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This story picks up the thread from ‘A Tryst on the Mountain – Pt. 4’ and goes in the direction of a single couple swap. This one involves some guy guy stuff, so if that isn’t your interest then you can consider this the chance to get out of here and read some of the other stories I have up. This one is a bit longer, and involves some different fetishes than previous stories. Hopefully you like the slightly new direction. Always appreciate your interest and comments on the stories.


We laid out on our lounger bed and I felt Kitty sigh deep. The party had started to pick up, and a number of people were enjoying themselves around us.

“I’ve… got something crazy to say,” Kitty said while smiling bashfully.

“I doubt anything could sound crazy to me, after what we’ve done,” I replied.

“I’m still horny,” she said while covering her face.

Somehow my cock stirred a little, and I gave her a deep kiss. I could feel her pressing her body against me, and I rubbed her ass and back firmly.

“Then we should make sure that we scratch that itch,” I responded.

I sat up to look around at the people, found a few scattered acts, as well as another couple that kept catching my eye.

“Think these two are on the menu?” I said to her while standing up.

“He’s cute, I’m in,” she replied with a smile.

They must have been newer than us, because they looked like deer caught in a pair of headlights.

“Let’s go chat with them,” I said while helping her up.

I waved as we got close to them and they both got up to chat, throwing their plates in a nearby trash can.

“Hi, I’m Jake and this is my wife Natsuki,” the man said while extending his hand.

“Hi Jake, I’m Damian, and this is my wife Kitty,” I responded.

Natsuki looked pretty nervous in her full coverage suit, but Jake’s cock was at full mast, pointing up obviously inside his trunks.

“Do either of you want a drink to uhh, relax?” I fumbled a bit over my words.

“Ah, no, no, neither of us drink,” Natsuki chipped in with a nervous laugh.

“Oh thank god,” Kitty burst out, “neither do we!”

At that, we all laughed and moved to sit down at the low couches. Natsuki and Jake were indeed new. It turned out that Jake had been talking to a friend about his interests, that friend had been talking to his wife, and then the wife started talking with Natsuki. The invite to the party came about from those conversations, and a flipped coin is how they ended up going for it. It didn’t seem like the ideal, jumping straight into the frying pan, but I couldn’t judge with what Kitty and I had done.

Natsuki and Kitty started chatting and I picked up a conversation thread with Jake. He was big into gaming and was telling me about some of the new stuff coming out. After a few minutes, he looked out across the pool and drew my attention to a woman giving a blowjob while someone else fucked her from behind.

“Man, this is crazy. I mean, I really never thought I’d be seeing this type of thing,” he said as precum leaked out of his cock and made a dark patch on his trunks.

“Yeah. Kitty and I haven’t had many opportunities to make it out to these parties, but every time we’ve had a lot fun,” I answered.

“I wonder, how many guys do you think are bi?” he asked.

I wasn’t expecting the question, since guys are normally sensitive about their masculinity, but he was so frank that I felt like he wasn’t trying to put a dig out or make fun of anyone.

“Probably not too many, I guess a lot of guys are too worried about looking gay to try anything or let another guy get close to their cocks,” I laughed.

“What about you? Sorry to be so direct, and totally cool if you’re not into that kind of thing,” he asked.

Jake’s cock looked painfully hard at the weird angle it was at inside the tight shorts, I could tell that he needed some relief. Before I could think of a reason not to, I reached out and grabbed it through the fabric.

“Oh wow, that’s hot,” Kitty said while lightly rubbing her nipple.

Natsuki pinched her legs together, but I could tell she was also excited because her eyes were transfixed on Jake’s cock.

“Sorry Natsuki, I didn’t even ask, is this okay?” I said while pausing the motion with my hand.

“Y- yes, it’s okay,” she said bashfully.

Jake leaned back in the chair and I pulled down his trunks. His cock sprang free and I gave it a good squeeze. Precum leaked out over my hand and I started stroking earnestly. Touching a different cock felt weird. Both familiar and new, since I had been jerking off my whole life but only my own cock. I rubbed around the base and fondled his balls a bit. He was almost bucking into my hand when I started to jerk him again, so I squeezed him hard and jerked as fast as I could go. Within a few moments his toes were clenched and he was spurting thick ropes of cum up onto his stomach and all over my hand. I slowed down my motion and helped him ease off the orgasm before taking my hand away.

“That can’t have been your first time,” Jake said with a silly grin Uzun porno on his face.

“Well, with another dude, yeah,” I laughed back.

We all chatted a bit more, and I wiped my hand off on my towel like nothing had happened. The conversation kind of went back to normal again for a few minutes before Natsuki grabbed Kitty’s arm and pulled her away to whisper a bit. When they came back, she grabbed Jake and pulled him away to speak with him for a minute as well. I laughed a bit, remembering how Eric and Ashley had worked out their hand signals, but new couples like us still had to do pow-wow style communication. Natsuki came back with Jake behind her and addressed us both.

“That was pretty great, and I think we both like you, but… I’m just a bit overwhelmed? I think just…” she sucked air between her teeth.

“Hey, no problem at all, and sorry if we pushed a boundary you weren’t comfortable with just yet,” I said, worried I’d gone too far.

“No, no, that’s not it, not exactly. I think maybe a better setting for us would be something smaller. Maybe a dinner party, just the four of us?” she ventured.

Of course, Kitty and I wholeheartedly agreed, and although we all ended up leaving the party early, Kitty was already texting with Natsuki on the drive home, so I felt like whatever was around the bend was going to be fun.

As usual, organizing a time to meet took a couple months. First it was us, with what sounded like a bullshit excuse of our kid getting sick. Then it was them, with an equally sketchy sounding series of unfortunate events to their house. During the last few weeks leading up to our dinner, Kitty and Natsuki seemed to be texting like crazy. She made me promise not to look at her phone, saying it would be worth the wait. I promised, but she still snuck around the house, covering her phone anytime I looked in her direction.

The only time when I got close to asking what was going on was when she enlisted me to take pictures of her the week prior to our scheduled meet up time. I thought they would be cutesy, some boobs or ass, but by the end of it she was spread wide and giving the camera a sultry look. The phone was snatched back out of my hand before I could form words as she ran out of the room with a cackle. It was amazingly hot seeing her be that dirty, and having no idea what she was up to with the pictures.

“Exciiiting ne-ws, Natsuki has given me their rules,” Kitty said when I sat down in the living room after putting our little one to bed.

“Great, then it’s time to talk about ours as well, huh?” I replied.

“Yes. First, no anal sex.”

“Totally fair.”

“Second… no BDSM,” she recited judiciously.


“Third… anything else will be fair game,” she said with a smirk.

“Wow, what?” I practically sputtered on my words. I was not expecting them to give us carte blanche our first time meeting up.

“I told you that it would be worth the wait,” Kitty said while making fists and holding them over her head, silently cheering for herself.

“Annnnd, I didn’t think you’d ever touch another guy, but I am actually pretty turned on by it. Jake says more is good, but is fine if not. What about you?”

I thought for a few moments, but didn’t seem to come up with anything against it. I mean, Kitty and I had decided that sex was sex, outside of our relationship. Jake had a hotter and younger body than me, but it wasn’t intimidating. After all the exploration we had together, I knew that opening doors was better than closing them.

“You know, whatever happens, happens,” I said with a shrug.

“Great! And since we’ve allll received our CLEAN tests back, da-da-da-DA, no condoms needed,” Kitty said with another silent cheer of her arms.

“Bra-vo, bravo,” I praised while bowing to her, “so… I know you’re into secret redezvous, and I’ve been thinking about what happened with David and what we’ve done since. I think I’m comfortable with you playing with someone else while I’m not there. However, you need to tell me all the details afterwards, and I get to cum.”

“Totally fair,” Kitty mimicked my earlier answer, “and for me, crazy as it sounds, I’m onboard with that too.”


The day finally arrived when we had the house to ourselves again, my parents taking on the little one, and we had been cleaning like nuts to get things looking presentable. Kitty had offered to host, since Natsuki’s mother moved in with them and sold her house. Toys and random things were still strewn about, but at least we had managed to pick up all the cheerios and clean up a few stains on the couch. As the doorbell rang we looked at each other and felt the excitement and nervousness jump right to our throats. We had ignored the feeling up until that moment, but we couldn’t wait to see how things would play out.

“Hi!!” Kitty exclaimed brightly as Jake and Natsuki walked through the door, “sorry about the mess, this is so embarrassing.”

I tried no to stare, but Natsuki was heavily pregnant. Had it really been so many months Öğrenci porno since we had seen them? I smiled big and helped usher them into our living room.

“Wo-ow, your home is lovely,” Natsuki responded, “and you actually live in it!” she said while noting the toys and various things that were lying around.

“Hey, good to see you again,” Jake said to me, and we shook hands.

We all walked to the kitchen and stood around chatting and eating the finger food we prepared. We had agreed to eat a little snack, have some fun, eat dinner together, and then (like the old fuddy duddies we were) get Natsuki and Jake on the road home by ten.

None of us had dressed sexy, as the girls had agreed to keep things feeling relaxed. Jake was wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a polo, I had on a t-shirt and sweats. Kitty was in her usual oversized sweater and short shorts combo, and Natsuki had on a form fitting cardigan and yoga pants. I noticed that Natsuki had black nail polish on her fingers and toes and my cock jumped in my pants. I had painted all of Kitty’s silver (at her request) in preparation for the evening.

“Jake, what are you into?” I asked with a smile, “our wives have been chatting each other up all week, but I don’t even have your phone number.”

Jake laughed, “I think after this we’re going to have to exchange directly, Nat only gave me glimpses of your beautiful wife’s photos”

Kitty covered her face and went a bit red, but then smoothed her hair back and gave an impish grin, “or maybe I’ll be sending them to you myself.”

“I like the sound of that,” he said with the same big silly grin as he had had at the party.

“Well, as I think you already know, I’m pretty bi. I don’t really want to date a guy, but I gave some handjobs in gym showers back in college. Unfortunately, I also have a huge thing for doing it where I’m not supposed to, office settings, dressing room, wherever the urge takes. I also have a fetish for feet…” he said with his words cutting off a bit.

Kitty walked over to him and rubbed a foot against his leg and on top of his feet, “oh really? Why does that sound like a bad thing?”

I could see Jake’s cock tenting out his shorts. I did a double-take when Kitty reached down and grabbed it through the thin fabric, giving it a good squeeze. I don’t know how I remained to be surprised by her change in behavior, seeing as how we had done so much. She stood next to him and continued to rub her legs against him.

Jake seemed to be enjoying the attention and had trouble focusing on his words, “first, is um, the problem with getting caught. I’d hate to end up on the news. Second, well, most times you can’t see a woman’s breasts or ass. But even the most conservative woman will wear sandals all year round.”

“I know, makes it all the harder that we live in a warm climate,” Kitty replied, I could see her arm moving and Jake seemed to be pressed against her back, things were definitely starting to heat up between them.

“Baby, I’m going to take Jake on a tour of the backyard, I think he’ll appreciate the craftsmanship of our new deck. Why don’t you and Natsuki grab a seat on the couch and find something to watch on TV?” my wife said while continuing to rub against Jake seductively.

As they walked outside, Natsuki looked at me and smiled big, “I love how your wife is so… ‘take charge’. She is not afraid of the tiger’s den.”

“That is high praise,” I said while directing her back to the living room. “We’ve only ever done this a couple times. I’m used to her being more of the type to go with the flow, but not really go and do something crazy on her own.”

Natsuki stopped before we made it to the couch and turned to look at me, it seemed like she had tears in her eyes. I gulped big, and thoughts flashed through my head of what was to come. Was she going to say that she was only here for her husband? That she would return the favor of the handjob, but nothing else? That she didn’t want to do this?

“Be completely honest Damian. What do you think about my body?” Natsuki said while pulling off her cardigan and wiggling out of her yoga pants.

My cock immediately reacted to her naked body, tenting out my sweats comically. Pregnancy had definitely taken its effect on her. Her hips were wider, and her ass heavier. Her hair was thick and lush. Her skin seemed to glow softly. Her breasts sat on top of her large belly with dark puffy nipples, I could tell by the weight of them that they were already getting full with milk. Every part was more accentuated, womanly.

“That part of me can’t lie,” I said while flipping off my shirt and pulling down my sweats, “but the rest of me agrees that your body could not look better.”

I stepped the few paces between us and pulled her hips close to me, letting my cock graze against her leg. She buried her face in my chest and held my waist. The pressure of her breasts and baby belly against me, not to mention how good she smelled, were heavenly to my senses.

“Jake says I am beautiful, but I know he liked it better when I was skinny and didn’t have this big bump between us. You…” she said while squeezing a big drop of precum out of my cock and licking it off her finger, “seem to very much be into this.”

“God, that was fucking hot,” I replied as I held her face between my hands and kissed her deeply.

When we broke she smiled big and led me over to the couch. She winced as she sat down, and I moved to sit behind her, nestling my cock down between her ass cheeks, and letting my hands roam and massage her back.

“Kitty said something about a show we should watch on TV?” she said while groaning at the pressure of my massage.

“Uh, yeah, she did,” I said while turning the TV on.

The screen flicked on and immediately popped up on the security camera we have set up in the backyard. Kitty and I had a few cameras around, with feeds linked to our phones and the TV. With a little kid running all over the place it seemed like a good idea. We could catch a lot of the family things that happen, as well as make sure the house was safe.

Obviously we were late to the party. My wife had one foot up on the railing and was completely naked. Jake had his face buried in her pussy and it looked like he was working hard and fast.

“Whoa, whoa, WHOA,” I said, caught completely off guard.

“I feel like there are some key elements we’ve missed,” Natsuki replied.

“Yeah, we definitely need to rewind a bit,” I replied.

I used the remote and jumped back a couple of minutes. The deck was empty, shadows inside the dining area moved on the floor. Then the door opened and Kitty walked outside, followed closely by Jake. She led him over to the railing and kissed him deeply. He seemed to respond like a wild animal, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close to himself. He reached under her sweater with one hand and the other went to her ass, squeezing it tightly.

The porn scene playing on the screen made my cock twitch and Natsuki giggled, feeling it prodding her ass. I looked back up at the screen and saw Kitty’s hand reach inside Jake’s shorts. He was kissing along her neck, his hands grabbed at her like he was a teenager. It was a thrill to see that someone else desire my wife that much. They broke from their kiss and Kitty pushed him back, kicking out of her shorts. He didn’t need to be told what to do and practically fell between her legs. She had her fingers curled in his hair, enjoying herself thoroughly.

Jake’s hand went under her sweater again. Kitty seemed to notice she was still in clothes and squirmed out of it. Jake lapped at her, letting his hands roam her body. She convulsed a little and squeezed his head between her legs, a sure sign she was having an orgasm. She let him go and then got off the railing. He stood up and she pushed down his shorts, letting his cock spring forward. She teased him and lapped once at it, he shuddered at her touch and turned around to lean against the railing like she had.

Jake was a bit smaller than I am, and I saw how Kitty took the entire length of him in her mouth. It was crazy watching her work his cock, especially since she usually gets most of mine in and then says her jaw hurts before jerking me off or letting me slide into her. She went at it for a few minutes, with Jake petting her hair and then she dipped down to lick his balls while she moved his hand to continue the jerking motion on his cock. Jake and I were told to get waxed before this dinner, so I knew he would be getting a treat when her probing tongue reached his ass. He slowed down his jerking, the sensation between his legs must have been too much, and he finally picked her up and bent her over the railing.

“God, this is the best kind of porn” Natsuki said.

The silky smoothness of her skin was amazing. I rubbed gently with my fingertips and let them glide along the outer curve of her breasts and along her back, her ass moving along my cock as I gently pushed my thumbs into her lower back or along her spine.

“Touch me here too,” Natsuki said while moving my hand to her neck.

As my fingers brushed along her skin she reached back and squeezed my cock. I kept my slow motion up while turning my attention back to the screen.

Jake was kneeling behind Kitty, his face buried between her ass cheeks. At the angle he was at, I knew he must have been licking her asshole. She was squirming and both pulling away and pushing herself back onto him. She loves to be pounded from behind, so I knew she was going to have a good time when he started rubbing his cock up and down along her slit. She spread her cheeks wide, stood on her tiptoes, and arched her back as he entered her. The sound was muffled, but she said something to him and he really started to let loose. He dug his fingers into her hips and started pounding away.

“Oh, great, I put us in the right spot,” Kitty exclaimed while walking into the living room.

Her skin was flush and cum was leaking down her leg. She stood in front of the chaise and watched herself get pounded on the TV. Jake walked into the room cleaning his cock off with a wet hand towel and then sat down behind her and wiped away the gobs of cum. It was a pretty hot sight, seeing my freshly fucked wife stand naked in our living room while someone cleaned up the mess they had just made.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32