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“Dare I ask what kind of game?” Melinda asked wryly, pretty sure she didn’t really want to know anyway.

“Oh, just a little something to loosen you up,” Tina said with a smile. “Let’s get her down to the basement so we can get started!”

“Why the basement?!” Melinda demanded, but instead of answering her, her son and son-in-law picked up the naked woman by her arms, and carried her to the entryway and down the steps to the basement of her own house! Melinda but up a little bit of a struggle, mostly for show, because she knew the guys were too strong for her to resist, and besides, it was kind of fun to be carried like that by two hunky young men!

“Guys, come on! Put me down, this is silly!”

They did indeed put her down, but only after reaching the basement, which Melinda saw had been prepared for whatever her family and friends had in mind. Normally the basement, which was as large as the house, a large roomy chamber with a smooth concrete floor, was not much used, it was well-lit and dry, but it had been years since Melinda had used it for much other than storage. Now, the few bits and pieces normally stored there had been shoved into a corner out of the way. A huge rubber sheet had been spread out across the floor, with some chairs around the edges and a table on one side…a table absolutely loaded down with pies, cakes, bottles, pitchers, and other containers of food and liquids.

Neil and Steven carried Melinda over to the rubberized area, and set her on her feet, Neil pausing to kiss his naked mother’s cheek lovingly before going over to the edge of the sheeted area. As he left he told her to stay where she was in a firm tone.

“OK, everybody, listen up,” Tina, as mistress of ceremonies, was saying. “We’re going to have a game to see how well Mel here knows her own kids!”

Uh oh, Melinda mused nervously. I don’t know if I like the sound of that!

As she watched, her granddaughters rolled out a cart from over by the table, a cart with two huge trays on it covered in bowls of eggs. They parked this right in front of Melinda, in easy reach, and headed back over to the edge of the sheet, their bare soles slapping on the rubber as they did.

“Here’s out it will work,” Tina was saying with a huge smile. “Cathy and Neil have helped up put together a list of questions about themselves that they don’t think Mel here will be able to answer correctly. I’ll be asking Mel the questions, and for each question she gets wrong about her son or her daughter, Melinda will hand that one an egg and he or she will break a nice fresh egg somewhere on her body!”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Melinda shrieked, though she knew all too well that Tina was serious.

“I’d think you’d get tired of saying that, Melinda!” said Annie Romane, another old friend. “I am so going to enjoy watching this!”

“What did I ever do to you, Annie?!” Melinda demanded.

“You mean besides undoing my top at the pool party, showing the pictures from our college days to my kids, buying me that gag gift in front of everybody at my baby shower-“

“All right, all right,” Melinda said, blushing and laughing, “you don’t have to rub it in!”

Then she turned and demanded from Tina with a daring grin, “So what happens when I do get a question right, you evil bitch?”

Tina didn’t take the insult personally, laughing back and saying, “Why, that’s where Jean and Steven come in! Neil, Cathy, why don’t you two get ready and join your poor mother?”

To Melinda’s surprise, her 34 year old daughter and her 38 year old son began to undress! Cathy was dressed in blue jeans, a snug white blouse, and flip-flops, Neil wore jeans and a T-shirt, and both were undressing right there in front of the whole group! Their respective spouses were smiling and did not seem at all bothered as Cathy and Neil stripped down to their underwear and walked out to stand alongside their mother. Neil had on tight white briefs, Cathy some very daring white panties and a lacy bra, both were otherwise bare and smiling at each other and their mother.

There were whistles and cheers for the underwear-clad brother çankırı escort and sister, including, to Melinda’s surprise, from her granddaughters, who seemed to find nothing odd about giving wolf-whistles to their own father!

“Wow, Daddy! You’re hunkier than my boyfriend!” Bethany exclaimed. “Nice butt!”

Briana contented herself with a wolf-whistle.

Well, he is pretty damned hot, Melinda admitted to herself as she looked her 38 year old son over. His stomach was still flat, he was muscled without being overbuilt, his thick hair was shot with a little silver, and all-in-all he looked pretty good.

For that matter, so did Cathy. At 34, her daughter was an attractive woman with shoulder-length brown hair and a pair of nice-shaped, just slightly sagging C-cup tits behind her skimpy bra.

A moment later, Jean and Steven, barefoot but otherwise dressed, were standing beside their spouses.

“Mel, any time you get a question right, the one you got it right about gets an egg on him or her from Jean or Steven! So if it turns out you know your kids better than they think you do, you’ll be clean and dry and they’ll be gunked to the limit!”

“That is so not gonna happen,” Cathy said with a snicker.

“It’s not fair!” Melinda protested. “They get to ‘egg’ me and I don’t get to do them!”

“No,” Steven said to his mother-in-law, “but I’ll tell you what, Mel, what if Jean and I let you pick the spot that gets egged when you win?”

“Well…OK,” Melinda said. It was not as if she had a choice anyway, she mused.

“One more rule, any time any of the three of you gets ‘egged’,” Tina said, “he or she must thank the person who did it!”

“That wasn’t in the rules!” Neil said with a laugh.

“It is now,” Tina replied. “All right, let’s get started! First question is about Cathy. Mel, when Cathy was 12 years old, what was the name of the first boy she kissed?”

Mel thought back to those days, now over two decades before, remembering her daughter in the throws of her first big crush, and after a moment she said, “Anthony Allen.”

Tina looked at the answer, smiled, and said, “Sorry, Mel, the right answer was Brad Allen.”

“Brad?!” Melinda exclaimed. “Anthony’s older brother?!! He was what, 16?!”

“Seventeen,” Cathy said with a grin. “Sorry, Mom, but you know what that means! Hand me an eggs, please.”

“Come on, Honey, this is so-“

“Hand me an egg, Mom!” Cathy ordered sternly.

With a sigh, Cathy reached over, took an egg from one of the bowls, and handed it to her daughter, who looked her mother over from head to toe considering where to start. Then she smiled and said, “Might as well start at the traditional place!”

With that, Cathy, who was 5’9″, raised the egg up over Melinda’s head and broke it all over the top of her mother’s thick hair! As the thick yolk and thin liquid of the egg flowed over the older woman’s long straight hair, the room broke out laughing.

“Thank you, Cathy,” Melinda said with a grimace. She looked at the cart, there were lots of eggs there!

“Ready for the next question, Mel?” Tina asked.

“Does it matter?” she inquired archly.

“Nope. Next question: how old was Neil the first time he tasted beer?”

Melinda blinked, because she had absolutely no idea. She remembered having to talk a cop out of ticketing him for drinking underage when he was 16, so it had to be that age or younger…but just when was it?!

“Fourteen,” she finally sighed, taking a wild guess.

“Sorry, Mel,” Tina giggled. “Seventeen.”

“What?!” Melinda protested. She turned to her 38 year old son and demanded, “Who are you trying to fool, Darling? I remember you getting in trouble for drinking beer when you were 16!”

“Actually, no,” Neil laughed. “This was kind of a trick question, Mom. You see, I hate beer. I hate the smell of it, the taste it, everything about it. I used to drink wine coolers and whiskey in high school, when I could sneak ’em, but I hated the smell of beer so much I didn’t even taste it until my senior year. I still hate the stuff!”

Melinda sagged a little, and then laughed self-deprecatingly and said, “Let me guess, you want an egg?”

“However did you guess, Mom?” Neil replied. Melinda reached over and picked up another egg, handing it to her son, who showed little hesitation at he broke it gently across her forehead, rubbing it in so the gunk flowed down Melinda’s pretty face.

“Thank you so much, Neil,” Melinda said sarcastically. Even as she said it, though, she felt something that caught her completely by surprise: along with the feeling of the moist egg-goo all over her face, she felt moisture forming between her legs!

What in the world?! Melinda thought to herself in surprise, even as she started to breath harder. She wiped the gunk out of her eyes and turned to face Tina again, hoping nobody could see what was happening!


“Let’s get it over with,” Melinda sighed.

“OK,” Tina nodded, and asked: “What is Cathy’s favorite desert?”

Melinda grinned and said, “Deep fried twinkies.”

Cathy gasped.

Tina looked at the answer, blinked in surprise, and nodded. “That’s right!”

“Mom, how did you know that?!” Cathy demanded.

Melinda smirked. “I have my sources.”

In fact, Melinda knew she’d managed to beat the game by sheer chance. For years Cathy’s favorite desert had been strawberry ice cream, but Melinda had heard a friend of her daughter mention in passing, a few weeks before, that she’d fallen in love with a snack she’d found at a county fair, deep fried sponge cake. It was just luck that Melinda knew about Cathy’s recent change of favorites…but so it was.

Picking up an egg, she offered it to her son-in-law with an evil smirk, and said, “I believe you’re supposed to egg your wife now?”

“Pretty much,” Steven said with a grin. Cathy turned to face him, blushing and eyes wide, and her husband proceeded to smash the egg firmly against her bare belly, rubbing it all over.

“What do we say, Cathy?” Melinda prompted.

Cathy glared at her mother and then said, “Thank you, Darling,” to her grinning husband. The assembled party seemed to be just as happy to see Cathy gunked as Melinda, the laughter was good-natured but general.

“All right, next question, Mel,” Tina said. “Here goes: where did Neil and Jean meet?”

Melinda started to sweat, because she thought she knew…but she was not absolutely sure. After a long moment, Tina said, “If you don’t answer in one minute, Mel, you lose!”

Just seconds before time was up, Melinda blurted out, “At the laundromat!”

Neil looked suddenly nervous as Tina looked at the answer, frowned, and hesitated, and then said, “You know, I’m not sure if that’s right or not. According to this, they met while doing the laundry in the dorms at college!”

“It’s wrong,” Neil asserted. “That’s not a laundromat!”

“It’s close enough!” Jean laughed. “Your mother got you, Honey!”

“We’ll put it to a vote,” Tina announced. “Raise your hand if you think Mel blew it!”

A number of arms went up.

“OK, raise your hand if you think Mel got it!”

Another few hands went up.

“Well, it looks like you got it, Mel!”

“Give me an egg, Melinda!” Jean demanded.

Melinda eagerly handed her daughter-in-law one of the eggs. She stepped back, assessing her barely-clad husband, and looked over at their daughters, and winked.

“What do you think, girls? Where should I put this egg?”

“Egg Daddy’s butt!” Briana urged, and Bethany nodded.


“Hold still, Honey,” Jean ordered, as she pulled back the elastic on her husband’s briefs, slipped the egg inside, and let the elastic go. Then she slapped the seat of her husband’s thin cotton briefs, breaking the egg against his rear end! Golden goo spread all through the back of his underwear as Jean rubbed his backside for a moment. Laughter rose from the whole room, their daughters joining right in.

Melinda was laughing too, but then she noticed that the front of her son’s briefs were bulging like crazy!

The sight of her son’s erection, even through the cotton cover, reminded her that her own snatch was all but dripping! She was breathing harder, and hoping to avoid being caught out. Already, various people had noticed that Neil’s cock was stiff in his underwear and the teasing was louder!

“Next question,” Tina was saying. “Melinda, your daughter has a tattoo on her ass. It’s a flower. What kind of flower is it?”

Melinda paused, floored. She was aware of her smirking daughter next to her, acutely aware of time passing, and she had no idea of the right answer.

Just as the time was almost up, as a pure guess Melinda yelled, “A rose!”

Tina looked and laughed. “Sorry, Mel, it’s an orchid! Better give Cathy an egg!”

Melinda looked at her eager, smirking daughter and sighed and picked up an egg and handed it to her.

Cathy stepped closer, so they were only inches apart, looking Melinda up and down, then she placed the egg between her mother’s bare boobs, took her mother’s tits in her hands, and squeezed them against the egg until it broke! Melinda gasped at the warmth of her daughter’s hands on her bare tits, and the chill of the cold egg and its gooey contents as it ran down over her boobs. Suddenly her knees felt weak, she could no longer pretend to herself that she wasn’t getting off on this!

Cathy didn’t step back immediately, instead she rubbed the goo over her mother’s tits, making sure the yolk and liquid was smoothly spread out over them, pausing to playfully pinch the very nipples she had once nursed at. The mild pain sent a shiver through Melinda’s body, even as a whoop of teasing laughter rose from the observing family and friends.

“I love you, Mom,” Cathy whispered just before taking her hands off her mother’s now-sticky boobs, a little reluctantly it seemed to the older woman.

Cathy stepped back, and Melinda was breathing hard as she turned to face Tina again.

Instead of asking the next question, though, Tina laughed and said, “Aren’t you forgetting something, Mel?”

Still a little shaky and a lot nervous at her own reactions, Mel managed to stammer, “W-What?”

“You forgot to thank Cathy for egging you!”

Melinda blushed and snorted, and turned back to her daughter and said sardonically, “Thank you, Honey, for the nice egg!”

“Sorry, Mel,” Tina laughed, sounding actually sympathetic. “Too late.”

“Too late?”

“That’s the rules,” Tina explained. “Since you forgot to thank Cathy, as a penalty you get an egg from all four, though you get to pick the order they go in!”

A general laugh rose, and Melinda saw her children and in-laws looking eager at her. With a melodramatic sigh, the naked woman said, “OK, OK.”

She picked up an egg, and handed it to her son-in-law Steven. With a smile, instead of smashing it against her body, he ordered her to tilt her head back and broke it and let the contents flow out over her face, which was already marked with half-dried yolks. Melinda shivered, shuddered, and realized as she felt the sticky mess flow over her features that she was damned close to orgasm!

“T-thank you, Steven,” Melinda said when he finished…and her own voice actually sounded a little sincere in her ears!

Damn but this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt!

With a deep breath to steady herself, the naked mother picked up another egg and handed it to her daughter-in-law, who seemed eager for a chance to mess up her mother-in-law a little. She stepped foward, her bare feet squishing in the pool of goo around Melinda, and said, “Bend over.”


“You heard me, Mel,” Jean giggled. “I’m gonna egg your butt just like Neil!”

The thought of that made goose-bumps run up and down her skin, and Melinda nodded slowly and bent over, hands on her knees, suddenly entirely willing to experience what her daughter-in-law intended.

Jean stepped up beside her mother-in-law, wiggling her bare toes in the gunk as she did, and broke the egg over Melinda’s bare bottom just as Steven had done over her face, letting it run out onto the big bare globes of the older woman’s ass. The sensation of the cold gunk on her bare bottom actually made Melinda let out a little moan that she could only hope nobody could hear over the general laughter!


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