

“By seeing out beautiful pussies, of course! So, Pet, we came up with a solution: you can only see our pussies once you’ve eaten us enough to prove that you’re fully focusing on us.”

“How long will that take?”

“That depends. There are so many factors involved. For example, how quickly you bring us to orgasm, how intense the orgasms are, how flustered you get at the thought of seeing us naked. For example, you forgot to call me ‘Maitresse,” a sure sign that you’re distracted. There are so many little signs of distraction, but I’m sure you’ll eventually earn it!”

It was clearly another game I couldn’t win, and I knew that protesting wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

In the meantime, Lydia turned around and slid the tights off with her back to me. She then turned around (with the skirt more than obstructing my view of her pussy), and slid over to me, sliding the tights over my head. They covered my eyes completely. She then slid it a little further down, covering my nose. I could tell that she’d deliberately positioned it so the crotch was over my nose, and I once again inhaled her odor.

With that, Lydia positioned herself over my mouth and had me eat her. The spandex over my nose didn’t completely inhibit my breathing, but between it and the pussy over my mouth, I definitely had to earn every breath. I also felt reasonably certain that I’d made her come at least three times, although I wasn’t foolish enough to ask. She eventually turned around and had me eat her to one more, then slid down slightly, putting her ass over my mouth instead. I brought her to another orgasm with my tongue, and she slid off.

After a few minutes — to catch her breath, I assumed — Lydia leaned down and murmured in my ear, “much better, Pet. Of course, you still have some work to do, but we’ve got time.”

She untied me — still leaving the tights over my eyes — and walked me out of the van. I heard a click and felt her attach what I soon realized was a leash to my collar.

As she led me forward, she said, “I bet you’re wondering who can see you, Pet. Don’t worry; right now, we’re moving from the garage directly into the house of a friend of mine. No one outside saw you being led on a leash.”

Lydia led me until my crotch bumped against something that I assumed was a chair or bench of some sort. She then pulled the leash down, forcing me to bend over, and tied the leash to something below.She quickly strapped my ankles to the bench. My ass was now sticking in the air, and I was effectively immobilized.

“Of course, I might have taken a few more pictures of you in chains for later. And Jen might have, too. In fact, she sent me a great video of you sucking her dildo!” That message was perfectly clear; they could continue to hold everything over me even as they ramped things up.

“And for all you know, we’re not alone here. Maybe Jen’s here. Maybe there are five or six girls here, all ready to play with you.” That was a chilling thought, and one I hadn’t even considered. I hadn’t heard anyone else, but I could be mistaken.

Lydia pulled my pants and panties down and removed the buttplug, much to my relief. She slid my shoes and socks off, unbuckling each foot and rebuckling as needed, then released the leash and had me stand up. She had me hold my arms up, and pulled the sweater and bar off, too. She then slipped something else over my arms and tied it around my chest. It felt loose and silky, but I had no idea what it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32