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Big Cock

MASTER B GENTLE. But not too gentle

I had gone to sleep safe and secure in your arms Master. I woke up certainly secure!

Whilst I slept you had turned me onto my back and secured my arms and feet spreadeagled on the bed. I tried to open my eyes but to no avail, they were blindfolded and I could see nothing. I heard you chuckle then ask

“Do you trust me little one?”

I whispered “Yes Master I do” and I heard the smile in your voice as you said: “Good, you should do, I would never hurt you permanently little one!”

I could hear Andrea Bocelli playing in the background and felt priviliged that my Master had thought to remember one of my favourite artistes to help keep me calm. I heard Him ask again if I trusted Him to which I replied in the affirmative and then His voice changed! He told me that He was glad that I trusted Him because He was about to push me to my limits. I was afraid but excited at what Master B had in store for me, I was soon to find out.

Master pressed down a piece of duct tape across my mouth, reaching from ear to ear, then another piece below it. I then felt him press two pieces Starzbet in a cross over these and another under my chin. He then asked me:

“Do you trust me little one? Do you want me to place the ball in your hand for the safe signal?”

I debated mentally for a moment and decided that yes, I did trust my Master to know me well enough by now not to push me further than I could take, so shook my head ‘no’ indicating that I didn’t want the ball. Master was benevolent enough that he placed the ball in my hand anyway with the admonition not to drop it unless I really couldn’t take it any more.

I trembled in my bonds wondering what was coming next and I soon found out as I heard the ‘swish’ of a crop. In the next second I felt the harsh sting of Master’s crop and squealed through the gag. He administered another and another and yet another until I had received the traditional ‘6 of the best’. Master asked if I was okay, at the same time feeling my cunt. He didn’t need my nodding yes when He felt how wet I was. My cunt was dripping and Master decided that my punishment hadn’t really been a punishment at all seeing Starzbet Giriş as I had seemed to enjoy it. Maybe I needed it a little harder. With that he released my ankles with the instruction that I dare nor disobey, not to kick, then released my wrists only to reattach them to the opposite bedposts. He then retied my ankles and took the blindfold off. He told me that this wasn’t for my comfort but for His pleasure and held up nipple clamps in front of me. Despite my pleading eyes and “nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”s behind the gag, He reached down to my pussy and said:

“Hmmmmmmmm my little one, it seems that despite your protests, you are sopping wet, My cunt is positively sodden, perhaps you are enjoying this more that your muffled protests say”

The pressure on my nipples had started a fire in my cunt and belly and I wanted nothing more than my Master’s cock inside me, one way or another … so, I dropped the ball. Risky I know but I desperately needed to get His attention.

“Little one, is this too much for you?” and I nodded and shook my head hoping that He would understand.

“Let me guess, you want Starzbet Güncel Giriş to say something” I frantically nodded yes

“Ohhhhhhhhhh I don’t think so little one, not until I am ready. I know that the nipple clamps are making you hot and horny but I haven’t finished with you yet”

I felt His lips and teeth nibbling and caressing my nipples and His hands caressing my body. As His hands ran up my thighs they seemed to melt and His hands running up an down my sides felt like a hot knife on butter, ready to sculpt into anything my Master wanted. Finally, I felt His hands pull the tape from my mouth and His body shift up mine. I just whimpered “Master…please” and He shoved His cock into my mouth. It wasn’t fully erect but I love cocks like that, I love to feel them grow in my mouth. Master’s cock grew and grew with me licking His shaft and sucking Him into my throat until He was finally hard and fucking my throat. I carried on sucking and licking until my Master came in my mouth and gave me permission to swallow. I wanted to cum but Master had denied me that until I had pleased Him but maybe now?…

He went down between my legs and started to nibble and suck my clit, I was so horny and very close. His tongue bought me to the edge…then He stopped saying:

“You need to do more than that to please me my little one. We need to come to an understanding”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32