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Back in the boss’ office,

“Whenever you’re ready for me, ma’am,” I told Katie with a slightly mischievous grin but in my most polite tone and left the office.

I could feel some of the guys staring, as if waiting for an explanation. Stan, of course, couldn’t resist and inquired as to the matter that was discussed.

I shrugged and told him, in a most casual tone, “Oh boss wants me to show his daughter how things get done here.” I could tell he was holding back a lot of his own excitement, even volunteered to assist in case I needed it.

Lunchtime came, I thought to just rush up on the work so I could have more time for Katie, when she came around to seeing me, that is. The sandwich lady had left me a Turkey on rye by mistake, which now proved helpful since I didn’t want to waste time leaving my desk.

A knock on the glass, I looked up. Katie’s figure half-filled the doorframe, still like a glowing image of sexiness that any man would just want to throw down and fuck like mad.

“Have you finished your lunch?” she asked.

“Pretty much,” I replied, pointing to the empty sandwich box beside me. “You?”

“I’m not really hungry,” she answered.

“Come on in,” I stood up, pointing to a chair nearby. “Ready for… whatever I come up with to teach you?” I smile at her shyly. That definitely came out wrong, I thought.

She shrugged and looked around the enclosed space. “My dad thinks I should start at the very bottom,” she answered, her curious eyes looking around the room.

That definitely came out wrong too, I grinned at myself, imagining her on her knees from his feet moving up between…

“He wants me to organize the filing room, read up on old files, study old designs,” her voice popping the erotic bubble in my head.

“Oh!” I managed to say, swallowing hard. “Well then, to the little filing room for you, luv.” I waited for her to walk ahead and followed her out, leading her to another floor, more secluded and slightly dimmer and older than the interior of the main floor.

“Apologies for the dust,” I said as I opened the door, “nobody likes to do the organizing work.”

She grinned at me and stepped in. It wasn’t a big room, but it was loaded with tons of documents and folders and god-knows-what. I looked at her and saw the worry on her face.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, a bit of concern.

“He can’t really expect me to sort this place out!”

I looked around. It was definitely more than just a clutter, it was a mess, a waste to her chic and sexy attire and the heels, fated only to paper-cuts and dust. “I could help you a bit, if you’d like,” I told her.

She looked at me, partly surprised, and partly happy, “really?”

I smiled, “at the end of the workday. Can’t be doing all the heavy lifting for you now.”

As I turned to leave, I noticed her smile had disappeared.

That entire afternoon was just as much a struggle. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, alone, bending Uzun porno over to pick stuff up of the floor, that her ass would be up in the air, reaching up for more files that her skirt would ride up her ass…

A quarter before 5, I decided to leave my desk and see how she was getting along. I had tried immensely to distract my thoughts just to keep my cock from bulging out in anticipation. I peered inside and she as sitting on a chair looking at a file, her hair was tied up now, a pencil in her hand, her blouse tucked out of her skirt, the top button had slightly come undone that I could see the thin dark lace peering out. I wanted to just grab her by the hair and make her suck me.

She looked up, innocently surprised at my presence. “Did you need something?”

I smiled and closed the door behind me, “I was just checking up on you, see how you were handling things,” a bit of a naughty smile on my face.

She looked at me with uncertainty and stood up. I walked towards her, she started backing away as I was getting closer.

“You remember me, don’t you?” I asked her.

She swallowed hard but didn’t answer.

I started undoing the buttons on my shirt.

As soon as I got to about an inch away from her, she made a move that I thought meant she tried to get away. I pushed her back against the wall, holding her hands on either of her face. I stared hard into her eyes, “Do you remember me?”

She whispered, “Yes”

I smiled and forced her legs apart with my feet. I could feel her breathing getting heavy, her chest was heaving. I kissed her lips, gently but the taste of her made them into hungry, craving kisses. I was definitely hard now, and I wanted her to know, as I pushed my crotched against her. “Did you like what we did that night?” I asked between breaths.

I held both her hands up with one hand, undoing her blouse with the other, revealing the lace that covered her full mounds. My finger just lightly grazing at her hard nipples, she shuddered and I knew my answer. I released her hands wondering what she would do as I moved down to her chest, my mouth sucking on one nipple through the lace, the other hand pulling down on her other breast, pulling the lace up down to free it from its restraints. It drover her mad, I soon felt her hand at the back of my head, her hips grinding against the hardness in my pants.

I pulled one leg up, folding it by the knee, grinding my hard bulge against her. My teeth nibbled and teased her nipple, she whimpered sexily, her fingers clutching at my hair.

Her skirt had ridden up her waist, I slid my fingers between her legs, she was out of breath but I could sense some reluctance as her hand held my hand back. I stopped and stared at her, her cheeks were pink and flushed, her chest was heaving, her lips were quivering, I wanted to take her so bad, I unbuttoned my pants, trying get some relief. At this time, both of her breasts were hanging out of her bra. I leaned Öğrenci porno back towards them, pinching and squeezing them, running my tongue around the hard nub. They were obviously very sensitive to her, the pitches of her cries increased every time my teeth closed down on them.

The second time my hand slid down between her legs, there was no resistance. She was so wet, her panties were soaked. I knelt down and hooked my finger on the fabric, pushing it to one side, I could smell the sweetness of her arousal, see the glistening of her bare pussy. I leaned closer, taking in her scent. A quick glance up at her as I was about an inch away, she was looking down at me, slightly nervous, slightly anxious as well, I think.

I ran my tongue against her slit. She cried out in such a sexy, ecstatic tone, I thought she would cum right there. I went easy on her at first, light gliding of my tongue, slow, loose sucks on her clit, never hard pressure that I was so sure she had craved but wouldn’t ask for.

A phone rang. We both froze for a moment. I looked up at her, she was looking nervously at me then to the desk. Her phone was at the other end of it.

“I… I have to get that,” she said, nervously.

I pulled away from her and motioned that she could answer it. She quickly leaned over the desk, reaching for the phone. I grinned at the opportunity and held her.

“Dad?” I heard her say. Would she tell? I spared no time wondering, I knelt down behind her, pulled her legs apart and hooked her panties to the side again, this time, I dove right between her legs, eating at her like a hungry dog, lapping at her juices. From my angle, I saw her hand grasping at the edge of the desk.

“I’ll… be fine, dad. Yes, I can get home on my own” She continued to say, with so much control, I could sense.

I sucked hard on her clit and felt her legs closing but my hands were free, and held them apart.

“Don’t worry, dad,” she continued saying, but this time I could hear the urgency in her voice. “I promise!”

My tongue flicked and teased her clit, hard and fast, fingers teasing her smooth entrance. I could feel her legs tensing, her body tightening. I heard the end-call button and she let out a scream, as her back arched and her body shook. I continued sucking on the juices that came flowing out.

I could hear her trying to catch up on her breath as her orgasm subsided. I pulled her panties down and off, stuffing them into my pocket. I leaned over her, my lips to her ear.

“Tell me what you want”

“I…” she stopped, reluctant to continue.

I ran my fingers along her slit again. “what do you want?”

“Please don’t,” she whispered, but I could hear her breathing getting quicker.

My thumb rubbed her clit as my two fingers eased only an inch inside her.

“Oh god…” she gasped.

“Tell me or this is all you are going to get.” I rolled my fingers where they were, barely inside her but my thumb rubbing more vigorously at her clit.

She was moaning uncontrollably, her body trying to push back to get more of my fingers inside her.

“Tell me!” I growled firmly, my thumb continuing their pleasurable torture.

“Please, I want you inside me”

It was music to my ears but not how I wanted to hear it. I buried my fingers deep inside her, twisting them around to find her pleasure spot. “Do you want me to fuck your tight pussy?”

She groaned and moaned and grinding against my fingers, a faint “yes” leaving her lips.

“I want you to say it.”

She swallowed hard, “Please fuck me” she said in a whisper.

“Louder!” I said as I pulled out and slammed my fingers deep inside her again.

“Oh! Please fuck me!” She cried out, with more urgency and need this time.

I pulled off my boxers, freeing my extremely hard shaft, stroking it a bit, easing out the strain it had been on.

I pulled her off the desk and leaned her against the wall, lifting her leg as I guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy. She pushed my shirt off my shoulder. I leaned over and sucked her hard nipples, my cock slid inside just at the entrance but it was like driving into a suction.

“Fuck, you’re still so tight” I groaned. “Put your arms around me,” she complied.

I lifted both her legs around my waist and dove deep inside her in one hard thrust. I heard her cry out as she was filled instantly, her pussy stretching around me. Her fingers were digging deep into my back.

I leaned her against the wall and started fucking her, thrusting in and out of her, gravity pushing her down on my invading meat, going deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh god…” She was gasping and groaning, pumping my cock as well, eagerly meeting my thrusts. “You feel so good…”

She was so sexy, so fucking hot, it was hard not to lose control.

I started picking up more speed, thrusting powerfully at her like a wild animal in heat, just ramming my cock in her pussy. Her moans turned to screams, her body tensed up, her nails dug deep into my skin, her back arched and her lips parted.

“Oh Adam…” she cried out, her body moving quicker and quicker up and down as I pumped my cock in and out of her, deeper and deeper, harder, faster!

“Oh god… ohhh I’m gonna…” She didn’t finish instead, her cries increased both in frequency and intensity. Her tilted backwards as she let out one last scream of pleasure as she released herself on me. Her pussy tightened its hold around my cock so tight, pulsating as she came. It was too much to bear. My fingers dug into her ass as I thrust deep one more time and exploded inside her.

For a second I thought I passed out. I opened my eyes and I was locked between me and the wall. Luckily, I didn’t drop her. I helped her steady on her feet. She didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure what to say. We dressed up and composed ourselves.

I watched her slip her heels back on and redo her hair. She was still so beautiful even after what had happened. I sat back and just admired her.

She looked up and blushed when she noticed me staring at her. “Can I have my panties back?”

I smiled at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32