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I can tell you the story now but I wouldn’t have done it a year back. At the time Mandy was the “victim” but now that she knows what happened and is cool with it, I can tell you the details but at the time the sexual high I was getting was way above anything I have ever had and I hope by telling you, some of you might find that you have the same desire hidden inside waiting to be tapped.

Anyway I had better start making sense. Mandy and I were an item. I was 23 and she was a cute little 21. We weren’t thinking of marriage but had scraped enough money from the donation my parents gave us from the sale of a holiday home, to put a deposit down on a small flat in Birmingham in the U.K. Midlands. We had been going out for 3 years and had been in the flat for 18 months so were enjoying regular sex which had moved from the earlier “rampant screwing against the wall” phase, to the more leisurely “fancy staying in with a bottle of wine,” stage. I have to say I missed the “rampant screwing against the wall” part of our sex life and secretly wondered what we could do to get it back.

After the bottle of wine one Friday night, while I was screwing Mandy in the missionary position, for some reason I pulled the edge of a bed sheet over her head as I fucked her. She started to scream and pant in a way I hadn’t heard her for ages and then as I heated up in response, she was shouting “fuck me hard,” “give it to me big boy,” “shove it all the way in,” etc. This was so unlike her. Her nipples were hard as ever and I sucked each in turn she as had an orgasm which almost had the neighbours rushing to call the police.

“What the fuck was that about?” I asked as my 7 inch cock slid out of her wet cunt.

She wouldn’t really answer and it took a second bottle of wine and a lot of persuasion for her to tell me that I had uncovered a little fetish she thought she had lost.

When she had been younger, she and a couple of local lads had experimented sexually in a hut they had found abandoned in some local woods. On a winter’s night she would lie in the dark and the guys would play around with her and let her feel them. The both even fucked her. The game had extended to another girl joining them and eventually another 2 guys. In every case she never saw their cocks and they didn’t see her naked either as it always took place in the dark hut.

When she eventually met her first boyfriend, he had been in his early twenties and 4 years older than her. He had been into mild bondage, tying her wrists to the bedposts and blindfolding her and she found it highly erotic to be fucked by a “stranger.” They had eventually extended the experience into the woods outside town, where she would walk around naked and he would “surprise” her, pin her to a tree and fuck her. She told me that on one of these escapades, another man had followed them without their knowledge and had felt her tits while she was being fucked. Her boyfriend was furious when he realised the guy was at the back of the tree with his hands around the trunk and feeling her in the dark without his immediate knowledge. The guy ran off but Mandy had an amazing orgasm when they resumed their sex.

She continued by saying that when she met me, the sex was fantastic and though we didn’t do role play she had enjoyed every minute so I shouldn’t feel something was missing. The trouble was, after the orgasm she had just had, I knew something was missing and as I had been turned on by her excitement, I wanted to tap it and try again.

“Honestly Brian, I don’t need any extra from you, I just love what you do,” she said.

I played a little trick on her and the next time we had sex, I brought out a little mask, like the ones you get on aircraft to help you sleep, and put it on her before fucking her. She knelt doggie-fashion and gripped the two bedposts as I fucked her and, while doing so, I pretended to be the man who had run off in the woods.

“Bet you’re boyfriend doesn’t fuck like this?” I said. “What’s it like getting an old man’s cock in you, dripping his cum in your cunt?”

She was screaming the place down within 10 minutes so I knew this was something she liked.

I continued the role playing each time we had sex. It had now moved from Fridays only, to twice and sometimes three times a week and, by the time a month had passed, the old man in the woods had become groups of passing strangers, all eager to fuck a blindfolded Mandy. She had no desire to see me during sex and wanted me to take on the role of whoever I said I was from randy students to married men with three kids. Every session was getting wilder and I even procured a full head mask so that she was completely in the dark. I rather enjoyed the complete control as we played our games and she liked being lightly tied to the bed and at my mercy.

One Tuesday night, we drove into the same wood she mentioned, left the car on the perimeter and walked in the almost pitch dark as far in as we dared without getting lost or stumbling over something. I stripped her and tied her face forward to a tree with the head mask on, even though it was almost unnecessary, and then I entered her soaking wet cunt with my 7 inch uncut cock and hammered Avrupalı porno the living daylights out of her. At times I thought I heard leaves crunching and though I figured there was probably no one there, I still was excited to a point I had never been, imagining strangers watching us and wanking in the darkness.

By now I was quite hooked on this role play but something was changing in my mind in that I really wanted Mandy to be fucked by another guy while I watched or helped. This had slowly happened as our fantasies had become more intense. I had a feeling she would explode if I told her so I kept quiet. Well I kept quiet until the next “two bottles of wine” Friday night!

“Would you ever consider making the fantasy a reality?” I blurted out on this particular Friday.

“Would you be upset if another guy touched me?” she replied, using a question to answer mine.

“Under controlled circumstances, I would absolutely love it,” I said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic in case this was a female trap, the kind where they lead you along and then call you a pervert at the end!

“So?” I repeated.

“I couldn’t know him or let him know who I was,” she suddenly said. “You see the fantasy when I was a kid, was that darkness and exploration. I could be another person in the dark and do things I couldn’t do if I could look at their faces.”

So that explained the head mask idea!

“I haven’t really thought about this,” I lied, “But if we put an advertisement on a website and some horny married guy was happy to come along and play with a blindfolded and masked woman, you would do it?”

She looked at me, tilted head her and said, “Come and fuck me and I’ll think about it.”

She poured her fantasies out that night. We had a group of guys lining up in our dream story and by the time she had finished, the scratch marks in my back were testimony to her orgasm!

I started to fantasise and when alone would wank myself sore thinking of what we could do. The fact that Mandy would be covered made my fantasies even more erotic but before we got to the darker side of my wishes, we had to find someone to fuck her. Since she didn’t want to know who he was, I was trying to pick guys in pubs and ask her if she liked “this type” or “that type.” She seemed to be turned on by slightly older guys who were married.

I nervously placed an advertisement on a swinger’s site with “private” photos of us to show anyone who might be interested. At least there, I could explain exactly what I wanted. There were around 20 replies in the first week. Many were immediately discounted but I came across a rep who visited the town a few times a year. He was 32, married with two kids and liked the idea of anonymous sex away from home. He not only sent his face picture, but a nude picture as well. He was very good looking and sizeably endowed. We swopped pictures and he loved the look of Mandy and I as he said he preferred people younger than him. His name was Jeremy.

When the day arrived, Mandy was like a butterfly with nervousness, but when I reminded her that all she was doing was lying anonymously being fucked and I had done all the planning, meeting and greeting, she relaxed a bit.

“You just open your legs and that’s your work done,” I said.

She bathed, and had a few glasses of wine as that always made her randy. For the first time, I took a half Viagra to make me even randier than I already was and I went to Len’s hotel bar to meet. He was waiting when I arrived and we had a convivial drink and chat. He said his wife refused any kind of play other than regular sessions and he really fancied extra sex. He told me he had been even having some gay sex, letting guys suck him off, mainly because it was more anonymous that picking up women. I hadn’t really thought about my part in this at all.

When we were ready, I called Mandy and told her to strip and lie on the bed in just a bra and little briefs with her mask in place and the lights dimmed.

We arrived back at the flat and entered. We took off jackets and went into the bedroom and there she was. I reached over and gently tied her hands to the bed head before kissing her. The mask had a large slit at the front for her mouth. I then quietly told her Len was here and ready to go. Her breathing was heavy and she didn’t speak but nodded gently. Len started to strip and I did likewise until I was down to my briefs and he to some attractive tight boxers, his erection straining almost as much as mine.

“You are a sexy girl Mandy,” he said. “I can’t wait to lick your wet pussy, kiss you lips and stick my hard cock inside you. I bet you’d like that?”

Mandy nodded.

I dropped my briefs and started to stroke my cock as I stood at the side of the bed. Len walked over and took my hand, pressing it against his erection then dropped to his knees and sucked my hard cock. I couldn’t believe it, not that I could really object since we were getting what we wanted out of him. The gentle music playing covered his gentle slurping as he sucked. He stood up and smiled before climbing on to the bed where Mandy lay with her knees up.

He Video porno gently pulled Mandy’s panties down and off and buried his tongue in her waiting slit. Her vagina lips were open, like a flower and I moved to watch him tongue her and use his teeth to gently suck and grip the lips. Mandy’s little gasps suggested she was high.

He crawled up the bed, sliding off his shorts and exposing his cock. It was uncut, like mine, but looked to be about eight inches long. He rolled slightly on to his back to show me his erection and started to lick her nipples. He looked at me and pointed to his cock. I realised he wanted me to suck him without Mandy knowing. I shook my head. He stopped sucking her nipples and rolled over on his back with his head between her breasts and pointed again. The body language suggested that “no cock suck, no sex.”

I reluctantly went over, my own cock in hand and he returned to Mandy’s breasts. She was tied up in her own ecstasy so didn’t realise her boyfriend now had his mouth wrapped around the very cock that was about to fuck her. It didn’t taste that bad. The precum was a little salty but after a few seconds I quite liked the feeling of hard skin in my mouth. I particularly liked its resistance as I sucked.

He moved up again, leaving me cockless, and headed to Mandy’s mouth where he started to kiss her quite forcefully. Now she was writhing. Her slim body thrashing about on the bed as he kissed her, his fingers inserted into her wet cunt. I went down and looked up as his fingers invaded her and watching them slide inside was an amazing experience. I leaned forward and started to lick both his fingers and her gaping wet vagina.

It was time. He lifted Mandy’s legs as though she were a rag doll and then spread them to make her gash look like an overripe fruit. Stretching a rubber on his cock, he positioned himself and gently pushed his long cock to her open cunt. It slid into the wet orifice quite easily and feeling confident he wouldn’t be hurting her, he sunk it all the way in and started to fuck her seriously.

Mandy’s gasps of pleasure kept pace with his thrusts. His hands held her legs apart and I tried to offer some extra pleasure to her by caressing her tits with my tongue but I was surplus to requirements as this hunk of a man hammered his cock into my Mandy. She was holding him as tightly as she could and her orgasm was reached ahead of his though their joint cum almost brought the house down.

He pulled his cock out and the rubber dangled on the end with a sizeable load of cum in it. He grabbed my head and pulled me down on to his cock as he slid the rubber off. I wanked furiously and shot my load in around two minutes.

Mandy kept her silence. That was what we agreed. The whole session apart from groans of pleasure and his brief introductory speech, had been anonymous.

When Jeremy had gone, I untied Mandy and when I took the mask off her flushed face she told me she had enjoyed it. She confirmed that it had been one of the most exciting experiences she had ever had. She asked me what the guy had looked like and I described him. She asked how much I enjoyed taking a back seat and I assured her that though I had been on the sidelines, I had thoroughly enjoyed it.

She asked if we could do it again and I agreed.

I was turned on and slightly jealous that a stranger had taken Mandy to heights I had never managed and, though I found it exciting, I wondered why I couldn’t. An idea formed in my head!

I told Mandy about the next date and said he was a guy in his twenties from out of town who said he wanted to fuck her senseless. I told her I had sent a picture of her and he was rampant about screwing her. I also told her that this time I wanted to watch more than anything because the guy was a good looker and more our age. His name I invented; Tom. She agreed.

Once more I said I would meet him in a pub around the corner. I tied her arms to the bed and placed the mask firmly on her face telling her I would be back in 30 minutes. I gave three short rings on my mobile before coming back but this time, the guy didn’t exist. I wanted to fuck her brainless with her thinking it was someone else. I had made sure I sprayed myself with different cologne so she would be confused into thinking it was someone else and I played music in the background just in case sound gave me away.

I entered the flat and tried hard to sound like more than one person, taking time before closing the door, banging a little in the hallway and generally making a little more sound than usual. On entering the room, I could see her heavy breathing with expectancy and I stripped off, but making the same sound twice so that it sounded like two people. I went and sat in the chair making sure it slid on the floor making a noise and then quietly stood up and tiptoed to the other side of the bed. I slid up the bed and started to lick Mandy’s dripping cunt. She gasped as my tongue flitted around her vaginal lips, probing inside. Her taste was delicious. My tongue traced her inside legs and followed around to dart to her anus, something I had never done to her before but she obviously didn’t mind a ‘stranger’ doing to her.

I crawled up the bed, my legs to each side of her body and pushed my hard cock in her mouth. She took it hungrily, slurping it and it’s copious pre-cum as though it were a delicacy. I looked down and the thought of seducing my own girlfriend as a stranger excited me more than I could ever have imagined. I held my cock firmly and angled to push it down her throat quite roughly holding the base and wanking it while I did so. I kissed her very roughly too. She knew I was quite a gentle kisser though I knew my technique had to be different, plus I was quite enjoying my alter ego. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and gripping her tits, I pushed it between them, titfucking her as I did so. The feeling was amazing as this was something we had never done.

Next I move to sucking her tits, gently biting each nipple in return. I was rewarded with two large mounds of nipple flesh where they stood on end so my ministrations. I licked her all over allowing my tongue to trace her tits, her body, and her navel then back down to her wet cunt. I untied her bonds and turned her over like a rag doll, lifting her bum up in a doggy fashion. While she lay there, I tongued her arse again tracing my tongue underneath to the cunt and then back up again.

I donned a condom and started to rub my cock against her. Using some lubricant I generously lubed her buttock area and into her cunt before rubbing my cock against her. I felt sure she would not allow anal sex as we had never done it but I wanted to see how far she would go. The feeling was wonderful. Mandy was panting like a bitch in heat as I kissed her shoulders and the nape of her neck. My cock entered her. The rear entry to her vagina gave a wonderful tightness which was not always noticeable in the “missionary position,” so it didn’t take too many thrusts until I was almost ready to cum. I stopped and withdrew but continued to slide my well lubricated cock against her arse.

Mandy was groaning and panting and her excitement was driving me too. I lifted her back up on all fours and leaned over her to grip her breasts while my stiff cock bounced around near her rear, completely on its own. I didn’t actually intend entering her but my cock suddenly slipped into her arse. It was only an inch at first but Mandy started to push against me and this encouraged me to gently continue the pushing. Suddenly it was like riding a wild horse. Her arse was pushing against my cock and hammering backwards against my body. She was gasping for breath as she pumped against me. She came with my cock in her backside which absolutely amazed me. I wouldn’t have believed that was possible but here was Mandy going through all the screaming and actions of a full blown orgasm.

I was so close to cumming but there was one more thing I wanted to do as her anonymous lover. Once her orgasm had died down, I flipped her on to her back and pulled off the condom, gripping my cock in my right hand I sat astride her and let my cock rest on her lips. She greedily sucked it in and as she did so, I held the base and continued to wank. My own orgasm produced enough cum to choke a horse. I hadn’t cum this much since my teen years as jet after jet sprayed all over Mandy’s mouth, nose, mask, chest and tits.

When I calmed down, I climbed off and quickly dressed, trying hard to sound like two people by dragging a chair back where I would have been sitting and then putting my shoes on at the other side of the bed to make her feel two guys were dressing. I left her, tied to the bed and dripping my cum and headed out as though to see “Tom” out of the house.

When I returned and untied her, removing the mask she said, “Wow that guy was a stud wasn’t he?”

“It was awesome to watch,” I lied.

She wanted me to reassure her that I was happy just watching while she had all the fun and I was happy to do so.

I had another fantasy left to fulfil. Some of you guys out there may even share it. I really wanted someone, or better still, some guys who knew us, to fuck her. Mandy would have been too embarrassed normally to let that happen and I wasn’t even sure myself that it would work in the real world but it was a fantasy. A few months of normal sex and no extra partners only heightened that drive but I had no idea who would be willing and also who would keep their mouth shut. There were a few guys at work who I would have loved to see naked and also giving it to her but it’s not the sort of thing you bring into conversation at the tea break.

There was an older guy, Jan, who was married and in his later thirties. He was mixed race British/Caribbean which made him extremely sexy looking. Apart from that, three things appealed. Firstly he was tall and broad and all the woman at work fancied him. Secondly he talked about women all the time and made it obvious he played the field. Thirdly and more importantly in my mind, he had a younger white skinned mate who was around 25, called Ollie who was slimmer, more attractive and was unmarried but seemed to go out with Jan when he was “looking for skirt.” They hinted a number of times that they had worked as a duo with girls sometimes and though they never elaborated, any time Jan commented on passing “skirt” he would turn to Ollie and they would confirm each other’s interest in her. I had no idea how Jan’s wife tolerated him but that wasn’t my problem.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32