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Michelle’s Education – An Introductory Class to R & O

Michelle stood in front of the mirror admiring herself as she applied her favorite body lotion, something she had done since she was a little girl. Everyone had told her she was beautiful and her mother made sure she was always dressed in the best and latest clothes. It didn’t help that she was her daddy’s little princess as well and as such, spoiled to no end. Ever since grade school, she always had the attention of boys and she only hung around with friends she felt were worthy of her status. Only two remained as her friends after that and all through high school. Marianella Gianncarlo was her best friend of the two, being almost as equally pretty and good looking, but monied parents made her one of the wealthiest girls in school. She liked to flaunt her parents wealth and look down on those less fortunate, who’s parents didn’t meet up to the social status that hers did. Deborah Halpern didn’t have monied parents like the other two, her parents status rising through the result of a large lottery win. They were decent enough people that with some effort, they were accepted to the neighborhood and Deb was lucky enough to be blessed with great looks and fit in with the clique.

They were always together, or staying in contact with texts, keeping up with all the latest social gossip and taking the newest quizzes in the magazines to make sure they were always at the peak of fashion and trends. The three were enjoying the idea of remaining virgins until marriage, but they were also noted as the biggest teases and left many guys wanton and in need of more. They were all doing everything the fitness and beauty pundits said to do to be the best looking they could be, to be perfect models of how to be one of the rich and famous, snobby attitudes included.

Michelle held her firm, young breasts in her hands and felt them, turning and looking to see how much they showed in her profile. If she didn’t get any bigger by the time she was twenty one, she told her friends she was going from the small B cup she was now and getting a good C cup implant to look how she wanted to. Everything else was shaping up nicely as she matured and she admired her small patch of light, brown hair she had just finished trimming short and shaving. She turned her back to the mirror and bent over, spreading her cheeks and looking to make sure there was no hair left on her pussy or around her ass. She ran her fingers over the areas and felt for any stubble or stray hairs missed and stood up smiling she had done a good job on herself.

She was just pulling her panties on, when her cell phone went and she knew it was Marianella by the ring tone. She pressed the answer button as she struggled to get her panties up with one hand.

“Hey Nella, how you doin’ girlfriend?”

“Great, just got out of the shower and dried my hair. I am so getting rid of these ringlets, they take forever to dry properly.”

“Oh, don’t you dare. They look gorgeous on you. I fucking wish I had your hair and could do that.”

“Oh, fuck you. Listen to you, got the nicest hair of any of us and you know it. You’re like super sexy with that shade of blonde and that cut, I’d look like the trash at school if I got your shade, but on you, it’s awesome, I love it. So what are you wearing?”

“I don’t know yet. I’m just trying to get my panties on right now. The fucking things are stuck up my ass.”

Michelle nestled the phone on her shoulder as she shimmied her hips to pull her panties out and used her finger to get it out of the crack of her ass.

“Figures. Sound familiar?”

“No shit. Like what the fuck? Like we’re just supposed to put it all out there for them or something. Fuck them, I’m saving it for the right guy. I can’t wait to get to college next week and meet some cool guys that have more to them than just a hard on waiting to park it in me.”

“I am too. I’m saving my little jewel for the right guy too. I don’t want it all fucked out like the other chicks are going to be, fucking sluts.”

“Yeah, no shit, I’d hate to see what they look by now. Fucking Debbie Henderson, that skank has fucked half the guys in school.”

Michelle ran her fingers along the edges of the tiny, lace panties and looked in the mirror to see how she looked.

“Not only that, I heard she was caught making it with some chick in the locker room. Haley Kingston caught them hugging and kissing together and had her hand up the other chick’s top feeling her boob.”

“No way, what a douche bag. That’s so gross.”

Michelle kept looking at her hair and body as she talked, then went to her drawer to find a bra she liked.

“I know. So, decided what you’re wearing today, Mick?”

“I’m not sure. I have those pretty, white lace panties on right now and starting from there. I’m trying to find a bra right now that I want to wear with them.”

“Oh Mick, I love that one you got last month, the white one with the sheer cups, it has lace edging too, It would go nice with your panties.”

Mick, Nella and Deb were avid bra and panty buyers, to go along with the shoes and clothes for Sahabet each season of wear. It was all a show they did every day and played their parts well, hoping their performances led to a lead role in the final act and landed the lead actor to live happily ever after. Life was sheltered and pampering for the three of them and they took advantage of every perk that life offered.

“Yeah, but I don’t really like the wires in it, they cut into my boobs. I’m trying to find the other white one I have with the lace edging, but this fucking drawer is such a mess, I can’t find anything.”

“I know, mine’s the same, except my bras are bigger and take up even more room.”

“You’ve got such great looking boobs already. I was just looking at mine and really, I think I’d look better with bigger boobs. I just hope the fucking things grow soon so I don’t have to. Most of them look so fake and gross looking. I want mine to look and feel natural, so I figure one size up will be just right. You’re a C, right?”

“Depends on the bra and who makes it. I have to go to a D already with some models. My fucking tits are sticking out of the cups and look like shit.”

“I so wish I had that problem. I have to find ones I look like I have something filling them. I hate having small boobs.”

“Your boobs are pretty, so don’t say that. Yours will get bigger, just give them time.”

“Yeah, I guess so, so what are you wearing?”

Michelle squeezed and massaged her breasts, almost trying to will them to grow. Nella was lying on her bed naked and twirling a strand of her hair absently as she talked to Michelle.

“I don’t know yet. I was thinking of my purple set and my white jumpsuit, but it’s going to be hot, isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah, going into the mid-eighties today. I think it might be an indoor day at the mall and do some school shopping, so the jumpsuit would work.”

“Yeah, I like that idea too. I don’t want to be outside and sweating my ass off and my hair looking like shit from the humidity.”

“Yeah, there’s that.”

“Okay, I’ll wear that. I fucking love how my ass looks in it. Not to mention I can unzip the front and show off these big boobs I have.”

“You are such a cock-teaser.”

Nella laughed and fussed with her hair and stood up to look in her dresser mirror at herself.

“I learned from the best. You’re a master of it, or is that mistress?”

“Awww, you’re so sweet. I’m going with some color too. I think, maybe the sheer white dress with the tangerine set under it. Yeah, I think I’ll change to that instead of the lace. So, you going to get dressed and meet me at the mall, or want me to pick you up?”

“Yeah, pick me up soon as I’m ready, I’ll text you and let you know. Hey, can I ask you something, I want your opinion, an honest one. Not the ones you give me to make me feel better or stroke my ego, but really, just give me your first thoughts.”

“Okay, what do you want to know?”

“I’m looking at my pubes and I’m wondering if I should make my patch smaller or change the shape so it makes me look better. I still look like a Hitler/Sasquatch or something. Hang on, let me send you a pic and tell me what you think.”

“Okay, send it to me.”

Nella held the phone to get a close shot of her hip area and thighs and sent it to Michelle. Nella waited to hear back and see what she thought.

“Holy shit, are you ever hairy. No, I’m just kidding. Honestly, just looking at it, I would make the bottom a point instead of straight across. I think the tapering would accent your hips better too, kind of makes the eyes want to look down where you want them to. It would totally kill the Nazi pussy look you have now.”

“Yeah, I like that idea too. Hopefully I can do it and have the point aiming right. If it’s not perfect, it’ll just look like shit and I’ll have to shave it off and start again.”

“I did mine and it came out okay. I have a long, thin strip that ends in a point. I like how it ends just above my clit and then it’s all smooth again. Deb’s looks awesome, I really like hers how she did it.”

“Yeah, she has good hair down there to do something with. She’d be such a hairy bitch if she let it grow out, wouldn’t she?”

Michelle stripped off panties and tossed them into the laundry hamper and took out the tangerine set and put it on, looking at her body and how it looked in the color. She took her sheer dress off the hanger and tossed it on the bed, as she continued talking to Nella.

“I know, her hair is really thick down there. When I saw her vee, I was like, holy shit, that’s a fucking huge patch of hair. You can see the hairline on her and just imagine it. I heard from her sister Danielle that all the women in her family are like that. Must be some hereditary thing they have.”

“That’s gotta suck. I don’t know what my mom’s looks like, but she doesn’t have much showing when she’s in her bathing suit. I think she’s like me and has really sparse hair.”

“I just wish mine wasn’t so thick and wiry.”

Nella stood there playing with her pubic hair, looking in the mirror at herself as she did.

“Well, quit worrying Sahabet Giriş about your pubes and get dressed already. And call Deb, I bet that lazy bitch is still sleeping and isn’t even up yet. She really drinks too much, I think.”

“Yeah, she was pretty drunk last night. She’s just lucky her parents don’t give a shit when she comes home like that. Mine would be all over me about it.”

“Mine too. Okay, dress and call and call me back when you’re ready.”

“Okay, talk soon, Mick.”

“Ciao, Babe.”

They hung up and both set about getting dressed and finishing themselves off to look their best. Nella called Deb, but didn’t get an answer the three times she tried. She called Michelle back and told her she was ready, but a no show for Deb. Michelle said she’d drive over and get her and they’d go over and see what she was doing and kick her ass out of bed if she was still sleeping.

They parked and went in the patio door in the kitchen and up to her room. They opened the door and Deb was fast asleep on the bed in just her T shirt and panties from last night. She was curled up and snoring loudly, so they tip toed to the side of the bed and looked at her. Whatever the cause might have been, her panties had been pulled tightly in her ass crack, exposing both cheeks clearly. One of her pussy lips was showing as well and Michelle pointed it out to Nella whispering to her.

“See, look at the stubble on her. She is hairy down there.”

“She is. I love her ass though. I wish mine looked as nice as hers. I think she has the nicest ass out of the three of us.”

“Yeah, it is nicely shaped, isn’t it? Shaped just right for a smack on it and get that sweet, lazy ass up.”

Nella giggled as Michelle leaned onto the bed and gave Deb’s ass cheek a resounding spank. Her hand left an ever-reddening mark on the lightly tanned skin, as Deb was shocked into being awake.

“What the fuck? What are you guys doing here and who smacked my fucking ass? That hurt!”

Deb rubbed her cheek and then noticed her panties were showing more than just her ass cheeks.

“Great. And my fucking pussy is hanging out too, how nice. Get a good look at it?”

Deb fixed her panties and got up to go to the bathroom to pee. She flushed and came back scratching her head and fluffing her matted hair out.

“So what are you guys doing here so early for anyway?”

“Early? Shit girlfriend, it’s already after eleven, or do you figure getting up by the crack of noon is the new trend?”

“Shit, it’s that late already? I must have been out of it.”

“Yeah, you were. You need to slow down on that. You shouldn’t get so drunk.”

Deb was going to retaliate and say something, but saw the looks of concern on her friends faces and relented to say anything back.

“Yeah, maybe I do, so what? Like this place is fun to come home to every night?”

“Yeah, I know. It sucks when your parents are always fighting about shit.”

“Always. Like they never stop going at each other. They should just get a divorce and stop it. I don’t know why they’re even together. If I didn’t love buying shit so much, I’d wish we never won that money in the first place. Mom and dad were lots happier back then.”

“Yeah, that’s really fucked up. My parents barely talk to each other, so no shouting or arguing goes on, but yeah, if they did, I’d be feeling like you are too.”

Nella shared her thoughts and sat down, taking Deb’s hand and held it.

“Don’t worry, Deb. You always have us. We’re best friends forever, the three of us. You’ll always have us to count on to be there for you.”

“I know, you guys are the best. I love you guys.”

Nella hugged Deb and Michelle sat on her other side and hugged her as well.

“Get showered and dressed and we’ll be outside by the pool. We’re doing a mall run today, so dress appropriately.”

“Yeah, I see how you guys are dressed. Guess we’re going for a big tease, are we?”

“Of course, don’t we always?”

Deb showered while the pair went down and sat back on the loungers by the pool. She came down forty five minutes later and the ravages of partying were erased and she looked dressed to kill in a short, pink mini skirt, with a semi-transparent white top and pink bra. She had thigh high white stockings and bright pink, pumps on, a matching bag dangling from her arm. She gave a little flip of her skirt to show the tiny white panties edged in pink and giggled.

“Ready girls, let’s go shopping and see if there’s any guys worth getting bothered about.”

The three took off to the mall in style and happily spent hundreds of their parents dollars on things that amused them and made a statement. Little was spent or thought of in preparing for college starting the following week. It was all just a game to them and getting a diploma was all about how much their parents paid for it. None of them had any ambition to be anything, other than Mrs. Fabulously Rich and Famous. The only certificate they wanted hanging on the wall, was one that said Marriage on it.

The first day of college was the biggest test for the three of them. The competition Sahabet Güncel Giriş to be the hottest girls on campus was tough, many beautiful, young women and girls giving them a run for the money. It took all of the first week to know they were firmly in the top five of the school and fixed their positions firmly. Most of their male teachers were already showing their interest, despite the reservations for them to avoid any contact. It was easy for them to assume an easy pass by them all, assured that their beauty and money would guarantee them a diploma and a future husband to take care of them.

Michelle was sitting in her social anthropology class, texting back and forth with Nella, who was in her arts design class, telling her what a drag the class was and how fucked up her teacher was. She was sitting and looking at the screen for her reply, when the phone was snatched from her hands. She looked at Ms. Takiyama standing with it, looking at the screen, seeing Nella’s reply of, ‘tell the skank slant to teach you something worth knowing’. She closed it and slid it into the pocket of her blazer.

“What the fuck? Give me back my phone, bitch. You can’t do that, I’ll have you fired.”

“You can collect your phone from me in my office at the end of the day, Miss Adams. You are here to learn, so I advise you to pay attention in class and actually learn something. Your parents paid good money for you to be here, so show them the respect they deserve and actually do something more than look pretty and flaunt it”

Ms. Takiyama turned and went back to her desk and put the phone in her purse, then continued teaching her class, despite the constant outbursts by Michelle to have her phone back. She faced off against her at the end of class again, when Michelle demanded her phone back from her.

“You will get your phone at the end of school, not before, is that understood?”

“Fuck you, bitch. Give me that phone now, or I’ll seriously fuck you up and you’ll be teaching kindergarten kids instead.”

“I guess I’d still be teaching you then, Ms. Adams. Four thirty, my office. Your phone will be given back then. Now excuse me, I need to do another class and you are causing me to be late. I don’t like being late and don’t accept it in others.”

Michelle was stunned by the authority that her teacher commanded over her and didn’t know how to respond to someone who was more Alpha than her. She almost cried from frustration, never before had she been denied anything she asked for. Michelle left the study hall in tears and fury, after Ms. Takiyama simply turned and walked away from her.

Nella and Deb caught up with her after their classes and Michelle informed them of what happened to her. To them, it was an insult and criminal to take their phone away from them, but Michelle had no choice but to remain isolated from her friends for the rest of the day and wait until four thirty to get it back. She walked down the halls to the staff offices and ignored the looks and whispered comments she was given by guys she passed. She waited outside in the waiting area, her attitude growing worse by the second, adding to the anger she was already feeling. She looked at the clock and saw it was four twenty five and knocked on her teacher’s door.

She waited to be asked to come in and didn’t hear a reply, so she knocked again, albeit louder than before. She heard a chair moving and the sound of heels on the tiled floor coming to the door, smiling at her thoughts of superiority. The door opened and Ms. Takiyama looked at Michelle sternly.

“I’m happy to see you arrived on time, Miss Adams. I said four thirty.”

She turned and looked at the clock, making Michelle look as well.

“It is now four twenty six. I will see you in four minutes, please have a seat and be patient.”

Michelle started to retaliate and saw the look in her teacher’s eyes. The dark brown was fueled with a dominance she hadn’t faced before and instinct told her to back down. She relented and sat down in the chair again and watched the door close. She never saw the smile on Komiko Takiyama’s face, knowing she had scored a victory in taking Michelle down another level in her superior attitude towards her.

Michelle sat and kept looking at the clock, watching the second hand slowly sweep around the dial to count off the seconds. She could barely sit still, not used to being without her phone to stay in contact with her friends and the world she knew. The minute hand ticked off and changed to four twenty nine and she watched the second hand count down the final seconds. She waited till there was ten seconds left and went to the door. She was just about to knock, when the door opened and Komiko held it, ushering her in.

“Please, have a seat, Miss Adams.”

Michelle heard the authoritative tone she used and then noticed she had removed her blazer. She glanced at her as she passed, but couldn’t help notice her bra-less breasts, the taut nipples showing clearly through the silk fabric of her chemise. Michelle went and sat, while Komiko closed the door and quietly locked it, before walking to her desk. Michelle studied her as she passed, taking in the smooth look of her skirt wrapping around her firm ass cheeks. The hem was high enough to see her bare legs to mid-thigh and they were well toned from exercise. There was a hardness to Komiko, for all of her femininity displayed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32