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This is Chapter 1 of the story of Alex Wright, a sweet and endearing virgin, and her journey into the world of domination and submission. Moira Caffrey, an experienced sexual domme, has embraced the challenge of transforming Alex into a domme like herself. If successful, Moira intends to give her loyal submissive Layla to Alex as a “human birthday present” for Alex’s 19th birthday. Layla and Alex are of course best friends.

Note: Sexual interactions are almost entirely lesbian. Incest may pop up in later chapters, but is only alluded to here. The story focuses on the dominance and submission aspect of BDSM and isn’t meant to be realistic (consent is iffy and safeguards are non-existent!). The story does not accurately depict paraphernalia like whips, restraints, bondage furniture, etc. Never use whips and similar implements unless you know what you’re doing! All characters are at least 18. Okay, enough disclaimers.

Acknowledgement: I owe much gratitude to silkstockingslover whose stories have provided inspiration and insights. She’s one of my favorite writers on Literotica and much of her work features my favorite themes — lesbian submission, “MILF” submission, etc. Go check out her writing! I can’t possibly compete in quality, but I hope you’ll enjoy my contribution to the genre.


Layla bowed to her 41-year old mistress, Moira Caffrey.

“Thank you for performing the task I assigned to you, Layla,” Moira said. “Nicely done, for the most part.”

Layla smiled in response, but only weakly. She was gratified to hear the praise, but she knew Mistress Moira was about to say more.

Moira added, “But I must punish you for your one indiscretion.”

There it is.

Layla bowed her head. “Yes, Mistress, I apologize, Mistress.” That’s all she knew to say at a moment like this.

In fact, the teen was probably more upset with herself than Moira was with her. She felt like she’d let her mistress down. Yes, she’d successfully seduced a virgin from the local Christian college and brought him to Moira for a threesome as instructed. But she’d given the student an orgasm without her mistress’s permission. It didn’t matter that the young man had a premature ejaculation problem and that she’d barely touched him; Moira insisted on retaining first orgasm privileges for herself.

Moira held out a six-foot black and red bullwhip. “Have you seen my new whip?”

“No, Mistress,” Layla said with some dread, despite knowing she deserved to be punished.

“I like it a lot. It feels good in the hand. Very nicely weighted. And do you know what’s going to happen?”

“You’ll whip me, Mistress?” Layla asked.

Moira laughed. “Actually, no, not this time.”

Layla’s pretty blue eyes grew a shade brighter out of hope. But Moira’s laugh sounded ominous.

“Layla dear Layla. No, you will be whipped, but not by me. Someone new will punish you, and you might be surprised to find out who it is. It’s someone you know quite well.”

Layla’s hopes of evading punishment were dashed. But she knew she had to keep her composure, lest some unintended modulation of her voice be interpreted as a complaint. She forced herself not to be afraid. “Oh, really? Who?”

Moira paused, seemingly for maximum effect. Then she replied, “It’s your best friend Alex. Alex will do the whipping.”

Layla was shocked. “Alex, Mistress?” she blurted. “But she’s so sweet and innocent.” Layla had completely forgotten to temper her reaction.

Moira replied calmly, “She is for now. But that will make it all the more delicious to bring out her inner domme. I intend to train her in the exquisite art of dominating women and men.”

Alex, a domme? Layla could hardly fathom the idea. Her best friend didn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. She said with complete sincerity, “But Alex is such a kind, patient person. I doubt she would be a very good domme.”

“Layla, are you talking back to me?”

Layla suddenly realized that her responses were insubordinate. But maybe Moira had elicited the reaction on purpose, just for her own amusement. In any case, Layla just bowed her head and apologized. “No, I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Be careful. I’m in a good mood now, but if you talk back to me again, I’ll send you to the basement.”

Layla hated the basement.

“Anyway, I agree with you,” said Moira. “She’s very sweet, and beautiful too. I actually adore her. I’ve never done anything romantic or sexual with her of course, though I’ve occasionally had her and her mother over for tea. But now it’s time for her to enter our devious little world. Not as a submissive, but as a dominant. It’s always a revelation when someone so kind and innocent is transformed into a domme.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Layla responded, resigning herself to whatever fate Moira had in mind.

“So Alex is about to turn 19, you know,” Tipobet Moira said.

“Yes, Mistress. We’re planning to go on a big shopping trip together so she can pick out her gift from me.”

“That’s fine, but we’ll make sure she receives a special gift too. One that can’t be bought in any store.”

Did Moira mean the whipping? Or the whip? “A new whip, Mistress?” Layla asked.

“Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea. But no, dear. You will be my gift to her. You will become her plaything once she becomes a dominant.”

Layla couldn’t believe her ears. She’d be Alex’s submissive? But she and Alex always treated each other as equals, neither of them trying to control or outdo the other. She simply couldn’t imagine Alex as her mistress.

Nevertheless, she was able to suppress her astonishment and sound appreciative. “Oh Mistress, thank you.” Maybe Moira wouldn’t be able to turn Alex into a dominant anyway.

“But then there’s the little matter of your gift to Alex,” Moira said. “Giving yourself to her wouldn’t make any sense, since you’re my property and not really yours to give. No, I think you should give Lexi to her. Then she’ll have two submissives from your family.”

Layla was aghast. Lexi was her twin sister. She was a free spirit, to put it nicely — or an unruly teen, to put it not-so-nicely. Either way, she was young and naive.

“Well, it’s either her or your mother…” Moira said.

“My mother would be… interesting, Mistress,” Layla said. That idea shocked her as well, but it seemed like the lesser of two evils. “Yes, Mistress, that sounds nice.” Layla knew all she could do was say “yes” or nothing at all when it came to this decision.

Moira paused, then declared, “No, let’s go with Lexi. We’ll figure out what to do with your mom later. So here’s how it will go. I’ll teach Alex the ways of BDSM, and you’ll be one of her first submissives. It will be a bit of an experiment, turning such a kind, endearing teen into a dominant, but I think she’ll come through with flying colors. Once I’m comfortable that she’s competent as a domme, you will give Lexi to her, to do with as she pleases.”

Layla tried her best not to be horrified and replied with her usual “Yes Mistress.”


It was a snowy day in January when Moira Caffrey welcomed Alex Wright and her mother, Nina Wright, into her home for tea. The trio had gotten together several times over the past few years, and Alex had always found the gatherings to be delightful, since Moira was a wonderful hostess and her tea was excellent as well. This particular meeting was extra special because Moira had dubbed it a “birthday tea” for Alex, whose 19th birthday was just three weeks away. It was essentially a very very small birthday party.

The three ladies engaged in pleasant conversation as they sampled some new herbal teas from Moira’s collection. The hostess asked Alex how her fall was going and what her plans for college were. Alex replied that she was enjoying her gap year and planned to attend Princeton next fall, assuming she was accepted (if not, then Hello Rutgers). She proudly pointed out that she and her mom got along quite well — certainly better than most mothers and their live-in teenage daughters. Nina added that they especially enjoyed watching Netflix series together — albeit “Stranger Things”, not “Orange Is the New Black”.

The women had originally met through Alex’s best friend Layla, who described Moira as a mentor or sometimes even as a “second mother”. Alex could see why Layla looked up to Moira. The woman always came across as intelligent, self-confident, and sophisticated — as someone who was wise to the ways of the world and could impart that wisdom to others. She was tall and beautiful, even striking, with radiant green eyes, a refined nose and chin, and meticulously styled auburn hair — altogether an elegant package.

Alex was the quintessential girl next door, always striving to be delightful, gracious, and kind. She of course steered clear of anything resembling casual sex. She was pretty but never flaunted it, dressing more like a studious baby-sitter than a chic party girl or sorority debutante. She usually just tied her dark brown hair back in a pony-tail and she wore glasses more often than not, though they could hardly conceal her enchanting brown eyes, let alone her lovely smile.

Nina was an unassuming beauty in her own right, certainly for her age — a tender 47. One could imagine her as a future version of Alex, or perhaps the original prototype.

In fact Nina deserved a lot of credit for raising Alex to be an endearing young woman. She was devoted to her daughter but hadn’t spoiled her. She was a sweet and considerate woman herself and straight as an arrow, always trying to set a good example.

Moira’s warm demeanor and eager attentiveness, not to mention her delicious tea, helped Alex and Tipobet Giriş her mother feel at ease. That’s probably why they chatted for well over 90 minutes, losing track of the time. Finally Nina politely said she needed to get going so she could prepare for a work meeting the next day. Moira thanked her for the company, but asked Alex if she could stay a bit longer since she had a “surprise” for the teen. Alex perked up, hoping for a birthday gift, so she gladly agreed to stay.

Right after Nina left, Moira excused herself for a few minutes. Sure enough, when she returned, she was carrying a package wrapped in elegant gold paper and tied up with a bow.

“Oh thank you, Moira,” Alex said in her usual gracious tone. Then she eagerly (but carefully) opened the package. Within a few layers of silvery tissue paper were nestled three items — a black lingerie teddy, a pair of black silk stockings, and a pair of high heeled shoes.

Alex was shocked, since the gift was completely inappropriate for an adult to give a teen, much less one as chaste as herself. She’d never even been on a serious date, let alone worn anything so risqué.

Moira said, “It’s time you had an awakening, Alex — a sexual awakening. I want you to put these items on now, as the first step towards your new life.”

“Thank you, but I can’t possibly… I mean, this is… inappropriate,” Alex replied.

Moira reminded her, “You’ve always listened to your elders before, dear. Let’s not stop now.”

Alex didn’t think that applied in this situation. “My elders never asked me to wear something like this.”

“Alex, I promise, if you don’t like it, we can exchange it for something else and never speak of it again. But just try it on to see if it fits.”

Alex did try to trust adults, and Moira spoke with such self-assuredness that it was hard to say no to her. “I guess I can try it, just to see.”

“Good. Do it now,” Moira instructed, though her tone was gentle, not demanding.

“Right here?”

“No no, dear. You can use the parlor, right through that door. But take off your underwear before putting it on.”

“Okay, I guess,” Alex said.

“And since you’re an adult now, you must also learn to speak properly. Just address me as ‘ma’am’ for now.”

What an odd request, thought Alex. She and her friends hadn’t called anyone “ma’am” since third grade. But she complied anyway. “Yes, ma’am.”

Alex changed into the items in Moira’s well-appointed parlor. The lingerie was tight and the shoes were awkwardly high, but she managed to teeter back to the living room without falling. She felt a bit ridiculous though, not to mention overly exposed. The teddy was lacy and extremely revealing, showing off way too much of her chest and pelvic region. It was strapless and very narrow in the crotch, crying out for a bikini wax. Anyone who looked closely would see the circles of her nipples and the dark shadow of her pubic hair behind the lace, and the piece was almost sheer everywhere else.

“Um… ta da!” Alex said sarcastically, holding her hands out as if to expose herself, but with her elbows close to her chest to cover her breasts, an awkward pose at best.

Moira chuckled. “Excellent! Come sit with me, dear.”

Alex sat down next to Moira on her luxurious sofa, somewhat gingerly to make sure everything stayed in place.

Moira clasped Alex’s hands and spoke to her as an adult. “Alex, you’re an utterly beautiful woman. You’ll go far in life based on your allure and confidence, I promise. You’re more confident than you realize. I can show you how to own your sexuality and use it to attract and influence people in ways that will give you immense pleasure. Most women enjoy sex very much — even your mother must have at some point in her life — and you can use that. I’ll help you unlock the innate power that I know you have. You’ll be able to partake in the delights around you as you please, and your bliss will be far greater than mere sex can provide.”

“Wow,” said Alex. “That’s a lot to… um… digest.” She didn’t understand most of it, especially the “power” part.

“I know. So let’s stop talking and help you find your sexuality.”

Moira placed a hand on Alex’s thigh, rather intimately.

“First, you need to practice kissing. Baby steps…”

Before Alex even knew what was happening, Moira leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.

The teen was completely surprised by the sudden advance and quickly turned away, certain that this was inappropriate. Moira was so much older — didn’t that make it wrong? And Alex had always felt people should ask before kissing, if only out of respect.

But she reminded herself that she was a full adult now, even if still a teenager. And a quick kiss really shouldn’t require written permission.

Moreover, there was something about the kiss that made her skin tingle. It activated Tipobet Güncel Giriş an impulse that she couldn’t quite pin down. Was it attraction? Or even (stop the presses) desire? Alex had never given much thought to her own sexual orientation — straight or gay or something in between. Boys could be hunks but were generally stupid; women were more mature and were beautiful in their own way. Moira was beautiful in every way.

“That was an excellent start,” said Moira. She gently rested a hand on Alex’s shoulder, prompting the teen to timidly turn back to face her. Moira looked into Alex’s eyes as if to settle her misgivings, and after a few seconds gently kissed her again. Alex allowed their lips to stay in contact for a few moments — longer than the first time — before pulling back.

The teen truly felt something now, like a warmth bubbling up from inside her. She looked into Moira’s green eyes and they seemed to sparkle back at her. It felt wonderful to be the object of Moira’s attention, and she surprisingly found herself wanting another kiss.

Moira was happy to oblige. She pressed her lips to Alex’s once again, and this time the teen didn’t pull away for a good four or five seconds. Alex noticed that every part of the woman’s face was suddenly captivating — her attentive eyes, her elegant nose, even the arch of her eyebrows. Alex realized that she loved the satiny feel of Moira’s lips, the gentle touch of her fingertips, the light scent of her fragrance.

Moira reached out and caressed Alex’s arm. Her touch was electric, as if charged with a force that could ignite passion. If this wasn’t desire, Alex didn’t know what it was.

“Relax, Alex. Enjoy the feeling.” Moira said softly.

Once again, the older woman leaned in and kissed Alex.

Now the teen’s passion surged. Moira’s warm lips were simply irresistible. Instead of breaking off the kiss, Alex let the older woman turn it into something luxurious. Moira seemed to be caressing Alex’s lips with her own, the way actors did in movies.

Moira broke the kiss just long enough to say, “I want you, Alex.”

Alex melted. The feeling was mutual!

Moira resumed kissing the teen, first on her lips, then on her cheeks and chin and neck. Alex knew boys liked to kiss this way, but when Moira did it, it felt sublime, not clumsy or aggressive. Moira gently massaged Alex’s hands and stroked her thighs. The teen felt sensations she’d never felt before. Her spine tingled and palpable heat arose between her legs. Moira resumed kissing Alex’s mouth and slid her tongue inside, arousing the girl all the more.

Moira glanced downwards and said, “I think you’re getting wet down there.”

The teen looked down and was very surprised to see a growing stain on her new lingerie. Moira guided Alex’s hand to the stain and said, “Feel.” The girl touched the fabric and could hardly believe it — she was getting very wet between her legs! There was no mistaking it — she was highly aroused, way more than she’d been the few times she’d masturbated (all of three times in her life).

Moira continued kissing Alex passionately. Without breaking off the kiss, she reached around the teen and unzipped the back of her teddy. Then she rolled down the strapless bust of the garment to free Alex’s modest but shapely breasts. With one hand Moira caressed those breasts — breasts that had never been touched by anyone except doctors. With her other hand, Moira was even more adventurous, slipping it inside the crotch of the teddy and stroking the furry patch between Alex’s thighs — the source of all that wetness. The vulgar word “pussy” strangely popped into Alex’s head at that moment — a word she’d never used. Moira intrepidly slid a finger into the tight orifice behind the fur and began twisting it, turning it, sliding it in and out. Alex felt no pain, only exquisite pleasure (her hymen having been broken long ago, probably from riding a horse).

Then suddenly Alex’s pleasure skyrocketed. Unexpected ecstasy stormed through her psyche like a tornado. “Ohhh… ohhhhhhhh…” she moaned. She couldn’t think. All she could do was sense, and she’d never experienced such sensations before. The bliss continued for several minutes before finally dissipating, leaving her quivering and sitting in a puddle of milky fluid — her “cum”.

When Alex was coherent again, Moira said, “That, my dear, is a Moira Caffrey orgasm, and it’s just the first step of your awakening.”

“Oh my God, how did you do that?”

“Well, I’m something of an expert, but you can become an expert too.”

“Do you want me to… do that to you?” Alex asked. She wasn’t sure she could pull it off, but she suddenly wanted to try. She felt a craving to explore between Moira’s legs.

“In due time,” said Moira, forcing Alex to table her desires. “Right now I want you to go home and think about this experience. Imagine feeling this way whenever you want, not just the physical pleasure but the intensity, the exhilaration of it. Even that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll be infinitely more fulfilled once you harness the inherent strength you have, which I’ll teach you to use. You’ll see what I mean soon enough.”

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