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Once I was finished, I returned to the party and a laughing happy Greg who whisked Deacon away to show him off. I took the opportunity of having my hands free to to make myself an iced tea and make my rounds, visiting with my guests. I caught Jake watching me a few times, to which I gave a friendly smile. Soon, I was sure I was imagining it, but his eyes seemed to be conveying something other than friendship. The idea both excited me and made me feel uncomfortable. He was my husband’s boss. I was happily married. Whether he was making subtle advance or if I was reading more into his friendliness- it was wrong.

That night Greg was ecstatic. He whirled me around inside our kitchen with a whoop a cowboy would be impressed with. “You were great!” he grabbed my face in both of is hands and kissed me squarely on the lips. “The party was great. The food was great. And Mr. Michaels spoke very highly of my wife!” Tossing a few crumpled napkins in the laundry basket. “Let’s leave this for Ana and get to bed.”

The next day, Greg was off for his run, Ana was cleaning up the mess from the party and Deacon was thankfully napping, when the door bell rang. I hurried to answer it and in front of me was a large bouquet of flowers. A mix of lush, white gardenias and wild flowers in every color imaginable. From around the massive festoon popped the face of a delivery man. “Mrs. Clancy?”

I confirmed I was the recipient and accepted the flowers as I buried my nose into the fragrant blooms and made my way to the kitchen. I instantly thought they were from Greg but upon reading the card I discovered they were from Jake.

Thank you for opening up your lovely home. I insist on returning the favor with dinner in the future.

Regards, Jake.

“Who are those from?” Asked Greg, dabbing his forehead with a towel as he plucked the card from my hand and read it. “Yes!” He slapped the tiny rectangle card against his palm and looked at it again. “He even used his first name.”

Pretty pleased with himself, Greg went off to take his shower while I considered the bouquet. It was a common gift, a common way to thank a host. But why did I feel the flowers meant more than that?

True to his word, the end of the week brought a dinner invitation from Mr. Michaels and since a babysitter was out of the question, thanks to Deacon’s refusal of a bottle, the family of three waited for the door of the sprawling estate to open. “An dinner invite to his home?” Greg asked in a hushed whisper, his excitement coming off him in waves. I couldn’t help but grin at him.

“I smell partner on the horizon.” I assured him with a wink just as the door opened. A housekeeper let us in and Jake and his wife greeted us in the foyer. The usual gushing over the baby and a round of small talk before we were showed into the dinning room.

“I was hoping to meet your children.” I informed my hosts as I sat down, Deacon peacefully asleep in his car seat beside me.

“Oh. Teens.” Melissa said with a wave of her hand. “We only see them when it’s allowance time.”

We all laughed and once again I felt burning eyes on me. I swallowed hard when I looked over at Jake and read the desire in his eyes. With a shaking hand, I lifted the glass of water to my parched mouth. Jake cleared his throat and looked down. He seemed to be composing himself and when he looked back up, there was no trace of the desire I thought I saw there. So much so, that I thought perhaps I’d imagined it.

Thankfully, dinner arrived and the conversation began in earnest. Greg and Melissa began discussing politics, of all things. I squeezed his thigh in warning, we are pretty liberal- far more liberal than most people in our area and I was sure that any second Greg would get off on one of his tirades and offend the Michaels. I looked nervously at Melissa and Jake. Melissa was nodding her head in agreement. Jake…Jake was looking at me.

Deacon began fussing and, as usual, my breasts responded. I felt the tingle spread through my mammary glands and down to my nipples, tightening them in preparation for their function. Deacon had slept for over two hours so I was especially engorged and if I didn’t seclude myself away soon to feed him, my let down would begin and I’d start leaking milk right then. Sure, I had on pads to prevent a mess but I still didn’t want it to happen in front of my husband’s boss.

Melissa and Greg were so engrossed in their conversation, I leaned over to ask Jake if there was a room I could use. He excused himself and led me to a guest room. Flipping on a light and leading me inside. The room was decorated like a modern hotel. Clean lines, dark furniture, white bedding, bright accent colors yet it still felt warm and welcoming.

A white, wide seat sofa sat in front of the window so I made my way over to it and began releasing Deacon from his car seat. Jake stood near. His hands in the pockets of his khakis as he looked around the guest room in his home as if he hadn’t been in there before. He grabbed the remote and brought it to me. “In case you want to watch tv.” He explained. I thanked him softly as I laid Deacon over my lap and began unclasping the cup on one side of my bra under my shirt. I’d grown pretty efficient with candidly preparing to nurse Deacon, hoping that it might ease Greg’s apprehension.

“Did you like the flowers?” He asked, avoiding looking directly at me as I brought Deacon to my chest.

“Yes. Thank you. They were lovely. Some of my favorites.” I assured him with a bright smile.

“I thought they might be. At least I hoped so. The gardenia’s at least were a sure bet.”

I gave him a perplexed look when he finally turned his gaze back to me.

“Your perfume.” Hands still stuffed in his pockets, he gestured with his head. “It has gardenias in it, no?”

My mouth fell open in surprise but I shut it quickly, “Yes but…how did you know?”

“My mother is an avid gardener. I recognized the scent.”

I stared at him for a moment. He paid attention to my perfume?

“Very observant of you, Mr. Michaels.” I heard myself say with a tone more sultry than I intended but I was nearly out of breath with the wonder of it.

He smiled politely, “It’s my job to pay attention to details, Megan.”

Of course. Silly of me to think anything else of it.

“Well, thank you. They are still as fresh as the day they were delivered. My compliments to your florist.”

“Yes…” his eyes fell down to Deacon nursing and my eyes followed his gaze. The swell of my breast spilled around the baby’s mouth but for whatever stupid reason, I didn’t make a move to cover myself and looked back up at him. For a moment, maybe two, we held each other’s gaze. “I….I will leave you to your privacy.”

Once again I was left staring at the place he had stood and wondered what exactly was going on. I’d never strayed or even looked twice at another man since the day I met Greg. Now. Now I caught myself day dreaming. I found myself enjoying the looks of lust I seen in the eyes of another man. Had pregnancy and motherhood done such a number on my self confidence that I was looking for approval from another man?

On the car ride home, Greg was rambling on about the dinner. The way the Michaels welcomed us into their home and of course, the partner possibility. But I couldn’t join in the conversation. I was too confused. Too confused with what passed between Jake and I and where on earth it could possibly lead. No where good, that’s for sure.

As the days passed and there was no interaction with Jake, I let the silly fantasies go. Greg began pulling long nights as he reached for the goal he set his eyes on and his hard work seemed to be paying off. The murmuring around the office suggested Greg was on the short list of potential partners.

One day, while running errands downtown, I decided to pick up some take out and drop by the office to surprise Greg. His face lit up when he seen us and he came forward to kiss Deacon and I on the forehead. “Hey honey, what a great surprise.” Taking Deacon from me, he lifted him high to illicit a squeal of laughter.

“Let me finish this up and we can have lunch. Here.” Leading me out into the hall, he pointed to an open door. “Set us up in that conference room and I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Nestling Deacon back into the wrap I used to carry him, I made my way to the conference room and began setting out the covered dishes. To my disappointment, I realized the restaurant had forgotten to include utensils so I set off to the break room in search of some. There, in the middle of the break room, employees milling in and out, was Jake. Sure, in the back of my mind I knew I might see him but I wasn’t prepared. My breath caught in my chest. His wide shoulders filled out the jacket of a very expensive suit and the gold tie around his neck seemed to bring out flecks of gold in his brown eyes I hadn’t noticed before. When he seen me, he too seemed to be struck dumb. We stared at each other for a while until he came forward, his hands extended and I automatically put mine in his. The warmth of his hands seeped into my skin, warming through. He leaned in and for a second I thought he meant to kiss my cheek but at the last second he stopped and dropped my hands like I burned him.

“Megan, it’s so good to see you. Are you looking for Greg?” He asked, peeking at the sleeping Deacon against my chest.

“No. I was looking for some forks and spoons. I surprised him with lunch.”

“What a nice gesture.” Sweeping his arm out to lead the way to the counter. I followed his lead to the draw he opened and collected the utensils.

“Thanks.” I said softly. Smiled, nodded and waved at the familiar faces sitting around tables or pouring coffee.

Jake, once again, swept his hand out and led me out the room. His hand skimmed the small of my back and a shiver ran up my spine. Ok, I did not istanbul escort imagine that.

Leaning closer, Jake offered a conspirator’s whisper. “You know, things are looking good for Greg. He’s a brilliant and dedicated lawyer.” He paused to nod at a passer-by before continuing. “We’ll be announcing the new partner by the first of the year. I’m certain that with you behind him, supporting him and doing whatever you can to help him reach his goal, he will be the choice we make.”

I stopped in my tracks and stared at him. He didn’t come out and say it. He didn’t need to. He’d said just enough to let me draw my own conclusions but not enough to make it appear like a blatant attempt at a proposal. I opened my mouth to confront him but nothing came out. “I…”

He looked down the hall and back to me before continuing down into the conference room where I’d sat out lunch and gently closed the door behind him. “Megan. I…I can’t get you out of my mind.” He came toward me but turned to pace the length of the room. “It’s crazy and you’ve done absolutely nothing to encourage me but…” turning back to face me. “Will you meet me? Somewhere? So that I can speak privately with you?”

“Jake…Mr. Michaels,” I corrected and thus brought our relationship back to it’s rightful, proper place. He winced but kept his mouth closed. “I am a married woman. Married to a man in your employ. I…I can not meet you. Will not meet you somewhere. There is nothing we have to say that can’t be said here…now…”

He ran his fingers through his short cropped dark hair. “You’re right.” Shaking his head. “I…forgive me. I don’t know what came over me. I just thought. He looked at me, pain flashed across his eyes, “I thought something passed between us and…” Letting out a deep breath. “I feel like a fool. Please accept my apology.”

The turmoil written all over his face tugged at my heart and softened my response. I was inflamed by his veiled suggestion that I could help Greg become partner, but now…seeing Jake struggle with the rejection..”There’s nothing to forgive. A misunderstanding.”

Greg came in then, “Sorry, honey. I got caught up…” realizing Mr. Michaels was in the room, “Hello Mr. Michaels. Are you joining us for lunch?” Pulling back a seat for him. “Please do. Megan goes crazy when it comes to Chinese food. I’m sure she’s ordered enough for us…and then some.”

Jake’s eyes darted to him then back to Greg’s. I was silently wishing he’d refuse when he accepted the offered seat. “I’d love to. It will save me the time from going out. Besides, there is something I’d like to talk to you about.”

My heart was hammering inside my chest while I fought to keep my face a pleasant mask. I dished out food as the two spoke. I was relieved when their conversation was about business and nothing to do with me.

“You ok, honey?” Greg asked softly while Jake took a phone call.

I looked up, surprised by his question. “Yeah. I’m fine.” Forcing a smile. “Just tired.” I lied.

“I’m so glad you brought lunch. What luck that Mr. Michaels decided to join us.” He whispered with a wink.

Lunch was over and Deacon was starting to stir. “I better go.”

“You drive or take the train.” Greg asked while I was collecting my stuff.

“The train.”

“The train?” Jake interjected. “Let me arrange for a car to take you home. Looks like little man is starting to fuss. You don’t need to deal with the train and a fussy baby.”

“Really, I don’t mind and Deacon loves the train. He quiets him.”

“I insist.” he said and phoned his assistant.

A little while later I was in a company car being driven home and privately nursing my hungry baby. My brows pinched together when I seen an almost exact replica of the car I was in parked in my drive way. After the driver let me out, Jake exited the other vehicle. I kept a smile on my face so as not to cause a scene in front of the drivers. Jake spoke briefly to both drivers and was soon standing behind me as I unlocked my front door.

“I’m sorry for showing up unannounced, Megan. May I come in?”

Of course I couldn’t refuse him. Dropping my bag in the foyer, I laid Deacon in his bassinet and came back to Jake still standing by the door. I offered him something to drink then lead him into the living room.

“I feel I need to explain my earlier comments. In retrospect, I realize how it must have sounded and I am mortified. I would never suggest you sell yourself to me to help your husband make partner. Never. I…if you gave yourself to me, I’d like it to be of our own desire.”

I sucked in a breath of surprise. Surprised not by what he said, exactly, but by my body’s response to it. Blood rushed and pool at the juncture of my thighs, swelling my most sensitive spots, my nipples tightened and my face flushed.

“Jake,” his name left my mouth like a prayer and he answered it before I could blink.

He rushed to me and went to him. We came together in a fevered kiss. Our lips pressed against each others and our bodies did the same. Each pushing, straining to get closer than our physicality would allow. Tongues spared and teeth gashed. Moans, whimpers and groans spilled from us. I was so drunk with desire for Jake, I could barely open my eyes as his mouth left mine and began a decent down my neck, over my collar bone into the valley of my breasts.

“Megan.” tugging my shirt over my head, “fuck” he hissed as he started at the creamy swell of my breasts. I tried to hide myself, direct his eyes back up to mine. I’d become so self-conscious of my milk laden breasts, I didn’t want him to see them. “No,” he whispered as his hands wrapped around my back and unhooked the closure of my bra. “Don’t hide yourself from me.” as he spilled the straps of my bra down my arms until it hit the floor. “Jesus.” he whispered as he gently cupped my full breasts into his hands. Softly brushing the pads of his thumbs over my nipples.

The tale-tell tingle started to spread. I as mortified. My cheeks flamed and gently pushed him away to cover myself. “Don’t.” I pleaded.

“What is it?” Tilting my chin with his forefinger to look back at him.

“I…” I swallowed and cast my eyes to the ceiling while I thought of a way to put it, “My…God…nipple stimulation sometimes triggers let down.”

His eyes burned with lust and kissed me again, deeply. Full of hunger and desire. While his fingers again circled and tweaked my nipples. Between kisses, “I don’t care. It’s…fuck…it’s sexy as hell.”

“You..” I struggled to breath, “You don’t have to say that.”

“Trust me…I’m not placating you, Megan. It is sexy.”

I laughed softly and shook my head.

“You don’t believe me?” He asked incredulously.

I tried to turn, to stop this, to get some distance and think clearly but he held me firmly.

“Megan,” he said my name like he’d known me forever. A way that spoke to my soul. “Look at me.”

I did as he bid and he locked his gaze on mine. “Don’t be embarrassed by it. It’s the most natural thing. And….” taking a deep breath, “And I find it highly sensual. Sexy. Erotic.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. How could I when my own husband seemed so repulsed by it. But Jake intended to make me believe him. With his eyes locked on mine, he dipped his head down to my breasts as he knelt in front in front of me and lifted my breasts to his face, bringing his mouth to one and tentatively lapping over the puckered nipple. I stared in disbelief as he closed his lips around it and began to gently suck. Greg had stopped even touching my breasts since I became pregnant now here was Jake devoting his attention to them.

He closed his eyes slowly and moaned as he coaxed milk from my breast. His arms tightened around my waist as he suckled and swallowed. My sex throbbed and lurched at the sight. A direct line seemingly connecting my nipple to the core of my arousal and he stroked one by the other. He hand slipped under my skirt, fingers walking their way up my thigh. He brushed over my panty-clad mound with his knuckles and just slightest touch made me grip his shoulders to steady myself on my weak knees. I cried out when his fingers slipped inside the leg of my panties and touched my bare skin. He approvingly moaned against when his finger tip found my slick slit. I should have stopped him. I know. I should have stopped him at the kiss. I should have stopped him at the door! But…I didn’t. I dug my fingers into his shoulders as his finger slipped passed my lips and into my waiting warmth.

I gasped and bit my bottom lip. Taking a step out to widen my stance and allow him better access. He growled approvingly and with a tug, removed my panties and quickly reinserted his finger. Gently he glided in and out while his thumb rubbed, circled and bumped against my swollen clit. The sensitive bundle of nerves all alert and responding to his talented ministration.

He continued to eagerly suckle and swallow. Gently kneading my breast to increase the flow of milk into his greedy mouth. My body was rocking back and forth with the motion of his hand between my legs. A strangled moan erupted from my gaping mouth when the first tremor rolled through my sex.

“Jake…” I pleaded with no real purpose. A plea to stop. A plea to never stop. I’m not sure. My knees buckled and his strong arm locked around my waist to support me as I came on his finger. Over and over again my tight sex clenched and throbbed around his finger until I the last wave ebbed and the throbbing slowed. Jake slowed his hand in perfect unison with my orgasm. Finally easing his finger out of me and bringing it to his mouth.

With a moan he said, “Is there anything about you that isn’t sweet?” his deep brown eyes clouded with raw passion as he peered up at me.

I blushed at his compliment, my already flushed cheeks darkening. And he came to stand in front of me again, brushing my hair back from my face and looking at me. Not just into my eyes, but his eyes swept over my face almost reverently. A way that made me feel beautiful and precious. I ducked my chin shyly under his penetrating gaze and he once again tilted my face up to look at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32