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Big Tits

The door opened. I caught my breath, kept my eyes closed, and continued lazily stroking my pussy. I heard the door close, and then Daniel came over to me.

“Mandy, I’m so glad you decided to stay.” He sounded happy. “You want to keep your eyes closed? That’s fine.” He walked away, and came back. “This might help.

I felt the hood slip over my head. This isn’t what I was expecting. I opened my eyes but it was too late–Nothing but darkness and the smell of leather. So much for romance.

“Don’t stop playing with yourself Mandy, it makes you look beautiful.” I guess maybe I’ll find a different kind of romance. I felt Daniel’s weight on the bed. “You do look so beautiful.” He kissed my shoulder. He kissed my throat. He kissed my mouth, softly. Roll over please Mandy. I did and felt something cool on my back. Then he started rubbing his hands from my shoulders to my ass. The lotion warmed as he rubbed it in. It felt good. I spread my legs a little as his hands reached my ass.

“Be patient Mandy, there is time for that yet. I want to enjoy you.” I felt so good. He massaged my arms and my legs and my feet. I rolled over and he rubbed my stomach and my breasts. I was in heaven.

Eventually he stood up and I could here him undressing. I was so ready to take him. “Take the hood off Mandy. I want you to look into my eyes as you suck my cock.”

My hands went up, the hood came off and I looked at Daniel for the first time. He was–regular. He was good looking in his late thirties with short, plain brown hair. He looked fit, his penis was big, and it was hard. I sat up and leaned in to him, taking him in my mouth. Looking up at his face. Daniel.

“That’s good Mandy. Slower. Slower.” He softly took my head in his hands and pumped long, deep strokes. I loved it. Then he pushed me back so that I was lying down. He was on top of me. I lifted my legs and grabbed his ass. I could feel his cock sliding up and down the outside of me. I wanted him inside. He found my opening, and slammed in all the way. I was so ready. It felt so good. “Mandy.” He looked into my eyes, our lips touching. “This is it Mandy. There is no going back now. You are mine.” He was pumping rhythmically. Kissing me softly.

“Yes Starzbet Daniel. I am yours.” And I was.

I started to come. “Oh Daniel, Oh Daniel. I’m coming. I’m coming. Now. Now!”

He grunted and pounded. And went red in the face. A growl escaped him as he came. It was frightening. He looked so angry when he came. He came a long time. It was incredible.

When he finished he lay on top of me, kissing my cheek. “That was wonderful Mandy.” He was calming down, his breathing slowing. His weight felt good and solid on top of me. I slowly traced my fingers along his back. It was the back of a stranger, but it felt good to hold him so close.

He pushed himself up on his elbows. His pelvis thrust nicely against me. He kissed me again, softly, on the mouth. He smiled, but he looked a little strange. He was still a stranger. He looked over at the laptop. “I like the picture you chose Mandy. It’s appropriate. This time making love with you was beautiful. It will be a long time before you earn the right to make beautiful love with me again, my little whore.”

With that he rolled off me and walked into the bathroom. I felt abandoned. I wanted to cry. What was happening? In a flash the most beautiful sex I ever had crashed into something less, into reality. I just let a stranger fuck me. I just let a stranger fuck me and I loved it. And I loved him. Why do I always throw love into it? How could I think that Daniel loved me? How could he walk casually into the bathroom without a backward glance?

He was in the shower now. I didn’t know whether to leave, or to join him, or what. I just lay where I was, thinking. I didn’t have any clothes to put on. I crawled under the covers of the bed.

The shower stopped after a while. Daniel strolled back into the room, drying himself. He seemed at ease. “Mandy I feel great. I hadn’t come in a week. I just about came before I even penetrated you.” He looked at my face. “Is there something wrong?”

I didn’t say anything.

“Look at the picture of yourself on the laptop Mandy. That is who you are. That is who I want. I also like the softer side, and I wanted to share my softer side with you, so that you know that it is there. Starzbet Giriş You will see it again. Don’t worry. But I also want the girl in the picture, the girl who sent me hundreds of pictures. The little slut who was ready to fuck everyone in the bar tonight. I want both, and for now you will be the slut. Later you may earn something more. I have always been up front and honest with you Mandy.”

I looked at him and I remembered all those nights in my room with my webcam. Those times made me feel wicked and alive. All of that was because of Daniel. “I know that you have been honest with me Daniel. I’m just a little nervous. I am still yours. It just might take a little bit for me to adjust, but I will try.”

“I know Mandy, I know you will try. You will do more than try, you will succeed.” Daniel smiled warmly at me, but he didn’t come over and give me the hug that I wanted. “Now Pet, go and get cleaned up. I’ll lay some clothes out for you. I’ll be back in an hour, be dressed and waiting for me in that chair.”

“Yes Daniel.”

“One more thing Pet. From now one please call me Master.”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. See you soon Pet. Get going.” I felt awkward as I walked, naked, to the bathroom.

The shower felt good. When I came out there were clothes on the chair, and a leather dog collar with brass letters spelling out “Pet”. The collar also had a big ring at the back, I guess so that a leash can be attached. The clothes were a light, long skirt made of rayon with a pretty blue wildflower pattern, a white bra and a light white blouse. There were also a pair of simple sandals. I put everything on including the collar. There weren’t any panties.

I sat down on the chair. There was a note on the table. Pet, ready yourself to be a whore.

What did that mean? My heart started beating. In a basket on the table was some lipstick, a deep red. I didn’t get a chance to put it on because the door opened and in walked Daniel with another man.

“Here you go sir. She’s a natural just like I said.” Daniel looked straight at me, “She’ll do anything you want, just wear a condom.” There were condoms and lube in the basket too. Daniel closed the door, leaving the man Starzbet Güncel Giriş in the room with me. He licked his lips.

“Well baby, let’s go. Open your shirt so I can look at your titties. He was about fifty, greying and overweight. He huffed his gut in as he undid his pants. “Let’s go” he repeated.

I was numb. I looked at him and fingered the buttons of my blouse. They started to move on their own, I pulled the blouse apart.

“Take it right off honey, the bra too.”

I stood up. I was a little shaky. I took of my top and my bra. “That’s great baby. Come here and give me a little suck.” His little penis hung limp, poking out beneath his shirt.

I don’t know how, but I took that first step. He reached up and squeezed my breast as I knelt in front of him. He put a hand on my head and I took him in my mouth.

“Mmm, that feels fine honey. You keep that up, just like that.” He was getting harder. I touched his balls. “Yes! That’s it, get into it.”

I didn’t know if I could get into it. Daniel was probably outside, or maybe not. I was doing this for him, not for this guy. Although it was kind of exciting to suck a strange cock. The guy seemed safe enough. Two cocks in one day! I giggled to myself and kept sucking.

“Okay honey, I’m ready.” He pulled away and lay down on the bed. “climb over here and get on top of me. I want to see you bounce good.”

I was feeling more comfortable. I was wet as I slipped of the skirt. The man was surprised to see my bald pussy. But he liked it. I straddled him. Took his cock in my hand, looked him straight in the eye and dropped down on him. It felt good. I pumped and grinded and worked him. I kept my eyes closed most of the time and thought of Daniel.

Suddenly, the man grabbed my hips and rocked hard into me a couple of times screaming in a high-pitched voice as he came. It was then that I realized I had forgotten to use a condom. “Oh boy, that was good baby. Give me a little suck to clean me off. It’s easier than a wash cloth. That’s a good girl now.”

I came up and he fell out of me. I could feel his semen trickling down and out of me. Reluctantly I slid down his body and started licking his flaccid cock. I hope he doesn’t have any diseases. His cock tasted good. It tasted like me, with semen mixed in. It actually turned me on to do it. The whole thing. Fucking a stranger.

When I was done, the man got up, dressed and left. “Thanks” he mumbled on his way out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32