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Devonshire Street is nestled in a quiet suburban area of Lancashire. It contains an almost identical series of modest semi detached houses, painted in a conforming range of non flamboyant colours. It’s residents are middle class, hard working families and the odd ageing pensioner. Living together peacefully apart from the odd argument over loud children or car parking.

The fly in the ointment for this peacefulness was William Kenny, he lived with his mother in number 20. Since his father left when he was 12 it’s safe to say he went off the rails. Along with his friends, all graffiti, robberies and petty vandalism could be traced back to him. Never proven, as he smugly announced any time the finger was pointed at him.

Sarah Kenny, his mother, had all but given up on him. She worked an office job 5 days a week and would return home to either messages from his school or complaints from a neighbour. If she questioned him all she got was obscenities and backchat, physically he was already too big for her to chastise. So she had to endure the scornful looks of the neighbours.

Mrs Danvers lived in the last house on the road, number 25. Her house was a replica of herself, immaculately put together and precise in its arrangement. She was stridently attractive, a tall glacial beauty with long red hair always perfectly in place. She was stunning and intimidating in equal measure. You had to look but you daren’t get caught looking.

As she parked her car, she glared at the three boys spread out on her wall. Elegantly exiting the car, she strode towards the figures. She stopped in front of William, clearly the leader of the three.

“Kindly remove yourselves from my wall, please gentlemen,” her voice soft and smooth.

“What’s in for us?” leered William.

His smirk dropped when he saw Miss Danvers sever look towards him. “What was that boy?” She towered over him, her gaze burning into his eyes.

“well erm i said ..” he stumbled over the words, his face reddening as his confidence waned.

“Sorry what boy, i can’t make out your mumblings”, she mocked him with a severe smile.

“I er .. nothing.. sorry,” William struggled to reply. His friends muffled laughs behind him strengthening his embarrassment, his face burning in shame.

“Well i think you and your little friends should vacate my wall and run along, don’t you?” she held out her leather gloved hand and pointed the direction.

“Come on,” William mumbled to his friends and turned away. He walked head down, trying to keep his flushed red face from them. More importantly from her, why had he crumbled so easily from that woman. His anger grew within as he muttered obscenities to himself, ignoring his friends ridicule. She would pay for that, he vowed.


William kept a watch on her house for the next few days, just waiting for an evening when she would go out. He’d made up his mind to break in to her house and give her some payback. Vandalism or burglary he hadn’t quite decided on yet, that would come on the night. She had no alarm box so he was sure that would be no problem, just waiting his time. He’d soon wipe that smirk of her face.

At seven she left the house, striding out to her car and pulling away down the street. Now was the time for William, he grabbed a bag of tools and slipped out. The fence was easily climbed and her back door no problem for his crowbar. Everything was as he excepted, clean and tidy, immaculate in its precision.

William moved upstairs to the bedroom, thats were the jewellery or money would be kept he was sure. The bedroom mersin escort was filled with her perfume, the odour swam around him. He sat on the four poster bed as he slipped open her drawers, his mouth dropped open as he found her underwear drawer. William ran his hands through the flimsy delicate garments, picking up a small pair of red lace panties.

Bringing them to his face he inhaled them and grinned as got his idea for his revenge. ‘this is for you, stuck up bitch,’ and unzipped his jeans. He stood, masturbating as he covered his face the crotch of the panties. Picturing her wearing nothing but these tiny panties, he drooled into them as he stroked. With a groan he ejaculated over her drawers and mirror, “take that you stuck up cow.’

Picking up a handful of jewellery into his pocket, he wiped his cock on the panties. As he crept down the stairs, he beamed with self satisfaction. No women was going to better him.

“Did you enjoy yourself boy?” questioned the strident female voice.

William froze, he knew that voice but she was out. As he turned he saw her, elegantly sitting cross legged on the sofa glaring at him.

Miss Danvers could barely contain her distain for the despicable pathetic boy who stood before her. Her voice grew louder and sterner, “i asked you a question boy, did you enjoy yourself?”

Wiliam’s mind spun as the permutations of his predicament flashed in his head, how was he going to get out of this. With her question he could only shake his head and mumble an apology.

“You disgusting little toad,” she pointed towards the television. The recording of William masturbating in her underwear was showing before him. “Last time i spoke to your mother, she told me your 18th had just been. So now your no longer a juvenile, you’ll be sentenced for this as an adult.” She stood upright, “and this, you little pervert is enough to go on the sex offenders registration.”

“Oh No!” he whined as tears came to his eyes. He leaned back against a table to keep from collapsing, “please don’t tell the police. I’ll make it up to you, please i’ll do anything.” The tears fell down his cheeks as he pleaded.

“You pathetic little boy,” she mocked the whimpering figure in front of her. She leaned down and collected his face in one gloved hand, “I have recorded this and will happily send it to the police anytime you displease me, do you understand?

The broken boy helplessly nodded his ascension.

“You will return here tomorrow afternoon at 12, were you will clean up your mess and begin to repay me for tonight disgusting show.”

“Yes i will,” the sobbing boy nodded.

A short sharp slap bounced on his face, “it’s Miss Danvers to you boy!”

“Yes Miss Danvers” the stunned boy replied.

“Now get out of my sight, you disgust me,” another slap to the face sends the boy home.


As William lay on his bed, he openly cried for the first time in years. Not only from being caught and humiliated but how easily he had crumbled again before her. And now, she had him cornered. Hers to use as she saw fit and there was nothing he could do about it.

At 12, William was on time and entered the house in trepidation. She looked more impressive every time he saw her, she was stunningly beautiful but she struck fear into him with gaze.

“Well, today you will clean up the mess you made. All the underwear will need washing, as will the drawers and the mirror. I want that bedroom spotless when i return.” She looked majestic in a tight fitting red dress, showing every inch of her impressive figure. “I have to go to price a replacement door that some little prick has broken.”

William bowed his head and blushed, “Really sorry Miss Danvers.”

“Well the only good thing to come out of this will be you finally learning your place,” she beckoned him to the table. “Drop your pants and bend over,” tapping the table as she ordered.

“What, you cant be serious,” William’s last bastion of resistance spoke.

A short slap to his face broke that resistance, “Don’t you dare question me boy, do to and do it now!”

Red faced William undid his jeans and slipped them down, shuffled towards the table.

Miss Danvers aggressively forced his face to the table and pulled down his boxers. She stroked his bare bottom, “This is actually quite a nice bottom boy.”

William wriggled as Miss Danvers stroked her gloved finger over his virgin hole, nobody had ever touched him there and he found himself aroused. As she popped a finger in the hole he let out a loud groan.

“Oh, i think somebodys starting to enjoy himself”, sliding her finger in deeper she mocked him. She withdrew the finger and pressed a buttplug up to the tight hole, “This is a buttplug boy, your going to keep this in till i return. Don’t you dare think to remove it.” She screwed the lubed plug delicately up the tight boy.

William gripped the table edges as the plug popped in, it felt alien to him. Something stretching his hole, feeling wrong but also arousing him.

Slapping his butt Miss Danvers picked up her keys, “when i return the washing will be done, the bedroom will be cleaned and i will inspect you, so jump to it.” With a swish of her flaming red hair she had left.

William started on the underwear, putting it in the washing machine. The upside of having one parent was learning how to use the washing machine. Next he set off to clean the bedroom, wash it all down, hoover around and polish what he’d ruined.

As he pegged up the numerous sexy pieces of underwear he prayed no one would see him, the plug a constant reminder of Miss Danvers.

At her return, Miss Danvers inspected his work. Checking the washing and running her finger over the bedroom. “Not bad boy,” she sat on the edge of the bed and patted her knee. “Drop your pants and get over,” she parted his cheeks to expose the plug. “Very good boy, from now on anytime your in my house you will wear a plug.” She sleekly removed it with an audible pop.

As William pulled up his jeans she passed him a box, “this is a douche, you will use before you arrive here. It will clean you out for your plug, Understand?”

William nodded, the shame and embarrassment was almost the norm for him now.

As Miss Danvers rose, she held his chin. “I want you back here at eight tonight.”

“Yes Miss Danvers,” and made his way back into the real world.


When William arrived on time, he was mentally prepared for anything or so he thought. He had cleaned himself as he expected that thing to be put back in him at any time and ready as he could hope for what miss Danvers next had in mind.

“Ah William”, Miss Danvers opened the door resplendent in a shiny pvc red dress, so tight she must have been squeezed into it. “Come through to the kitchen.”

William followed transfixed by her swaying hips. As she patted the table top he immediately knew what was required of him, dropping his jeans and bending over the table top.

“Oh you are a quick learner,” she playfully patted his cheeks. “I think tonight we’ll have a pink plug for you. Shows so nice against your pale bottom.” She dripped a little lube on his hole, “oh and you’ve cleaned too. good boy.” Slowly sliding the plug into his tight hole.

Miss Danvers strode from the kitchen into the darkened living room, “Come.” She clicked her fingers at him to follow.

As he peered in the dark room, Miss Danvers turned on a side light illuminating her on the sofa. She beckoned him nearer with her finger.

“Remove your pants and get over my knee,” she ordered as she pointed where she wanted him. She forced him into position across her, stroking his pale soft cheeks.

“Now i have spoken to the neighbours and at least four have genuine complaints about you. You smashed Mrs Green’s fence, you wrote obscenities on Mrs Bryne’s wall, threw garbage over your neighbour Mrs Dooley’s garden and poor Sally Jones, well you have tormented her through school and now continue with sexist comments whenever she passes.Are you going to argue on any of these complaints?’

“No Miss Danvers, it was me.” William just wanted his latest humiliation to end.

“Good boy. It will be twenty spanks for each offence. Now take it like a man for once in your life. Miss Danvers was a very experienced spanker, she hit hard and direct. she had turned many a strong willed man into a blubbering little boy in her hands. This little boy was never going to be a challenge.

As the spanks bounced off his cheeks the pain grew. He tried to take it it quietly like a man but as the tears started to drop he wailed. Miss Danvers harsh voice sounding out the numbers was the only thing that cut through the noise of his spanks. Each time he tried to wriggle away the spanks got even harder and he relented.

The bright bottom glowed under her strong hand, the cocky, arrogant boy had disappeared. Replaced by a crying, whimpering, broken bitch of a boy. With the last hard slap, Miss Danvers stroked the pitiful boys sore bottom. “Good little boy, i didn’t think you had it in you. Say Thank you Miss Danvers for making me your little bitch.”

William sobbed” Thank you, Miss Danvers for making me your little bitch.” His ass burned from the pain and humiliation.

“Now stand up and bow to your audience,” Miss Danvers pulled him up and turned him to the darkened end of the room.

As the lamp switched on, William saw the gleeful faces of Mrs Green, Mrs Byrne, MrsDooley and Sally. They applauded and wolf whistled Williams star turn, finally seeing his comeuppance.

“I told you ladies you would enjoy tonight,” turning William around to show off his pretty red ass. Miss Danvers spread his cheeks to expose his pink butt plug to the ladies. “Told you he was a little bitch.”

“Judging by his cock he enjoyed it too,” mocked Mrs Bryne.

William felt he would pass out from the increasing embarrassment, his hard cock giving away his arousal at her hands.

“From next week you are going to fix all the problems you have caused for these ladies. They will keep me informed on the developments and it had better be good news. If one lady comes back unimpressed you will be sorry, understand?” she squeezed hard on his balls.

“Oh yes, Miss Danvers.” He wanted the world to swallow him up and take him away from these laughing women. How had his world turned upside down so quickly, why had he so meekly accepted it.

“Well goodnight ladies, i’m afraid i have some more chores for the boy to do tonight,” Miss Danvers walked the ladies to the door, exchanging jokes at his expense.

“Now collect the ladies glasses and wash the dishes,” she relaxed herself upon the sofa. Proudly watching the boys cute red ass wiggle as he worked, he had gone even better than she hoped. And she had only just started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32