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Chapter 3: The Auction

Within minutes of Kelly’s request, she was again sound asleep as though she was completely comfortable with the idea we were to confess. I shut the blinds to prolong the night and still could not sleep. At some point I faded and did not awaken until noon. Kelly was up and dressed before romping onto the bed. I quickly pulled the sheet over my body before any marks are cuts were exposed. She did not seem to notice and proceeded to tell me of her latest news.

“We have been chosen by my company to part take in a couples retreat,” she announced.

I was still wondering where she was going with this conversation and how it could possibly relate to us.

“We will go to some camp where corporate types go to recharge and be inspired. I hear it’s a lot of fun with games and interactive stuff,” she continued.

“Wow…it sounds fun,” I said with apprehension.

“Bradley picks different deserving members of his department to go once a year. There was also a contest and the winner had three months of paid sabatical! Can you believe it?”

Kelly was giddy and my heart nearly stopped when she mentioned the name ‘Bradley’.

Now the idea seemed a little more appealing.

I was not working very much as a freelance technical writer and if by chance the three month vacation was awarded to us, it would be okay.

“Kelly, How did last night go?”

She quickly got up from the bed and started to tidy.

“It was great, yeah. We had lots of fun,” she replied dismissively.

I knew there was more to the story but did not pursue the details. As long as she knew I was unaware, then she, too, was unaware of my adventure.

I could delay my confession for another day. Or week. But why would I? I needed to come clean and soon.

Kelly gathered some dirty clothes from the floor and left the room. Now was my chance to head to the bathroom and evaluate my wounds. I was actually not badly bruised but the internal discomfort made me hobble slightly. I looked in the mirror just as Kelly returned. I threw a towel around me and stepped into the shower.

“Next week is the retreat. Are you game?” she asked.

“Definitely. I’m in.”

The following week I was packed and ready to go. A shuttle stopped by our house and we were driven to the airport for the 45 minute flight. We arrived at the compound and were greeted by none other than Bradley and his wife.

“Hi, Carl! Hi Kelly! Let me take your bag for you,” he said with his trademark wink.

Bradley’s wife with her permanently erect nipples was quick to take the arm of Kelly and guide her inside.

I followed her into the spacious but otherwise empty lodge.

“We’ve got good news and some bad news. What do you want to hear first?” bradley said.

“I…I guess the bad news,” I replied.

“The airline lost your bags'” he said with a smirk.

Funny, I saw the assistant put the bags right on to the corporate jet. It must be some sort of joke.

“The good news is: you won’t be needing that stuff anyway. All your clothes will be furnished. Oh, and some more good news. There will be three months worth of amenities provided. You have won the sabatical!”

Kelly gripped my elbow and was overjoyed.

“Wait,” I said. “The entire three months will be spent…here?”

The coastal lodge was idyllic but what could we possibly do for this long here?

Bradley looked at the ground before coming up with just the right explanation.

Kelly let go of my arm at this point and joined Bradley’s side. The two looked at each other and back towards me.

“Well, Carl, The Marshall’s plan on keeping the two of you very busy.”

Kelly bit her lip and shrugged her shoulders to convey a guilty but helpless shrug.

“Who…who are the Marshall’s?” I asked.

Bradley beamed an evil grin.

“They were the highest bidders and you two will make them very happy, won’t you?”

My heart nearly stopped when the puzzle came together. I could hear heavy steps ascending the stairs and rounding the corner. Bradley’s wife was already helping Kelly undress when I turned to open my mouth.

“Take off your clothes, Carl. Then stand at attention,” Bradley demanded.

I hesitated for a moment and began to remove my shoes and shirt. Kelly was already down to her panties and was removing her brassiere when an older gentleman approached.

He was accompanied by a middle-aged woman, presumably his wife.

“I am Master Marshall and this is my dear wife, Diane. You will call her ‘Mistress’,” he announced. He put his arm around Bradley as though they had known each other for Gaziantep Oral Escort years.

Kelly stopped undressing long enough to allow the woman to circle and inspect her. Kelly was trying to suppress a smile as the woman cupped her boobs and released.


The woman’s open hand struck Kelly’s breast a hard blow.

“No smiling, slave!” mistress growled.

“Yes, Ma’am'” replied Kelly.

Oh my god. We’re going to spend the next three months like this?

I finished taking off my pants and a small but shapely woman gathered our clothes and quickly disappeared.

I turned back to Kelly. I had to know.

“Did you know about this?” I begged.

“Yes,” she quickly replied.

“Shut up! – both of you. For the next three months you will be owned property without rights or freedom to make any decisions. You are slaves and will perform a variety of tasks while you’re here. Both of you will be subject to hard labor during the day and unmentionable services at night. You will perform every task as a couple. Is this understood?”

Master Marshall looked at each of us for approval. We both nodded.

Bradley and his wife joined hands and left.

“See you in awhile, guys,” he said sarcastically.

I was surprised the couple had allowed us to remain in our underwear. But this was not to last.

Kelly and I were led down a long hall and took our places in a room with two large wooden chairs. Mistress Marshall opened a drawer and produced a set of shears and scissors. I sat aghast as Kelly’s locks were shorn from her head completely. First was the crunching sound of the hair being removed in bulk. Then came the clippers. I had never seen my wife completely bald but there was an erotic quality to it. Master was handed the shears and began to remove my hair as the shaving cream was applied to Kelly’s scalp.

Both of these people had seen this routine before. They were swift and decided.

My turn with the shave cream and my scalp was smooth as satin. A warm cloth was removed from Kelly’s head and I could see the blue-gray tint of her pale skin.

A leather collar was placed around each of our necks and we were ordered to stand up together.

“I want you to remove each other’s clothes and shave each other clean,” ordered Mistress.

Kelly and I looked at each other and were a little distracted by our new looks.

“One of you, on your knees!” barked Mistress.

I quickly complied and was tugging on Kelly’s waistband.

I removed her underwear and handed them to Mistress.

Kelly’s pussy was a wet mess. I could tell she was extremely aroused and my slightest touch to her labia caused her to jump. She propped her leg over my shoulder as I began the process of complete hair removal. She was clipped, shaved and rubbed with ointment to insure a smooth, hairless presentation.

I of course, was turned on and my cock was hard and out of the way for Kelly to remove my pubic hair. She held my cock most of the time she clipped me and I began to feel my fluids rise.

I instinctively turned to Master to inform him of my problem.

Master, to my surprise, was standing against the wall with a raging hard on in his wife’s hand. He was large and well hung with very little body fat as far as I could tell.

“Sir, I’m going to climax any minute.”

Mistress looked perplexed.

“Open your mouth, slave Kelly!”

With those words, Kelly received a major load of semen on her face and in her mouth.

I opened my eyes to see Kelly licking her lips and rubbing her clitoris.

I glanced back to see the disapproval on Master’s face as he quickly approached us. He knocked Kelly to the floor and grappled for her legs as she tried to slither away. His strength reeled her towards him and she was now on her hands and knees. I turned in panic to see the Mistress pointing her finger at me. She sensed I would intervene but I did nothing. Any real man would’ve but I was far removed from that reality. I stood and stared as my wife was brutally raped on the floor in front of me. She did not look my direction for help or even say my name once. She was thoroughly enjoying the Master’s treatment and shrieked in ecstasy while Master gripped the rings in her collar. Her hair was no longer there to shield me from the expression she made only when she climaxed.

I was ambivalent. I was mortified and totally aroused. Kelly had made it clear we were to leave all inhibitions behind and live out our once- secret fantasy.

I stared as Master slowly pulled hi s cock from her pussy and felt no emotion as Mistress clicked a leash to my collar. A small lead was connected to Kelly and we were both led from the room by Mistress. Master went the opposite direction as we were led to the basement.

Mistress showed us to our separate quarters. She also showed us the jump-suit, overalls we would wear while we were to perform our hard labor.

I felt like I had been sent to prison.

Master soon reappeared.

“Slaves, you will be spending your days hauling rock and digging in order to terrace the property. The wall will be 1000 meters long and when you are finished, you will build another terrace down the hill.”

“If you misbehave, there will be consequences,” added Mistress.

The work was to begin immediately and we both donned our work clothes.

The sun was hot and the work was harder than I thought. We worked for four hours and I noticed electronic surveillance on strategically placed poles. The unplanned breaks I took and conversations with Kelly were all seen by someone.

I continued working as though I had not noticed the cameras. Within twenty minutes a golf cart showed up and Mistress hopped out. She opened a box on the back and retrieved a short whip.

“There will be no wasted time out here! Do you not get it?” she yelled.

She walked over to us with purpose and demanded Kelly unzipped my uniform. Kelly reacted with some hesitation but did as she said. The breeze felt good against my skin for a moment but the coolness was soon replaced with a hard blow to my chest. Mistress whipped me hard and then several more times.

“Bend over!” she shouted.

I turned and leaned against a large rock but did not catch my clothes from falling completely down my legs.


My body jolted as the first of several dozen blows landed across my skin.

She suddenly stopped and stormed back to her cart, waving the whip toward one of the cameras.

I zipped my clothes on and continued to work until sundown. Kelly did not say a word to me.

The next three days were spent in hard labor. We were really making progress but had hardly spoken to each other. One afternoon there were several women enjoying lunch on the balcony a hundred meters from us. They must’ve known what we were doing out there. After an hour, Mistress came down and ordered us to remove our clothes while we worked. Mistress gathered our clothes then ordered Kelly to join her. Both headed back to the house- Mistress in the cart and Kelly on foot. There was laughter from the visitors and I continued slaving away.

I had no idea why my wife was summoned to the house but I kept a subtle eye on the activity.

I saw her carry drinks or something to the women and then I noticed her on her knees in front of them. They sat around a table and I noticed Kelly’s head disappearing up the dresses of teach woman as they chatted. They carried on a normal as Kelly serviced each one. I tried not to be distracted until one of the women created a scene. Kelly could be heard pleading but I did not know why. I set down my pick as she was being forced against a wall. Mistress emerged with the whip once again and whipped Kelly from her neck to her ankles. She did not scream at first but the pain was too much. I could not help but choke back my tears and then it stopped. Kelly was on her knees again and under the dress of a visitor. Apparently she took too long in bringing a woman to climax.

We finished the first week no worse for wear. Mistress was clearly the disciplinarian and whipped us only two more times before giving us a revised schedule.

We were both given the day off and a set of clothes to be worn for a party that following Saturday evening. We had no say in the style or size but I couldn’t have approved more of my selection. I looked like a toreador and Kelly looked like a prostitute. My shiny black clothes were tight and hers were bordering on decency. Even the wig was clearly fake and overdone. Her skintight dress was short and sported a low cut top. Her stockings were held up by visible garters no matter how much she pulled on the hem. My cock was clearly visible beneath the fabric of my pants. I had lost at least ten pounds that week and was looking great in the undersized shirt. We were ready to party.

Of course there was a hitch. Neither one of us were to enjoy ourselves. We were the help and soon found out there were no requests guests could not be denied. The cars began pulling up one by one. We held trays of champagne and treats until the evening carried on as planned. I noticed more than once a male guest reach up Kelly’s skirt. Anywhere else she would’ve reacted but she took it like a well-trained slave. I fully expected the women to openly hit on me but most were sedate. I needed a bathroom break and found myself standing next to a guest waiting to use the lavatory. I nodded to him and waited for the other person to exit. Suddenly I felt his hand slide down the back of my pants. I did not move and he did not even look over. We leaned against the wall waiting and the person leaving the bathroom did not seem to notice me or the man’s hand as his index finger rubbed my anus. My cock slithered to attention beneath my satin pants as he ushered me into the room with him. As he turned to lock the door I sat down on the toilet. He said nothing as he unfastened his belt and slacks. It all happened so fast. I opened my mouth and was hosting this quickly growing cock. It didn’t even seem to reach its full potential before letting loose a load of semen into my mouth.

Still, without a word, he wiped his hands on a towel and left the room. I, too, cleaned off my face and cupped some water from the lav to wash the remaining taste down. I started down the hall to rejoin the party but passed an office where the sight of red stiletto caught my eye. I backed up and bumped the door open slightly enough to see Kelly stretched over the top of a large desk. Her top had been yanked down and her skirt pulled over her hips. Men and women were taking turns on her and there appeared to be no shortage of erect dicks throughout the room. Her wig had been pulled off and a woman was rubbing her crotch over Kelly’s stubble. I stared at my wife’s breasts as they heaved with each thrust of the cock behind her. I closed the door slightly when I saw one man take the place of another who was just finishing up. I gaped in disbelief as his cock lined up with her ass hole and disappeared between her cheeks. I had no idea she did that. It looked so painful to her but she moaned as she worked her tongue in a woman’s pussy. The cock descended and pulled out slowly but built up steam. I watched intently until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Won’t you join us?” said another guest just arriving.

“Perfect!” said Master as he noticed me there. He stood from an oversized couch but was naked from the waist down.

He twirled a set of handcuffs on his finger and stopped me to lock them on my wrists.

“I thought we’d need these for the other slave but she proved to us she didn’t need them. Give me your wrists!” he commanded.

Suddenly it seemed the entire party had moved into this den and there were dozens of guests with their own agendas.

Both my wife and I were violated on the same desk at the same time repeatedly. Soon, It was though the other was just a stranger caught up in their own fantasies.

More than once she saw me raped by men and take it like a whore. There was only pleasure to be found in the pain and no explanation to my wife about my secrets was needed now. She seemed to counter my pleasure by making her pleasure known in servicing each woman who presented a pussy. Their seemed to be mutual disgust in each other at first but then we became like two whores sharing the same street corner.

For the remaining weeks and months in servitude, we experienced the beatings and rapes we both came to savor. The Marshall’s brutality brought us together and then apart. We hadn’t even spoken about returning to our normal lives until the final days at the compound. Much became apparent to Kelly as Master Marshall picked me up from the fields each night to personally clean me up. Mistress had her share of nights spent with only Kelly and the two were becoming inseparable.

On the day we were to leave, Master brought me aside and I instinctively dropped to my knees. He seemed a little preoccupied as I tried to suck him to hardness but then he pushed me back.

“Slave Carl, I am only going to extend this offer to you now. I want you to stay here for a year or longer. You may decline,” he said with a bit of emotion.

I did not answer but continued stroking his cock until it became rigid. I never answered him but it was understood as he reared back and shot another load into my mouth.

He seemed genuinely happy and led me upstairs with the leash.

I sat naked as usual while Master stepped in his office and closed the door.

Awhile later I stared out the window as a fully dressed Kelly spoke to the Mistress. Both looked down to the ground as I suppose she was informed of my decision. My wife glanced back at the house a couple times until a car showed to pick her up. A woman stepped from the car. It was Justine. Both embraced for a lengthy kiss and then drove away out of sight.

Master put his arm around me and led me from the window. He rubbed my stubbled head and once again placed the leash on my collar.

“How about a haircut, slave?”

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