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Big Tits

I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


“I want to thank you for meeting me for lunch. I know you probably would have turned down my invitation had I made it on my own. I don’t really know you I think I may have put you off at you wonderful party the other night. Charles told me that he asked you to meet with me. Thank you for accepting, Marisa.”

She’s very well dressed, stylish and business like. Her little girl cuteness cleans up well in business attire. Sharp tailored just-below-the knee tight wool skirt, low cut but professional without a hint to ‘slutty’ revealing white blouse and large pearls, crisp jacket, form fitting, hair up high and large diamond earrings. She’s made up flawlessly. She looks like a cross between a television news anchor and a corporate razor-sharp-teeth tax attorney. She smiles at you as you sit.

She’s at an atrium table in the courtyard of one of the cities trendy high-end restaurants. She’s been waiting for you. Soft noisy chatter of the rich and powerful fills the sun lit room. You pushed it just enough to be a slight bit more than fashionably late to make her squirm a bit about whether you were coming at all.

“Marisa, I haven’t been the same since your fundraiser two weeks ago. I had to meet with you. Thank your seeing me.”

‘Patience, bitch.’, you think to yourself as you sit, settle in to your chair. A waiter at your side instantly, you glance at him then at her.

“Red wine, just a glass. Surprise me. Something dry”

You gesture so slightly with your hand, shooing the waiter away. You look at her, look into her eyes.

“Not a problem, dear. I would have met with you. And I’m flattered that you had such a wonderful time at my party. Was that a first for you? You don’t see things like that everyday.”

You touch her hand on the table.

“Oh my god yes, I’ve never seen anything like that. And I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’ve never been more turned on in my life. I’m still not right.”

She laughs, moves in so that only you hear her.

“Charles told me what to expect but I didn’t really know. I’ve been wet almost constantly, shaking every time I think about it. I am in awe. That is why I had to talk with you. I want to learn, really learn. How did you do that? How do you do what you do? Where do all those sissy boys come from? And the studs that fucked them, wonderful!”

You stop her, chime in.

“Barbara, one thing at time. Let me ask you something.”

You sip from the wine placed at your side.

“When you asked for the boy on stage to be made to cry, were you excited by it, I mean really excited, feel your little heart skip a beat, dear?”

You sit back and stare at her.

“Oh god yes, was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

“You didn’t do that. I did.”

You study her eyes.

“No, no, I know, I didn’t mean any disrespect, Marisa, really. But when it all happened I was in a state of shock. I was with Charles, so fucking hot, Marisa, had my hand on him through his pants. Wanted to be fucked on the spot and the only thing I could think of was the picture I painted in my mind. Both boys crying, don’t know what came over me, I’m so sorry if that was offensive to you. I should never have second-guessed you, the gracious hostess. And it all happened so naturally, I didn’t even think. It was a reflex. I just walked up to the stage and knew what I wanted. What I wanted to see, I knew then, just knew. I was in my own selfish world, I guess.”

She’s excited, thrilled, can see it in her eyes. She’s reliving it all, slightly gushing.

“You know, Barbara, I was mad when I came up behind you at the stage after that vicious whipping. I was angry. I did that to not embarrass Charles. He’s a dear friend. I had that boy whipped because you were his escort. That was for my friend Charles, not you. I would have just let the show play out, not had anyone choreograph it from the audience. I know you were lost in it all. I sensed that afterward. And after thinking about it at dinner I decided I liked it.”

You smile at her, raise your wine glass.

“I would never get in the way, I just…”, you cut her off.

“I think it was one of the most elegant and pretty little symmetric touches added to make a perfect kinky and delightfully depraved evening even better.”

You giggle girlishly.

“I mean that. I see a devilish little girl in you. You remind me of me when I discovered my ‘inner Dominatrix’. And I know this is all somewhat new to you.”

You look around the room, look back at her.

“And to tell you the truth I was pissed off that I didn’t think of it, think of having that boy whipped myself. At dinner I realized that you one-upped me.”

You smile at her, raise your glass and clink it against hers.

“That was Tipobet hot, dear. A very nice touch.”

“Marisa, nothing has ever gotten me hotter. Nothing. And Charles bidding and buying your slave Princess for me for the evening, wonderful! I just knew after that I had to meet you and get to know you. I want to learn. So badly want to learn from you. Charles is a very dirty old man. He treats me right. He knows I don’t just do the dirty things he wants because I like his generous nature, he knows I get off on it all. I really do. We’ve been doing a lot of very sexy and kinky things for a while, that’s why he introduced me to your salon. He teased me for a month before that, said ‘if you don’t fit in with this crowd I’m leaving you’, would laugh about that. And seeing Princess while we both played with him at home, seeing him cry, I can’t tell you, I just can’t tell you…”, she looks around the room, leans in very close, “…we fucked like rabbits. I mean it, Marisa. We couldn’t stop, never fucked Charles so hard, ever. I was afraid I’d give him a heart attack.”

You laugh, loud.

“Yes, my favorite little bitch is inspirational. I’ll give him that.”

She leans toward you.

“I want to know how you do this. I being honest when I say that pain is something I know gets me off, deep down inside, I almost need it now that I know about it. It’s like the best sex drug in the world. I can’t fuck Charles without fantasizing having my own little gay whipping boy to use and abuse! I’ll never be the same, Marisa.”

She laughs very cutely, laughs and looks around the room.

“Does it show, do they see an evil sadist at the table?”

You laugh.

“Well if they do, Barbara, they must be looking at me.”

The two of you sip your drinks, take it all in casually. Two gorgeous women, smartly dressed, out to lunch, could be Sunday school teachers, could be Congressmen’s wives.

She motions the waiter over. She tells him to bring you another glass of wine and orders a vodka martini. As the waiter leaves she looks at you, then at him, then back at you.

“If I could whip him right here, I would.”

The two of you laugh, collaborative sister’s laugh. You didn’t like this girl at first but now you see a budding protégée. You were like her not so long ago. The other ladies in the club play, partake in the show, sometimes even fuck in the shadows to the heat of your parties. But never has one been so interested in how ‘the meal is prepared’. How the painting is painted, never has one of the ladies said, ‘Marisa, I want to learn.’ Never has an anxious student been revealed. You start to mull over the possibilities.

“So tell me I have to know. What did you do with the little sissy I sent home with you? But first, and be honest, my friend Ilsa, my matron, is she cool or what?”

You sip your wine, eyes beam over the rim of your glass.

“Oh my god! I love her. She’s so in control of all of those men, those boys. I get wet just thinking of her outfit, the way she brought those beautiful men onto that stage up behind those boys. Marisa, I mean it. Oh my god!”

“I know, she is truly a gem. We go back to college days, best friends. A very motivated girl too, much like you would seem to be. And she gets results.”

You laugh.

“And she does things for some of my other dear friends, trains their little boys and some of their little girls. If you want a submissive broken in, want a good boy or girl to be just that, Ilsa is your girl. Merciless and creative, that would be my Ilsa.”

You look at her sternly, deep into her eyes.

“You do know this is an art form. If you don’t know that, it’s all just brutality. And there is nothing erotic about that, Barbara.”

She almost falls over herself.

“Yes, yes, I do know that. And I know that I need to learn, need to know what works, what doesn’t. I am so hot just sitting here and talking about this with someone that listens to me, someone that understands it all. I’ve never talked with another woman like this.”

You lean back in your chair, one arm folded across your breasts, the other cradling your wine glass.

“So tell me, what did you and Charles do with my little bitch girl. She was dressed so cute and proper. Came home covered in piss and welts. I have to say, that turned me on.”

“The outfit you had her in at dinner, so little girl cute! Reminded me of how my mom dressed me in elementary school. Pink flared short dress, ruffled blouse top and puffy short shoulder sleeves, those little girl shoes and lace ankle sox, pony tails on the sides of his head, pink bow on each and the pink bow on his tiny dick…that was the coolest thing ever. And his makeup! Does he do that himself? Wow, Marisa. And when you had each of them present themselves prior to the bidding, my god. You could already see that baby dick, just the hint of it as he walked around, see it peeking out under the bottom of that dress. But when he lifted his dress and showed himself to me as you directed, Tipobet Giriş his face blushed and he looked off the side–my heart fluttered. I told Charles I don’t care what it costs, he’s going home with us tonight.”

She has your full attention, you are more than amused. You listen intently.

“You know he’s my favorite, my pet. I love that boy. I never want any real harm to come to him.”

“Oh, I know, I know. Charles was very firm, ‘you can play but don’t you dare break him, I’ll be watching’, said that to me. He said you didn’t trust me but did it because he said he’d supervise. I know. And I know that I’m just a brand new face. You didn’t know anything about me at all that evening. And I know I can come across as a spoiled young girl, want what I want when I want it. I know about the bratty side of me.”

She leans in toward you closer.

“I think of that as part of my charm, men flock to it. And isn’t that the way it should be? Shouldn’t we girls get what we want when we fucking want it?”

You both laugh so hard the next five tables look over at you. See you clink your glasses again.

“So, in the car, princess is in the back seat. I was in the front seat. I told Charles to pull over, we were half way home. I wanted to talk with Princess, let Charles hear. I got into the back seat, Charles drove on. I explained to Princess that he’d better be on his best behavior, ‘yes ‘ma’am’, ‘no ma’am’. I told him that tears make me wet. I put my hand up under his skirt, rested it just on his naked little dick, didn’t play with him just let it lay there. Kind of threatening, he was squirming so slightly, afraid to move under my hand.”

She giggles.

“I leaned next to his ear, just cooed to him, told him it was going to be very long night. Told him that if he wanted to start crying right now it would be okay, it would be very good. Told him that if I get the chance again it’ll be him that I make cry on stage, I just played with him and got him all nervous and quivering. I just fucked with his sissy mind.”

“You naughty little bitch.” You smile. “I like it.”

“When we got home, and I don’t have the toys I’m sure you do, but Charles has some things, we took princess to the basement play room. I told Charles I think of it as his ‘fuck room.’ But tonight it was going to be his torture chamber. As soon as we got downstairs I had Princess kneel. I had to pee, really, really bad. I told Charles to sit on the chair next to the bed and just be still. I told Princess to gently, ‘and I mean gentle or I’ll slap your little face silly’, I said, raise my dress and lower my panties. So hot to hear his nervous little voice, ‘yes mam’. I almost came then, seeing him quiver, my hand raised ready to slap him hard. He touched me like a kiss, a soft kiss, slid my dress up so gentle, such a touch on that one, like a butterfly”

She laughs, sips the last of her drink.

“I took him by his adorable little pony tails while he held my dress up out of the way, held him right up close to my pussy, pee’d all over him, into his face, down the front of him. ‘Open your mouth!’…I yelled at him, scared myself when I did that.”

She laughs.

“He did and I finished right into his mouth.”

She sips from her water glass.

“I’ll pay for the dry cleaning.”

She smiles at you.

“Not to worry, I had princess hand wash that dress.”

“So after that it was almost a blur, so many drinks. Had princess take off his soaking smelly dress, cuffed his hands behind his back, all cute in just his little shoes and sox. I put a rope around his balls, his dick and up under that gold ring. How cool is that? A gold fucking ring! I tied it up tight and then fastened him to the end of the bed. I knew I had to talk with you on that alone, the gold ring! I just jumped right in. I whipped him, wanted tears and I wanted them like now. And I thought about how good your friend on stage was, how stern, resolute, fuck, Marisa, I was her! Charles was naked at this point, got himself hard. At his age it’s hard to get hard, sometimes I have to suck for a day or two.”

The two of you laugh, much girlish giggling, waiter at the table, one more round, a must.

“I used one of Charles most dangerous canes. And Marisa, I want you to know that I would never seriously or permanently hurt your baby, never do anything to damage your precious little thing, ever. But I did get into it. Each red stripe, each whelp and scream made me wetter. I stopped only long enough to take off my dress and panties, which were soaked, left the rest of my outfit on for Charles amusement. I put my finger into myself! I whipped that little boy for what seemed like an half an hour straight, toward the end fast and thrashing-like while finger fucking myself. When I dropped the cane and went to Charles I just landed on him, straddled him. Fucked him while Princess cried, cried, and cried more. I didn’t want it to end. I fucking wanted it to go on forever! I came like four times, hard, Tipobet Güncel Giriş the sobbing and crying making it happen. At least that’s what it felt like. Charles rolled me over on the bed and nearly pushed me right through it, came in me very hard, I do think we fucked for an hour or so. All I could think about was ‘I want one’. I want a little sissy to make me hot…so that Charles stays hot. He’s never fucked me like that, not like he did that night.”

She sips her new martini.

“This has to be the last one. I have a meeting tonight, can’t be totally drunk, maybe a little.”

She laughs, touches your hand.

“After that I took princess off the rope, more like twine, was worried about the circulation in his balls. Kept him cuffed but knelt in front of him and sucked him until he got hard. He was still trembling and crying, that got me crazy hot. Took his soft dick and his balls all at once into my mouth, like a baby, Marisa, like a baby, I never knew it could be hot to go down on a soft little thing like that. That was the one time I was worried, thought maybe we’d left him tied up too long, wanted to make sure everything still worked. Took a while to get him hard, he was scared I think. I let him cum in my mouth while Charles watched, kept it all in my mouth and French kissed Princess with a mouthful of his cum. So cute, he really is cute, cute, cute. Kissed him so hard, that was a turn on too. That little thing exploded from soft to small teenage boy hard, could get the whole thing in my mouth, he’s so little. After that we had drinks, Charles and I, Princess kneeling at the edge of the bed ready to do as told, holding a tray we put our glasses on. So hot to have him just wait there while we ignored him, just had drinks and talked. I want a sissy of my own, a sex slave.”

She laughs gleefully, just a little hint of alcohol inspired abandon, looks around to see if anyone is listening.

“I pee’d on princess one more time. Charles had passed out, was fast asleep. I walked him over the basement floor drain, had him lick me, still had a lot of Charles cum in me. I came again and pee’d into his face. Patted his head, told him he lived up to his bid. Saw my handy work too, covered top to bottom in red stripes. That had to hurt. The next thing I knew it was late morning and Charles had left already, Princess was gone, his cute little outfit too, so I assumed he was delivered him back to you.”

You have been listening, studying and measuring this girl as she talks.

“I can’t thank you enough. Really, I so hope you believe me when I say that. I’m so moved, touched, not to mention ready to fuck for a month straight.”

Laughter, much of it from your table, people look at you, delighted that you two are having so much fun.

“Barbara, I’m glad you had a good time, I really am. And here’s what I think we should do. I think you’ve found something inside that you want to develop, and it does take that, development and refinement. I’m going to talk with Ilsa. I’m going to see if she wouldn’t mind a fly on the wall at some of her discipline sessions. She will be working with a sissy twink, new boy a dear friend of mine has brought to me for training, barely eighteen years old. Does that interest you?”

“Wow, oh my god yes. Yes. Are you at those sessions?”

“Some but not all of them, dear. Ilsa not only serves as my matron, she also helps others with, let’s call it ‘adoption’. The boy that couldn’t stop crying from the start while his ass was being fucked? The ungrateful little cry baby? That was his first time. I can assure he won’t bellow like that next time. Ilsa has had him for the past week, his master agreed with me, he needs refinement. Anyway, his master specializes in finding sissy boys that ‘need a home’ so to speak. He found that boy just a few weeks prior to my party. You’re going to love the new boy she’ll be working with too. And he has a huge dick.”

You laugh, smile, look around the room.

“We’ll see what we can do, maybe have you look over some boys at my friend’s stable?”

You wink at her.

“And if Charles wants to own instead of rent, well darling, that can be arranged too.”

You finish the last of your drink. You motion the waiter for the check. You pull out your blush mirror, fix your lipstick.

When the check comes she reaches for it. You push her hand away, take the bill.

“Marisa, please, let me pay, we didn’t even eat.”

“I’ll pay for this. Think of it as the first down payment on you, my little student girl.”

You smile at her.

“You have much to learn and I love a good project.”

She looks at you, studies you. The waiter takes your card, hurries back with the receipt.

“Barbara, this has been wonderful. I mean that.”

You stand.

“I have a feeling that this is going to get very interesting. I can see you as one of what Ilsa refers to as her ‘dog walkers’ someday soon.”

You laugh, loud, take her hand in yours and press it with your other.

“I think I under estimated you at the stage the other night, girl. I think I won’t make that mistake again. My little Dominatrix in training.”

The two of you leave the room. The men at the table next to you heard your last remark. They stare in awe as the two of you exit the front door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32