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Sometimes forcing yourself out of the house a bit more is the best therapy you can get. I’d been in a creative slump and decided that the best cure was to finally getting out and seeing more theatre, something I had been promising myself for a while. A good writing friend of mine had a new production on in Manchester that evening, and I do like to support mate’s projects, so I put on a decent green shirt and matching tie and set out into the city.

I’d fixed with my friend Richard to meet up in the pub next to the venue and it didn’t take long to spot his group. He caught sight of me virtually the same moment and waved me over. I recognised one face and Richard introduced me to the rest of the circle, including Andrea. As I took her in, a felt an odd tingle inside. Andrea was tall, with a mop of curly red hair framing a smiling bespectacled face with an infectious grin. At first glance I put her age as late forties, I’d later learn she was older but I’m too much of a gentleman to share her actual years. She was a flower patterned dress which fitted snugly to her slim figure. She was a trans woman, that was clear to me too. Later, she’d tell me she didn’t like all the labels. “I’m just me,” she shrugged.

I’d been shaking hands and when I held hers we seemed to hold for just a bit longer than was conventional. At least that how it felt to me. We were all making polite talk. I learnt Andrea was a writer herself, mostly magazine articles and a few short fictions. It was long before it was time to make our way to our seats. Andrea it seemed had arrived alone as I had, so it seemed somehow natural to fall in alongside as we made our way out. She was wearing a black shawl over her shoulders. I glanced down at her black stocking legs and they looked – just great – from what I could see. She went ahead as we went single file through the door and I couldn’t seem to resist checking out the smooth movement of her hips in that dress, just for a moment. Then I chastised myself for perving over this almost complete stranger.

Working in the theatre business myself on and off I had known and been friends with one or two crossdressers. I’d done most jobs at some time, including acting. It was one of these stints in a forgettable revue show that I’d become close friends with a shemale co-star who liked to be called Maggie. One night we’d got drunk and ended up back at her place, where I followed my try everything once determination and we’d done some heavy petting on the single bed. Our giggles changed to moans as we wanked each other’s cocks and then fell asleep on each other. In the morning we agreed that last night had been fun, but it neither of us were looking for anything serious, although soon after Maggie did find a handsome friend who did stay around.

That night flashed through my head as we found our seats. Because I’d booked at the last moment I was a few rows behind Richard’s group. Andrea turned round a couple of times share a smile with me, then the lights faded.

In the interval we found each other in the bar and I bought drinks. I was amazed how comfortable I felt around her, not to mention the pleasant sensation of my cock beginning to stiffen. I was sure the feeling was mutual, Andrea was becoming more tactile, grasping my hand or stroking my arms at any opportunity. I was sure Richard had noticed, as we talked about the business of putting on his drama, his gaze passed between us and some unspoken communication went out to Andrea. Approval?

Then it was time for the second act. Suddenly one of Richard’s other friends, a woman with peroxided hair, apologised and said she’d have to miss the second act. Would I like to join the rest of the party? I said that would be fine, then to my nervous delight I realised I’d sitting next to Andrea. We re-entered the auditorium. Andrea seemed slightly Kartal Sınırsız Escort nervous too as we sat down and suddenly we seemed at a loss for words. As the lights on the stage came up, my mind was racing. Should I make a move of some kind? If I just sat and didn’t acknowledge her, might she get the wrong idea? After what seemed like an age, during which I didn’t take in any of the play I decided I should do something. I gently moved my hand and placed it over hers on the armrest. I sensed her body relaxing and caught a sidelong glance and a smile.

After the show, a relieved Richard was buying drinks all round as we congratulated him on the great first night. By now I had my arm around Andrea’s slim waist and we were laughing and joking we the rest. As the party began to disperse, Richard’s girlfriend and a couple of others didn’t want the night to end yet and suggested a nightclub, popular with the local LGTB crowd. Part of me recklessly wanted to just make our excuses and go back to my house, but Andrea said she didn’t get a chance to get out much like this, and wanted to go. I didn’t need much persuading.

It was a typical nightclub and Andrea and I were delighted that the DJ was playing plenty of Seventies and Eighties music that night. I’m not much of a dancer, but I’m wholehearted about and besides I liked seeing Andrea laugh. She shimmed and swayed, grinning that pinball smile that lit up her face. Then it was a slow number and we moved in to hold each other properly for the first time. I felt her body against mine and we wrapped our arms around each other. Looking me in the eyes she said “Thank you.”

“What for?” I asked.

“I’ve dreamt about this. Going out, dancing with a man who seems to find me attractive. Sometimes I’m not sure who I am, but right now I feel very feminine. And it’s nice.”

“That’s because you are,” I replied. I slowly leaned forward and we kissed. It felt wonderful and I didn’t care if anyone was watching. Eventually we parted and just looked at each other. Slowly my hands moved down to caress her firm ass and she sighed. By now she could feel my hardness. She grinned again.

“Do you know my hotel is just around the corner?”

“More good news,” I grinned and kissed her again.

We waved to Richard who was in a booth and indicated we were off. He raised his glass and mouthed his thanks.

Arm in arm with walked quickly to Andrea’s hotel. The streets weren’t too busy at this time. Once we were in the lift we were quickly in each other’s arms again, enjoying the drama. We approached her door and I felt like a teenager for a moment as I stood there watching her. The room was a pretty non-descript hotel single. A black lacy nightie was laid out on the bed. Andrea gestured around the room, “Well here it is!”

I could hear the nervousness in her voice. My heart went out to her, and I quickly moved to hold her, reassure her. “This has been a wonderful night. And you don’t have to…”

“I want to, oh I want to be your woman tonight”, came the breathy voice in my ear. We kissed and caressed each other. Parting, she pushed me down to sit on the bed, then did a slightly drunken model walk around the room, with plenty of arse wiggling. Grinning she hitched up her dress, revealing a pair of shapely black-stockinged legs, then she perched one stocking I whistled appreciatively and reached out to stroke them. She took off her shoes without ceremony and perched her right leg on the bed next to me. I ran my fingers over that lovely silken material, enjoying the sigh when I reached her bare inner thigh. Standing up I quickly stripped off my shirt, tie and trousers and stood before her. I’m no Adonis but she made approving sighs and stroked her hands across my chest. I turned her around and pulled down the zipper on the back of her Kartal Suriyeli Escort dress, then stepped back.

Slowly she lowered the dress to the floor and stepped out of it. Andrea’s body looked fantastic, trim and pale skin that contrasted excitingly with the black of her lacy underwear. The muscles of her shoulders and arms were just defined enough. I already knew she had amazing legs. I whistled softly in appreciation.

“Walk around a bit, I’d love to see you,” I said.

“Uh-huh? What’s the magic word?”

I grinned and guessed what she wanted to hear. “Walk for me, bitch”

Andrea smiled, then with her hands on her hips she sashayed up and down, wiggling her lace covered ass. “Come here,” I said sat on the edge of the bed, my cock a hard bulge in my pants. She came forward between my thighs and I ran my hands over her thighs and stomach, then reaching up to cup her small tits. She was sighing and caressing my arms. Then a slight tremor seemed to run through her and she pulled back. Before I could ask anything she said with a little quaver in her voice, “You have to do the rest. If you want me, you have to do it.”

I didn’t quite understand but I didn’t want this horny mood to fade. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her, making her gasp. Then my hands went to her bra strap and with only a few seconds of fumbling undid the catch. Gently I pulled the lacy garment aside and admire her gentle mounds, each with a prominent dark red nipple. What else could I do but slip down and take left one in my mouth. I felt her fingers grip my shoulders in appreciation as my tongue lapped around it. Soon I moved to its neglected twin. My dick was becoming painful in my pants. It was my turn to pull back. “This is how you make me feel,” I said throatily and pulled down my pants as quickly as I could, stepping out of them to show Andrea my cock, already wet with pre-cum.

My lover stepped forward and enjoyed the momentary confusion there must have been on my face when instead of immediately taking my cock in her hand, she teased my thighs, running her fingers in circles, moving closer to it, enjoying my frustration.

“Let’s see your ass this time.”

I turned around, locking my hands behind my head, enjoying her approving murmurs. Then before I knew she moved forward and reached around to squeeze my sticky cock.

“Careful!” Her touch was amazing and I was afraid I was going to cum any moment. Andrea let go and gently but firmly moved me to the bed, forcing me on to my back. My penis stood hard and proud, as her hand returned to it, squeezing and slowly stroking my foreskin up and down. I was desperately concentrating on controlling myself as I felt her pulling back the skin to reveal my head. Then her lips closed around it.

I’d had a few blow-jobs in the past and frankly had wondered what the hype was compared to main event, but this felt in another league. Andrea was an expert with her tongue and lipsticked mouth and with her muffled moans she wanted me to know she was enjoying this too. I was quivering, trying to prolong this pleasure as much as I could. Looking down I saw her raise her head and meet my gaze. “Just let go, I’m thirsty!” then she clamped her lips around my dick again. I did not need any more encouragement and came hard, my hips jerking as I shot into Andrea’s mouth.

I just lay there, utterly warm and spent. After a few moments I felt the mattress move as Andrea climbed next to me and we held each other.

“That was amazing, just amazing,” I gasped and she smiled, “Thanks it’s been a while since I had a real one. You taste great. Want to find out?” I kissed her and did.

Shifting down I cupped her breasts again and kissed them, paying attention once more to the nipples. Moving my hands down over her stomach, I felt her skin Kartal İranlı Escort for a moment, enjoying her sighs then moving to those black lacy panties and their promising bulge.

Again that nervous quality had crept into my lover’s voice. “Don’t be disappointed baby. The drugs I’m on means it’s difficult to get hard.”

I hooked my fingers into the elastic and pulled her panties down. She raised her ass to help and then I tossed them aside. I hadn’t seen a cock up close for a while but hers looked fine, shaved balls and a pale uncut length that looked a similar size to my own. It had swollen enough to give me a pleasant firmness in my fingers as I caressed it, enjoying the way it made her hips twist. I tightened my grip and slowly stroked her foreskin up and down.

“Yes, oh yes,” I heard Andrea whisper.

I played with her dick a little while longer, enjoying its feel, teasing her. But I couldn’t resist for too long and with a couple of minutes I took her pink head into my mouth. I’m not to claim any amazing deep throating skill, but I sucked and licked, enjoying the salty taste of her, making that cock wet with my saliva. I felt it growing between my lips and increased my efforts.

So far Andrea had wanted to be submissive, a woman being claimed by her man. But her passion was growing and her felt her grip my head, pushing me further, and her voice becoming deeper and more demanding. Her hips were bucking up under my hands and I was enjoying the battle over her cock and my mouth.

Almost without warning she came, and I felt my mouth filling with her spunk. For a moment I thought about swallowing it but decided to reach for a tissue. This time at least.

Andrea was breathing heavily and she kissed me deep and long when I’d moved up the bed to join her side by side.

“You’ll never know what that meant for me,” she said earnestly, staring into my eyes.

“I think I’ve got an idea, after what you did,” I replied smiling.

“No”, she said seriously, “It’s been such a road.” I didn’t know how to answer that, not wanting to spoil the mood. We just lay there, naked bodies slowly moving together, legs tangling, hers still in those silky stockings, hands caressing each other’s sides and backs. It felt natural, loving and unhurried.

Eventually though our strokes became stronger, more lustful. I moved on top of her and we kissed, our cock rubbing together stickily. I moved down her body again, returning to nibble those small perfect breasts. My thoughts were turning to her ass.

Again that look of concern crossed Andrea’s lipstick smeared face. “Let me freshen up first sweetie.” She rolled off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on and considered joining her, then remembered how small the facilities were in this hotel.

Andrea returned, face washed, stockings removed, her long legs looking trim and defined. As she approached the bed I sat up ran my hands up her thighs. “It’s just me now sweetie,” she said. “No clothes, no make-up, just this body.” I stood up and was glad to feel my dick hardening. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lips. Breaking off I looked into Andrea’s eyes and said “You are a beautiful person. I feel very lucky to be here with you.” She smiled happily.

I moved my hands to cup her ass cheeks, and was surprised when she pulled away. Gave me that gorgeous serious look of hers.

“I’m not ready for that yet, baby. I want to, but I don’t feel prepared. I didn’t think I’d be doing all this when I came to Manchester. You understand don’t you?”

I assured her of course I understood. She looked down at my dick, just beginning to soften again. Then she wrapped her fingers around it with a grin. “But that doesn’t mean we need to waste this,” as she began to guide me to the bed by my dick. What could I do but follow?

So that was my first memorable night meeting Andrea. The next morning we enjoyed breakfast and made plans to meet up again soon. This time down at her house in the country. Where we took our relationship further and had even more adventures. A story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32