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Chapter 1

Marcie Takes Control

Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this series are neither condoned nor recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental.

3. The chapters are numbered in a sequence for a reason. It is recommended that they be read in numerical order.


He pumped into her — in, out, in out — a tense look upon his face as he focussed on his one goal — to cum!! He picked up the pace, feeling the mounting pressure in his balls, his rigid cock reaching into the far depths of her cunt and he visualised fucking the pretty barmaid at the tavern where he’d spent the past few hours. Now she wouldn’t just lie there! Oh no, not her. He imagined her all over him, voluptuous tits rubbing his chest as she sat on his huge cock that explored her farthest depths. Just the thought was enough. “Oh, oh oh aaargh! I’m cumming,” he shouted and felt the spurts of cum flow through his cock and shoot against his wife’s cervix. It was all over in a few seconds. He relaxed, came back to reality, withdrew his rapidly softening cock and rolled off Marcie, his wife of nearly 20 years. Replete with the combination of the Friday night drinks with his fellow mill workers and what had become his weekly sexual release, within a minute he was gently snoring.

Marcie carefully disentangled herself from his limbs, feeling the unsatisfied sexual urges in her abdomen and cunt, and silently made her way to the bathroom, collecting her vibrator from her dressing table as she went. In the bathroom she removed her panties, which Gregg had simply pushed aside in his haste mount her, and fingered her clit, feeling the growing sexual arousal but delaying her release. Relaxing on the padded stool she leaned back against the wall, opening her legs and gently rubbing her clit exactly as she liked it best. A tremor ran through her body and she felt the lubricating fluid flow from her cunt and coat her pussy lips and clit. A quiet “Ooooh!” escaped from her lips as she continued to revel in the sexy feelings emanating from her womanhood. A few more minutes! She felt the sensations running through her body, causing her toes to curl from the tingling sensations in her feet. She massaged her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, now standing out turgid and proud. It was time!

Carefully lubricating her vibrator with her pussy juice, she slowly inserted it to its full length so that the roughened fingers rested against her clitoris. She turned it on. Immediately the arousal she had felt doubled as the latex fingers did their job, vibrating and stimulating her clit beyond what was possible with her fingers. “Ah, ah, aha AAAAHH,” she cried involuntarily as the waves of passion engulfed her, toying with her as she wallowed helplessly in the throes of ecstasy. Still the tension increased; still she climbed the slope; time ceased to exist, her entire focus was on her clit and cunt as they started to spasm and then she was there. “AAAAAARRRGGGHHH” she screamed as she writhed in an intense orgasm which lasted forever, or so it seemed, before gradually ebbing away as the vibrator continued its monotonous hum. Slowly, ever so slowly, she came back to reality. Reluctantly she turned the machine off, hoping vainly for some last erotic sensation. Grabbing a towel she wiped the stool, the vibrator and herself before gliding silently back to bed, snuggling in beside her comatose husband who was still snoring gently.

Next morning, Saturday, she was up and about early, having breakfast with Dana, their 17 year old daughter who looked like a miniature Marcie. Today was picnic day. First Saturday each month Dana and Gabby, the neighbour’s daughter who was only a couple of weeks younger than Dana, would go on a picnic with the other’s family, with parents alternating between taking the girls on a picnic and having an ‘adults only’ day to themselves. Usually the activities for Marcie and Greg on their ‘adults only’ day were working around the house — mowing lawns, trimming hedges, tending the garden and a little building maintenance. “Not today,” said Marcie to herself, “Not after Greg’s performance last night. I am heartily sick and tired of his so-called love making. It’s past time for a change.”

Marcie made breakfast for herself, Greg and Dana, checked that Dana had the bag she had packed the previous evening, and sent her off when David and Pam tooted the horn outside. Marcie then collected the two breakfasts and a fresh pot of coffee and went back to the bedroom. She stripped off her housecoat and sorted through her lingerie drawer, choosing her sexiest and briefest bra and panty set. Observing herself in the mirror she paused, “Hmmm, not too bad for 39 years,” she thought. “A few wrinkles here and there, a bit Tipobet more padding than she would have liked in places, but generally passable,” she surmised. “Greg really doesn’t have too much to complain about,” she concluded, wondering to herself why the magic had gone from their marriage after only 20 years.

Carefully Marcie uncovered Greg as he slept, lying on his back and emitting the occasional gentle snore. She did a quick inventory of her 41 year old husband; a bit of a beer pot from Friday nights with the boys, good muscle tone but not as well defined as 20 years earlier, “To be expected,” she thought charitably. Great cock, although at present it was lying peacefully limp, sated after the previous evening’s efforts. Marcie selected her bottle of aromatherapy oil from the dresser, tipped a small amount into her hand and held it as it warmed slightly. She them gathered Greg’s limp cock and gently started massaging it, extending her ministrations to his ball sac, lying loosely against his upper thigh.

Greg stirred and let out a gentle moan as his member started to become more turgid. He partly rolled over; Marcie followed his cock, continuing the gentle massage. After a few minutes he stirred and opened his eyes, a smile on his lips.

“So you want some more, do you?” he asked. “Didn’t you get enough last night?”

“Good morning, lover,” she replied, “You can hardly call last night’s session fulfilling for me, can you? It seemed to be all about you.”

He thinks back to the previous evening — he fucked her, what more did she want? Women! Never satisfied. Then he remembered that when he came he’d been visualising the barmaid with her copious tits barely covered by her uniform. His cock gave a lurch, which Marcie noticed. She stopped her massage.

“Hmmm, what was that for? Have you just remembered what happened last night? Two minute wonder you are,” she said scathingly.

“What’s the problem?” he asked, “I did what I always do on Friday nights — had a few drinks and a bite to eat with the boys from work, came home, made love to you, and then slept. You’ve never complained before. What’s the problem?”

“The problem,” she said bitingly, “Is that you cum and I don’t. So just like usual on a Friday night, you take me to bed, use me as your fuck whore, then go to sleep. I then get up and masturbate in the bathroom to get some sexual release before coming back to sleep.” She felt herself blushing at this revelation. “This has gone on long enough,” she continued. “I am fed up with your arrogant, self-centred attitude. I am fed up with not gaining satisfaction while you have your fun. Don’t you remember what it was like early in our marriage? You would make love to me for hours, carefully and gently bringing me to small then gradually larger climaxes until in the end you had me screaming and climbing the walls. That’s making love. What you did last night and the many Friday nights before that was simply screwing or fucking or whatever — but it certainly wasn’t making love. However, I am taking pity on you. I’ve made you breakfast so we can sit in bed, eat breakfast and discuss the situation. What our marriage needs is some adventure or it’ll be over.”

Marcie wiped the oil from her hands, passed Greg his breakfast and gave him a gentle, loving kiss.

“I still love you,” she said. “You are a wonderful provider, a fantastic father to Dana and still have a sexy bod. So I don’t want to leave you or find a lover. But I can’t go on without you really making love to me and releasing my sexual tensions. If I don’t have sexual release I get bitchy and that is no fun for anyone. So we have our ‘adults only’ day today and it is high time we discussed our marriage and ourselves together. Now think on this as you eat your breakfast.”

Greg looked at Marcie as though he was seeing her for the first time, took in the firm voluptuous figure which showed few signs of aging, and noted, for the first time consciously, that she was wearing her sexy lingerie. His cock jerked with renewed life as he reached for his breakfast and began eating.

They ate in silence, each with their own thoughts; each wondering how this day would pan out. Marcie turned on the radio to a station playing romantic music and let her mind drift back to the early days, when she and Greg couldn’t get enough loving, when they had to sneak away from their parents to be together, all the excuses for mussed up hair and grass stains on her dresses, the feel of his enormous-seeming cock sliding into her tight cunt, stimulating every nerve along the way, and finally bringing her to a shattering orgasm.

Greg was also lost in his thoughts. His, however, went back to the previous evening and that barmaid who looked so sexy in her too-tight top and too-short skirt — just as he liked them. He wondered if she was wearing panties underneath — yes, of course she must have been — mustn’t she? Maybe he’ll check next time. Maybe he’ll get a free feel. He’ll have to drop something on the floor Tipobet Giriş so he can cop a look at her tits when she bends down to pick it up — or maybe she’ll face away from him and he’ll get a great view of her arse as she bends over. So what did Marcie want? Oh well, guess I’ll just pretend to listen and nod reassuringly — she’ll come round. Must just have been something that happened yesterday that’s got her all upset. Women! he thought. Still, it was nice of her to bring me breakfast in bed and she still looks pretty good in her bra and knickers, especially at her age.

Breakfast over, Greg and Marcie turned to face each other, Marcie with her legs crossed. Greg looked at her mound hidden by the thin silk in anticipation. Marcie began by reminding Greg of the lovers they once were when they were courting, how neither could get enough of the other, of the shattering orgasms he would bring her to, of lying in bed all day, making love for hours until they were both worn out and sore. Greg’s cock became semi-hard as he listened to Marcie and he had a few twinges of guilt that maybe he had been ignoring her a little and maybe he had been too interested in his own orgasms and had been inconsiderate. But he was also thinking of the barmaid’s tits and arse and how she would feel impaled on his cock.

“So don’t you have any comments?” Marcie asked.

“What?” asked Greg, snapping out of his daydream.

“I asked you what you thought about our current relationship from a sexual perspective. Haven’t you been listening? This is a serious discussion we are having — our whole future relationship hangs on the outcome — and you’re away daydreaming! Thinking sexy thoughts too by the look of your cock.”

“Sorry, honey. You can’t really expect me to concentrate while you’re dressed like that and sitting like that. If you didn’t have those knickers on your pussy would be winking at me.”

“For heaven’s sake this is serious. Get your mind above your waist for a while so we can discuss things in a reasonable, adult manner. I asked you what you thought about us bringing some adventure into our sex lives. Have you any fantasies that you would like to explore? How do you feel about us being a little more adventurous?”

At the mention of fantasies Greg’s mind flicked back to the barmaid. He reluctantly refocused on what Marcie was saying.

“If you have some fantasies that you would like to explore then maybe we could start from there. I really don’t have any fantasies,” he lied, thinking of a threesome with Marcie and the barmaid.

“OK,” replied Marcie, “Let’s set some ground rules. If we’re going to be adventurous and explore the outer fringes of sexual pleasure we need some rules in case one of us gets carried away and possibly causes some real harm to the other. After all, while I might like to fantasise cutting your cock off, I wouldn’t really want to do that — at least I don’t think I really want to,” laughed Marcie.

“You’d better bloody not!” said Greg. “So what rules do you suggest?”

“Well, first off we need a safe word. This is a word which either of us can use if we genuinely feel that the situation is going too far. We then need to discuss what other rules we want. I would suggest that one of these be that no permanent physical harm is done. So while it’s OK to spank the other person and cause a reddening of the arse cheeks, things like cutting or stopping bloodflow to organs for more than say 15 minutes are completely prohibited. So, for example, I couldn’t tie off your balls for a few hours because that would effectively castrate you, but I could do that for 15 minutes. What do you think of that idea?”

“Shit! You wouldn’t really tie off my balls for 15 minutes would you? You wouldn’t, would you? Tell me you wouldn’t,” said a concerned Greg.

“Why not? Your balls would survive; it could be a great idea and certainly a very interesting and exciting trust lesson. If your hands and feet were tied and you could not undo the knots, and then I tied off your balls, you would be completely helpless to save your balls unless I untied them again. So you would have to completely trust me. Similarly you could tie off my clit while I was tied up and I would have to trust you.”

“Oh,” said Greg, looking a lot more concerned and focussed than a few minutes ago. “So you’re saying that I could whack your arse and tie off your clit for 15 minutes and you’d let me?”

Marcie breathed a little heavier. “Yes,” she said, “At least I think I would.”

“Oh”, said Greg again. “So what if I used the safe word when you tied off my balls or you used it when I tied off your clit?”

“Then whoever had tied off whatever would have to undo it immediately. That is the idea of a safe word. Sometimes it may simply be that a rope or something is pinching really badly so then you can simply reposition it and try again. It’s also important that a person has some form of signal if they are in a situation where they cannot speak.”

“Okay,” Tipobet Güncel Giriş said Greg slowly, mind visualising situations when this may happen. “So what about bringing other people into our relationship, like a threesome or something?” asked Greg, thinking of the barmaid again.

“We would have to discuss that before the other person was brought in,” said Marcie. “No good bringing him or her in and then having to send them home again.”

The mention of a him as well as a her brought a whole new meaning to Marcie’s words. Greg suddenly realised that it was not going to be all one way — a threesome could just as easily be another guy as the barmaid.

“So do you have any other guy in mind?” asked Greg.

“Mmmm — perhaps I have,” she said, giving him a wicked grin. “Do you have any other girl in mind?” she countered.

“No, not at all,” he replied, too quickly she thought, noting also a slight blush and a failure to meet her eyes.

“So just hypothetically,” she continued, “If I was to allow you to bring another girl into our marriage bed, would you also allow me to bring another guy there?” she asked.

“What, at the same time?” he asked, “That would make a foursome. Hmmm, that could be fun I guess.”

“Well, it could be at the same time, but it may also be at different times. So if I brought another guy into our relationship, would you let him fuck you in the arse?”

“Hell, no. What do you think I am, a poofter?”

“But you’d be quite happy to watch another woman and I make love, wouldn’t you?”

The thought of this started to turn Greg on, obvious to Marcie from the engorgement of his cock.

“Yes,” he replied, more hesitantly than he felt, I guess so.”

“Then why the reluctance? I just might like seeing you get fucked in the arse,” she persisted. “Wouldn’t it be worth being fucked in the arse to get the opportunity to see me make love with another woman, a woman who you also would fuck? Fucking a man in the arse or being fucked in the arse when in a threesome situation is more bisexual rather than homosexual, so you wouldn’t be a poofter.”

“Yes, I guess so,” he replied, still uncertain.

“Judging by your cock right now, he certainly likes the idea,” she said, staring at Greg’s almost fully engorged cock. “Does all this talk of what we can do to explore our sexuality make you horny?” she asked teasingly.

“Yes,” he said, reaching for Marcie.

“Uh oh, not so fast big boy. Let’s put our money where our mouths are. You’re not just going to have a quick fuck to get your rocks off and leave me filled and unfulfilled,” she smiled at her own joke, “We’re going to do a little exploring and adventuring. Wait right there.”

Quickly she twisted off the bed, avoiding his hasty grab, and went to the kitchen. What could she use? What could she do? What would be simple yet effective? She grabbed a coil of soft rope she found on the fridge, a box of large rubber bands from the drawer, a pair of scissors and a fly swat. That would have to do for now.

When she walked back into the room Greg was lying on the bed gently rubbing his swollen cock.

“OK lover,” she said, keeping well away from him, “Spread those legs wide.”

No response. Greg continued to lie there with a faraway look on his face.

Thwack! Marcie brought the fly swat down full force on his swollen cock. Greg screamed and curled into a ball on his side, exposing his arse cheek. Thwack! again on the arse cheek. Greg jumped, looked at Marcie fearfully, rolled partly onto his back and slowly spread his legs.

“That’s better,” said Marcie. “Next time I command you to do something, do it immediately and you will save yourself some pain. Now, put your arms above your head,” she commanded.

Greg obeyed immediately this time, his cock and arse still stinging from the previous swats. Marcie took the roll of rope and tied his wrists to the bed legs at the head of the bed and his ankles to the legs at the foot of the bed.

“Now that’s better,” she said, “Now you’re a bit more under control, although you will still need a great deal of training.”

Greg tested the ropes but they were tight enough to hold him without being tight enough to cut off the circulation. Marcie picked up his now flaccid cock.

“So,” she said crooningly to his cock, “What shall we do with you?” She caressed his balls lovingly, gathering them into her hand, tightening her finger and thumb around the top of his sac and gently pulling down on them, which elicited an “Ow, not too hard, be gentle on them.” from Greg.

“These are my balls and I will do what I like with them,” Marcie said menacingly.

“What about a safe word?” enquired Greg.

“Okay, I guess we’d better have one although in this first session I won’t be doing anything that you will have difficulty tolerating. Your safe word is tomato. Ok?” she asked.

“Ok,” Greg replied. “So if I was to say tomato now what would you do?”

“Well, I would first let your balls go,” she said, giving them an extra squeeze as she said this, “And then I would untie you. But as you are not in any pain nor any real discomfort, there would have to be a penalty — maybe a dozen swats on your cock and balls with the fly swat. “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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