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“i have a snippet of a fantasy rolling around in my head…..nothing complicated…

just an image of having my hands tied behind my back and you doing that thing you do with my nipples…..mmmmm”

That’s it. That was all I told him. I knew he would elaborate and make it his own, like he did with the card game. I thought maybe when I saw him the following weekend he might carry it out.

But later that day! How wonderful! I suppose you’re wondering what he does with my nipples….nothing fancy, just his fingers. His very skilled fingers. He made me cum one time just by playing with my nipples. They’re very sensitive, so I always thought it was possible. He was just the first one to ever make it happen. Took awhile too. He’s very patient.

So he used lots of rope to tie my hands behind my back. I’m really beginning to like rope. I bet I can go into subspace just from being tied up. I never understood that before, but now I do. I wouldn’t call it a rope fetish, maybe a bondage fetish. I just love that helpless feeling. I had originally pictured just my wrists tied together, but he took it to a whole other level, having me cross my arms behind me so my hands were holding the opposite forearm. Then he looped the rope round and round and round…when he was done I couldn’t even move my fingers!


Already I’m breathing heavy, and he hasn’t even touched me yet! Where did he go? Oh, there he is, right behind me. MMMM I love leaning back into him, letting him support me like this. I feel so naked with him fully clothed. His hands feel so good roaming all over my body, mmmmm that’s what I’m talking about! I love when he pinches my nipples, sends a shiver through my whole Tipobet body. Ooh and when he does that to both nipples at the same time I could just float away…..

That’s kind of funny how he had to nudge me a little forward and make sure I can stand on my own before he walked away. Like he’s balancing a kids toy. That’s what i feel like, his toy 🙂

MMM he’s back and with no shirt on, so now when I lean back into him……nice, flesh against flesh. Very nice….ooh and there are his fingers again. That feels so good, but I hope he’s not going to try to make me cum from just my nipples again. That was fun, but my clit was throbbing for attention which he refused to give! Oh, I love when he caresses my whole breast like that. Yes, lower, lower, lower — YES! “AHH” he’s gotten really good at touching just the right spot to make me squirm. Oh, he really likes to make me squirm. I don’t think I ever came standing up before I met him. But when he holds me like this, and touches my clit with his finger, oh that wonderful finger….When he just presses it against my clit like that, its like his personal magic button! *swoon* OH! Yes, I’m already getting close. “Yes, right there!”

He pulled away! I was so close. What’s he doing? He’s standing me on my own again. I look up at him, questioning. He puts his hand on my forehead, moves it down over my eyelids. “Keep your eyes closed.”

OK. Where’s he going? What’s he getting? A blindfold? His hand on my chin, making my head tilt upwards…No, not a blindfold.

Ah, a flogger. Wow, I guess my tits are going to get a beating. Mmmm that feels nice. I really feel like I’m offering my body to him in this position. Head up, chest Tipobet Giriş out, arms tucked away behind me. Oh, ok…and now my legs are spread. I must be some sight. Ouch, right on the pussy. Legs, pussy, breasts, pussy, breasts again – *moan* oh that’s really starting to hurt. Now he’s caressing me…mmmm that feels nice. OH! Mmmm found that spot right quick again! Yes, yes, yes “YES!”


Back to the flogger…ok…hmmm I kind of want to push my breasts out even more. Really offer them to him. I wonder if he’s noticing. *Oh.oh.oh.oh.ah.ah.ah.oomph.* I’ll take that as a yes. Can I open my eyes? Do I even want to? No…its as if they’re glued shut.

Mmmm his hands caressing again…Yes…yes….

OH YES! Right there! OH! OH! OH! “AH!”

damn he stopped again. OK, must remember can’t make any noise if I don’t want him to stop.

Ahhhh….that flogger is starting to feel real good. Each strand licking my skin…breathe. Embrace the pain. Don’t fight it.

Oh, he’s really going to town. I guess since I’m so close to cumming he figures I can take more? Shit, that hurts. OUCH! *Breathe*….. Oh, good, he stopped.

Touching me again…oh that feels so good…Damn I need to cum SO bad!

YES! YES! YES! Remember-don’t make any noises or he’ll stop. Fuck!…I’m so close! “Please!”

“Please what, Pet?”

“Please let me cum Sir!”

“Not just yet”

AH! NOOO! Back to the flogger. Damn I can’t even stand anymore. “Sir?”

“Yes, Pet?”

“May I please bend over the bed?”

*whoosh*…pushed onto the bed. I guess that’s a yes.

Mmmm…flogger again..much more enjoyable when I don’t have Tipobet Güncel Giriş to worry about standing! Ooh his hand even better. Mmmm I wonder if I can cum from him spanking me. My whole body tingles with each smack. Oh that feels sooo good. I. feel. so. close!

“Oh! Oh! OH! OH!”

“Do you like that Pet?”

“Yes, Sir! But I would really like for you to FUCK ME! Please!”

“OK, Pet”

Ha! When did he grab that condom? He sure was ready! Was he just waiting for me to ask?

Oh, Yes! Oh Shit I can’t move my arms, or my legs, or anything…..WOW!!!! oooooohhhhhhhhhh “THANK YOU SIR! YES! YES! OH THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH”

“Cum for me, Pet”


*breathe, breathe*….. (deep breaths)…..

Oh damn that was awesome…He’s not even close though. No way my legs can stand this…I wonder…..????


“Yes, Pet?”

“I would really like to try riding you with my arms tied like this.”

(imagine if you will, from bent over the bed to girl-on-top-cowgirl-style but her hands are tied behind her back…)


MMMM oh yeah, this feels so good. Amazing how I’m on top yet he’s clearly the one in control. Makes it feel even better somehow. Just. Not. Quite. Enough.

“PleaseSirCanYouTouchMyClitPLEASESir????” (I sure am getting good at asking for what I want!)

“How’s this, Pet?”

“Oh, Yes…Just a little higher..and to the—YES! YES! Right There! OH OH OH OH OH OH OH YES YES YES YES”

“MMMMM Keep moving like that Pet I’m right behind you….Yes, just like that….keep it up, don’t stop. Your tits look so hot shaking around like that. I’m gonna cuuuummmmm riiigghhhhtttt NNNOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!”

After Sir explodes, I fall forward and collapse on top of him. MMMMm I love feeling my body body against his like this. Except…uh…



“I can’t get up!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32