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The tree was bright with lights, festive with decoration. The apartment warm, with a feeling of contentment in the air, along with the fragrance of the wonderful foods simmering and baking. The table set in a holiday theme, decorations and presents all around. As you walked in and glanced around, a smile came to you, along with a deep sigh of content bliss. Your slave had worked hard to make this evening very, very special, and it would be.

I heard you come in the door, as I was finishing my hair. Placing the brush down, I checked one more time, then went to stand before you. Eyes lowered, lips parted, arms by my side, legs spread… locks and chain in place, I stood before you and waited for you to speak. Walking around the living room, inspecting everything, you were pleased. When you came to me and took me in your arms, my heart was filled with joy.

Within moments of your embrace, the bell rang. Looking at the clock, you realized that it would be my new submissive brother, dave. He burst through the door, as you opened it, full of excitement and glowing with happiness! Placing his packages on the floor, he came and stood by my side, waiting for your instructions.

Tears came to my eyes in a joyful moment of realization! Master’s dream is finally coming true! Tonight will be a wonderful night of holiday cheer, and loyal obedience and devotion!

The bedroom was arranged exactly as you had instructed. Everything shining clean. The whips freshly oiled, new batteries in everything. Clamps, weights, chains… everything available for immediate use.

I was instructed to lower the top of my gown, and lay face down on the bench. dave was instructed to take his clothes off and lay on his back on the bed. As my breasts fell through the opening, I felt the content glow of being “home”. As I lay there I could see you beginning your work. wrist and ankle restraints were applied to dave. His arms and legs spread wide, and chained to the 4 corners of the bed. The small metal “c” clamps applied to his nipples made his cock respond. As soon as you applied pressure to his nipples, he became hard and erect. Seeing his response amused you, and you locked the metal cock cage on him. Working quickly, but assuredly, a piece of twine was wrapped around his balls several times… stretching him… then the ends of the twine were pulled down and tied off to the ankle restraints… forcing his balls to remain stretched. He was, in my eyes, a picture of complete submission!

Next, your attention came to me.. and the bench. My wrists were tied to my sides. With the bondage rope, you tied me to the bench, crisscrossing my body with the rope, making it secure… but leaving much of my skin exposed. Kneeling in front of my, you bound my breasts with rope… squeezing them tighter than ever before. My nipples began to drip… Clamping them, but no weights, you stepped back to admire your work…

The bell rang again…

Your guests have arrived!

Before leaving the room, you put a blindfold on dave. Knowing instinctively what would happen I lifted my head off of the bench, and the hood was pulled down over my face. As I put my head back down, you whispered in my ear… “I love you, my slave.” Leaving the room you said… “I expect both of you to make me proud, as always.”

The door Sahabet opened and several people came into the apartment. I heard a chorus of voices, everyone talking at once…

How are you, oh the apartment is beautiful…Master Paul, thank you for inviting us…

so many people coming to celebrate with you…

and then I heard your voice..

“Thank you, my friends, for joining me tonight. I hope you will all enjoy your evening. There are appetizers, soft drinks, tea and coffee available, but save part of your appetite. My slave cynthia has prepared a wonderful meal, which she will be out to serve later. In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy your visit. My slaves are both in our bedroom, ready for you all to use, as you please.”

My heart began to race, as I realized dave and I would not just be here for you to demonstrate on, but other Master’s and Mistress’s would be allowed to use us! I heard dave moan from across the room. There was someone with us. His moaning became louder… more erotic. Then, silence.

Without warning, I felt a swat on my naked buttocks! “Hello, slave!” It was Master Dennis. “It has been a while since I have seen the glow as you skin turned red.”

and then your voice…”Dennis, why don’t you remind my slave how to count, while being whipped” Behind you… applause, as the others came into the bedroom to watch.

After warming me up with a quick spanking, Master Dennis moved on the knotted flogger. As He worked on my buttocks and shoulders, the ooohhh’s and aahhh’s came from the others.

“Mistress Amiee, you enjoy nipple torture. Why don’t you work on dave, so he won’t feel neglected!”

Master Dennis removed the hood from my face. “I want to be able to see your eyes, slave! Remember… think power tools and knives. Hahahha!!”

Instantly, I could feel my cunt begin to drip! The thought of the dagger against my skin was exciting, arousing and frightening. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see dave and Mistress Amiee. She pulled on the chain of the nipple clamps… straight up stretching his nipples… dave was moaning, his cock bulging, trying to escape the cage prison you have locked on him.

You walked around to the front of the bench. Stroking my hair, you whispered to me… “see how far she is stretching his nipples. look at his cock, see the head through the cage. It is wet, and glistening with pre-cum. He needs to cum, badly! Tell me, my slave, if I touch your cunt right now, will my hand come away covered in your own silky moisture?”

I could hardly breathe. I was so aroused, both by the sight of Mistress and dave, and by the flogging that Master Dennis was giving me… My voice was barely a whisper…

“yes, Master. you would find me to be very wet.”

Master Dennis switched to the cane…

Mistress Amiee removed the blindfold from dave, as she spoke to him… “Watch your sister as her skin begins to welt and bruise.” All eyes were on me now…as I struggled to remain silent. Then Master began… and stopped abruptly. Laughing, he spoke to me… “I almost forgot. COUNT for me, slave. Remember, if you miss a number, or you forget a number… we will begin again.”

SWAT… “one”, SWAT… “two”, SWAT… “three”, SWAT…”fffooouuurr”

As he continued, Sahabet Giriş you reached for the weights… Master Dennis hesitated in his stroke and you asked me… “slave, would you like to show my guests how much weight you can tolerate?” Catching my breath, and preparing for the next stroke of the cane, I said very clearly… “yes, please, Master”

SWAT… (gulp) “five”… SWAT… “uummsix”…SWAT…”hhhhhseeeeveeennnn” …SWAT…

as the hardest stroke came down on my buttocks, I felt the pressure as the 16 oz of weight stretched my nipples…

I heard dave moan loudly and glanced over to see Mistress Amiee pinching his nipples, as they both watched the show that we were giving them.



As Master Dennis continued to work on my buttocks with the cane, you joined Mistress Amiee at our bed to see how dave was handling the attention.

“Mistress, try the cord flogger on his thighs. I have the feeling it will amuse you.” As you handed her the flogger, dave began to whimper. His engorged cock strained to break free of the metal cage.

Mistress raised the flogger and brought it down across his thigh. Immeidately, the welt formed across his skin. She stopped for a moment and traced the swollen, red line from one end to the other, with her fingernail. Pre-cum began to drip from his cock as he moaned in delight.

“dave, would you like me to contine? she asked. He couldn’t speak… I could see him out of the corner of my eye, shaking, trying to answer her… I knew what he was thinking.. *if I open my mouth to speak, I will lose control*

She took his nipples in her fingers and piched hard…”ANSWER ME, SLAVE!”

You moved to the foot of the bed, tightening the twine that was tied to his testes… stretching his sack even further… dave whimpered… his cock was shiney and wet! “Yes, Mistress, please continue”

She stroked his cheek… “such a sweet slave”

The flogger came down again and again… this time matching stroke for stroke with Master dennis and his cane.

“slave… you are now counting for two. if you miss a number or forget.. if you stop counting for any reason, before I give you permission.. Mistress and I will begin again!”

Your guests were loving the show. Everyone commenting on your well, trained, well behaved slaves. You were glowing with pride. Never have I felt so totally in love with, and devoted to you.

We began again, and continued to 30 strokes. I never missed a count, and never faltered. By the time Mistress Amiee and Master Dennis were finished, dave’ thighs and my buttocks were crimson in color and hot to the touch.

You were there for both of us, with cool clothes to sooth our heated skin. Such a wonderful Master, to take care of both of your loving slaves.

As you soothed my backside, one of your guests noticed that the clamps and weights were still hanging on my nipples…

“my slavecynthia loves the feeling of heavy, dangling weights. Add some, let them sway and stretch her swollen, tender nipples. then come behind her and I will show you how much penetration she can tolerate.

Mistress Amiee removed the blindfold from dave’s eyes. As she lowered her cunt to his face, she instructed Sahabet Güncel Giriş him to pleasure her with his tongue. Greedily, my slave brother lapped at her clit… Mistress was enjoying his talent.

As you brought your guests in closer to the bench, you reached for the dildos and the the lubricant. Using the large dildo, with very little lubricant made some of your guests uneasy.

I heard questions, although I did not recognize the voices…

“Master Paul, that dildo is rather large. Perhaps a little more lube is in order.” Master Paul, are you not worried that she will tear if she is not wet enough”…

Many questions thrown at you… with a raise of your hand, you silenced the room. “My friends, I know this slave as well… perhaps better than I know myself. This didlo, as large as it is, will not harm her…” With that, you put s few drops of lube on my ass, and thrust the dildo in as far as it would go! Gasps of astonishment could be heard, from your friends, as they watched you thrust the “cock” in and out of my ass with incredible force!

As you spoke to them, I felt completely in your power. You are my Master, and all I could think of was my obeidience, and the look of happiness I could see reflected in your eyes… in the mirror.

“come to her, touch her cunt. You will see the reaction she has to this. Yes, you can get under the chains.” Wet, isn’t she?”

I felt the fingers of many different hands all reaching to touch my sex. My body, owned by you, was being used to bring them pleasure.

Removing the large dildo, you held up the silicone. The room went silent. Even dave and Mistress Amiee stopped what they were doing.

“cynthia… do you trust me?”

my heart soared with passion and happiness.

“Master, I trust you with my life”.

Your hand stroked my hair..softly you whispered “thank you, slave.”

Your arm crossed over my lower back, and you pushed the silicone into my ass! I could feel myself strecth… wide, wider, wider still. I felt the breath being sucked out of my lungs as I relxed my ass as much as possible. Once more hard push…

“Aaahhhhhh… Thank you Master!”

“tell my guests what you are feeling right now, cynthia”

“I am feeling raw passion, intense lust, undeniable love for you, Master.”

“Tell my guests… what would you like me to do now, slave”

I would like you to fuck my ass, Master. As hard and as deep as you possible can. I would like to be allowed to cum, as you fuck me.”

“Hmmmm… that might be a nice idea” As you thrust the silicone in and out of me, I felt I was on fire. Every nerve ending in my entire body was responding to you!

Master dennis, and the other Masters had moved closer around the bench. They were stroking themselves… all enjoying the scene completely. Mistress Autunm, and the other Mistresses, had all turned their attention to your male slave… dave was servicing each of them – one after another with his tongue. Mistress Amiee removed the cock cage, and began to stroke him – slowly and deliberately. Teasing him with her words and her touch…

Your fingers moved to my cunt, under the chain and began to rub my clit. I could feel the silky wetness dripping onto your hand. Deeper and deeper the silicone went into my ass… faster the Masters stroked their cocks… Mistress lowered herself onto dave’s cock and began to fuck him in the same rhythm as your dildo was in my ass.

The hot cum bath covered my face and back as you gave me permission to complete… “CUM FOR ME, SLAVE. GUSH FOR MY GUESTS!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32