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David awoke (as usual) at around 4 AM. Ever since he had moved over here and gotten up every weekday at 3:30 to catch the 4:40 ferry, it was difficult to sleep much past that even on the weekends. He looked over at Mia, sleeping soundly. Her lovely hair spread on the pillow, framing her beautiful, peaceful face. He held back his urge to lean over and kiss her, she looked so deeply, peacefully asleep. He slipped out of bed as quietly as he could, walked softly into the bathroom, and quietly closed the door.

After he had the door closed, he turned on the lights, and got ready to shower. He didn’t want to start the fans, so he took a very quick shower so as not to steam up the bathroom too much. He shaved and brushed his teeth, threw on some comfortable clothes, turned out the light, and carefully and quietly opened the door.

He walked past the bed, gladly noticed Mia hadn’t even stirred. He once again marveled at the turn in his life that had brought him this beautiful woman, so intelligent, so sexy, so everything he had ever wanted and much, much more. He made his way quietly down the stairs and made his coffee. He was a stickler for the old method of grinding his own beans, and using a drip style filter to pour the boiling water on top of the ground coffee.

Once the coffee was made, he got his ½ grapefruit and dry wheat toast, and settled in with his laptop. He checked the emails from work since he had left early, but there was nothing that couldn’t wait until Monday to handle.

He checked the local news and weather, and then decided to look up Mia’s company online. He remembered the name from the tags on her bags, and typed it into the Bing search engine he used.

He found the main website and was very impressed with the professional and elegant look of it (thinking to himself it mirrored some of Mia’s qualities).

He found a who’s who button and clicked it, and to his shock and amazement he saw Mia’s name and picture, not as the HR head, but as the founder, owner, and CEO! He was a little taken aback, and quickly read the short blurb about how Mia had started with nothing and turned the small fledgling company into an international powerhouse in its field.

He closed out of the site and turned his laptop off. He really didn’t know what to think. Granted they barely knew each other when Mia had told him she was head of HR, but she hadn’t expounded upon it as they became so much closer. Some of his old insecurities and mistrusts began to take over his thoughts and he chided himself for ‘listening to them’.

He decided he should go out for a walk and clear his head. He figured Mia would probably sleep for quite a bit more and he would be home before she awoke. He left her a note in case she did awaken, to please have whatever she wished for breakfast, the coffee was hot on the stove, and that he’d be back when he cleared his head.

He got on his warm coat and left through the front door, so he could keep Mia locked in. He walked in his normal long stepped gait and soon found himself at the water’s edge where he loved to walk the tide line. It was always different to see what the tide had taken and what it had left. He walked up and down the beach trying to get rid of his fears. “Why wouldn’t she tell me?” kept ringing in his head. He combatted this with “it never really came up, I’m sure she was planning on telling me this weekend.”

But then the fears would respond, “Maybe she just doesn’t want you to know she is so rich and powerful, thinking you might turn into a gold digger.”

He once again had clearer thoughts and replied to himself “I am not a gold digger, and she has nothing to fear from me, nor do I have to fear she is keeping things from me.”

With that last soliloquy he turned and headed back for home. He had to trust his feelings for Mia. She had shown nothing but honesty and respect to him, so that is what he was going to believe.

He unlocked the front door, and saw Mia, in his white shirt again, sitting on a stool at the island, sipping a cup of coffee and typing away on her laptop. Her beautiful, long, smooth legs hanging freely as she sat atop the stool. When she heard the door, she looked up and gave him a big smile. He relaxed and walked into the kitchen to give her a big kiss.

“MMMMM good morning to you too sweet one!” Mia said.

“I saw your note and was kind of disturbed that something was wrong.”

“I just had a couple things to work through and did it, so I am back and loving seeing you in the house, relaxed, and drinking our coffee.”

“I love the coffee by the way, just another one of your secrets?”

“Not really,” David said with a laugh, “just a bit of the old school way of making it. A step above what we called my Dad’s Norwegian Cowboy coffee. He used to boil the water, pour the grounds in, and let them settle. That was some strong stuff. This is a bit tamer.”

Mia laughed at his description of his father’s coffee, and gave him another kiss.

“So, we have some Kartal Ukraynalı Escort things we need to talk about if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, please let me know what is on your mind.”

“I know this has all happened so fast, but I really believe we met for a reason. David, I am falling madly in love with you. I cannot even think of being apart from you.”

David started to say something but Mia reached over to place her finger over his lips, “Please let me finish I want to throw all my thoughts onto the table before we talk this out together.”

David nodded his head and motioned with a sweep of his arm to continue.

“So, when I told you I was the head of the HR department for my company, it was a little bit of a fib. I am the head of all the departments, because it is my company. I own it and am CEO. I was very disturbed that my three groups of applicants for heading this branch’s HR department did not give me a candidate I want. I was just in contact with some of my people in San Francisco and have put into motion me staying on up here for a while and handling the HR duties myself.”

David smiled from ear to ear and wanted so badly to say something or just pick her up, hug, and kiss her, but he knew she wasn’t quite done so held his silence.

“Now, I didn’t think it was presumptuous of me to think I could stay here, you have placed many clear hints that you want me here as much as I want to be here. So, what do you think?”

Now David had his opening and rushed over to her, hugged her so very tightly, and kissed her like he had never kissed before. As they broke the kiss, David loudly said, “Yes, Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes!”

“So, I guess I will take that as a yes then,” giggled Mia.

“You guessed correctly my dear!”

“There is one condition however, that you must agree to.”

“OK, I agree,” said David.

“I haven’t even told you the condition yet you goof! Ok, so your beautiful new house needs to be decorated. It is screaming for a woman’s touch to turn this into the wondrous home it wants to be, and I am just the woman to do it!”

“You drive a hard bargain my love, do I get any say in this decorative process?”

“Of course, this will be a joint venture, we will go and pick out the things together.”

“Wonderful, then yes, I totally accept your condition. But I have one condition of my own.”

“Oh? And what might that be?”

“We have to incorporate some of my framed photos, as soon as I can find the box they are in.”

Mia hemmed, “Well, let me take a look at them, and then we’ll decide if they will fit in with my plan.”

They both laughed, and came together for another hug and kiss.

Mia then had a bit of a concerned look on her face and said, “Now tell me, what was it that you had to get clear in your mind?”

David felt a little embarrassed, but didn’t want to keep anything from Mia, so he sort of stammered, “Well, I looked at your company’s website this morning while I had my coffee and saw you were quite a bit more than just the head of the HR department. I started to feel those insecurities and wondered why you hadn’t told me, like you were afraid I was a gold digger or something. But my walk in the cold air and being near the water cleared my mind, and made me get back to trusting you would tell me, which of course you just did.”

“Oh David, I am so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. When I told you I was the head of the HR Department, we had just met, and it is a protective thing I do almost without thinking. Things went so well so fast for us, I had really not even thought about my job or work until this morning, when I couldn’t bear to think of leaving you.”

“Yes, the thought of having to say goodbye to you on Monday morning has been nagging at me. I have been trying to be in the present and not let what I thought was coming in the future bother me, but it has been very hard. I have fallen so deeply in love with you too Mia, and the thought of this house without you in it has been very disturbing. To hear you say you want to stay and become a part of my life is dizzying. I have to admit, I am not much of a shopper, I usually get tired parking the car at the parking lot, but going there with you, to decorate ‘our house’ sounds like another wonderful adventure to share with you.”

“Great David! That’s exactly how I see it as well. I won’t put you through the ringer and try to do it all today. I have to go shopping for some clothes too, as I only packed enough for a few days, and suddenly I have someone I want to look good for. Let me go upstairs and get dressed and we can get going. I won’t hear back from most of my emails until much later, and the responses are going to be just a formality anyway. They all know me well enough now, that when I put something into action, they respond with action.”

“Wow, I love the authority and self-assuredness in your voice my dear! Do you mind if I come up and keep you company while you dress?”

“Yes Kartal Üniversiteli Escort please, why don’t you help me?” Mia said a bit suggestively.

David bounded up the stairs, hearing Mia’s laughter behind him.

“You look like a little kid, running to get his candy treat.”

David smiled from the top of the stair landing, “Oh, I am getting a treat alright, and you are my most favorite candy!”

With that, Mia took his hand and he helped her up to the landing and they walked into the bedroom arm in arm. Mia went to her suit case and started to pull things out.

“We are definitely going to have to get another dresser for all my stuff.”

David quickly went over to his dresser and rearranged the drawers, leaving her the top two drawers. He spent so little time and money on clothes it wasn’t difficult to combine all his stuff into the bottom two drawers. He went over to grab her suitcase and bring it over to the dresser to make it easier for her to unpack.

“Always such the gentleman! And I do mean gentle man David. Your demeanor and the wonderful way your treat me as a woman, as your woman, means so very much to me. I know I told you a bit of how hard it was growing up locked in a man’s physical body, but knowing in all senses, I was a woman. It has caused so many awful situations throughout my life, but being with you has washed all those memories out the window.”

With that as his encouragement, David reached over slowly and unbuttoned the three buttons Mia had buttoned on his dress shirt. He opened it up to reveal her beautiful breasts, nipples protruding proudly. He bent over to take one in his mouth, loving the feeling of her hard, excited nipple, and especially loving the moans his attention was creating from Mia. As he sucked, flicked, and playfully bit her one nipple, he let his hand roam to the top of the shirt to push it off her shoulders. She shrugged her shoulders to help, and the shirt slowly fell to the floor at her feet, leaving her completely naked in front of him.

“And now for that candy treat you promised” he said as he moved his hands down to cup her sac, and run them up and down her now hardened penis.

Mia moaned in pleasure, leaning her head back, feeling her hair tickling the top of her back. David now moved his head down, so he could feed her hard shaft into his mouth with his hands. As Mia felt herself enter David’s masterful mouth, she let out a large gasp, and grabbed his now bobbing head. She had never been with anyone who could bring her to the beautiful edge of orgasm quicker than David. Truth be told, she got hard just looking at him, when they were both fully clothed. But his first tender, then sexually charged manner could bring her to that cliff overlooking her passion, and she could hardly wait to jump off, feeling that orgasmic relief.

David sensed her body tightening, readying itself for the oncumming orgasm. He reached behind her, to first cup her ass cheek, then find the beautiful crack, and send his finger into her. As he pumped his head, he matched each pump, with his finger sliding all the way to try to hit her spot.

This pleasure attack on all her senses was too much for Mia, and she came, with a yelp, a shortened scream and finally a “OH GOD DAVID! I’M CUMMING!”

David removed his finger so he could put each of his hands on her luscious cheeks, to pull her now spurting penis deeply inside his mouth. His hands helped her almost automatic thrusts as she pumped her hot seed into his waiting mouth and now throat. He was getting much better at taking her load now, and enjoying the taste and sensations of her cum inside him.

He felt her last push, and she held herself like that as the last few spasms shot little drops of the last of her orgasm. His hands held her cheeks, and held her tightly against him until he felt her release, and he let go of those cheeks he so loved so he could slide up and kiss this beautiful woman.

Mia finally regained her composure, broke the last kiss and said, “If we are going to get anywhere shopping today, we should probably get a start. But rest assured, this wonderful interlude will be repaid tenfold when we return.”

“I will look forward to that very much,” said David with a bit of an evil grin. “So I was thinking, we should probably go clothes shopping for you first, the furniture can wait a bit. I know of this lovely little store down in the main part of town. I walk by it every day. Two young women started it up at a time so many of the businesses in the center of town were closing down. They have beautiful clothes there, at least I think so, but I am certainly no fashion expert. I know what I like, and what I would love to see on your beautiful body. And, they donate a percentage of each sale to a very worthy cause.”

“Ok, so how much do they pay you for commission on all the sales you bring in with that glowing report?” Mia asked smiling.

“Very funny, we don’t have to go there, Kartal Vip Escort there is a mall at the next town north of here. I don’t go there much, I am not much of a mall person.”

“Oh! I was only ribbing you, I loved hearing your story about the little store, and it sounds lovely, just like the stores I like to shop in. I don’t really like malls much myself. And I am all for women owned businesses and try my best to support them. I would be honored to have you take me to this store.”

With that, they went back downstairs, got their coats, and went out to the garage and into David’s car. Mia watched with a giggle how much fun he seemed to have pushing the automatic garage door opener on his visor and watching the garage door open.

“Your love of the small things in life is very charming David, my dear, another thing I love about you.”

“Hey! After all those years of having to park outside and scrape the frost, ice, and snow off my windshield every winter morning, having a garage, with an automatic door no less, is no small thing!”

“I stand corrected, but I still love watching you use that remote,” said Mia with a warm smile and reaching her hand to lightly brush the side of his face.

“What a beautiful morning, cold, but so clear, you can see the mountains over there, with their winter snow caps,” said David pointing over to the west.

“It is so beautiful here David, so many wonderful sites, and to be able to share them with you every day is just going to be heaven.”

“I can’t even imagine my life without you in Mia, and frankly, I don’t want to imagine that!”

They drove the short distance to the center of town, and parked just a couple blocks away from the ferry terminal and the hotel Mia had stayed in. Mia was amazed to see free parking (for 2 hours). After parking David rushed out to open her door, take her hand, and help her out of the car.

“Oh my, a girl could get used to that type of treatment.”

“Well you better start getting used to it, you are going to be stuck with it forever now.”

Mia smiled and tried to hide the little tear trying to escape the corner of her eye. She kissed him gently, holding his head in her hands.

They entered the small store, and immediately a beautiful young blonde woman walked up with a gorgeous smile and said, “Hi David! Welcome back!”

Mia was a bit taken back by this warm welcome, “So you are a regular here buying clothes for all your women?”

The saleswoman laughed and said, “No he was here a few weeks ago to buy a dress and he was such a pleasure to deal with. He knew what he wanted, but also was gracious enough to listen to my suggestions. He ended up getting a gorgeous dress, and made a very good impression on me. First, we don’t get a lot of men in here, and when we do, they don’t really want to listen to suggestions very much. David’s soft spoken strength and ease to deal with makes him hard to forget. My name is Cecilia by the way, very nice to meet you. Is this the sister you bought the dress for?”

“No Cecilia, this is Mia, the love of my life and we need to get some clothes for her.”

Mia reached her hand out, “Hello Cecilia, so nice to meet you, and I agree, David is quite hard to forget isn’t he?”

Cecilia laughed. “So what can I show you?

Before Mia could speak, David said, “There was a sort of peach top, with almost flesh tone shoulders that was in the window with a sleek, black pencil skirt, I don’t see it anymore, do you still have that outfit? I would love to see Mia in it.”

Mia just stood there smiling at his way of trying to get the clothes he wanted to see her in, and hoped Cecilia could find them.

“Let me go check, a lot times we put the replaced display items in back, I will be right back. As she walked she turned her head a bit so say to Mia, “I see you as a size 7, is that correct?”

“Very good Cecilia, yes, size 7.”

Mia smiled at David and whispered into his ear, “I already love this place, and Cecilia is just a darling. Thank you so much for thinking of this place and bringing me here.” Then she kissed his cheek and stood back, just as Cecilia appeared through the back curtains with the outfit David had requested.

Mia gasped when Cecilia held the two pieces in front of her. “Oh my! Perfect! Let’s get a few more outfits and I want to go try them on.”

David stepped back and let the ladies converse about what type of clothes, for what situations, and what colors were needed. He marveled at how quickly the two seem to have become friends. They talked and shared and laughed and giggled like old chums. It really made him smile, and gave him yet another wonderfully warm feeling about the woman he was giving all his love to. After a few minutes, they had amassed a rack full of things for Mia to try. To please David, she tried on his suggestion first, and when she stepped out of the changing room, both David and Cecilia gasped.

“Wow! It never looked that good in the window!” said Cecilia.

“I agree,” said David, “turn around hon and give us the full Mia look.”

Mia spun around almost like a runway, model, and David and Cecilia both began to clap.

“Stunning, absolutely stunning my love.”

“Oh thank you David, I just love it, and Cecilia, it fits just perfectly.”

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