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Mistaken Identity

“Oooohhhh, that sucks that you have to work today, it’s Saturday.” I whined rolling over in bed to stare at my husband, Erik.

“You’re telling me. I hate that I’m leaving you here all day by yourself. Not to mention I’m losing part of my weekend.” Erik replies. “Oh well, it will give you a little time to relax and pamper yourself.”

“Why don’t I join you in the shower? Then at least I can send you off with a smile.” I giggle as I crawl naked out of bed and make my way into the bathroom.

As soon as we are both in the shower the look in Erik’s eyes and the tone of his voice tell me he has slipped into Master mode. “Wash me slave.” He instructs.

“Yes sir,” I purr and I soap up the sponge and begin to rub him down. Making sure not the miss any spots and using my body to rub up and down on him.

Once I finish rinsing him he commands me, “Suck your Master’s cock.” I obediently squat down leaving my knees spread so my slick pussy can be seen from above. I take his long, hard shaft into my hands and begin to run my tongue from the base to the tip, swirling it around the head. While cupping his balls I take him into my hot mouth and begin to bob up and down. “No hands, stick out your tongue and keep your eyes on me,” he growls. Then he grabs me by the back of my head, winding my hair around his fist and begins to slam his cock deep into my throat. His pace is fast and hard and I struggle to catch my breath between thrusts.

With his head thrown back I feel him pick up speed and his balls start to tighten. That’s when I pull him out and let him shoot his hot cum all over my face and breasts. “That was magnificent honey but when are you going to let me cum down that pretty throat of yours?” he asks.

“Someday, maybe, sweetheart. I don’t think I could swallow it down.” I reply.

“How wet is my cunt?” he asks and I get into position. Standing with my feet apart and my arms locked behind my back. I can’t help but moan when he rubs deep inside my pussy. “Perfect. Are you horny my sweet? Oh well, you are going to have to suffer all day thinking about me slamming my cock deep inside you.” He teases.

I know there is no reason to argue with him. It will only get me punished and besides I love it when he denies me. It causes my next orgasm to be mind blowing.

“Be good, and I will see you tonight. It’s a 12 hour shift.” Erik says as he gives me a kiss.

“Be safe, and return to me.” I say before kissing him. I hear him set the alarm and the door shut while I step out of the shower and begin to dry off.

After putting on my bra, undies, and a sundress I walk into the bedroom while drying my hair. I hate when he has to work on the weekends, especially when it’s such short notice. Just as I am about to remove the towel from my head I am grabbed by the throat from behind. I can feel his body pressed up against mine. For a split second I try to struggle then it hits me. “Erik, I thought you had to work.” I squeak out.

No response as he reaches over and turns out the lights.

“Are you acting out what we talked about last month?” I ask, thinking back to when he had asked me what one of my fantasies was. I had told him how the thought of someone else forcing pleasure onto me really turned me on.

The only response I get is a blindfold tied over my eyes and part of my nose so I can’t see below it, a bit style gag placed in my mouth and secured behind my head, and my face pushed down into the bed flipping my sun dress up to expose my undies.

Then he grabs my wrists and secures them behind Tipobet my back kicking out my feet in order to spread my legs farther. I can feel him push his hard cock against my lower lips as it strains to get out of his pants. I can’t help but moan. SMACK! “OWWWW,” I scream from the swat on my right butt cheek followed by another on my left. I don’t know what it is about being spanked that makes my cunt drip but it does. My ass is stinging but I freeze when I feel a cold blade running over my bruising cheeks. I shiver with lust when the knife trails down to my hips and cuts my panties. He reaches down and yanks them out from between my legs. Then I can feel it slicing through my sundress in several places to remove it from my body without having to move me. Next I feel it cut away my bra leaving me blindfolded, tied, gagged, and bent over the bed naked for his eyes to devour.

His hands rub down my back, over my ass, and I squeal when I feel his mouth latch onto my cunt. The feeling of his tongue running from my slit to circle around my clit to come back and dive deep into my trembling pussy is so wonderful I can barely stand still. He licks up and down and around my wet lips drinking up all of my juices. With already being turned on from this morning it doesn’t take long for my legs to start shaking, my hips to pump, arching my back to get closer to his magical mouth and then it all stops. I can’t help but whine from the sudden absence of his mouth on me. His hands and lips explore up and down my legs, over my bright red ass, and down my back to bite me on the neck. My pussy throbs. Then all the pressure from his body is gone and I am left exposed on trembling legs wondering what’s next.

I jump when I feel him rubbing the head of his cock up and down between my lips picking up moisture. Then with one swift thrust he sinks into me up to his balls. The pain and pleasure that spike through me cause me to scream and pull away. His hands clamp down on my hips holding me in place while I get used to his size. It must be the angle but he feels thicker. I feel as if he is splitting me apart. “Erik,” I slurp out the best I can with the gag in my mouth but all I get in return in a hard slap on the ass and he begins to fuck me. Leaning down over me he grabs a breast in each hand, twirling the nipple, and using my breasts as handles to slam me back into him.

He didn’t answer me and he hasn’t said anything. I begin to get a little worried. I had assumed that this was Erik but what if it wasn’t? Before I can think too much on this I feel him push his thumb into my ass. My strangled scream causes him to chuckle quietly. We have experimented back here but Erik knows it makes me uncomfortable and we usually have to have a lot of foreplay before I can let him do this. I begin to wiggle and move about trying to get him away from my ass but I just get a hard swat as he adds another finger to my ass.

As I struggle the feeling changes from uncomfortable and embarrassing to a slow building heat and I begin to push back against him instead of pulling away. I can feel my juices running down my thighs and the feeling is beginning to build inside me. The room is filled with the sounds of his balls slapping against my clit with each thrust and the wild moans from me as the orgasm grows. I can tell he is getting close also because he is ramming me harder and harder and then in the blink of an eye I am whipped around to me knees, the gag is pulled out, and his rock hard cock is shoved down my throat. Without my hands I am at his mercy with him barely letting me catch my breath Tipobet Giriş as he fucks my face for his own pleasure. I feel his balls starting to tighten and I prepare myself for him to spurt all over my face but then he grabs me by the back of my head and buries his shaft down my throat until my lips touch his groin. I thrash the best I can to remove him as I feel his cock start to quiver and hot cum is shot down my throat. I have no other choice then to swallow. I do my best to get it all down but still miss some that dribbles down my chin to plop onto my breasts. As he finishes that last squirt his cock is pulled with a pop out of my mouth and before I can start to yell at him the gag is shoved back into my mouth and I once again find myself bent over with my ass in the air.

What the hell was he thinking? He knows I don’t swallow. I can’t believe he did that to me. However, I have to admit the taste wasn’t actually that bad and the way he forced me has me burning up inside.

Once I am ass up again I feel a dildo being pushed inside me and turned on. I can’t help but purr from the enjoyment. As I begin to rock back and forth pushing the dildo deeper he grabs onto both of my hips and slowly but steadily pushes his still rigid cock into my ass. I immediately stop moving and scream not expecting the pain and pleasure of having my ass fucked without warning. Once fully in he once again pauses to give me a chance to relax and get used to the intrusion. He gently caresses my back and leaves little love bites all over my neck and shoulders. Smoothly he begins to slide in and out of my ass while he fucks my cunt with the dildo. He grabs a hold of my tied hands and uses them to pull me up and back into him with each thrust. My moans become louder and the pleasure builds inside my hot wet cunt. I feel so full be fucked in both holes. Faster and faster his balls slap against my clit sending shock waves of ecstasy throughout my whole body.

I am getting close as the joy builds and builds but just as I am about to crash over the edge he stops. I can’t control the anger and frustration as I scream and try to force myself back onto the two cocks but he just holds me still as he wraps his arms around me to grasp a breast in each hand. He circles my nipples with his fingertips alternating with a pinch and pull as he kisses and licks my neck and ear lobes.

Once I have calmed, he wraps my waist length hair around his fist and slams deep inside of me over and over sending me into a blinding orgasm. It was so intense that when I finally started to come down I realized that I have been tied down spread eagle on my bed. “These ties don’t feel like the ones we have already fitted on our bed,” I think to myself but he has returned from cleaning himself in the bathroom with a warm wash cloth and has begun to lovingly clean me so my mind drifts from this thought.

Once I am clean he kisses and nibbles his way up my calf. It’s almost as if he’s getting to know my body for the first time. He leaves nothing untouched as he places kisses all around my mound. I can feel his breathe on my lower lips and the delicate brush of the tip of his tongue on my clit before he makes his way back down my other leg.

After he has kissed each toe he makes his way back up to suck on my swollen clit. The pleasure causes me to arch my back raising my hips off of the bed with a squeal. I notice as he places kisses across my belly making his way up to my heaving breasts that his beard doesn’t feel as scratchy as it normally does.

“Oh stop over thinking it and just Tipobet Güncel Giriş enjoy,” my mind screams just as he takes one of my nipples into his mouth. As he tugs and licks on one nipple he pinches and twists the other causing my juices to drip down my ass cheeks onto the bed. It feels so good I can’t help but hump my hips in the air and moan like a bitch in heat. With the bit gag in I can’t help but let my saliva over fill my mouth and drool down my chin causing my moans to sound like I’m drowning so he reaches up and pulls it out of my mouth.

While one hand plays with my breast the other moves down to slide a finger into my slick pussy, slowly sliding in and out, and his lips burn a trail up my collar bone, across my chin to tease my lips. He nips at my bottom lip, pulling and sucking on it, then slips his tongue into my mouth to take command of mine. French kissing has always been a turn on for me but Erik has never been much for it so it doesn’t escape my attention that this is the best make out session we’ve ever had. Part of my mind is really beginning to wonder if this is Erik or if someone knew he was leaving for work and slipped in. As scary as the thought of an unknown stranger ravishing my body this way is I can’t help but get wetter.

As my body begins to heat up I can’t help but beg him to fuck me between kisses. “Please oh please fuck me!! Please stick that big, thick cock inside of me and FUCK ME!!”

A low chuckle is all I get and I start to pause because even though it sounds familiar it doesn’t sound like Erik. My heart begins race even faster but before I can respond to my fear he places his finger in my mouth to clean my juices off and slowly slides deep within my hot, wet, tunnel. My toes curl as he begins a slow, methodical in and out that starts to drive me insane. In and out, over and over. The friction is driving my poor kitty wild.

“Please, sir, fuck your slave faster. Fill your cunt up with your cum”, I beg. Tears starting to run down my cheeks as the pleasure builds and builds. I don’t know how much more I can take. He has tied me down so tightly I can’t even move to bend my knees. Our tie down straps aren’t this sturdy and they are made so if I can get out of them if I want. I tug a little on the cuffs around my wrists and realize these are not the same.

“Did you buy new straps Erik?” The only answer I get is a deep chuckle and he begins to slam into me causing me to rock. That makes my mind go blank as I see stars behind my eye lids.

“Please, I need to come Sir. May your slave cum?” I beg. I am shaking trying to hold in my orgasm but I can feel him picking up speed and I know I will have bruises on my hips from his hands holding me so tight.

Just as I think I can’t take it anymore he leans down and in my ear I hear a deep, husky “Cum”. In the back of my mind I am wondering if that’s Erik’s voice or not but the thought only makes my cunt convulse harder as I feel him emptying spurt after spurt of his sperm deep inside me I explode. Screaming and panting as the orgasm sweeps over me I pass out.

When I wake, I am able to move. It takes me a moment to realize I am no longer tied down and the blind fold is gone. I look around and there is no sign that anyone has been here except the juices running down my leg as I jump into the shower.

“Honey, I’m home” I hear as Erik walks into the bathroom. “They let some of us go once we got stuff taken care of. What are you doing back in the shower?”

“Are you just getting home?” I ask. “I mean, you didn’t come home earlier?”

Erik looks at me with this strange look, smiles, shakes his head, and leaves the bathroom.

I’m left wondering was that Erik coming back to act out one of my fantasies or did someone break in here? A shiver runs down my spine but I’m not sure if it’s from fear or excitement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32