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Claire was pushed inside by the rain and wind. She turned, put her shoulder on the door and eventually closed it but not before the foyer was awash with water. The storm continued to pound the door and surrounding windows but she felt safe and protected. It was the reflection in the hall mirror that startled her. Her hair was matted and stringy, so much for $100 cut, she thought. Soaked Mascara made her look like a Panda or Cheetah. Water flowed from her hair and face making small additions to pools on the floor. Now she could see why she was given strange looks by the rest of the bus passengers. Her dress had become translucent. It clung to her like a bandage. Her body peeked out as if she had nothing on. Nipples and areolas were visible under very wet lingerie. Not to outdone her vagina provided a focal point between her legs. Completing her inventory, she observed wet legs encased in ruined, drenched shoes. The image did not reflect a successful career woman but more a drowned rat.

“What happened to you?” exclaimed Eric. She looked at him dry, wearing his favourite comfort clothes, sweat pants and T-shirt.

He disappeared for a moment and returned with towels and a face cloth.

“I got caught at the point of no return just as the heavens opened up. Of course, one umbrella was still in my office and the other was here,” replied Claire. She used the smaller towel to wrap her hair before attempting to clean her face with the face cloth.

Eric began to peel the soggy mass that up to a little while ago passed as a very expensive designer outfit. It was like peeling an onion, he thought. Wet garments stuck to her skin but came apart to reveal a glistening, moist underlay. Claire forced herself to not move as her skin was pinched before being released. He threw the soggy mass into a puddle and proceeded to remove her shoes that landed on top of the dress.

Once Claire was naked, he began to apply rough toweling. He ensured that all parts of her body were dried and warm by the rapid movement of the towel. She felt herself becoming aroused. Very quickly, he began to dry her breasts, her nipples hardened. Her vagina was not ignored. Because of the pressure she rose unto her tiptoes. Her climax was thwarted when he moved to her legs. She sobbed wishing he would continue with his erotic massage. He threw the towel on top of the soggy mass. She took his offer of a dry towel and wrapped around her trunk from painfully aroused breasts to a vagina that was wet not from the rain but in anticipation of amazing sex.

As they moved along the hall, she observed the growing tent in his sweatpants. This caused her to smile and speculate how long it would be before they engaged in sex.

Eric faced her, removed his clothes. He crushed her to his chest before lowering her gently to the floor. She gasped as she realized they were still in the wet zone. His passionate kisses caused her to ignore the dampness of the towel. They hugged each other fiercely. He gently began to enter her. Time and again, he brought her to a peak only to back off. She whimpered. Please, she thought let me cum. Her prayers were answered as he drove her into the unyielding floor. She felt him grow larger inside her. His cock was rubbing all of a willing channel. Her legs straightened. She shuddered. Then she felt him pulsing. She came massively. Every time he pulsed, she climaxed but the climaxes began to diminish in scale. He sighed before pinning her to the floor and jammed himself into her. Her arms on their own pulled him closer to her willing body. Their passion was spent. Now they grasped each other tightly as if they feared someone would separate them.

Eric got off of her, helped her up and the two of them, naked continued their journey to the kitchen.

“What do you want for supper?” said Claire as they entered the kitchen.

He reached out and pulled her onto his lap. She was surprised. However, of all the positions to have sex, this was her favourite. Sitting on his lap gave her control both of the speed and the intensity of their passion.

She lowered herself on his penis. It entered her and responded to her movement up and down on a very willing shaft. Forceful thrusts enabled him to reach farther into her. It didn’t take long for her to feel the beginning of a massive orgasm. Her legs tightened. Her body began to shudder. It felt like her whole body was pushing relief. They collapsed in each other’s arms.

“When I asked you what you wanted for supper, I thought it would be something more substantial than me,” she laughed.

Eric pouted as she wrapped the towel around her.

“If the fun bits get burned, both of us are in trouble,” she said.

“Point well taken,” he replied.

She was alone in the kitchen the next morning. Now that the storm had passed, she felt calm in the peace and quiet. Suddenly she was seized. Eager hands reached inside her housecoat and began to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. Her neck felt his warm breath, and then was the recipient of fiery kisses. For a brief moment she hoped the inflamed male was Eric. Just Sahabet at the most inopportune moment his phone rang and he rushed out of the room. She was alone again only this time she was flushed with desire.

He re-entered the kitchen dejectedly. His head was bowed looking at his feet as he shuffled towards her.

“What’s wrong honey!” she exclaimed.

“That was one of Carmichael’s people. They want to put off the next stage. This is costing us money. If they don’t shit and get off the pot we’ll be broke,” he mumbled.

“I think I have an idea,” she volunteered.

“I hate to shoot down your idea but even sleeping with Carmichael won’t make his decision come any faster,” he replied.

“Men! Has it ever occurred to you that there are different ways to have sex?” exclaimed Claire. “I always thought that Carmichael was a voyeur because he owns so many sexual outlets.”

“You’re distracted because of his looks,” answered Eric.

“I never met the man. However, I’m going to tell you a story that will make you horny as proof,” she said.

“OK, I’m all ears,” he replied.

“Last year when you were in California setting up your application that was going to save Carmichael money, I was raped,” she began.

“What! Why didn’t you call the police?” He shouted.

“Down Thor, I’ll answer all your questions shortly,” she countered.

“OK, we can still call the police as there is no Statute of Limitations for rape,” said an intrigued Eric.

“It was a nice day. You had been gone for over a month. Our open marriage would enable me to have some male for sexual relief but I didn’t want to risk being turned down,” she began.

“Nobody’s going to turn you down,” he interrupted.

“Just listen to me in silence. OK?” She refilled their coffee cups.

Eric nodded.

“Our yard, as you know, is isolated and private. I decided to sunbathe in my skimpiest bikini. I must have fallen asleep but woke up when I felt someone looking at me. Imagine my shock when I observed that my admirer looked like a football player with a shaved head, about six feet tall. It was all I could do to keep my voice calm. He looked like he was going to have me for dessert. Again I asked if I could help him.

“He rushed over and fastened my hands to the top of the chaise lounge. I screamed but realized no one would hear me. He tore my bikini off. I tried bouncing and kicking at him. My bikini bottom was wrapped around my ankles. He used the bottom as a means of pulling my legs up. Then he began spanking me. Not the love taps you use but using all his strength to hit me. I screamed, cried, hoped the lounge would break. Remember, we had it built especially so that we could have rough sex. After awhile I couldn’t scream but only sob. His hands found my breasts including my nipples. I begged him to stop but he ignored me. However, it wasn’t until he found my clit that I realized what pain was. It was so bad that I couldn’t cry or scream.

“I don’t know how long he tortured me but eventually he entered me. It was painful as my clit was swollen. He kept driving into me until I felt him pulsating inside me. Much to my chagrin, I had an orgasm. My hands were released then he left. I went into the house, had a bath and slept.”

“I still don’t understand why you didn’t call the police,” wondered Eric.

“I never told you but at that time, I was on the short list to be the lead researcher either in London, England or in New York City,” explained Claire.”I felt that if I reported my rape, I would be out of the running.”

“You could still report it now because you didn’t obtain the position,” interjected Eric.

“We had rain for a few days therefore I couldn’t sunbathe but the sun came out at last,” she ignored him.

He decided to listen in silence.

“I put on my grey bikini that was not as skimpy as my other bikini. He was waiting for me as I entered the yard. Before I could defend against him, he had me in his arms.

“He told me he didn’t like tan lines and took off my bikini. I was too scared to resist then he spun me around so that I had to put my arms out to stop from crashing into the wall. Even when he let me go, I didn’t attempt to escape. After a few moments, I heard a branch break. He told me I was a bad girl then I heard a swishing sound before pain exploded.

“Again I couldn’t tell you how long he beat me. All I can say is that my ass began to burn. I whimpered, pleading with him that I would be a good girl. Then I felt him inside of me. In a way, I was happy because I wasn’t being beaten. A phone rang. He swore and left the yard. I was relieved but puzzled. However, much to my surprise, I wanted him to finish what he started.”

Claire observed that Eric was becoming randy. It was time to release his tensions, she determined.

A passionate kiss followed by a lap rub caused him to do two things. He pulled his sweatpants down and inserted a very hard and erect penis into a very wet vagina. She ground herself deeper into his lap. Then he began to suckle her nipples. In a way, Sahabet Giriş she resented having to stop her story but as a dutiful wife, she felt it was her obligation to satisfy his wants. Try as she could, it was impossible to become aroused.

He began to stroke her rapidly. She crushed him into her boob. Additional movements grinding into his groin began to bring him to a peak. Her endeavours succeeded and she could feel him pulsating. She smiled and slowly released the pressure on his neck. They calmed down. She stepped back and continued her story.

“The next time I wanted to sunbathe, I was ready for him. The sun felt good on my nude body as I entered the yard. He was surprised, allowing me to rush over to him. Our kisses were passionate. Now that, I knew what the rules were, I anticipated enjoyable sex.

“I wasn’t wrong. He carried me over to the chaise lounge. At this moment, I experienced pain and pleasure. Even when he began to message my clit, I felt not the torturous pain but arousal. My nipples were not forgotten. Nibbling and sucking made them stand like good soldiers. I pulled his head into my boob. Stroking made him more loving. He began to kiss more of me eventually reaching my vagina. I arched my back such that I could push my muffin deeper in his mouth so I would be easier to eat. All too soon, he left my muffin and I began to whine because I felt so aroused, so much in need of release.

“He inserted himself in-between my legs. Slowly, he entered me. His weight didn’t enable me to move in order to hasten his entry. Even so, I felt an incontrollable spasm but he didn’t allow me to cum. But I don’t think he could stand it anymore. His cock was becoming huge and I was ready to be taken over the edge. Even though I felt like I was going to cum, my orgasm caught me by surprise. He began to pulse. I could do nothing but shudder as each massive climax coursed through me. It was almost as someone else was directing me. My arms tightened. My legs pushed up and he rammed me like he was trying to drive me through the lounge. His full weight pinned me to the lounge. I did nothing but enjoy the moment. I felt chilled as he got off of me.”

Eric felt himself becoming aroused again. He didn’t know that just listening but not engaging in physical activity could almost make him cum.

“After this, I had the feeling that he was using me to experiment. I didn’t care because we were engaging in soul satisfying sex. Once, he surprised me in the supermarket. I was being stroked then my dress was lifted. It was him but I had a feeling I would be punished because I was wearing panties. Although this time, maybe it was our absence from each other; I had been busy and was unable to sunbathe because I was arriving home so late. In either case, he took me to an alcove where after he removed my panties and threw them away, he enjoyed me. I was worried we would be arrested but nothing happened. This was the time he told me that my hems could be no longer than six inches above my knee. By now, I knew I could no longer wear panties.

“We carried on like this for the rest of the summer. It was almost like a game. Time and again he ambushed me in different places. I was amazed we weren’t arrested. He tested various methods to see how I reacted. Much of the time I had no idea what he was doing only that I enjoyed every moment. I was the most satisfied woman in the city. Waiting for him became sheer agony but he seemed to know when I reached my peak and somehow arranged to capture me.”

The images Claire painted caused Eric to think he was going to cum.

“Protecting my modesty at work became problematic. My hemlines were so short and remember, I was forbidden to wear panties therefore every time I sat down or bent over all the guys got a peep show. After awhile I gave up trying to be modest and allowed them to see what they wanted. You came home and liked my new image so I didn’t change. He didn’t use me but you were doing such a good job at becoming reacquainted that I didn’t miss him. Although I wondered if he came back, would he want to shorten my hemline again?”

“So what are you going to do? Although, I’m unsure how your story will make Carmichael react like we want him to do,” said Eric.

“When you first decided to sell to Carmichael industries, I did research for you on the man. One of his passions is the World Cup and all the events leading up to the selection process. I didn’t bother to tell you of this part of my research because you were dealing with his IT people and not with the man himself,” said Claire.

“So you think if I learned soccer facts, I would have a better chance of completing the sale,” said Eric.

“No, but we have a few things that work in our favour. DARPA still hasn’t picked up the wall TV that I used for one of the projects I was working on. As well, the high speed Internet is still working. This will allow us to view one of the qualifying games in real time,” said Claire. “I think Carmichael will want to invite a few of his cronies. And I’ll serve refreshments in a skimpy outfit. Sahabet Güncel Giriş During half time you and I will put on the most erotic show our guests have ever seen. My guess is that he’ll want to see this type of entertainment more often. Therefore, he’ll have to find a way to keep you around by awarding contracts to you. The kicker is that you would have to be extremely perverted. Do you think you can do this?”

“Wow! This sounds great and I get to do all the things that I have been afraid to do in case you became angry,” marveled Eric. “The good part is if it doesn’t work we are no worse off.”

The next two weeks passed too quickly. Claire chose her uniform with care. It had to make her look sexy but hide enough of her to excite the men. She made her choice of a red coloured costume that enabled the men to guess she was nude underneath but not able to confirm their thoughts. Thanks to her exercise regime and her master’s dictate that she sunbathe in the nude, she looked like a fit, tanned bar wench. In addition, she was able to find an ornament that drew everyone’s attention to her cleavage. Her bosom was her best feature because it was ample but not too big for her body.

“Showtime!” she thought as she gazed around the room.

The rumpus room, as they called the basement, was designed so that Eric and his friends could enjoy sports without disturbing her. She had the rental furniture firm put comfortable chairs in an arc facing the TV. Because Carmichael only brought six of his friends the chairs only took about a third of the room. Eric would be the bartender. From the perch behind the bar he could mix the drinks and heat up the snacks. Claire would be able to serve the refreshments by walking in front of the men and retrieve empty bottles, glasses behind them. She thought this might be fun because she would be able to place a boob on each shoulder. There was enough room that she could dance away from anyone who became too amorous.

She smiled as she observed the men trying to watch the game and her at the same time. They were a mixed bunch some tall, some average but they appreciated women. As she weaved in-between the chairs, bringing refreshments or removing bottles, plates or other waste products, some of the men began to use her legs as napkins. However, she was able to escape before they could look under her costume in a vain attempt to satisfy their curiosity. Eric enjoyed washing her legs but he was not stopped as he moved up her attire. To her amazement, she enjoyed being a tease.

Almost at the beginning of half-time she glanced at the bar. Her master had taken Eric’s place. Her legs weakened but her strong will allowed her to pass her tray to him.

He moved her so that she faced the TV. She noticed that the men moved the chairs in an attempt to see the half-time show.

His strong arms encircled her. He ripped her attire off of her. She raised her arms around his neck. Her reflection in the TV showed a willing nymph with ample breasts, a curvaceous figure posed by the man behind her. Using one boob as a joy stick, he positioned her to allow the audience to appreciate her Junoesque figure. Rapid breathing suggested that her master had control of both her and the men. She rubbed herself into his naked groin.

She was positioned to form an ‘L’. Her bosom pointed away from her body and swayed freely as he placed her to enable the men to see what he was doing to her. She moaned as he entered her. The men grew more excited. She realized that her master would put on a better show than Eric, although for an instant, she wondered how he got here and where was Eric? Her thoughts were forgotten as she became more aroused. He pulled her tighter into his groin and moved so the men had a better view of their action. She was a limp doll held to him by one arm.

The men were becoming aroused. Her master grunted and drove deeper into her. She gasped for air. He began to move rapidly. His free hand moved down her body until he found her clit. Her moans became louder.

“Please let me cum,” she begged.

Her prayers were answered and he began to pulse inside of her. She pushed into him before a massive orgasm caused her to scream in joy. When he released her she was able to drop to her hands and knees while still enjoying small climaxes.

He picked her up pointing her ass towards him. She felt his finger in her anus. It was like he was lubricating her for anal sex.

“Please, I’ve never had anal sex,” said Claire.

He grunted and applied more lubricant. Then she was pointed so that the men could observe what he was doing.

His penis began looking for the hole. She attempted to relax to ease his entry. Suddenly, her anus was forced to expand. Then he grunted and entered her.

“Oh god, that hurts,” she exclaimed.

Her anus was being stretched. His cock felt so big that she worried he would tear her apart. A grunt and a push allowed him to enter her. There was pressure but not pain. The lubricant enabled him to move freely. As well, he used his free hand to massage her clit. She forgot the pain and gave herself over to being aroused. They moved so the men could get a better view. Before he became more excited, she was positioned again to allow the men to look over his shoulder and become aware what he was doing to her. The chairs were empty and she lost sight of the men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32