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In this installment, Erik repays an favor from an old friend, and Maya’s world expands once again.

Group sex (MFM) and fetish content.


“Erik, my man!” my old friend Steve bellowed to me as he came toward the counter of my store and shook my hand enthusiastically.

Old friend might have been a bit of an overstatement, but we had known each other for a while, and we always got along pretty well, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider that I had taken his girl away from him.

Taken might not have been the right word for it, but he had been seeing Kyle a few years ago when he suggested a threesome, and now Kyle was with me now. They had been about done when I entered their world anyway, so there were no real hard feelings about it.

Steve was a member of the gym that I had joined, and we had become friendly over the course of time. Steve was very athletic and almost at tall as my 6’5″, but weighed a lot less, and after talking with him for a while, found out he was as constantly horny as I was.

“This girl I’ve been seeing – Kyle is her name.” Steve mentioned one day in passing. “She’s unbelievable. She gives the most incredible head that I’ve ever had, and she gobbles right down to my balls.”

I had been in the showers with Steve several times at the gym, and while I never spent a whole lot of time checking out the other guys and their packages, I admit to glancing around. We all do – admit it. Human nature to at least peek one time.

From my peek, I had noticed that Steve was a well hung guy, and I could tell that he had taken a glance at me too because he continued the conversation about Kyle.

“Ever have somebody go down on you all the way?” he asked quietly, and when I said no, he continued.

“Didn’t think so – not without that elephant trunk you’re lugging around. You should let Kyle have a go at your stuff,” he suggested, and when I told him that I didn’t think that his girl would appreciate having me stick my cock in her face, not to mention the fact that I didn’t want to get in the middle of a relationship, he put me at ease.

“We’re not real serious about each other,” Steve said. “We’re just fuck buddies. She’s too much of a girly-girl for me. I like them a little rough around the edges. She’s all tits and polish, but she’s a real sword swallower. I don’t know how you feel about this kind of stuff, but I know she would love to get fucked by both of us together.”

That was how we got started, Kyle and me. We had our threesome, and after a while Kyle became my girl. Steve was wrong about the girly-girl part, as I found out when she confided her fantasies, and after I told her that I was up for it, we were stuck with each other.

Now that Maya had been with me for a time, I decided that she might like to have her horizons expanded once again, and when I made that decision I immediately thought of Steve, and the type of girls he had said turned him on.

“Rough looking chicks. You know, like women with tattoos, muscles, hairy girls – especially hairy women. Damn, give me a woman with a big bush and hair anywhere – everywhere, and I’m in heaven. Hard to find these days.”

Indeed they were, and so when this idea came to me, I thought of Steve right away and for the heck of it, called him up. After some idle chat, I told him the reason for the call, asking him if he wanted to do a threesome with another girl, with me providing the female this time. He sounded suspicious, and said so.

“You trying to dump this girl on me – like I did to you with Kyle?” Steve asked.

“You didn’t dump her, she ended up with me, and no, I’m not dumping Maya. She would never leave me, and that’s why I’m confident enough to offer you this chance,” I explained.

“Tell me about her,” Steve said. “Why would I be interested in her?”

“She’s in her early 30’s, and is from India and is very shy and reserved.”

“Go on.”

“She’s about 5 foot tall, and can’t even weigh 100 pounds drenched with cum. She’s got bronze colored skin, smoky dark brown eyes and coal black hair, and little titties that aren’t much bigger than lemons but have enormous nipples on them.”

“I suppose she sounds cute enough, but nothing spectacular,” Steve mused. “Why is this Maya someone I would be interested in?”

“Because I remember you telling me what kind of women turn you on,” I reminded him. “Unless your tastes have changed.”

“Me change? Never! I’ve been seeing this girl that works at Spitzie’s – you know – the motorcycle shop. She’s got ink from neck to ankles, and she’s so hot. Doesn’t sound like your girl is the tattoo type though.”


“I guess the muscles are out, after your description, so that would leave only on thing. Is she hairy?”

“Come by the store and see her,” I suggested.

“She’s hairy! Damn. Tell me about her. Describe her.”

“Just stop by. If you don’t care for her, just say hi and walk away. Buy something, because I can use the business, but you’re ağrı escort under no obligation,” I assured him. “I’m not bored with her yet by a long shot, but just thought she would enjoy the experience.”

“She’s pretty much up for anything?”

“Anything I tell her to do,” I said. “No animals and no children, but outside of that, the word no does not exist.”

“How do you come up with these women?” he asked incredulously. “I’ll stop by Saturday night.”

That was how Steve ended up in my store around an hour before I closed. Maya was in the back room when Steve arrived, and after a minute of chit-chat, Steve was getting anxious.

“If you’re trying to build up the suspense, it’s not necessary,” Steve advised me.

“She’ll be out in a second.”

Sure enough, as if on cue, Maya came out of the back room with a couple of rolls of register tape, and when she saw Steve at the counter, assumed he was a customer and hustled over. Ah, what a pleasure it is to have good help.

“I’m sorry Sir,” Maya said to me, knowing that I would rather not run the register, and then addressed Steve. “I hope I have not kept you waiting, sir. How may I serve you?”

“That’s all right, Maya. This is a friend of Mine. Maya, this is Steve. Steve – Maya.”

Maya held out her tiny brown hand and said hello, but Steve was gawking at her arms and could only stutter a greeting in response. Wearing the smaller company shirt I had gotten her, her perky little tits were now more visible, and the sleeves rode up higher on her as well, exposing more of the downy beauty of her arms.

“I’ve got some things to do in the back, so I’ll let Maya take care of you,” I said, and hopped back into the store room.

When I emerged ten minutes later, Maya was still showing Steve some merchandise, and I couldn’t help but notice that my pal was flushed and sweating like a schoolboy. I let Maya continue with him, and was very pleased to see that by the time she had finished she had managed to make quite a sale.

“Damn, Steve said after he had cashed out. “If you didn’t come out I would have bankrupted myself buying everything she showed me.”

“She’s a very effective salesperson,” I noted. “I would ask what you thought of her, but I think I can guess.”

“She’s incredible!” Steve gushed, looking around to make sure that Maya was out of hearing range. “I love those little Sarah Silverman-like sideburns, and her arms are so hairy that I couldn’t make up my mind whether I wanted to touch them or kiss them.”

“I know the feeling,” I admitted, having been there and done exactly that the first time we had met.

“The best part was when she reached up to the top shelf, and her sleeve slid up a little bit, and all of a sudden I see this big spray of hair peeking out!” he exclaimed excitedly. “I swear to you I was this close to cumming just standing there staring at it!”

“Looks like you already did,” I noted, pointing at the big damp spot in the front of his trousers, and after he glanced down he dropped the bag to hide the evidence.

“Damn! Hope she didn’t see that,” Steve said in embarrassment. “So, when can we do this?”

“She meets your approval?” I asked with a salacious grin, and after Steve rolled his eyes I pretended to think about it.

“Next month okay?” I suggested, and after Steve made a pained face, I reconsidered.

“We close at 6 and we’ll be home around 7,” I said. “Unless you’d rather make it another night.”

Steve obviously didn’t want to make it another night, and jumped at the chance.

“Still live in the same place?” Steve asked, and after I nodded he left, promising to be at my house after he changed pants.

“My friend Steve,” I mentioned to Maya as we drove home. “What did you think of him?”

“He was a very nice man,” Maya said. “He was very funny too. He made me laugh many times, just as you do when you make jokes.”

“Just like me, he finds you very attractive,” I told her, and she nodded.

“I noticed him looking at my arms a great deal,” Maya said. “I think he also saw the hair under my arms when I reached up to get something down.”

“That’s right,” I said, somewhat surprised that she would catch something like that, and when I mentioned that very thing to her, she had an insightful answer.

“I thought that he was asking for things that would let him look under my sleeves when I reached up.”

“I suspect you’re quite right about that,” I agreed. “How did that make you feel?”

“It excited me, because he was looking at me like you do – not to make fun, but because he found it erotic, and since you had introduced him as your friend, I thought that it would be alright. Was it?”

“Yes it was,” I confirmed. “You are a very intelligent woman, do you know that?”

“I am learning.”

“Perhaps you are perceptive enough to know what is going to happen tonight then?”

“Your friend Steve is going to come to your house?”

“Amazing,” I said, as I got off at my exit and headed for home. “How did in the world did you know that?”

“I overheard your friend. He was talking very loudly,” Maya correctly noted.

“Let’s see if you have all the answers then,” I said, testing her one last time. “What’s going to happen tonight?”

“Whatever you wish to happen, Sir.” Maya responded, giving her a perfect score.

Steve showed that he was not overanxious, arriving at 7:01, and came with a couple bottles of wine and new pants on.

“No Kyle?” Steve asked as I poured us some of the Merlot.

“She’s out of town this week,” I informed him.

“Just as well,” Steve said, never having felt comfortable when the 3 of us found ourselves together. “Where’s Maya?”

“Taking a shower,”

“Does she need help?” Steve kidded.

“She’ll call us if she needs us.”

“I guess the fact that she turns me on is pretty obvious,” Steve admitted.

“She figured it out.”

“Want to give me any more hints about what she’s like?”

“You’re going to find out soon enough,” I told him.

“Yeah, but talking about it with somebody else that gets off on it is fun too. Is she hairy all over?”

“She used to be, but we shaved her legs last week.”


“Well, Kyle did.”

“You’re kidding me! Oh man, what would I have given to see that.”

“Oh, it was something to remember,” I admitted, as I heard Maya’s tiny feet padding down the stairs. “At least now I’m back to having the hairiest legs in the house.”

“And here she is,” Steve said softly, and then under his breath, whispered, “Wow.”

Maya did look stunning, in her own way. Dressed in a lacy white top with short sleeves, her rich bronze skin stood out even more, and the short white skirt showcased her legs, which proved to be very shapely once the thick coating of hair was removed so that their curves were more clearly defined.

Her chocolate brown areolas were clearly visible through the sheer material, and the thick pegs of her nipples threatened to tear the fabric that they strained against.

“You look very nice,” I commented, and handed Maya a glass of wine.

Maya smiled and sipped her drink, nervous just like always when faced with a new situation, although the way she was being leered at by the two of us, and Steve in particular, she had every right to be a bit tense. The fact that we were both about a foot and a half taller than Maya only added to her intimidation, in my mind.

To make things more interesting for my friend, I put my arm around Maya and slowly let my hand slide down Maya’s shoulder. I could feel the hairs tickling my fingers, and as I watched the expression on Steve’s face, I knew that what he was seeing was a erotic to him as it was for me. The way that Maya’s skin formed goose bumps and the hairs stood up straight in the wake of my touch, only made it more erotic.

“Erik is doing his best to drive me crazy,” Steve said, and I chuckled in response. “He’s quite a guy.”

“He is the most incredible man I have ever met,” Maya said solemnly.

“Did Erik tell you what I had in mind?” Steve asked.


“Have you ever done anything like this before?” Steve inquired, and I noticed that her fingers were trembling as he held the glass. “Being with two other people?”

Maya looked to me for permission to answer, and when I nodded approval, Maya said, “I have been with Sir and Kyle, but that is the only time.”

“You and Kyle – that must have been something to see,” Steve said with a whistle.

“Maybe we should go get a little more comfortable,” I suggested, and led everyone into the big bedroom.

“As much as I love this blouse,” I announced while I stood behind Maya, with the backs of my legs against the bed.

Kissing Maya on the top of the head, my hands came down and unbuttoned the row of buttons hidden under the lace panel. Steve’s eyes were watching every move I made, and as I looked at Steve, I saw a look of concern cover his face.

“Don’t be scared, Maya,” he said, reaching over and touching her cheek and then looking over her head to me and mouthing the words, “She’s scared.”

“You’re okay, right Maya?” I asked, looking down at my little treasure, who nodded while biting her lower lip.

I thought it strange that Maya would be acting that way, and that was the first time that it crossed my mind that it may have been precisely that. Acting. Could she have been pretending to be this timid and meek submissive woman? If not completely, than perhaps exaggerating her feelings?

If so, for what reason? Perhaps for the same reason I tried to intimidate her, and break down her will. Could she be doing it for her enjoyment, or for mine and the others involved? It was just a fleeting thought, and I dismissed it as just my paranoia. Besides, if she was that good, more power to her. It certainly only added to the enjoyment.

“She’s okay, Steve,” I assured him. “Maya’s just a little self-conscious about the size of her breasts, right Maya?”

Maya shrugged and gave Steve a grim smile, which melted the big oaf. He knelt down on one knee, making them almost the same height, and slid the back of his hand along her downy side-burn.

“No reason for that, baby,” Steve said in a soothing tone. “I think you’re an incredibly sexy woman. Can I see?”

Steve’s hands moved forward and opened the shirt up, and as he did I took it from there and pulled it off her shoulders.

“Ooh… they’re beautiful,” Steve said, his hands moving over to cup them gently and give them a little squeeze.

I looked down and saw his fingers pulling on the underside of her right areola, and when I glanced down I saw that he was tugging gently on a tiny hair, something that I had never noticed.

His eyes moved over, and he smiled widely upon spotting some hairs peeking out from the fold of her lowered arm, and his fingers stroking them gently only made him smile more.

I took Maya’s elbows in my hands and lifted them slowly, until her arms were high enough for me to hold them behind her head. For a second, it look like Steve was going to just pass right out when he first saw Maya’s exposed armpit just inches away from his face.

Steve wasn’t fainting – he was moving forward to bury his face under Maya’s arm. Maya moaned as Steve tried to inhale the jungle of hair. He was making the most feral sounds I ever heard as he chewed, licked, sucked and mauled her armpit.

Maya’s head rolled back on her shoulders, and all I could see were the whites of her eyes as she enjoyed Steve’s crazed affections. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I moved to Maya’s side and knelt just as Steve was, and mimicked his actions.

Maya was now speaking in tongues as we ravaged her armpits, and Steve was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t even seem to realize I was there in the room. That was fine with me, because I was busy trying to not have Maya collapse. Her knees were wobbly, and I suspect it was only my hand on her ass and our heads under her arms that was keeping her upright.

My other hand was busy pulling on her fat nipple, stretching it and twisting it while I lapped away. When Steve saw what I was doing to her tit, he began doing the same thing to her other teat. In less than a minute of this, Maya screamed as her body convulsed wildly, and then we had to hold her up for real.

I saw the liquid on the rug between Maya’s feet, and the wet trails on the insides of her thighs, while Maya’s body started to calm down. I nodded for Steve to look at what we had done, and he shook his head while running his hand up the damp insides of her legs.

“Damn,” was all Steve could say as we held May upright as she regained her equilibrium, a dazed look on her face. “You liked that didn’t you baby?”

Maya offered a weak smile and indicated she was alright. She noticed the mess at her feet and started to clean it up, but I shook my head and told her not to bother because there was likely more to follow.

“Going through a lot of pants tonight,” Steve muttered as he stood up with me, and when he gestured down to his crotch, I saw the long bulge that snakes to the right and the tell-tale wet spot at the end of the trouser snake, the sign of a drooling and excited dick.

“See what you’re doing to Steve?” I told Maya as she stood between us.

Maya looked down and then whispered in my direction.

“Don’t whisper, Maya,” I told her. “Tell Steve what you told me. He’ll appreciate that.”

“Uh – I said that it looked like you had a large penis also,” Maya whispered while looking down shyly.

“Not in your man’s class,” Steve said, unbuckling his belt before taking off his trousers, “but I might have something you’ll enjoy here.”

Steve stepped out of his pants, and the snug white fruit-of-the-looms he was wearing looked outrageous with his cock straining the cotton as it curled over to the side. As he tugged them down, his erection sprang out, swaying wildly in front of him.

“You like that Maya?” I asked her, as she stood hypnotized by Steve’s long thin member. Although rather slender, his cock is probably a little longer than mine, and curves a little bit upwards when erect.

“Are all American men so well endowed?” Maya asked me, as I put my hand on her shoulder to guide her down to her knees.

“I don’t know, but Steve’s got a heck of a cock there, doesn’t he?” I said.

“Oh man!” Steve sputtered after Maya’s lips slid halfway down his tool. “I’m not going to last – can’t hold back.”

Maya hadn’t been sucking on Steve for a minute before his body crouched over a little bit and he moaned, holding Maya’s head in his hands as she swallowed his load. She kept gobbling on him as he spent himself, letting the cum slide back down his shaft and drip to the carpet.

“Shades of Kyle,” Steve muttered in my direction as she ran his hands through Maya’s scalp before finally pulling her off his deflated member.

“She is a fast learner. Let’s get Maya fully unwrapped so we can enjoy all of her,” I suggested, pulling down the zipper on the side of Maya’s skirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32