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Big Tits

Author’s note: Melissa Part 6 is an immediate follow up to Part 5. I suggest that all readers reacquaint themselves with the previous chapter before reading this story. Thank you to all my regular readers and my “Fan Club” for your encouraging feedback. Iraussieguy.

Chapter 6: The Test

At 10.30am that fateful morning I was dressed and ready in the front hallway as Master had ordered. My instructions were to wear smart clothes as if we were going out for dinner, but at 10.30 in the morning? My mind had played games all night, wondering what the promised ‘test’ would be? Could I prove my obedience, trust and love for my Master?

Master joined me and walked around inspecting my clothing and makeup.

“Very nice my subbie, are you ready?”

“Y’yes Sir, I think so,” I stammered nervously, “What are your instructions?”

“Melissa, whatever happens to you today always remember that I have taken every precaution to ensure your safety.”

Master held out an envelope and some cash to me and continued, “Melissa go down to the end of the street and take the bus into the city. When the bus moves, and not until then, you may open the envelope for further instructions. Do you understand?”

“Sir!” I was taken completely by surprise, “You won’t be with me?”

“Correct my subbie, this test you must take alone.” Master hugged me and pushed me firmly towards the front door. “Goodbye for now Melissa, be strong.”

I took a deep breath, the first of many that day, “Yes Sir, I won’t let you down.”

With that I opened the front door and started out on my adventure. The weather was cool and crisp but I really didn’t notice, my mind was dwelling on the envelope and it’s contents. Fortunately the bus was on time and I found a seat by myself. With shaking fingers I opened the envelope.

Melissa, stay on the bus until it stops outside the Holiday Inn. Get out, go inside and proceed to room 48. The door will be unlocked. Enter and you will find another envelope with further instructions on the bed. Master.

I swear my heart stopped for a few seconds and then started pumping madly. My God! What was going to happen to me in the hotel room? I managed to calm my spinning mind with the words Master had spoken about my safety. After all I had been through over the past few months with Him why would I distrust Sir now?

Even so the bus trip seemed to take much longer than usual. Every traffic light turned red as we neared and nearly every stop had passengers waiting for the bus to stop. Eventually the Holiday Inn came into view and a shiver ran through my body as I rose to depart the bus.

I walked quickly across the car park and through the gardens to the foyer. I didn’t dare look around as I spied the elevators and made my way to the fourth floor. I swear the other passengers in the elevator could have heard my knees knocking together and I was grateful when the doors slid open. I swallowed and walked slowly along the passage, there was nobody else in sight as I came to room forty-eight.

I stood looking at the doorknob as if I expected it to turn and open magically by itself. Then taking a deep breath I turned the handle and opened the door, half expecting someone else to be in the room. Of course it was empty and I quickly checked the bathroom for the same result. I returned and shut the door, then sat down on the bed next to the envelope. After about five minutes I said a little prayer to myself, grabbed the envelope and ripped it open.

Melissa, lock the door then strip off all your clothes. Place them and your handbag out of sight in the wardrobe. Then stand in the corner with your back to the door. Keep your eyes to the wall and wait. Under no circumstances are you speak.

The familiar handwriting was so cold, just the instructions nothing else. Damn him, why couldn’t he at least have written ‘Love Master’ on the note too? Strip off and wait! What for, what did he have planned? What does he think am, his fucking slave? Suddenly I realized how my thought patterns had returned as if I was back in the corporate world.

“Melissa! Get a hold of yourself, you are His slave!” I admonished myself out loud for my negative thoughts. My Master has sent me on this test of my trust in him and already I was primed to run away!

Determined to go through with whatever Master had planned, I undressed, folded my clothes and placed them in the wardrobe as instructed. I looked down at my hard nipples and, despite the warmth of the air-conditioned room; a shiver ran through my body. I read the note one more time and realized that I had neglected to lock the door. After turning the key I made a quick trip to the toilet, goodness knows how long it would be before I was able to pee again. I checked myself in the mirror, grinned stupidly at my flushed face, then returned to the room and took up my place in the corner.

How long would I have to wait I wondered? Footsteps outside in the corridor stopped and I froze in Sahabet sudden fear, only for the person to keep on walking. I decided to keep my mind occupied and started going over the times that I had trusted Master Matt since we first met. My first spanking that had changed my life so much, His firm but gentle manner that I fell in love with. The time in the schoolroom when He took me to sub-space for the first time, I felt myself smiling in spite of my current situation. That damn forced haircut and my first sexual contact with a Mistress. Oh how my life had changed so much in such a short time.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a key in the lock and I froze, the hairs on the back of my neck standing. I heard the key being withdrawn and then the door quietly squeaked as it was opened. The thick carpet stopped me hearing what sort of shoes the person was wearing, was this a male or female? Was it Master playing a trick on me? I took some deep breaths and waited.

I heard the sound of the clips on a briefcase or carry case being snapped open and then I was aware of the person standing directly behind me. I moved my head slightly and strong leather gloved hands were placed over my ears, directing my gaze back into the corner. The grip was that of a man and I knew it wasn’t Master, the touch was somehow different, as was the aroma of his strong deodorant. I must have been unconsciously holding my breath because I suddenly needed to take deep breaths.

I whimpered as a black cloth was placed over my eyes and wrapped several times around my head before being knotted at the back. My world was now completely black and I felt more helpless and vulnerable than ever. His strong hands turned me around to face him and I knew he was looking me over. My nipples were hard, my breasts rose and fell with my heavy breathing and I knew that my shaven pussy must have been glistening.

Many emotions were rushing through my mind as I stood tensely waiting my fate. Confusion, anger and a feeling of helplessness were paramount but at the same time I was proud of the way I was serving my Master. I wanted to shout ‘say something you bastard’ but I resisted the urge, hoping that this man was as trustworthy as Master.

His hands left my shoulders and I heard the rustle of the bed coverings being moved. God what was going to happen? I tensed all my muscles in a futile effort to stop my body from shaking.

The strong hands returned to my upper arms and I was spun in circles and walked forwards and backwards around the room. When he stopped I has no idea of where I was standing in relation to the bed or the doors. Next I was guided a few steps forward until my legs hit a side of the bed. A quick push and I fell face down on the cool sheets. The gloved hands lifted and guided me face down over a pile of pillows. Meticulously he moved my arms and legs until I was in the classic spread-eagle position, face down and my arse pointing to the ceiling.

‘Please don’t tie me up.’ I prayed silently, thinking that while I was free at least I had a chance of moving suddenly and defending myself if all this got too much.

I was relieved when he left me lying there and walked around the bed. I could almost feel his eyes inspecting me, like an army sergeant with a rookie.

Suddenly I felt his bare hands stroking my back. It was as if he was trying to calm my thoughts and tell me that I was safe. I must admit that he had the desired effect as I relaxed my muscles and my thoughts. Alas, I was soon to find out that this man was a teaser, somewhat like Master can be at times. The soothing hands left my back and once again I heard the click of the briefcase being opened.

The minutes ticked by in silence and once again I was close to yelling at him. Damn, this waiting was having the effect he, and no doubt Master, wanted to achieve.

“Crack!” – “Eeeooowww!”

The silence was suddenly broken with the sound of a strap whistling through the air and exploding on my arse.

I was taken completely by surprise by the ferocity of the blow. I was so used to Master always warming my arse by hand or soft paddle, but this guy was different.

I gritted my teeth as again I heard the swish of the strap through the air and the sudden pain on my cheeks. I was determined not to call out and give him the satisfaction of getting a reaction from me.

Time and time again the strap cracked across my arse and upper thighs and my body jerked uncontrollably with each blow. I could imagine the criss-cross red marks across my white flesh and my resolve to accept the punishment grew stronger. The heat of the thrashing spread through my body and in spite of my situation I felt the juices building in my pussy.

I counted twenty cracks before he suddenly stopped and once again the room was silent.

I lay there with my arse on fire and my lungs gasping for air. Never before had I suffered such a volley of hard strokes in such a short time. I realized Sahabet Giriş that my hands had gripped the sheets so hard that my fingers were hurting and I let go while wondering what would happen next.

Once again my mind was spinning with confusion. Who was this sadist that Master had let loose on me? I felt heart broken that He would put me in this position.

I froze at the terrifying sound of a knife being sharpened on a butcher’s steel. Oh my God! I was absolutely bewildered by the strident noise that filled the hotel room. I wanted to jump off the bed and run but my arms and legs felt like they were made of lead. And anyway, by the time I got the tight blindfold off he would be with me.

Then I felt cold steel against the back of my neck and I moaned, “Noooooooooooo please!”

There was no reply and I thought I was about to die. That bastard Matt, I had given him my trust and love and he had conned me into going on my test. I sobbed into the sheets and suddenly the cold steel against my neck was withdrawn.

I heard the sound of the knife and steel being placed back in the case and once again the cool hands returned and stroked down my back. I sobbed again and nearly burst out crying with relief, but I was determined not to give this man the pleasure of seeing me cry. The hands roamed lightly over my hot arse, reminding me of the lingering sting of the strap.

I found myself sucking in deep breaths of air and realized that Master’s training had automatically made me use this form of stress relief. This instant thought made me confident that I would now survive the rest of this day. No matter what happened to me now, I knew that I would pass this damn test and I found myself relaxing down onto the pillows under his calming hands. Surprisingly, I found all but one of the pillows being pulled from under me and soon I was lying almost flat on the sheets. His hands returned to stroke my back and buttocks, lulling me into a false sense of relaxation and security.

“Whoosh – Crack” – “Yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The cane burst across my arse and my body jerked like a puppet. I was totally unprepared for the jolt of sheer pain that shot through my body.

“Whoosh – Crack, Whoosh – Crack, Whoosh – Crack!” Three more hard and sharp blows had me crying out loud and writhing on the bed.

Despite the shock and pain I knew my pussy was dripping wet once again and that if he kept this up I would be in sub-space before long. Then the force of the blows diminished and it felt like he was lightly drumming the cane over my cheeks. After the shock of the first strokes these light blows felt amazing, almost like a massage with sting. I relaxed back down onto the bed again delighted by the sudden change. His technique was different to Master’s, this man was using single and double taps mixed with quick flutters of various intensities. The pattern and intensity of the strokes was impossible to predict and he introduced some quite hard blows mixed in with the lighter strokes.

It passed through my mind that I would not allow myself to fly, I would not give this man the pleasure of taking me into sub-space. But his technique soon blew that idea from my mind as I felt my first orgasm near. He seemed to be able to place the blows in exactly the place he intended and soon all of my buttocks and upper thighs were stinging.

“Oh, yeeeeesssssssssssss!” I heard myself yell as the first orgasm hit and I started my flight.

Once again it felt like I was floating above the bed and the blackness behind the blindfold was filled with hundreds of small bright stars. Any pain that I had been feeling soon dissipated as absolute pleasure flooded my body. I was vaguely aware of the cane still striking home with various intensities but I didn’t care.

Since the first time I flew in Master’s schoolroom I had been transported to sub-space many times and this time was equal to any of my previous flights. How many orgasms flowed through my body? I didn’t know or care, but eventually I found myself regaining awareness of the bed and my surrounds. The cane was still making contact but it was so light and sensual I was hardly aware of it touching my rosey red striped cheeks. I was vaguely aware of his hands replacing the rattan, long sensuous strokes the length of my back slowly bringing me back to the present. I knew I was smiling and moaning with the pleasure I was feeling and I couldn’t stop myself, despite my intention of not pleasing this man. His hands left me and I was aware of him moving to the bathroom. I thought of removing the blindfold and seeing who he was but the thought of displeasing Master kept me from taking that action.

After he returned from the bathroom his strong hands assisted me off the bed and practically lifted me back over to the corner. He made sure that my wobbly legs would be able to hold my weight then once again my head was turned straight ahead. With relief I felt the blindfold being loosened and then Sahabet Güncel Giriş unwrapped from around my head. I blinked my eyes at the unaccustomed light and then focused on a piece of paper with the familiar handwriting that he was holding in front of my eyes.

Stay in the corner until the telephone rings three times, then read the envelope on the bed.

I nodded that I understood the instructions and after one last smack on my sore arse he turned away from me. Once again I heard the snap of the briefcase locks and finally the opening of the door. A pause and it closed, but did he leave the room? Was he standing there in silence watching me? Ready to punish me if I moved before the telephone rang? I resisted the urge to peek and stayed facing the corner, my mind wondering if there was to be more of the test?

I tried to count second by second to try and keep trace of the time, but then I realized that I did not know how long I spent in sub space and so I had no idea of the actual time. I jumped when the telephone rang finally rang and I turned cautiously around to see, to my relief, an empty room. The promised envelope was on the bed but first I needed a drink of water and the toilet.

I sat gingerly down on the bed and ripped open the envelope.

Dress and wait for three more rings of the phone. When that happens leave the room unlocked and go down to Reception. Ask for an envelope for Melissa.

‘Oh God’, I thought to myself, ‘Not another fucking envelope.’

I had a quick wash and just as I finished dressing there was a loud knock on the door.

“Police here, open up now!”

‘Police! Shit! What is going on?’ I thought as I put the chain on the door and opened it a short distance.

A uniformed police officer was standing there, identification shield in his hand.

“Sorry to trouble you Ma’am,” He said, “But I need to search your room.”

“Ok officer,” I said as I took the chain off the door and let him in, “What is the trouble?”

“We are searching the hotel for a man with a violin case, he is tall and wearing leather gloves,” the officer said as he quickly checked the bathroom and wardrobe. “Have you seen a man like that today?”

“N’no, I haven’t officer,” I stammered, blushing bright red as I spoke.

He looked at me in a strange way but decided not to pursue the matter any further.

“Thank you Ma’am for your co-operation,” he said as he headed for the door, “Have a nice day, and if you see this man, please call reception immediately.”

“Y’yes I will officer, goodbye.” I said as I shut and locked the door behind him.

My mind raced, what the hell was going on? Who was this man Master had sent to punish me? Why were the police after him? Again I jumped as the telephone rang three times and stopped.

I grabbed my handbag looked around the room for the last time and cautiously opened the door. The corridor was empty and I almost ran along it to the elevators. Fortunately one arrived quickly and I stepped into the empty elevator, my heart pumping. The damn thing stopped at each floor going down to allow others to enter until finally it reached the ground floor.

I made my way to the reception counter and was forced to wait nervously while a belligerent European tourist argued about his account. Finally the receptionist greeted me with ‘I’m glad he has gone smile’ and I asked her for an envelope in my name. Naturally she had just come on duty and knew nothing about my envelope. After watching her search the desk in vain I had a brainwave and asked her to look in the mailbox for room forty-eight. She returned with an envelope in her hand and apologized for the wait.

I rudely grabbed it from her hand and quickly found a seat where I could read my next instructions. My heart sank as I read Master’s next orders.

Return immediately to room 48, lock the door, undress completely as before and stand in the corner.

‘No! No! This couldn’t be right!’ I nearly screamed in anger as I re-read Master’s message. My spirits suddenly sunk as I sat there contemplating my next move. Fuck this stupid test! My immediate impulse was to run out of the Holiday Inn and go back to my old apartment that my friend was renting. I would telephone Matt and tell him it was too much for me. I stood and walked towards the front door and the beckoning sunlight.

Just as I reached the revolving door an inner voice seemed to be saying ‘Don’t chuck it in now Melissa, think of how much your life has changed for the better since you met Master. Prove to him that you can pass this test, think of how you will feel when He congratulates you. If you don’t go on you may regret it for the rest of your life.’

I stopped, returned to the seat and thought about the situation a bit more. I realized that my inner voice was correct so I took another deep breath, turned around and walked determinably to the elevators. Once again I walked down the empty corridor and pushed open the door of room forty-eight. The bed was still the mess I had left behind me and I quickly checked the bathroom again, which of course was empty. I slammed the door shut, locked it and for the second time that day removed all my clothes and placed them in the wardrobe.

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