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Deeply embarrassed by the pools of pussy juice, ass juice and cum everywhere, Brian’s mother exclaimed, “OMG what a mess. I have never squirted like that. I wish your dad could have seen that.”

“Perhaps he can.” Brian offered as he pointed at the security camera on the ceiling to their right. “Usually everything is recorded then after a week recorded over. If you really want, I should be able to download tonight onto the thumb drive I have in my knapsack. I don’t think the owner would mind.”

“While you clean up, I need to get the mop and clean up this place. Then let me walk you back to the hotel.” Brian said as his mother stood up on shaky legs, regained some of her composure. When she came out of the store’s only toilet. She had cleaned herself off, straightened her hair, touched up her make-up but it was still obvious that she had been through quite an ordeal.

“Thanks dear. I am a bit wobbly on my feet and usually your dad takes care of me.”

“You’re keeping on the little black dress?” her son asked rhetorically.

“Yes, it’s fabulous, and at this time of night I don’t think it is too revealing to wear, without a wrap, even in the lobby of the hotel. Besides, I am feeling like showing off a bit.”

“You look like you have just been fucked. Sit here, give me 10 minutes to tidy up and then we’ll go.”

Locking up the shop, Brian felt his mother take his arm and set off for the hotel about 5 blocks away. His mother’s short dress revealed the lace on the top of her thigh-highs while her slut collar was still visible and implied she was the property of the young boy beside her. The stainless steel nipple clamps glistened from the street lights that were just coming on. The streets were almost empty but the few people around did double takes as the young boy appeared to be escorting an obvious hooker.

“Evening” the bell hop said with a low moan and slight whistle as the couple entered the hotel. “Nice to see you again, I’ll let security and management know that you are back safe and sound. Lovely dress by the way. And the chain?”

“Thank you Juan. Nice to see you again as well. Will I see you later?” she asked as she stopped momentarily in front of the doorman.

“No, I am afraid not.”

“Juan, that is too bad. You have such a lovely cock” she whispered sotto voce in his ear while letting the back of her hand sweep across the bulge of his formidable cock. Leaning in gave him a close look into the cleavage in her dress, exposing the chain tying the two nipples together, while she squeezed his cock and before adding:

“Next time darling. By the way, this chain…holds the nipple clamps in place” she offered not too quietly.

“Damn.” was when she heard as she let her son lead her into the hotel’s lobby.

In the suite later, she offered her son a drink from the mini bar and suggested that he could sleep over, they could talk and in the morning, she would drive him to the university in the morning.

“Brian, you have been a real trooper with all my secrets you learned about today. Not many, if any, sons could have handled it as well as you did. We have not had a chance to talk and maybe this would be good time?” she suggested hoping that he would agree to spend the night.

“Huh, OK Mom. Let’s see how it goes. Can I get you a drink from the mini bar? I think I really need one after everything that has happened.”

“No darling, open whatever you want, I’ll just have a quick shower.”

Brian did not know that her shower and douche was his slut mother’s usual preparation for the standard late night visit by the manager and the head of security. He did not know that she entertained staff every day of every visit. It was because these regular visits that she and her husband got the suite for 10 cents on the dollar. Mostly two bulls at a time in the evening and one staffer in the morning. It was Pendik escort bayan always a surprise who would show up. It was the staff themselves that decided who the lucky individuals were, but it seemed there were a select group of 7 or 8 who usually received her favors. Today, she had been fucking and sucking since 7pm. Although her jaw was a bit sore, her cunt swollen, her nipples raw she knew there was another round or two to go and then perhaps her son again during the night. It was those base sexual feelings that she craved.

Looking in the steamy bathroom mirror, “This is as good a time as any.” she thought to herself. She smiled to herself, took a deep breath and walked naked out of the sumptuous bathroom.

“Could you help put some cream on mommy?” she cooed as she held out the hotel’s designer bottle of lotion.

Sitting on the edge of the bed with a half empty glass of wine on the night stand beside him Brian was agog at the sight of his naked mother walking toward him. His erection, shrunken during the walk back to the hotel, instantly revived itself to full glory.

“Maybe you could do the back first, then the front. Or, if you want – the other way round.”

“OMG you are quite the slut aren’t you.” her son offered as he stared for the first time in his life at her 5’5″ height her perky 36c tits and the pouty clean shaven lips of her vulva.

“Maybe start with mommy’s nipples because they are quite sore.” she suggested as she moved closer between his legs.

Until tonight, he had never touched, kissed or nibbled his mother’s breast before. In fact, before tonight, he had only fantasized about them based on only one sighting when he was younger. Leaning forward he gently kissed each one several times, going back and forth between them. His hot saliva and raspy tongue began to nuzzle and nibble on each one. Slowly, he savored their rubbery texture as they extended causing the areola to puff up and begin to crinkle. Noticing the response, the young boy took a delicious deep pink teat between his lips and began to suckle the breast he used as a baby.

His mother held his head to her breast, encouraging his mouth to take her straining nipple deeper. The vacuum his lips created drew an electric charge through her body, stimulating her clitoris and causing goose bumps on her arms. He sucked vigorously searching for the reward his mother used to give when he was a baby.

“Ohhhh too hard darling. Mommy’s titties are tender and sore.”

He felt her hand and arm relax as he leaned back watching the breast fall away from his mouth. He poured some of the hotel’s complimentary moisturizer into his palms and placed them directly over the raw nipples and smeared the cool creamy lotion in a slow circular motion over them. He heard her sigh as he held, then lovely explored, and caressed their conical shape.

“That feels so good. While you are doing that, tell mommy about the panties you are wearing.”

“I’m transgender.” he blurted out as if the pressure of keeping it in over the years was finally too much to keep in.

“I’ve known it for a few years, but did not know how to tell you and dad, so I hid it. What can I say, like you I guess – I love cock. It appears I also like pussy so maybe I have latent lesbian tendencies. I love dressing up, being the gurl that I really am. I changed dorms three days ago. I just moved to Poly house that is a diverse community. I love it there. My roommate is trans like me and like the author of this story – she has long legs so she favors shorts skirts. While I still wears jeans and pedal pushers, she prefers leggings and short skirts usually without any panties. She is tall and slim, quite a slut but nice and smart. We get along great.”

“Wow. I guess we both had secrets. I am so proud of you for telling me.” his mother said soothingly and cradled his head into Escort Pendik to chest. With his face between her breasts he cried.

“There, there dear. I love you so much and your dad and I are so proud of you however you are.”

“I call myself Brianna.”

“That is a lovely name. Is that what you would like your dad and me to call you?”

“Yes, Bri for short if you want, I chose it so it should be easy to make the transition.”

“Do you still want to continue? Does Bri want to put some cream on mommy’s pussy?”

“Yes, please!” her son, or should we say new ersatz daughter, responded as she dried her new daughter’s tears. Now, with a more practiced and sensual ease Bri caressed her mother’s stomach and thighs as her young hands made their way to the center of her mother’s sex.

“Why not take you top and pants off. Leave your panties on. I want to see you in them.” she requested with a small sigh as she reached out to help him pull this top over his head. He continued by slipping out of his pants and returned to sitting on the bed in just his small shiny lace panties.

“You are beautiful. Lie back”

Bri lay back on the large king bed and her mother looked at the young smooth body and the bulging panties between the strong thighs.

“You are beautiful darling. Want to kiss mommy’s cunt better?” she said as leaned over the body, got up on the bed and straddled her son. She could not yet really grasp that he was a she and her libido and lust kept the image of her young son in her mind. She worked her way up his body until her knees were over her son’s shoulders and her red swollen cunt lips only inches from his mouth.

“Gently now.” she urged as she leaned forward spreading her knees wide and moving her labia into contact with his lips. She felt little kisses finding the sensation both refreshing and exciting. She let herself enjoy the ministrations. Before she could even begin fully enjoy the caresses, a sharp rap resounded from the entry, she turned her head and looked at her son.

“Oh, my goodness. Is it that time already? Would you let them in please” she asked as she stood up, tweaked her nipples all the while cupping a breast in each hand.

“Who is it? Is this what you and dad do?” he asked as Bri rose from the sofa and watched a shiver run through her body

“Yes, it’s the management team.” she replied as she rolled off and layback on the pillows and cupped her hanging breasts. She continued massaging her thick extended nipples.

Bri went to the door, looked back over his shoulder to make sure his slut of mother wanted to do this. He watched as she cupped each breast, tweaked each nipple, turned and slightly open her legs, then saw her nod and urge him on. Opening the door, he saw two men with anticipated looks and big smiles.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Brian, her s…” then quickly catching himself “…a friend.”

“Everything is fine, don’t worry. I’m the building manager and this is our head of security. We are just making sure Mrs. Smith is ok. May we come in?” the older man inquired all the while trying to look around the young boy to the bed area of the suite.

“Yes, I believe she is expecting you.”

“She usually is. We have developed a routine when she stays here. She likes us to stop by to make sure everything is fine, if you know what I mean.” the more senior of the two said as he strode into the room, past the young boy wearing only lace panties, who had moved to the side and held the door open for the two men.

“Mrs. Smith. I see you expecting us. Wilbur and I just wanted to make sure everything was ok, as we did not see your husband with you.” the manager said.

“Thank you George. I am delighted you are here. Do you mind, I have a special idea…both of you fuck me then cum on my pussy…my new friend Brianna here tells me she likes to Pendik Rus Escort clean up and it would be treat for her.”

“I’m good with that. What about you Wilbur?”

“Yeah, how do you want to start?”

“Do you mind if I go first Wilbur? I have to get back to the front desk. She can get you hard while I fuck her.”

“I’m already hard but she one of the best cock suckers who has ever blown me, so I’m cool.”

“Hands and knees on the bed slut. Wilbur you get over there, get that big cock of yours out and into her mouth.”

Brianna stood there in amazement as within seconds the well-choreographed twosome had themselves buried in each end of his mother. George had his pants around his ankles and was balls deep in the velvet slit of her cunt. Wilbur was holding his mother’s head tight as he forced her mouth open to take all of him.

“Lick my balls you cock sucking slut.” Wilbur demanded as he tested the back of the throat with his cockhead.

Brianna did not know what to do. She was mesmerized as she saw her mother being violated at both ends. He body rocking back to receive George’s thrusts only to be pushed forward further onto the fat cock leaking pre-cum in her mouth.

After about 10 minutes the temperature in the room had increased by about 15 degrees as the vigorous tryst was nearing a climax.

“I’m almost there Wilbur.” Let’s get her on her back so you can fuck her.

George withdrew his rigid cock that was covered in the slut’s pussy juice. Wilbur withdrew his fat cock that was covered in the slut’s saliva.

Christine Smith aka CS or cum slut or cock sucker rolled onto her back while Wilbur replaced George between her legs. With his right thumb on her clit, he moved her right leg over his left shoulder as he stared at the juicy gaping hole about to get reamed.

“Fuck yeah Wilbur. do me baby.”

“Let me help you.” Brianna said. “Do you mind?”

“No, go for it.” Wilbur replied as he felt the small soft hand on his cock directing it into the willing snatch. She guided the slick cock into position and felt it slide through her hands. The head then the shaft pushed through her palms into the damp darkness of her mother’s vulva.

“Good job getting her wet George. She’s gushing thanks to you.”

George was stroking, watching his colleague and knew from previous sessions that it would not be long.

“Let me help you too George.” Brianna entreated as she watched the manager masturbate. Kneeling beside the bed she soon had the manager’s cock in her mouth. The taste of his mother was unmistakable. She licked the shaft, the cock head. She traced her lips up and down the underside ridge. She looked up to see both her mother and George watching the nubile gurl on her knees beside the bed, swallowing cock.

“Good girl. I’m almost there. Wilbur and George how about you two?”

“On the count of ten.”

On six, George pulled out of Brianna’s mouth, turned around and aimed his cock at Christine’s stomach. With a roar he squeezed his cock and let fly a rope of cum that almost missed its target. The creamy wad shot out and laid a trail of cum from belly button to the far hip. Another spurt hit her clit while Wilbur pulled out and let his cock release its sperm all over the waiting nether lips. He pressed his cock down and shot another hot stream right into the wet crevasse.

“FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Christine screamed in unison with her two abusers. She thrashed around on the bed, her hips rising and falling as her orgasm coursed through her.

“OMG.” the two men chimed almost in unison. As they caught their breaths, they were both reaching for their pants puddled around their ankles.

“It seems to get better every time. Thanks but we gotta get back to work. See you next time, and be sure to bring you friend Brianna along.”

With a wink from George to Biranna, they both left. Brianna was left on the floor next her mother and her mother left spread out on the bed.

“This for you darling.” Christine said as she swirled a finger through the still warm pools of cum on stomach.

“Come and get it.”

“Yummy mommy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32